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    Effect of neurological monitoring in postoperative 5-15 days residual thyroidectomy after primary thyroid cancer surgery.
    Asia Pac J Clin Oncol 2018 May 16. Epub 2018 May 16.
    Department of Thyroid Surgery, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, China.
    Aim: To explore the application of intraoperative neurological monitoring in residual thyroidectomy 5-15 days after thyroid cancer operation and the influence on postoperative serum thyroglobulin (Tg), recurrent laryngeal nerve and function of parathyroid glands.

    Methods: Material of patients receiving thyroid surgery from January 2010 to December 2016 was retrospectively analyzed. Cases meeting with standards were enrolled for analysis and the patients were divided into neurological monitoring group and non-neurological monitoring group in line with the use of neurological monitoring during the operation. Read More

    Growth and Endocrine Function in Tunisian Thalassemia Major Patients.
    Mediterr J Hematol Infect Dis 2018 1;10(1):e2018031. Epub 2018 May 1.
    Pediatric Immuno-Hematology Unit, Bone Marrow Transplantation Center Tunis, Tunis, Tunisia.
    β-thalassemia major (β-TM) is among the most common hereditary disorders imposing high expenses on health-care system worldwide. The patient's survival is dependent on lifetime blood transfusion which leads to iron overload and its toxicity in various organs including endocrine glands. This article provides an overview of endocrine disorders in beta-TM patients. Read More

    In Situ Preservation Fraction of Parathyroid Gland in Thyroidectomy: A Cohort Retrospective Study.
    Int J Endocrinol 2018 20;2018:7493143. Epub 2018 Mar 20.
    Thyroid & Breast Surgery, West China Hospital, Sichuan University, Chengdu, China.
    Background And Objectives: Parathyroid failure is the most common symptom after thyroidectomy. To prevent it, a gland was preserved in situ or an ischemic one was autotransplanted. This study explored the relationship between in situ preservation of the parathyroid gland and gland failure. Read More

    Postoperative hypoparathyroidism after total thyroidectomy for thyroid cancer.
    Auris Nasus Larynx 2018 May 7. Epub 2018 May 7.
    Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine, 7-5-1, Kusunoki-cho, Chuo-Ku, Kobe, Hyogo 650-0017, Japan.
    Objectives: Postoperative hypoparathyroidism (HPT) is one of the most common complications in total thyroidectomy for thyroid carcinoma. Parathyroid glands (PTGs) are at risk of being damaged during total thyroidectomy and central neck dissection mainly due to inadvertent removal, interruption of the blood supply or hematoma formation. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of our surgical procedure to preserve for parathyroid function retrospectively and to clarify the risk factors of HPT after total thyroidectomy for thyroid cancer. Read More

    Symmetrical and bilateral basal ganglia calcification. Case series and literature review.
    Gac Med Mex 2018 ;154(2):258-262
    Neurología. Hospital Civil de Guadalajara Fray Antonio Alcalde, Guadalajara, Jalisco, México.
    Introduction: Symmetric, bilateral basal ganglia calcification is rare finding that sometimes occurs asymptomatically. Its prevalence increases with age, and the most affected site is the globus pallidus.

    Report Of Cases: A series of seven cases with clinical and imaging diagnosis of basal ganglia calcification, recorded during the 2012 to 2016 period at the Department of Internal Medicine of the Hospital Civil de Guadalajara "Fray Antonio Alcalde, is presented. Read More

    Under-recognized Hypoparathyroidism in Thalassemia.
    J Clin Res Pediatr Endocrinol 2018 05 4. Epub 2018 May 4.
    Mahidol University Faculty of Medicine, Ramathibodi Hospital, Clinic of Pediatrics and Medicine, Bangkok, Thailand.
    Objective: Symptomatic hypoparathyroidism [symptomatic hypocalcemia without elevated serum parathyroid hormone (PTH)] in patients with thalassemia is relatively rare. Asymptomatic mild hypocalcemia without elevated PTH which is considered hypoparathyroidism may be more common but under-recognized.

