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    Reproducibility of radioactive iodine uptake (RAIU) measurements.
    J Appl Clin Med Phys 2017 Nov 22. Epub 2017 Nov 22.
    Division of Nuclear Medicine, The Ottawa Hospital, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
    Background: Measurement of radioactive iodine uptake (RAIU) is an important aspect of the assessment and treatment of patients with hyperthyroidism. Its uncertainty affects how much of a true change in RAIU can be detected as well as appropriateness of the therapy dosage upon which it is based. In this study, a method of estimating the reproducibility and least significant change (LSC) values for RAIU measurements, and the implications of the values observed are discussed, with emphasis on application to quality assurance initiatives. Read More

    [Thyrotropin reference ranges during pregnancy in the province of Huelva, Spain].
    Semergen 2017 Nov 18. Epub 2017 Nov 18.
    Centro de Salud El Torrejón, Huelva, España.
    Objective: The correct diagnosis of hypothyroidism during pregnancy requires knowledge of the local trimester-specific thyrotropin (TSH) reference ranges. When these are not available, the guidelines recommend upper limits of 2.5, 3. Read More

    Toxic Adenoma in a Patient with Thyroid Hemiagenesis.
    Cureus 2017 Sep 17;9(9):e1695. Epub 2017 Sep 17.
    Department of Surgery, Duzce University Medical Faculty.
    Thyroid hemiagenesis (TH) is a rare congenital anomaly that is usually asymptomatic. Functional disorders of the thyroid make the patient symptomatic. TH is usually and incidentally established during evaluation of patients with symptomatic thyroid pathology. Read More

    Preoperative management in patients with Graves' disease.
    Gland Surg 2017 Oct;6(5):476-481
    Department of Medicine and Surgery, University of Insubria, Varese, Italy.
    Graves' disease is the most frequent cause of hyperthyroidism in iodine-sufficient geographical areas and is characterized by the presence in patients' serum of autoantibodies directed against the thyrotropin receptor (TRAb) that cause overproduction and release of thyroid hormones. Clinical presentation results from both hyperthyroidism and underlying autoimmunity. The diagnosis is based on characteristic clinical features and biochemical abnormalities. Read More

    An evaluation of thyroid autoimmunity in patients with beta thalassemia minor: A case-control study.
    Pak J Med Sci 2017 Sep-Oct;33(5):1106-1111
    Mehmet Ali Cikrikcioglu, Department of Internal Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Bezmialem Vakif University, 34093, Istanbul, Turkey.
    Objective: The tendency to autoimmune diseases has been reported to be increased in beta thalassemia minor (BTM). The aim of this study was to evaluate whether thyroid autoimmunity is higher in BTM.

    Methods: Patients with BTM (n=86) and a healthy control group (n=93) were included in this cross-sectional case-control study. Read More

    Response to: Oral lithium as an adjunctive therapy during radioiodine treatment for hyperthyroidism.
    Nucl Med Commun 2017 Dec;38(12):1133-1134
    aRadiation Medicine Centre, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Tata Memorial Hospital Annexe, Jerbai Wadia Road, Parel bHomi Bhabha National Institute cDepartment of Nuclear Medicine and PET/CT, P. D. Hinduja National Hospital and Medical Research Centre, Mumbai, India.

    Oral lithium as an adjunctive therapy during radioiodine treatment for hyperthyroidism.
    Nucl Med Commun 2017 Dec;38(12):1133
    aGhana Atomic Energy Commission/National Centre for Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine, Acrra, Ghana bDepartment of Medicine, Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital, Kumasi Ghana cDivision of Nuclear Medicine, Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Hospital, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg South Africa.

    [Hyperthyroidism in children at the University Hospital in Dakar (Senegal)].
    Pan Afr Med J 2017 7;28:10. Epub 2017 Sep 7.
    Clinique Médicale II/Centre Hospitalier Abass Ndao/UCAD, Dakar, Sénégal.
    Introduction: Hyperthyroidism in children is rare and constitutes a problem because of its psychosomatic impact. This study aimed to present an overview of the state of knowledge on these aspects in children from Dakar.

