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Compliance with clinical guidelines increases the safety of vacuum-assisted delivery.

Aust N Z J Obstet Gynaecol 2022 May 19. Epub 2022 May 19.

Institute for Health Research, University of Notre Dame Australia, Fremantle, Western Australia, Australia.

Background: Vacuum-assisted delivery (VAD) is a common and safe obstetric procedure. However, occasionally serious complications may occur. Clinical guidelines and College Statements have been developed to reduce the risk of serious adverse events. Read More

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Molecular communication between Apelin-13, Apelin-36, Elabela, and nitric oxide in gestational diabetes mellitus.

Eur Rev Med Pharmacol Sci 2022 May;26(9):3289-3300

Department of Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases, Department of Cardiovascular Surgery (Anatomy), Fethi Sekin City Hospital, Elazig, Turkey.

Objective: Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) is a type of diabetes that affects from 3.8% to 6.9% of pregnancies worldwide, causing significant mortality and unfavorable obstetric outcomes, such as delivery trauma and macrosomia risk. Read More

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[Evolution of Uterine Ruptures at the Maternity of Ignace Deen National Hospital (Chu of Conakry)].

Med Trop Sante Int 2021 Mar 29;1(1). Epub 2021 Jan 29.

Service de gynécologie-obstétrique de l'Hôpital national Donka, CHU de Conakry, Guinée.

Uterine rupture is a common obstetrical drama in our delivery rooms that has become exceptional in developed countries. In developing countries including Guinea, this tragedy is one of the major concerns of the obstetrician. The objectives of this work were: to evaluate the frequency of uterine rupture in the department, to describe the socio-demographic and clinical characteristics of the patients, to identify the factors favoring the occurrence of uterine rupture, to evaluate the maternal-fetal prognosis and propose a prevention strategy to reduce maternal and fetal morbidity and mortality by uterine rupture. Read More

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A qualitative study of minority ethnic women's experiences of access to and engagement with perinatal mental health care.

BMC Pregnancy Childbirth 2022 May 18;22(1):421. Epub 2022 May 18.

Section of Women's Mental Health, Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience, King's College London, 16 De Crespigny Park, London, SE5 8AF, UK.

Background: Approximately one in five women will experience mental health difficulties in the perinatal period. However, for a large group of women, symptoms of adverse perinatal mental health remain undetected and untreated. This is even more so for women of ethnic minority background, who face a variety of barriers which prevents them from accessing appropriate perinatal mental health care. Read More

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Autotransfusion in low-resource settings: a scoping review.

BMJ Open 2022 May 16;12(5):e056018. Epub 2022 May 16.

Department of Global Public Health, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden

Introduction: Globally, haemorrhage is the leading cause of both maternal mortality and preventable trauma death. For patients suffering from haemorrhage, prompt blood transfusion can be life-saving; however, safe and sufficient blood is often lacking in low-resource settings (LRS). Autotransfusion (AT), in which the patient's own blood is collected and transfused back, is an established alternative to donor blood transfusions, although one that is primarily performed with advanced AT systems. Read More

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Intrapartum ultrasound measurement of the lower uterine segment thickness in parturients with previous scar in labor: a cross-sectional study.

BMC Pregnancy Childbirth 2022 May 14;22(1):409. Epub 2022 May 14.

Department of Community Medicine, College of Medicine, Hawler Medical University, Kurdistan Region, Erbil City, Iraq.

Background: There is a lack of reliable methods to estimate the risk of uterine rupture or dehiscence during a trial of labor in women with previous cesarean sections. This study aimed to assess the lower uterine segment and myometrial thickness by ultrasonography in women with previous cesarean sections during labor and assess their association with the uterine defect.

Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted on 161 women in the active phase of labor having one previous cesarean section. Read More

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The Impact of Mouse Preterm Birth Induction by RU-486 on Microglial Activation and Subsequent Hypomyelination.

Int J Mol Sci 2022 Apr 27;23(9). Epub 2022 Apr 27.

NeuroDiderot, Inserm UMR-1141, Hôpital Robert Debré, Université de Paris, 75019 Paris, France.

Preterm birth (PTB) represents 15 million births every year worldwide and is frequently associated with maternal/fetal infections and inflammation, inducing neuroinflammation. This neuroinflammation is mediated by microglial cells, which are brain-resident macrophages that release cytotoxic molecules that block oligodendrocyte differentiation, leading to hypomyelination. Some preterm survivors can face lifetime motor and/or cognitive disabilities linked to periventricular white matter injuries (PWMIs). Read More

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Determinants of birth asphyxia among newborn live births in public hospitals of Gamo and Gofa zones, Southern Ethiopia.