    Methods: Sixty-six transfusion-dependent thalassemic patients, and 28 healthy controls were enrolled. Read More

    The timing of parathyroid hormone measurement defines the cut-off values to accurately predict postoperative hypocalcemia: a prospective study.
    Endocrine 2018 May 2. Epub 2018 May 2.
    Thyroid Unit, Hospital de Clínicas de Porto Alegre and Faculdade de Medicina, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, Brazil.
    Purpose: Serum intact parathyroid hormone (iPTH) level is an early marker of post-thyroidectomy hypocalcemia. However, lack of methodological standardization to define timing and cut-off points of iPTH measurement limit its clinical applicability. Here, we evaluated the relationship between two distinct postoperative time sampling and iPTH accuracy on predicting hypocalcemia. Read More

    Surgical approach to the intrathoracic goiter.
    Laryngoscope Investig Otolaryngol 2018 Apr 25;3(2):127-132. Epub 2018 Mar 25.
    Department of Thoracic Surgery Assaf HaRofeh Medical Center, affiliated to the Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University Israel.
    Objective: In a retrospective study, the authors analyzed the surgical approach to the intrathoracic goiter to avoid sternotomy or thoracotomy.

    Methods: We selected 70 intrathoracic cases of multinodular goiter out of 988 cases of thyroidectomy and compared them with cervical goiter cases. Surgical technique, results, and postsurgical complications were assessed. Read More

    Central Lymph Node Dissection Improves Lymph Node Clearance in Papillary Thyroid Cancer Patients with Lateral Neck Metastases, Even after Prior Total Thyroidectomy.
    Am Surg 2018 Apr;84(4):531-536
    The oncologic benefit of a central lymph node dissection (CLND) at the time of modified radical neck dissection (MRND) in patients with papillary thyroid cancer who have previously undergone a total thyroidectomy (TT) has not been studied. Patients with lateral cervical metastases were divided into two treatment groups: the concurrent cohort (TT with CLND and MRND), and the interval cohort (CLND and MRND after prior TT). Primary outcomes were lymph node metastases, skip metastases, level VI cancer recurrence, hypoparathyroidism and recurrent laryngeal nerve injury. Read More

    [Severe hypercalcemia of unusual cause, looking for the culprit: Case report and review of the literature].
    Nephrol Ther 2018 Apr 27. Epub 2018 Apr 27.
    Service de néphrologie, centre hospitalier métropole Savoie, 73000 Chambéry, France.
    Introduction: Hypercalcemia is not a rare event and can lead to severe consequences. Its main etiologies are primary hyperparathyroidism and neoplasic conditions. The iatrogenic etiology by vitamin D intoxication is more rarely found. Read More

    Georgian Med News 2018 Mar(276):34-40
    Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine; Institute of toxicology of Federal Medical-Biology Agency, S.-Petersburg, Russia; Department of Experimental Pharmacology, Sechenov Institute of Evolutionary Physiology and Biochemistry Russian Academy of Sciences, S.-Petersburg, Russia.
    The objective of the research was to develop and evaluate the algorithm of prevention and treatment of postoperative hypoparathyroidism (PHPT) based on determining parathyroid glands (PTG) viability and the use of antihypoxant-antioxidant therapy in the postoperative period. The research was based on the results of a comprehensive examination and treatment of 60 patients who were operated for thyroid gland diseases. The patients underwent inpatient treatment at the surgical department of Ivano-Frankivsk Central City Clinical Hospital and Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Oncology Center from 2015 to 2017. Read More

    Diagnosis and treatment of hypoparathyroidism: a position statement from the Brazilian Society of Endocrinology and Metabolism.
    Arch Endocrinol Metab 2018 Feb;62(1):106-124
    Departamento de Medicina, Disciplina de Endocrinologia, Universidade Federal de São Paulo, São Paulo, SP, Brasil.
    Objective To present an update on the diagnosis and treatment of hypoparathyroidism based on the most recent scientific evidence. Materials and methods The Department of Bone and Mineral Metabolism of the Sociedade Brasileira de Endocrinologia e Metabologia (SBEM; Brazilian Society of Endocrinology and Metabolism) was invited to prepare a document following the rules set by the Guidelines Program of the Associação Médica Brasileira (AMB; Brazilian Medical Association). Relevant papers were retrieved from the databases MEDLINE/PubMed, LILACS, and SciELO, and the evidence derived from each article was classified into recommendation levels according to scientific strength and study type. Read More

