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Early childhood neurodevelopmental outcomes in children with prenatal Zika virus exposure: a cohort study in Puerto Rico.

J Pediatr 2022 May 13. Epub 2022 May 13.

RCMI Center for Research Resources, Ponce Health Sciences University, PO Box 7004, Ponce, Puerto Rico, PR 00732-7004; Clinical Psychology Program, Ponce Health Sciences University, PO Box 7004, Ponce, Puerto Rico, PR 00732-7004.

Objective: To describe anthropometric, sensory, and neurodevelopmental outcomes of Zika virus exposed children from birth to 36 months.

Study Design: The cohort includes 114 children born to mothers with confirmed and probable ZIKV pregnancy infection, from 2016-2017. Children attending study visits from May 2017 through February 2020 underwent physical/neurologic, sensory examinations, and neurodevelopmental assessments with Bayley Scales of Infant and Toddler Development (BSID-III) and Ages and Stages Questionnaires (ASQ-3). Read More

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Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia and Arterio-Venous Malformations-From Diagnosis to Therapeutic Challenges.

J Clin Med 2022 May 7;11(9). Epub 2022 May 7.

Sf. Spiridon Emergency Hospital, 700111 Iași, Romania.

Hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia is a rare autosomal dominant vascular disease defined by the presence of mucosal and cutaneous telangiectasia and visceral arterio-venous malformations. The latter are abnormal capillary-free direct communications between the pulmonary and systemic circulations with the following consequences: arterial hypoxemia caused by right-to-left shunts; paradoxical embolism with transient ischemic attack or stroke and brain abscess caused by the absence of the normally filtering capillary bed; and hemoptysis or hemothorax due to the rupture of the thin-walled arterio-venous malformations (particularly during pregnancy). It is frequently underdiagnosed, commonly presenting as complications from shunting through arterio-venous malformations: dyspnea, chronic bleeding, or embolism. Read More

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The Concept of Intrauterine Programming and the Development of the Neonatal Microbiome in the Prevention of SARS-CoV-2 Infection.

Nutrients 2022 Apr 20;14(9). Epub 2022 Apr 20.

Department of Human Nutrition, Department of Dietetics, Faculty of Health Sciences in Bytom, Medical University of Silesia in Katowice, 41-808 Zabrze, Poland.

The process of intrauterine programming is related to the quality of the microbiome formed in the fetus and the newborn. The implementation of probiotics, prebiotics, and psychobiotics shows immunomodulatory potential towards the organism, especially the microbiome of the pregnant woman and her child. Nutrigenomics, based on the observation of pregnant women and the developing fetus, makes it possible to estimate the biological effects of active dietary components on gene expression or silencing. Read More

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Gaucher disease carrier with gestational thrombocytopenia and anemia: a case report.

J Med Case Rep 2022 May 13;16(1):203. Epub 2022 May 13.

Department of Obstetrics, Perinatal Center, National Hospital Organization Kyushu Medical Center, 1-8-1, Jigyohama Chuo-ku, Fukuoka, 810-8563, Japan.

Background: Gaucher disease is an autosomal recessive inborn error of metabolism that causes disorders of blood, bone, and central nervous system as well as hepatosplenomegaly. We present the case of a carrier of Gaucher disease with gestational thrombocytopenia and anemia that required blood transfusion therapy.

Case Presentation: A 24-year-old Nepalese primipara was diagnosed with idiopathic thrombocytopenia at 12 weeks of gestation. Read More

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Development and validation of a clinical diagnostic model for pregnant women with renal colic in the emergency department in China: a protocol for a retrospective cohort study.

BMJ Open 2022 May 2;12(5):e056510. Epub 2022 May 2.

Department of Clinical Laboratory, Ruian People's Hospital, Ruian, China.

Introduction: Urolithiasis affects many people throughout their lives. Among the maternal population, although the morbidity of acute urolithiasis in pregnant women is unremarkable, it is the leading cause of hospitalisation during pregnancy. There is no effective clinical diagnostic tool to help doctors diagnose diseases. Read More

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[Iatrogenic cecal perforation two days after a caesarian section].

Ned Tijdschr Geneeskd 2022 02 16;166. Epub 2022 Feb 16.

Zuyderland Medisch Centrum, Heerlen: Afd. Heelkunde.

A 32-year-old healthy woman was seen two days after a complicated c-section with abdominal pain and vomiting. Inflammatory parameters were high and imaging showed a dilatated colon with intestinal pneumatosis. Surgical exploration showed an iatrogenic perforation of the coecum. Read More

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February 2022

Treatment Challenges in Multiple Sclerosis - A Continued Role for Glatiramer Acetate?

Front Neurol 2022 15;13:844873. Epub 2022 Apr 15.

Lycalis sprl, Brussels, Belgium.