BMC Pediatr 2022 May 13;22(1):280. Epub 2022 May 13.

School of Public Health, College of Medicine and Health Sciences, Arba Minch University, Arba Minch, Ethiopia.

Background: Birth asphyxia is the inability of a newborn to start and conserve breathing immediately after birth. Globally, 2.5 million infants die within their first month of life every year, contributing nearly 47% of all deaths of children. Read More

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Assessing the impact of gestational age of donors on the efficacy of amniotic epithelial cell-derived extracellular vesicles in experimental bronchopulmonary dysplasia.

Stem Cell Res Ther 2022 May 12;13(1):196. Epub 2022 May 12.

The Ritchie Centre, Hudson Institute of Medical Research, Clayton, VIC, 3168, Australia.

Background And Rationale: Extracellular vesicles (EVs) are a potential cell-free regenerative medicine. Human amniotic epithelial cells (hAECs) are a viable source of cell therapy for diseases like bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD). However, little is known about the impact of gestational age of the donor on the quality of hAEC-derived EVs. Read More

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Venous Thromboembolism and Thymic Hyperplasia in the Setting of Silent Graves' Disease.

Cureus 2022 Apr 7;14(4):e23935. Epub 2022 Apr 7.

Internal Medicine, University of Central Florida College of Medicine/HCA Florida North Florida Hospital, Gainesville, USA.

Venous thromboembolism is a common, yet serious life-threatening condition that has many well-recognized associations which include but are not limited to pregnancy, polycythemia, trauma, immobility, and malignancy. The pathophysiology behind the pro-coagulant effects of hyperthyroidism has been well established; however, there are no current guidelines regarding deep venous thrombosis (DVT) surveillance in patients with hyperthyroidism. In this report, we discuss the case of a 36-year-old female with no significant past medical history (PMH) with the exception of a 15 pack-year smoking history, who presented to us with an extensive, rapidly-progressing lower extremity DVT. Read More

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Acute hydrops followed by corneal perforation five years after corneal cross-linking for keratoconus.

Arq Bras Oftalmol 2022 May 9. Epub 2022 May 9.

Centre for Microsurgery LaserFocus, Belgrade, Serbia.

We report a case of acute corneal hydrops followed by corneal perforation five years after corneal cross-linking for keratoconus. A healthy 24-year-old female patient underwent Dresden protocol cross-linking in her left eye due to advanced keratoconus. After five years of a stable cornea, she returned with epiphora, blurred vision, and a soft left eye. Read More

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Survival and predictors of asphyxia among neonates admitted in neonatal intensive care units of public hospitals of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 2021: a retrospective follow-up study.

BMC Pediatr 2022 05 10;22(1):262. Epub 2022 May 10.

St. Paul's Hospital Millennium Medical College, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Background: Globally, perinatal asphyxia (PNA) is a significant cause of most neonatal deaths. Similarly, the burden of birth asphyxia in Ethiopia remains high (22.52%) and has been noted the second leading cause of neonatal mortality. Read More

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Living beyond placenta accreta spectrum: parent's experience of the postnatal journey and recommendations for an integrated care pathway.

BMC Pregnancy Childbirth 2022 May 10;22(1):397. Epub 2022 May 10.

School of Nursing and Midwifery, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin 2, Ireland.

Background: Placenta Accreta Spectrum is associated with significant clinical maternal morbidity and mortality, which has been extensively described in the literature. However, there is a dearth of research on the lived experiences of pregnant people and their support partners. The aim of this study is to describe living beyond a pregnancy and birth complicated by PAS for up to four years postpartum. Read More

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Therapist perceptions of treating posttraumatic stress disorder in pregnancy: The VIP Study.

J Trauma Stress 2022 May 10. Epub 2022 May 10.

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, OLVG, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

There is no consensus on the treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) during pregnancy, and therapists' views on the matter are largely unknown. This cross-sectional study aimed to explore therapist beliefs and experiences regarding PTSD treatment during pregnancy. Participants were therapists (N = 301) with experience treating PTSD who completed an online survey. Read More

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Ability of municipality-level deprivation indices to capture social inequalities in perinatal health in France: A nationwide study using preterm birth and small for gestational age to illustrate their relevance.

BMC Public Health 2022 05 9;22(1):919. Epub 2022 May 9.

Non-Communicable Diseases and Trauma Division, Santé Publique France, the French National Public Health Agency, 12, rue du Val d'Osne, 94415, Saint-Maurice, France.