    Methods: We conducted a multicenter, descriptive study over a period of 15 years. Read More

    Plasma free thyroxine in the upper quartile is associated with an increased incidence of major cardiovascular events in older men that do not have thyroid dysfunction according to conventional criteria.
    Int J Cardiol 2017 Oct 29. Epub 2017 Oct 29.
    School of Medicine, University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia; Department of Endocrinology, Fiona Stanley Hospital, Perth, Australia.
    Background: The aim of this study was to assess the association of plasma free thyroxine (FT4) and serum thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) concentrations with the past diagnosis of cardiovascular disease and incidence of new cardiovascular events in older men with no known thyroid disease.

    Methods: This study involved a cohort of community-recruited older men without known thyroid disease. Plasma FT4 and serum TSH were measured by immunoassay. Read More

    Thyroid Dysfunction States and Incident Cardiovascular Events: The Tehran Thyroid Study.
    Horm Metab Res 2017 Nov 13. Epub 2017 Nov 13.
    Prevention of Metabolic Disorders Research Center, Research Institute for Endocrine Sciences, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran.
    The objective of the study was to investigate the relation of different thyroid function states with the incidence of cardiovascular disease (CVD)/coronary heart disease (CHD) among a Middle-Eastern population with a high incidence of CVD/CHD. A total of 3975 participants entered the study (43.6% men). Read More

    Expression level and clinical significance of IL-2, IL-6 and TGF-β in elderly patients with goiter and hyperthyroidism.
    Eur Rev Med Pharmacol Sci 2017 Oct;21(20):4680-4686
    Department of Endocrinology, People's Hospital of Zhengzhou University, Henan Provincial People's Hospital, Zhengzhou, Henan, China.
    Objective: To investigate the level of expression and the clinical significance of IL-2 (interleukin-2), IL-6 (interleukin-6) and TGF-β (transforming growth factor-β) in elderly patients with goiter and hyperthyroidism.

    Patients And Methods: Gender, age, course of disease, BMI (Body Mass Index), serum FT3 (Free triiodothyronine-3), FT4 (Free triiodothyronine-4), TT3 (Total triiodothyronine-3), TT4 (Total triiodothyronine-4), TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) and clinical manifestations on admission and other general clinical data and laboratory examination results were collected and statistically analyzed as case group in 128 elderly patients with goiter and hyperthyroidism. Additional 128 over 60-year-old patients with hyperthyroidism were selected as control group. Read More

    Study of the Factors Leading to Fetal and Neonatal Dysthyroidism in Children of Patients With Graves Disease.
    J Endocr Soc 2017 Jun 25;1(6):751-761. Epub 2017 Apr 25.
    Department of Neonatology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, University Hospitals Paris Nord Val de Seine, Assistance Publique Hôpitaux de Paris, Beaujon Hospital, Clichy 92118, France.
    Context: Neonatal hyperthyroidism was first described in 1912 and in 1964 was shown to be linked to transplacental passage of maternal antibodies. Few multicenter studies have described the perinatal factors leading to fetal and neonatal dysthyroidism.

    Objective: To show how fetal dysthyroidism (FD) and neonatal dysthyroidism (ND) can be predicted from perinatal variables, in particular, the levels of anti-thyrotropin receptor antibodies (TRAbs) circulating in the mother and child. Read More

    Marine-Lenhart syndrome in two adolescents, including one with thyroid cancer: a case series and review of the literature.
    J Pediatr Endocrinol Metab 2017 Nov 11. Epub 2017 Nov 11.
    Background: The coexistence of functional thyroid nodules and Graves' disease (GD) is a rare condition known as Marine-Lenhart syndrome. Thyroid cancer has been described in several adults, but never in children, with Marine-Lenhart syndrome. This paper discusses the challenges in diagnosis and the unique management of this condition in children, in the context of extant literature. Read More

    [Thyroid disease in the Czech Republic: the EUthyroid project and the evaluation of the General Health Insurance Company epidemiological data for the period of 2012-2015].
    Vnitr Lek 2017 ;63(9):548-554
    Institute of Endocrinology participates in the grant of European Commission EUthyroid (Towards the elimination of iodine deficiency and preventable thyroid-related diseases in Europe), together with other 28 European countries. The role of Institute of Endocrinology in EUthyroid is among other things to ensure access to national registers relating to thyroid diseases. The results presented here correspond to the years 2012-2015 and are based on data from the General Health Insurance Company Czech Republic (VZP CR), which has 6 million insured persons (ratio male : female = 1 : 1). Read More