Earlier diagnosis, access to disease-modifying therapies (DMTs), and improved supportive care have favorably altered the disease course of multiple sclerosis (MS), leading to an improvement in long-term outcomes for people with MS (PwMS). This success has changed the medical characteristics of the population seen in MS clinics. Comorbidities and the accompanying polypharmacy, immune senescence, and the growing number of approved DMTs make selecting the optimal agent for an individual patient more challenging. Read More

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The steroid hormone estriol (E) regulates epigenetic programming of fetal mouse brain and reproductive tract.

BMC Biol 2022 May 2;20(1):93. Epub 2022 May 2.

Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences, Yale School of Medicine, Yale University, 333 Cedar Street, New Haven, CT, 06520, USA.

Background: Estriol (E) is a steroid hormone formed only during pregnancy in primates including humans. Although E is synthesized at large amounts through a complex pathway involving the fetus and placenta, it is not required for the maintenance of pregnancy and has classically been considered virtually inactive due to associated very weak canonical estrogen signaling. However, estrogen exposure during pregnancy may have an effect on organs both within and outside the reproductive system, and compounds with binding affinity for estrogen receptors weaker than E have been found to impact reproductive organs and the brain. Read More

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Prenatal earthquake stress exposure in different gestational trimesters is associated with methylation changes in the glucocorticoid receptor gene (NR3C1) and long-term working memory in adulthood.

Transl Psychiatry 2022 Apr 29;12(1):176. Epub 2022 Apr 29.

Department of Psychiatry, The First Hospital of Hebei Medical University, Shijiazhuang, Hebei province, People's Republic of China.

Prenatal stress exposure is thought to affect the long-term development of the foetal brain via the HPA axis and to change health outcomes in adulthood, including working memory (WM). The potential mechanism is that there is a critical period of brain development of the foetus, which is a result of selective adaptation to the external environment. The human glucocorticoid gene (NR3C1) is associated with memory and cognition. Read More

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Restless legs syndrome is associated with long-COVID in women.

J Clin Sleep Med 2022 May;18(5):1413-1418

Institute of Human Genetics, University Hospital Bonn, Bonn, Germany.

Study Objectives: Sleep disturbance is common in long-COVID (LC). Restless legs syndrome (RLS) is characterized by sleep disturbance and has been reported after viral infections. Therefore, we evaluated RLS symptoms cross-sectionally in individuals with LC at both current and pre-coronavirus disease 2019 (pre-COVID-19) time points. Read More

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Basilar Artery Thrombosis in the Postpartum Period During COVID - 19 Pandemic: A Lethal But Avoidable Complication.

Acta Neurol Taiwan 2022 Dec;31(4):170-173

Department of Radiology, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India.

Purpose: To highlight the factors leading to the delayed diagnosis of basilar artery occlusion and poor outcome in the postpartum period during the prevailing Corona Virus Disease-2019 (COVID-19) pandemic.

Case Report: We here report a case of a 34-year female who presented with a headache localized to the occipital region after cesarean section under spinal anesthesia. Her headache severity increased over time, and she developed a generalized seizure episode and became unconscious. Read More

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December 2022

Resveratrol Prevents Cytoarchitectural and Interneuronal Alterations in the Valproic Acid Rat Model of Autism.

Int J Mol Sci 2022 Apr 7;23(8). Epub 2022 Apr 7.

Translational Research Group in Autism Spectrum Disorder-GETTEA, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), Porto Alegre 90040-060, Brazil.

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a prevalent neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by several alterations, including disorganized brain cytoarchitecture and excitatory/inhibitory (E/I) imbalance. We aimed to analyze aspects associated with the inhibitory components in ASD, using bioinformatics to develop notions about embryonic life and tissue analysis for postnatal life. We analyzed microarray and RNAseq datasets of embryos from different ASD models, demonstrating that regions involved in neuronal development are affected. Read More

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Role of Estrogens in Menstrual Migraine.

Cells 2022 Apr 15;11(8). Epub 2022 Apr 15.

Headache Science and Neurorehabilitation Center, National Neurological Institute C. Mondino Foundation, 27100 Pavia, Italy.

Migraine is a major neurological disorder affecting one in nine adults worldwide with a significant impact on health care and socioeconomic systems. Migraine is more prevalent in women than in men, with 17% of all women meeting the diagnostic criteria for migraine. In women, the frequency of migraine attacks shows variations over the menstrual cycle and pregnancy, and the use of combined hormonal contraception (CHC) or hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can unveil or modify migraine disease. Read More

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Retinal vascular occlusion in pregnancy: three case reports and a review of the literature.

J Med Case Rep 2022 Apr 21;16(1):167. Epub 2022 Apr 21.

Department of Ophthalmology, University of Duesseldorf, Moorenstr. 5, D-40225, Düsseldorf, Germany.