    Hypoparathyroidism in Total Thyroidectomy due to Benign Thyroid Diseases.
    Clin Ther 2018 May;40(5):762-767
    Bezmialem Vakif University, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Istanbul, Turkey.
    Purpose: Our aim was to compare the effects of exposing the recurrent laryngeal nerve throughout its entire course with exposing the nerve only at its entry to the larynx in patients undergoing total thyroidectomy due to benign thyroid diseases, and to evaluate the effects of these methods on the risk for hypoparathyroidism.

    Methods: The medical records of 437 patients who had undergone total thyroidectomy at the ear, nose, and throat clinic between 2001 and 2015 for benign thyroid diseases were evaluated retrospectively. Mean patient age was 46. Read More

    Discovery and Development of Calcimimetic and Calcilytic Compounds.
    Prog Med Chem 2018 13;57(1):1-86. Epub 2018 Mar 13.
    MetisMedica, Toronto, ON, Canada.
    The extracellular calcium receptor (CaR) is a G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) and the pivotal molecule regulating systemic Ca homeostasis. The CaR was a challenging target for drug discovery because its physiological ligand is an inorganic ion (Ca) rather than a molecule so there was no structural template to guide medicinal chemistry. Nonetheless, small molecules targeting this receptor were discovered. Read More

    A Comparison of Robotic Versus Open Thyroidectomy for Papillary Thyroid Cancer.
    Surg Laparosc Endosc Percutan Tech 2018 Apr 17. Epub 2018 Apr 17.
    Department of Surgery, Chung-Ang University Hospital and Chung-Ang University College of Medicine, Seoul, Republic of Korea.
    Objectives: This study investigated the potential advantages of robotic thyroidectomy and determined whether it is safe and complete compared with conventional open surgery in patients with papillary thyroid cancer.

    Materials And Methods: A total 376 consecutive patients who underwent total thyroidectomy and central neck dissection for papillary thyroid cancer from February 2013 to July 2014 were retrospectively reviewed. Postoperative complication rates and surgical completeness were compared between the robotic and open groups. Read More

    Barakat syndrome revisited.
    Am J Med Genet A 2018 Apr 16. Epub 2018 Apr 16.
    Section on Endocrinology & Genetics, Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD), National Institutes of Health (NIH), Bethesda, Maryland.
    Barakat syndrome also known as HDR syndrome (Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man [OMIM] 146255), was first described by Barakat et al. in . It is a rare genetic disorder characterized by the triad of hypoparathyroidism "H," sensorineural deafness "D," and renal disease "R. Read More

    Prophylactic thyroidectomy in children with multiple endocrine neoplasia type 2.
    Br J Surg 2018 Apr 17. Epub 2018 Apr 17.
    Division of Endocrine Surgery, University College Hospital and Great Ormond Street Hospital, London, UK.
    Background: In patients with multiple endocrine neoplasia type 2 (MEN2) syndrome, genetic testing offers early diagnosis, stratifies the risk of developing medullary thyroid cancer (MTC) and informs the timing of thyroidectomy. The efficacy of treatment, which depends on timely and safe surgery, is not well established.

    Methods: This was a retrospective review of diagnostic and clinicopathological outcomes of prophylactic thyroidectomy in children with MEN2 between 1995 and 2013 in the UK. Read More

    Mortality in patients with permanent hypoparathyroidism after total thyroidectomy.
    Br J Surg 2018 Apr 17. Epub 2018 Apr 17.
    Department of Surgery, Skåne University Hospital, and Department of Clinical Sciences, Lund University, Lund, Sweden.
    Background: Permanent hypoparathyroidism remains the most common adverse outcome after total thyroidectomy, but long-term effects of hypoparathyroidism are unknown. The aim was to investigate mortality in patients with permanent hypoparathyroidism after total thyroidectomy.