    Treatment Outcome of Combined Continuous Venovenous Hemofiltration and Hemoperfusion in Acute Paraquat Poisoning: A Prospective Controlled Trial.
    Crit Care Med 2017 Nov 7. Epub 2017 Nov 7.
    1Center for Nephrology and Clinical Metabolomics and Division of Nephrology and Rheumatology, Shanghai Tenth People's Hospital, Tongji University School of Medicine, Shanghai, PR China. 2Department of Medical Statistics, Tongji University School of Medicine, Shanghai, PR China. 3Department of Biomedical Engineering and Pharmacy, University of Houston, Houston, TX.
    Objectives: To investigate whether combined continuous venovenous hemofiltration and hemoperfusion among paraquat-poisoned patients would improve survival.

    Design: Prospective, controlled interventional study over 4 years.

    Setting: Single, tertiary, academic medical center. Read More

    All-cause and cardiovascular mortality risk after surgery versus radioiodine treatment for hyperthyroidism.
    Br J Surg 2017 Nov 8. Epub 2017 Nov 8.
    Department of Clinical Sciences, Danderyd Hospital, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden.
    Background: Little is known about the long-term side-effects of different treatments for hyperthyroidism. The few studies previously published on the subject either included only women or focused mainly on cancer outcomes. This register study compared the impact of surgery versus radioiodine on all-cause and cause-specific mortality in a cohort of men and women. Read More

    Repercussions of hypo and hyperthyroidism on the heart circadian clock.
    Chronobiol Int 2017 Nov 7:1-13. Epub 2017 Nov 7.
    b Department of Physiology and Biophysics , Institute of Biomedical Sciences-I, University of São Paulo , São Paulo , Brazil.
    Myocardial gene expression and metabolism fluctuate over the course of the day in association with changes in energy supply and demand. Time-of-day-dependent oscillations in myocardial processes have been linked to the intrinsic cardiomyocyte circadian clock. Triiodothyronine (T3) is an important modulator of heart metabolism and function. Read More

    Increased circulating interleukin-8 in patients with resistance to thyroid hormone receptor α.
    Endocr Connect 2017 Nov;6(8):731-740
    Department of Endocrinology and MetabolismAcademic Medical Center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Innate immune cells have recently been identified as novel thyroid hormone (TH) target cells in which intracellular TH levels appear to play an important functional role. The possible involvement of TH receptor alpha (TRα), which is the predominant TR in these cells, has not been studied to date. Studies in TRα(0/0) mice suggest a role for this receptor in innate immune function. Read More

    Georgian Med News 2017 Oct(271):96-102
    Vinnytsia National Pirogov Memorial Medical University; I. Horbachevsky Ternopil State Medical University, Ukraine.
    Hyper- and hypothyroidism are some of the most common endocrinopathies that cause many metabolic disorders including amino acids metabolism. However, a specific molecular mechanism of thyroid hormones influence on sulphur-containing amino acids metabolism has not been established. The aim of our research was to investigate experimentally the influence of thyroid gland functional state on the main enzymatic systems of sulphur-containing amino acids metabolism in liver and kidneys, the content of homocysteine, cysteine and H2S in blood. Read More

    Misdiagnosis of Graves' hyperthyroidism due to therapeutic biotin intervention.
    Acta Clin Belg 2017 Nov 3:1-5. Epub 2017 Nov 3.
    a Department of Endocrinology, Diabetology and Metabolic Diseases , Antwerp University Hospital , Edegem , Belgium.
    Background: Lately, high dose of biotin is often given orally to patients with a primary progressive multiple sclerosis (PPMS). However, the molecule biotin is also a principle compound in various analytic immunoassays.

    Clinical Case: An asymptomatic 60-year-old woman with PPMS on high dose of biotin therapy (3 × 100 mg/d) displayed abnormal thyroid function tests (TSH 0. Read More

    Thyrotropin level and cognitive performance: Baseline results from the ELSA-Brasil Study.
    Psychoneuroendocrinology 2017 Oct 20;87:152-158. Epub 2017 Oct 20.
    Center for clinical and epidemiological research, Hospital Universitario, University of Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil; Department of Internal Medicine, University of Sao Paulo Medical School, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
    Background And Aims: The role of subtle thyroid alterations, such as subclinical thyroid disease and low/high serum thyrotropin (TSH) within the normal range, on cognitive decline is controversial. The aim of this study was to evaluate the association of serum TSH and subclinical thyroid dysfunction with performance on cognitive tests in a large sample of Brazilian middle-aged adults without overt thyroid disease.