Background: Evidence-based policy-making to reduce perinatal health inequalities requires an accurate measure of social disparities. We aimed to evaluate the relevance of two municipality-level deprivation indices (DIs), the French-Deprivation-Index (FDep) and the French-European-Deprivation-Index (FEDI) in perinatal health through two key perinatal outcomes: preterm birth (PTB) and small-for-gestational-age (SGA).

Methods: We used two data sources: The French National Perinatal Surveys (NPS) and the French national health data system (SNDS). Read More

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Male-origin microchimerism and endometrial cancer: A prospective case-cohort study.

Cancer Epidemiol 2022 May 5;79:102169. Epub 2022 May 5.

Section of Epidemiology, Department of Public Health, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Background: Many women carry male cells of presumed fetal origin-so-called male-origin microchimerism (MOM)-in their circulation and tissues. Studies have found reduced risks of hormone dependent cancers, including breast and ovarian cancer, among MOM-positive women. The aim of this study was to investigate the association between MOM and endometrial cancer. Read More

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Neonatal bilateral adrenal hemorrhage and adrenal insufficiency accompanied by Subgaleal hematoma: a case report with brief review of literature.

BMC Pediatr 2022 05 5;22(1):248. Epub 2022 May 5.

Department of Family Medicine, Ziaeian Hospital, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran.

Background: Neonatal adrenal hemorrhage (NAH) is an almost infrequent phenomenon (0.2-0.55%). Read More

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Anal incontinence after a prolonged second stage of labor in primiparous women.

Sci Rep 2022 05 5;12(1):7315. Epub 2022 May 5.

Department of Clinical Sciences, Karolinska Institutet, Danderyd Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden.

The objective was to investigate the effect of delivery mode on anal incontinence 1-2 years after delivery in primiparous women with prolonged second stage of labor. This population-based cohort and questionnaire study performed in Stockholm Region, Sweden, included 1302 primiparous women with a second stage ≥ 3 h from December 1st, 2017 through November 30th, 2018. Background characteristics and outcome data were retrieved from computerized records. Read More

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Ensuring Trauma Informed Care in the Obstetric Setting: A vital role for the Psychiatrist.

J Acad Consult Liaison Psychiatry 2022 May 2. Epub 2022 May 2.

Professor with Tenure of Psychiatry, Obstetrics & Gynecology and Population & Quantitative Health Sciences, University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School/UMass Memorial Heal.

Background: Trauma is highly prevalent, and women are twice as likely as men to develop post-traumatic stress disorder following a traumatic exposure. Consequently, many women entering the perinatal period have trauma histories. In the perinatal period, a trauma history, can negatively impact treatment engagement and adversely affect the experience of pregnancy, postpartum and parenting. Read More

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Understanding links between maternal perinatal posttraumatic stress symptoms and infant socioemotional and physical health.

Infant Ment Health J 2022 May 5. Epub 2022 May 5.

Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior, Alpert Medical School of Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, USA.

Maternal posttraumatic stress symptoms (PTSS) are associated with adverse consequences for older children, but very few studies have examined links between perinatal maternal PTSS and infant outcomes. Trauma exposure and psychopathology, including PTSS, is often heightened for women during pregnancy through 1 year postpartum. Therefore, the perinatal period may be a critical time for understanding the risk maternal PTSS and other mental health factors pose to the socioemotional and physical health of infants. Read More

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Cardiac disease in pregnancy and the first year postpartum: a story of mental health, identity and connection.

BMC Pregnancy Childbirth 2022 May 2;22(1):382. Epub 2022 May 2.

Faculty of Health and Medicine, University of Newcastle, University Dr, Callaghan, NSW, 2308, Australia.

Background: Women with cardiac disease in pregnancy and the first year postpartum often face uncertainty about their condition and the trajectory of their recovery. Cardiac disease is a leading cause of serious maternal morbidity and mortality, and the prevalence is increasing. Affected women are at risk of worsening cardiac disease, chronic illness, mental illness and trauma. Read More

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Implementation of an EMS protocol to improve prehospital sepsis recognition.

Am J Emerg Med 2022 Apr 25;57:34-38. Epub 2022 Apr 25.

Division of Pulmonary, Allergy, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine, Emory University, Atlanta, GA, United States of America; Emory Critical Care Center, Emory Healthcare, Atlanta, GA, United States of America.

Purpose: Optimal sepsis outcomes are achieved when sepsis is recognized early. Recognizing sepsis in the prehospital, EMS setting can be challenging and unreliable. The purpose of this study is to evaluate whether implementation of an EMS sepsis screening and prehospital alert protocol called PRESS (PREhospital SepsiS) is associated with improved sepsis recognition by EMS providers. Read More

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Validation of the Assessment of Parent and Child Adversity (APCA) in Mothers and Young Children.