    Methods: Data from the Scandinavian Quality Register for Thyroid, Parathyroid and Adrenal Surgery were linked with the Swedish National Prescription Register for Pharmaceuticals and the Swedish National Inpatient Register. Read More

    Parathyroid Autotransplantation During thyroid Surgery. Where we are? A Systematic Review on Indications and Results.
    J Invest Surg 2018 Apr 16:1-8. Epub 2018 Apr 16.
    d Department of Surgery "P. Valdoni" , Sapienza University , Rome , Italy.
    Introduction: Hypoparathyroidism still represents an important concern in thyroid surgery. Careful dissection with identification and preservation of parathyroid glands in situ remains the best way to maintain gland vitality and avoid post-operative failure. Nevertheless, parathyroid glands are still inadvertently removed in up to 11% of cases. Read More

    [Transoral thyroid and parathyroid surgery : Implementation and evaluation of the transoral endoscopic technique via the vestibular approach (TOETVA)].
    Chirurg 2018 Apr 10. Epub 2018 Apr 10.
    Klinik für Chirurgie, Landesklinikum Wiener Neustadt, Wien, Österreich.
    Background: More than 10 years ago various research groups in Germany first reported the possibility of transoral surgery of the thyroid and parathyroid glands. These were developed and evaluated within the framework of natural orifice transluminal endoscopic surgery (NOTES). While development of these innovative and new techniques that enabled surgery without visible scars did not become well accepted in Europe and America, it led to an optimized transoral endoscopic thyroidectomy vestibular approach (TOETVA), which was implemented particularly in Asia. Read More

    [Symptomatic hypocalcemia after thyroidectomy : Prevention by a combination of prophylaxis and risk-adapted substitution].
    Chirurg 2018 Apr 10. Epub 2018 Apr 10.
    Klinik für Allgemein- und Visceralchirurgie, Referenzzentrum für Schilddrüsen- und Nebenschilddrüsenchirurgie, Krankenhaus Martha-Maria, Stadenstraße 58, 90491, Nürnberg, Deutschland.
    Background: Treatment of hypocalcemia after thyroidectomy consists of an individual substitution, prophylaxis or a daily administration of calcium/vitamin D3.

    Objective: Does prophylactic therapy combined with a risk-adapted substitution of calcium and vitamin D3 reduce symptomatic hypocalcemia compared to individual substitution?

    Material And Methods: After implementation of a new algorithm, patient data were prospectively documented and analyzed compared to a historical patient population. The algorithm consisted of a single prophylactic i. Read More

    Comparison of functional outcomes after total thyroidectomy and completion thyroidectomy: Hypoparathyroidism and postoperative complications.
    Auris Nasus Larynx 2018 Apr 7. Epub 2018 Apr 7.
    Department of Otorhinolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, Korea University College of Medicine, Seoul, Republic of Korea. Electronic address:
    Objective: This study aimed to investigate differences in functional outcomes of postoperative complications and hypoparathyroidism between patients who underwent completion thyroidectomy (CT) after thyroid lobectomy or total thyroidectomy (TT) as an initial treatment.

    Materials And Methods: We retrospectively analyzed the differences of functional outcomes after completion thyroidectomy and total thyroidectomy without lymph node dissection. We reviewed the medical records of 396 patients who underwent CT or TT for thyroid disease at Korea University Guro Hospital from March 2002 to August 2016. Read More

    Current treatment of hypoparathyroidism: Theory versus reality waiting guidelines for children and adolescents.
    Acta Biomed 2018 Mar 27;89(1):122-131. Epub 2018 Mar 27.
    The diagnosis of hypoparathyroidism(HPT)is readily made in the presence of hypocalcemia with markedly reduced or absent parathormone (PTH) levels. Currently available treatments for HPT include high dose vitamin D (ergocalciferol, D2 and cholecalciferol, D3) or, the active metabolite dihydroxy vitamin D (calcitriol), in addition to calcium supplements.This regimen, if not well monitored, can lead to hypercalciuria, as PTH deficiency impairs renal calcium reabsorption. Read More