Background: Retinal arterial occlusive events in young patients are rare. However, because of physiological multifactorial adaptations during pregnancy, retinal vascular occlusive disease may occur spontaneously. In addition, a patent foramen ovale is a risk factor for an ischemic thromboembolic event. Read More

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Size anomaly and alteration of GABAergic enzymes expressions in cerebellum of a valproic acid mouse model of autism.

Behav Brain Res 2022 Jun 15;428:113896. Epub 2022 Apr 15.

School of Life Sciences, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China; Centre for Cell and Developmental Biology, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China; State Key Laboratory of Agrobiotechnology (CUHK), The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China. Electronic address:

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by social communication deficit and repetitive behaviour. In the past few years, increasing clinical evidence has shown that the cerebellum may contribute to the neuropathology of ASD. However, studies in the mechanism for the involvement of the cerebellum in autism remained speculative. Read More

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PSB0788 ameliorates maternal inflammation-induced periventricular leukomalacia-like injury.

Bioengineered 2022 Apr;13(4):10224-10234

South China University of Technology Hospital, South China University of Technology, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China.

Studies have shown that periventricular leukomalacia (PVL) is a distinctive form of cerebral white matter injury that pertains to myelination disturbances. Maternal inflammation is a main cause of white matter injury. Intrauterine inflammation cellular will be propagated to the developing brain by the entire maternal-placental-fetal axis, and triggers neural immune injury. Read More

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Bleeding epulis gravidarum: what to evaluate?

Minerva Obstet Gynecol 2022 Apr;74(2):171-177

Department of Neuroscience, Reproductive Sciences and Odontostomatology, School of Medicine, Federico II University, Naples, Italy.

Introduction: Hormonal changes during pregnancy may induce modifications in oral mucosa. Epulis gravidarum (EG) is an oral disease arising during pregnancy, usually regressing after delivery. A case of EG managed at our department is described and those previously reported in literature are reviewed in order to define EG clinical features for stratifying the risk of complications and the need of surgery during pregnancy as well as which factors should be considered more relevant in EG management. Read More

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Vasomotor menopausal disorders as a possible result of dysfunction of the microbiota-intestine-brain axis.

J Med Life 2022 Feb;15(2):234-240

First Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, I. Horbachevsky Ternopil National Medical University, Ternopil, Ukraine.

The study involved clinical and laboratory examination of 54 women with vasomotor menopausal disorders divided into 3 subgroups depending on the duration of symptoms (not more than 12 months, about 3 years, from 5 to 7 years). The control group included 21 patients without vasomotor disorders during the menopausal period. Data from the general and obstetric-gynecological anamnesis and the results of objective and general clinical examinations were analyzed. Read More

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February 2022

In Utero Brain Growth Matters for Fetuses With Congenital Heart Disease.

Circulation 2022 Apr 11;145(15):1120-1122. Epub 2022 Apr 11.

Department of Pediatrics, George Washington University School of Medicine, Washington, DC (C.L.).

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PRES and RCVS: Two Distinct Entities or a Spectrum of the Same Disease?

J Stroke Cerebrovasc Dis 2022 Jun 5;31(6):106472. Epub 2022 Apr 5.

Department of Neurology, Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta, Georgia.

Objectives: To report a case of a patient with overlapping posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome (PRES) and reversible cerebral vasoconstriction syndrome (RCVS), and review the existing literature emphasizing the pathophysiological overlap of these two entities.

Materials And Methods: We conducted a literature search in electronic database PubMed identifying studies reporting the overlap of PRES and RCVS.

Results: PRES and RCVS are two increasingly recognized entities that share similar clinical and imaging features. Read More

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Pregnancy and neurologic complications of COVID-19: A scoping review.

Acta Neurol Scand 2022 Apr 7. Epub 2022 Apr 7.

Division of Neuropsychiatry, Centro de Ciências Médicas-Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Recife, Brazil.

While neurologic complications are frequently reported among patients with COVID-19 in the general population, they are unknown in pregnant women. This paper summarizes the case reports of pregnant women with confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection plus a specified neurologic diagnosis. Until November 2021, 18 case reports were found. Read More

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[Analysis of disease composition and outcome of patients in intensive care department of 3A hospitals: analysis of 3 249 cases in the department of Liaocheng People's Hospital from 2019 to 2021].

Zhonghua Wei Zhong Bing Ji Jiu Yi Xue 2022 Feb;34(2):183-187

Department of Critical Care Medicine, Liaocheng People's Hospital, Liaocheng 252000, Shandong, China. Sun Mengxue is working on the Department of Emergency, Xuzhou First People's Hospital, Xuzhou 221000, Jiangsu, China. Corresponding author: Tian Hui, Email:

Objective: To provide the basis and direction for the establishment of the database of severe patients by analyizing of the disease composition and outcome of patients in the department of critical care medicine of the 3A hospital.