J Clin Child Adolesc Psychol 2022 May 2:1-16. Epub 2022 May 2.

Department of Psychology, Stanford University School of Medicine.

Objective: Advancing understanding of how early adversity arises, manifests, and contributes to health difficulties depends on accurate measurement of children's experiences. In early life, exposure to adversity is often intertwined with that of one's caregivers. We present preliminary psychometric properties of a novel measure of adversity, the Assessment of Parent and Child Adversity (APCA), which simultaneously characterizes parents' and children's adversity. Read More

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[Which imaging methods are safe in pregnant patients? A step-by-step plan to choose the right method].

Ned Tijdschr Geneeskd 2022 03 17;166. Epub 2022 Mar 17.

NoordWest Ziekenhuisgroep, afd. Radiologie, Alkmaar.

Diagnostic imaging in pregnant patients often causes worries about radiation effects and IV contrast. We use a step-by-step plan to choose the right method and illustrate this with a case. First, we choose the method of imaging, non-ionizing imaging being preferred over ionizing. Read More

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Diabetes Technology Meeting 2021.

J Diabetes Sci Technol 2022 May 2:19322968221090279. Epub 2022 May 2.

Diabetes Research Institute, Mills-Peninsula Medical Center, San Mateo, CA, USA.

Diabetes Technology Society hosted its annual Diabetes Technology Meeting on November 4 to November 6, 2021. This meeting brought together speakers to discuss various developments within the field of diabetes technology. Meeting topics included blood glucose monitoring, continuous glucose monitoring, novel sensors, direct-to-consumer telehealth, metrics for glycemia, software for diabetes, regulation of diabetes technology, diabetes data science, artificial pancreas, novel insulins, insulin delivery, skin trauma, metabesity, precision diabetes, diversity in diabetes technology, use of diabetes technology in pregnancy, and green diabetes. Read More

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Comparing the Characteristics of Amniotic Membrane-, Endometrium-, and Urinary-Derived ECMs and Their Effects on Endometrial Regeneration in a Rat Uterine Injury Model.

Front Bioeng Biotechnol 2022 13;10:861496. Epub 2022 Apr 13.

Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, NanFang Hospital, Southern Medical University, Guangzhou, China.

The decellularized extracellular matrices (d-ECMs) currently utilized to repair endometrial injuries are derived from three tissue sources, the endometrium (dE-ECM), placental amniotic membrane (dA-ECM), and urinary (dU-ECM). Notably, the structures of dU-ECM and dE-ECM are similar. These d-ECMs are derived from different tissues, and their specific roles in endometrial injury repair remain unclear. Read More

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Future Pregnancy Considerations after Premature Birth of an Infant Requiring Intensive Care: A Qualitative Study.

Womens Health Issues 2022 Apr 28. Epub 2022 Apr 28.

Departments of Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Sciences and Internal Medicine, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Background: Postpartum contraception counseling and method use vary widely among patients who had a preterm birth. We performed this study to explore what issues and concerns individuals with preterm infants requiring intensive care describe as influencing their postpartum contraceptive choices.

Methods: We conducted a qualitative study using semi-structured interviews with participants who gave birth to a singleton preterm infant admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Read More

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Management and outcome of burn injuries during pregnancy: A systematic review and presentation of a comprehensive guideline.

Burns 2022 Apr 4. Epub 2022 Apr 4.

Burn Center, Red Cross Hospital, The Netherlands; Leiden University Medical Center, The Netherlands.

Pregnant women are a vulnerable subgroup of burn patients, due to altered physiological state and possible adverse effect on the fetus. The aim of this study was to develop a guideline for a tailored treatment of pregnant patients with burns to optimally treat both mother and fetus. This study consists of two parts: the first part contains a systematic review that presents a comprehensive overview of the literature on the management and outcome of pregnant women who sustain severe burn injuries and based on the results of this review, a guideline on the general, obstetric and burn management was developed and presented in the second part. Read More

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Ultrasonographic foetal head circumference and cheek-to-cheek diameter at term as predictors of labour outcomes.

Niger Postgrad Med J 2022 Apr-Jun;29(2):123-130

Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, LAUTECH Teaching Hospital, Ogbomoso, Oyo State, Nigeria.

Background: The clinical uses of ultrasonography have varied and increased over time, especially the ability of ultrasonographic measured parameters to predict the outcomes of labour. The proper understanding of the association between these ultrasonographic parameters, mode of delivery, adverse maternal and foetal outcomes will further improve patient counselling as well as the planning of intrapartum care.

Aim: The study explored the ultrasonographic measurement of foetal head circumference (HC) and cheek-to-cheek diameter (CCD) at term as predictors of labour outcomes. Read More

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