    Hypocalcaemia in an adult: the importance of not overlooking the cause.
    BMJ Case Rep 2018 Apr 5;2018. Epub 2018 Apr 5.
    Department of Internal Medicine, Setúbal Hospital Center, Setúbal, Portugal.
    A 58-year-old male patient was admitted at the São Bernardos's Hospital (Setúbal, Portugal) with generalised muscle spasms, dyspnoea, laryngospasm and bronchospasm in the context of severe hypocalcaemia. Despite efforts to correct serum calcium, it remained below average, leading to question the true cause of hypocalcaemia. Low parathyroid hormone and 25-hydroxyvitamin D, along with facial anomalies, palate defect and cognitive impairment with concomitant psychiatric disorder led to a suspicion of a DiGeorge/velocardiofacial/22q11. Read More

    Iatrogenic hypoparathyroidism after surgery for retrosternal goitre. A single centre retrospective analysis.
    Clin Ter 2018 Mar-Apr;169(2):e67-e70
    Department of Surgical, Oncological and Stomatological Sciences, University of Palermo, Italy.
    Aim: The aim of this study is to assess, retrospectively, the incidence of secondary hypoparathyroidism after total thyroidectomy in patients with retrosternal goitre.

    Material And Methods: From January 2009 to September 2015, 622 patients who undergone total thyroidectomy for goitre, were retrospectively observed. The patients were divided into two group: Group A, including 58 patients with retrosternal goitre and Group B, including 562 patients with in situ goitre. Read More

    Endocrine Disorders in Primary Mitochondrial Disease.
    J Endocr Soc 2018 Apr 19;2(4):361-373. Epub 2018 Feb 19.
    North American Mitochondrial Disease Consortium, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
    Context: Endocrine disorders are common in individuals with mitochondrial disease. To develop evidence-based screening practices in this high-risk population, updated age-stratified estimates of the prevalence of endocrine conditions are needed.

    Objective: To measure the point prevalence of selected endocrine disorders in individuals with mitochondrial disease. Read More

    Parathyroid Hormone Assays following Total Thyroidectomy: Is There a Predictive Value?
    Eur Thyroid J 2018 Jan 7;7(1):34-38. Epub 2017 Dec 7.
    Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University Hospital of Nîmes, Nîmes, France.
    Objectives: Parathyroid hormone (PTH) is a risk marker for hypoparathyroidism (hypoPTH). This study aimed to determine the predictive values of early PTH assays carried out at the moment of skin closure (PTH SC), to establish a treatment algorithm, identifying two threshold values. We assessed the reproducibility of this approach with two different immunoassay kits (hypoPTH) after total thyroidectomy, but its practical application is not consensual. Read More

    Lung squamous cell carcinoma associated with hypoparathyroidism with sensorineural deafness and renal dysplasia syndrome: a case report.
    Onco Targets Ther 2018 20;11:1595-1599. Epub 2018 Mar 20.
    Division of Respiratory Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine, Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine, Kobe, Hyogo, Japan.
    Hypoparathyroidism with sensorineural deafness and renal dysplasia (HDR) syndrome is an autosomal dominant condition caused by mutations of the gene encoding the dual zinc-finger transcription factor, GATA3. A previous study identified some patients with gene variants and breast cancer, suggesting that variants may contribute to tumorigenesis in estrogen receptor 1-positive breast tumors; however, these patients did not have HDR syndrome. A 32-year-old nonsmoking Japanese woman was histologically diagnosed with lung squamous cell carcinoma associated with HDR syndrome and a c. Read More

    Substernal Goiter: Correlation between Grade and Surgical Approach.
    Am Surg 2018 Feb;84(2):262-266
    Substernal goiter is defined as a thyroid growth beyond the thoracic inlet. Using the cross-section imaging CT system, it can be classified into three grades. The aim of the study was to validate the surgical approach and the occurrence of postoperative complications with substernal goiter extension in our patient population. Read More

    Risk profile analysis and complications after surgery for autoimmune thyroid disease.
    Br J Surg 2018 May 26;105(6):677-685. Epub 2018 Mar 26.
    Department of General, Vascular and Visceral Surgery, Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg, Halle an der Saale, Germany.
    Background: Surgical approaches to autoimmune thyroid disease are currently hampered by concerns over postoperative complications. Risk profiles and incidences of postoperative complications have not been investigated systematically, and studies with sufficient power to show valid data have not been performed.