Methods: The clinical data of 3 249 patients admitted to the department of critical care medicine of Liaocheng People's Hospital from January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2021 were retrospectively analyzed, including gender, age, admission time, admission route, diagnosis, acute physiology and chronic health evaluation II (APACHE II) score 24 hours after admission, outcome and other information.

Results: The mean age of 3 249 patients was (61. Read More

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February 2022

Zika virus vertical transmission in interferon receptor1-antagonized Rag1 mice results in postnatal brain abnormalities and clinical disease.

Acta Neuropathol Commun 2022 04 4;10(1):46. Epub 2022 Apr 4.

Laboratory of Persistent Viral Diseases, Rocky Mountain Laboratories, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National Institutes of Health, 903 S. 4th Street, Hamilton, MT, 59840, USA.

The mechanisms by which vertically transmitted Zika virus (ZIKV) causes postnatal brain development abnormalities and congenital disease remain poorly understood. Here, we optimized the established anti-IFNAR1 treated, Rag1 (AIR) mouse model of ZIKV infection to examine the consequence of vertical transmission on neonate survival and postnatal brain development. We found that modulating the infectious dose and the frequency of anti-IFNAR1 treatment of pregnant mice (termed AIR mice) prolonged neonatal survival allowing for pathogenesis studies of brain tissues at critical postnatal time points. Read More

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Congenital diaphragmatic hernia and early lethality in PIGL-related disorder.

Eur J Med Genet 2022 May 1;65(5):104501. Epub 2022 Apr 1.

Department of Fetal Medicine & Medical Imaging, Corniche Hospital, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates; College of Medicine and Health Sciences, Khalifa University, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

We report on three male siblings who presented prenatally with a nearly identical combination of congenital anomalies and who died shortly after preterm birth. The first baby was a singleton pregnancy, and the other two babies were dichorionic diamniotic twins. Key features included: left-sided congenital diaphragmatic hernia, inferior vermian dysgenesis/hypoplasia, prenasal edema, cleft palate, micropenis/ambiguous genitalia (in 2 of 3 babies), bilateral renal pelvic dilatation (in twins, first baby showed slightly enlarged kidneys) and polyhydramnios (in 2 of 3). Read More

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Facial Diplegia Variant of Guillain-Barré Syndrome in Pregnancy Following COVID-19 Vaccination: A Case Report.

Cureus 2022 Feb 17;14(2):e22341. Epub 2022 Feb 17.

Neurology, Yale School of Medicine, New Haven, USA.

Serious neurologic complications from coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) vaccination are rare, and only a few cases of Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) have been reported after COVID-19 vaccination. We present the first reported case of the facial diplegia variant of GBS after recent COVID-19 vaccination in a pregnant woman. The 30-year-old patient was 27 weeks pregnant at the time she was diagnosed with the facial diplegia variant of GBS. Read More

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February 2022

Case report: Awake craniotomy during pregnancy for resection of glioblastoma.

Clin Neurol Neurosurg 2022 Mar 22;216:107218. Epub 2022 Mar 22.

Department of Neurosurgery, Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC, USA.

Few cases have been reported of the diagnosis and treatment of glioblastoma (GB) during pregnancy. Subsequently, surgical, medical, and obstetrical management of complicated primary central nervous system malignancy in antepartum and postpartum patients remains under-investigated. The authors report the case of a 24-year-old female patient who developed generalized tonic-clonic seizures and focal neurologic deficits. Read More

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Prenatal exposure of citalopram elicits depression-like and anxiety-like behaviors and alteration of morphology and protein expression of medial prefrontal cortex in young adult mice.

J Integr Neurosci 2022 Mar;21(2):61

School of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Life Sciences, Wuhan University of Technology, 430070 Wuhan, Hubei, China.

Background: Treatment of major depression disorder with Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), such as citalopram (CTM), during pregnancy effects on the neurological trajectory of the offspring and induces enduring consequences, notably emotional and cognitive impairment. The associations between prenatal exposure to SSRIs and neurological underpinnings of these atypical behaviors in offspring are contentious and poorly understood.

Methods: We examined modifications in physiological, morphological, and biochemical characteristics in male and female offspring of C57BL/6 exposed to CTM during the third trimester of gestation. Read More

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Equianalgesia, opioid switch and opioid association in different clinical settings: a narrative review.

Eur Rev Med Pharmacol Sci 2022 03;26(6):2000-2017

Emergency Department, Martini Hospital, ASL Città di Torino, Torino, Italy.

Emergency or postoperative pain often represents an authentic challenge in patients who were already on opioid treatment for chronic pain. Thus, their management requires not only the physician's ability to treat acute pain, but also competence in switching the opioid that lost efficacy. Different aspects should be considered, such as opioids titration, switching, association and equianalgesia. Read More

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