    Methods: A prospective multicentre European study was conducted between July 2010 and December 2012. Read More

    Efficacy and safety of LigaSure™ small jaw instrument in thyroidectomy: a 1-year prospective observational study.
    Eur Arch Otorhinolaryngol 2018 May 13;275(5):1257-1263. Epub 2018 Mar 13.
    Department of Head and Neck Surgery, Zhejiang Cancer Hospital, Hangzhou, 310022, China.
    Purpose: To compare the efficacy and safety profiles of LigaSure™ small jaw instrument (LSJI) versus conventional technique in patients undergoing open thyroidectomy.

    Methods: This single-center, prospective, observational study conducted in Zhejiang Provincial Cancer Hospital enrolled patients who underwent thyroidectomy between September 2013 and September 2014. The primary study outcomes included determination of blood loss, operative duration, length of hospital stay, and drainage volume. Read More

    Health-related quality of life in patients with nonsurgical hypoparathyroidism and pseudohypoparathyroidism.
    Clin Endocrinol (Oxf) 2018 Mar 9. Epub 2018 Mar 9.
    Department of Endocrinology and Internal Medicine, Aarhus University Hospital, Aarhus C, Denmark.
    Objective: Nonsurgical hypoparathyroidism (NS-HypoPT) and pseudohypoparathyroidism (PHP) are rare diseases, with a prevalence of 2/100.000 and 1/100.000, respectively. Read More

    Efficacy and safety of long-term management of patients with chronic post-surgical hypoparathyroidism.
    J Endocrinol Invest 2018 Mar 7. Epub 2018 Mar 7.
    Department of Clinical and Internal Medicine, University of Pisa, Via Paradisa 2, 56127, Pisa, Italy.
    Purpose: To evaluate adherence to European Society of Endocrinology guidelines and risk of renal complications in patients with chronic post-operative hypoparathyroidism (PO-HypoPT) treated with calcium and activated vitamin D metabolites.

    Methods: We evaluated 90 adult patients (68 females and 22 males) with chronic (3 years) PO-HypoPT. Total albumin-corrected (Alb-Ca) and ionized serum calcium, phosphate, creatinine, PTH, and 24-h urinary calcium were measured; renal ultrasound was also performed. Read More

    Prevalence of Chronic Hypoparathyroidism in a Mediterranean Region as Estimated by the Analysis of Anonymous Healthcare Database.
    Calcif Tissue Int 2018 Mar 8. Epub 2018 Mar 8.
    Metabolic Bone Diseases Unit, Department of Surgery and Translational Medicine, University of Florence, Viale Pieraccini, 6, 50139, Florence, Italy.
    Epidemiological data on prevalence and incidence of chronic hypoparathyroidism are still scarce. This study aimed to establish prevalence of chronic hypoparathyroidism and incidence of surgical hypoparathyroidism using the analysis of electronic anonymous public health care database. Data referred to a 5-year period (2009-2013, Region of Tuscany, Italy, as a sample representative of the whole Mediterranean/European population, estimated mean population: 3,750,000 inhabitants) were retrieved by the analysis of pharmaceutical distribution dataset, containing data related to drugs reimbursed by public health system, hospital discharge and procedures codes, and ICD9 exemption codes for chronic diseases. Read More

    HypoparaNet: A Database of Chronic Hypoparathyroidism Based on Expert Medical-Surgical Centers in Italy.
    Calcif Tissue Int 2018 Mar 6. Epub 2018 Mar 6.
    Bone Metabolic Diseases Unit, Department of Surgery and Translational Medicine, University of Florence, Florence, Italy.
    Hypoparathyroidism is a rare disease characterized by low serum calcium levels and absent or deficient parathyroid hormone level. Regarding the epidemiology of chronic hypoparathyroidism, there are limited data in Italy and worldwide. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to build a unique database of patients with chronic hypoparathyroidism, derived from the databases of 16 referral centers for endocrinological diseases, affiliated with the Italian Society of Endocrinology, and four centers for endocrine surgery with expertise in hypoparathyroidism, to conduct an epidemiological analysis of chronic hypoparathyroidism in Italy. Read More

    Sanjad-Sakati syndrome with macrocytic anemia and failure to thrive: a case from South Jordan.
    J Pediatr Endocrinol Metab 2018 Apr;31(5):581-584
    Pediatric Department, Faculty of Medicine, Jordan University of Science and Technology, Irbid, Jordan.
    Backgorund: Sanjad-Sakati syndrome (SSS) is a rare autosomal recessive disease caused by a deletion mutation (155-166del) in exon 3 of the TBCE gene on chromosome 1q42-43. The syndrome is characterized by primary hypoparathyroidism, typical dysmorphic features and severe growth retardation.

    Case Presentation: We encountered a 2-year-old boy with hypocalcemia, failure to thrive and macrocytic anemia. Read More

    Recognition of sentinel lymph nodes in patients with papillary thyroid cancer by nano-carbon and methylene blue.
    Pak J Med Sci 2017 Nov-Dec;33(6):1485-1489
    Yuan Zhang, Department of Head and Neck Surgery, Jiangsu Cancer Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing Medical University, Nanjing 210009, P. R. China.
    Objective: To compare the accuracy and feasibility of methylene blue and nano-carbon in clinical tracing of sentinel lymph nodes (SLNs) in patients with papillary thyroid cancer (PTC).

    Methods: Ninety-six PTC patients were selected and randomly divided into a methylene blue group and a nano-carbon group (n=48). During surgery, tracer agent was injected around the tumor, and SLNs were resected and subjected to frozen pathological examination. Read More

    Misdiagnosis of idiopathic hypoparathyroidism: A case report and literature review.
    Medicine (Baltimore) 2018 Mar;97(9):e9884
    Department of Neurology, PLA 44 Hospital.
    Rationale: Idiopathic hypoparathyroidism (IHP) is a rare endocrine condition, which is frequently represented by neuropsychiatric disorders. Hence, the misdiagnosis rate of the disease is rather high, especially for neurologists.

    Patient Concerns: We reported a case of misdiagnosed, atypical IHP. Read More

    Acute Onset of Quadriplegia Secondary to Hypoparathyroidism: Mimicker of AMAN Variant of GBS.
    J Coll Physicians Surg Pak 2018 Mar;28(3):S23-S25
    Department Of Medicine, The Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi.
    Acute onset of quadriplegia is a rare phenomenon seen with hypocalcemia due to hypoparathyroidism. We describe a 33-year gentleman who presented with weakness of all four limbs and areflexia. ECG showed QT abnormality. Read More

    Permanent Hypoparathyroidism After Total Thyroidectomy in Children: Results from a National Registry.
    World J Surg 2018 Feb 22. Epub 2018 Feb 22.
    Department of Clinical Science, Lund University, 221 85, Lund, Sweden.
    Introduction: Hypoparathyroidism is the most common complication following thyroidectomy. There are few population-based reports on the rate of hypoparathyroidism in children. The incidence of medical treatment of permanent hypoparathyroidism in children is reported using a national registry. Read More

    Bilateral patterns and motor function of the extralaryngeal branching of the recurrent laryngeal nerve.
    Surg Radiol Anat 2018 Feb 21. Epub 2018 Feb 21.
    Department of General Surgery, Istanbul Faculty of Medicine, Istanbul University, Millet Caddesi Capa, Fatih, 34093, Istanbul, Turkey.
    Purpose: To evaluate the bilateral patterns and motor function of the extralaryngeal branches (ELB) of the recurrent laryngeal nerve(RLN).

    Methods: This study included 500 consecutive patients who underwent total thyroidectomy. Intraoperative nerve monitoring (IONM) was used in 230 patients. Read More

    Atypical microdeletion in 22q11 deletion syndrome reveals new candidate causative genes: A case report and literature review.
    Medicine (Baltimore) 2018 Feb;97(8):e9936
    Key Laboratory of Thrombosis and Hemostasis of Ministry of Health, Jiangsu Institute of Hematology, The First Affiliated Hospital of Soochow University.
    Rationale: 22q11 deletion syndrome, the most common chromosomal microdeletion disease, is caused by megabase-sized deletions on chromosome 22q11.2. It is characterized by a wide spectrum of congenital anomalies in velopharyngeal and facial, cardiac, genitourinary, vertebroskeletal, respiratory, digestive, and central nervous systems. Read More

    Use of Array Comparative Genomic Hybridization for the Diagnosis of DiGeorge Syndrome in Saudi Arabian Population.
    Cytogenet Genome Res 2018 17;154(1):20-29. Epub 2018 Feb 17.
    Center of Excellence in Genomic Medicine Research, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
    DiGeorge syndrome (DGS) is a genetic disorder known as a clinically variable syndrome with over 180 associated phenotypic features. It is caused by a common human deletion in the 22q11.2 chromosomal region and currently is affecting approximately 1 in 4,000 individuals. Read More

    Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome: clinical and biochemical correlates.
    J Pediatr Endocrinol Metab 2018 Mar;31(4):451-459
    Victorian Clinical Genetics Services, Murdoch Children's Research Institute, Melbourne, Australia.
    Background: Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome (SLOS) is an autosomal recessive disorder caused by mutations in the DHCR7 gene that result in reduced cholesterol biosynthesis. The aim of the study was to examine the biochemical and clinical features of SLOS in the context of the emerging evidence of the importance of cholesterol in morphogenesis and steroidogenesis.

    Methods: We retrospectively reviewed the records of 18 patients (including four fetuses) with confirmed SLOS and documented their clinical and biochemical features. Read More

    How many parathyroid glands can be identified during thyroidectomy?: Evidence-based data for medical experts.
    Eur Surg 2018 13;50(1):14-21. Epub 2017 Dec 13.
    1Second Department of Surgery "Kaiserin Elisabeth", Krankenanstalt Rudolfstiftung, Juchgasse 25, 1030 Vienna, Austria.
    Background: The purpose of this study is to provide guidance for medical experts regarding malpractice claims on permanent hypoparathyroidism by analyzing the number of parathyroid glands (PGs) identified during thyroidectomy and the clinical outcome.

    Methods: Parathyroid findings were documented in a standardized protocol for 357 patients undergoing thyroidectomy and treated by a single specialized surgeon. The resected thyroid was routinely dissected for accidentally removed PGs with consecutive autotransplantation and the pathological report also described unintentionally resected PGs. Read More

    MILK-ALKALI SYNDROME (MAS) as a complication of the treatment of hypoparathyroidism.
    Endokrynol Pol 2018 Feb 14. Epub 2018 Feb 14.
    Warsaw University of Medicine.
    Milk-alkali syndrome (MAS), characterized by renal failure, metabolic alkalosis and hypercalcemia, is a severe and life-threatening complication of the treatment of hypoparathyroidism. The clinical course is often sudden and is not preceded by any prodromal symptoms. Occurrence does not depend on the duration of hypoparathyroidism treatment, although it is closely related to the applied therapy, especially the dose of calcium carbonate and active vitamin D preparations. Read More

    Rapid whole genome sequencing identifies a novel AIRE variant associated with Autoimmune Polyendocrine Syndrome Type 1.
    Cold Spring Harb Mol Case Stud 2018 Feb 1. Epub 2018 Feb 1.
    Rady Children's Institute for Genomic Medicine.
    Autoimmune polyendocrine syndrome type 1 (APS1; OMIM #240300), also referred to as autoimmune polyendocrinopathy-candidiasis-ectodermal dystrophy (APECED), is a rare monogenic disorder caused by mutations in the autoimmune regulator (AIRE) gene. APS1 is classically characterized by a triad of chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis, autoimmune hypoparathyroidism, and autoimmune adrenocortical insufficiency. We report a five-year-old female who presented with symptoms of tetany due to hypocalcemia and was subsequently found to be secondary to hypoparathyroidism. Read More

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