    Methods: In this cross-sectional analysis of the Brazilian Longitudinal Study of Adult Health, we excluded individuals aged 65 years and older, with overt thyroid dysfunction, prevalent stroke, in use of medications that affect thyroid function or that indicate neurologic diseases, and from Asian or indigenous ethnicity. Read More

    Immune-Related Adverse Events Associated with Anti-PD-1/PD-L1 Treatment for Malignancies: A Meta-Analysis.
    Front Pharmacol 2017 18;8:730. Epub 2017 Oct 18.
    Department of Neurosurgery, Sanbo Brain Hospital, Capital Medical University, Beijing, China.
    Background: Treatment of cancers with programmed cell death protein 1 (PD-1) pathway inhibitors can lead to immune-related adverse events (irAEs), which could be serious and even fetal. Therefore, clinicians should be aware of the characteristics of irAEs associated with the use of such drugs. Methods: The MEDLINE, EMBASE, and Cochrane databases were searched to find potential studies using the following strategies: anti-PD-1/PD-L1 treatment; irAEs; and cancer. Read More

    Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Randomized Trial of Selenium in Graves Hyperthyroidism.
    J Clin Endocrinol Metab 2017 Nov;102(11):4333-4341
    Institute for Experimental Endocrinology, Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin, 13353 Berlin, Germany.
    Context: Supplemental selenium (Se) may affect the clinical course of Graves disease (GD).

    Objective: Evaluate efficacy of add-on Se on medical treatment in GD.

    Design: Double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized supplementation trial. Read More

    Predictive Value of Gene Polymorphisms on Recurrence after the Withdrawal of Antithyroid Drugs in Patients with Graves' Disease.
    Front Endocrinol (Lausanne) 2017 29;8:258. Epub 2017 Sep 29.
    Department of Endocrinology; Beijing Chao-Yang Hospital, Capital Medical University, Beijing, China.
    Graves' disease (GD) is one of the most common endocrine diseases. Antithyroid drugs (ATDs) treatment is frequently used as the first-choice therapy for GD patients in most countries due to the superiority in safety and tolerance. However, GD patients treated with ATD have a relatively high recurrence rate after drug withdrawal, which is a main limitation for ATD treatment. Read More

    [Multiorgan malfunction after Fontan operation in adult patients].
    Pol Merkur Lekarski 2017 Oct;43(256):163-167
    Jagiellonian University, Medical College, Krakow, Poland: Departament of Cardiac and Vascular Diseases, Institute of Cardiology.
    Although 85% of patients with univentricular heart after Fontan procedure survive twenty years after operation, the procedure alone seems to be an inadequate treatment as a permanent clinical solution. Patients with a "Fontan physiology" additionally have to face a various extra-cardiac complications, including thyroid, liver and kidney dysfunction, which are not only potentially life-threatening, but also can potentiate the circulatory insufficiency.

    Aim: The aim of the study was to assess a multiorgan dysfunction in adult patients after Fontan operation in long term follow-up and compare to healthy controls. Read More

    Relationship between Subclinical Thyroid Dysfunction and the Risk of Cardiovascular Outcomes: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Prospective Cohort Studies.
    Int J Endocrinol 2017 31;2017:8130796. Epub 2017 Aug 31.
    Department of Endocrinology, Gansu Provincial Hospital, Dong Gang West Road, Lanzhou, Gansu 730000, China.
    Background: Evidence on the association between subclinical thyroid dysfunction and the risk of cardiovascular outcomes are conflicting.

    Methods And Results: PubMed, EMbase, Web of Science, Cochrane Library, and China Biology Medicine (CBM) databases were searched from inception to July 10, 2016. A total of 16 studies were included for meta-analysis. Read More

    Lugol's solution and other iodide preparations: perspectives and research directions in Graves' disease.
    Endocrine 2017 Dec 26;58(3):467-473. Epub 2017 Oct 26.
    Department of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Diabetes, Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden.
    Lugol's solution and other preparations containing iodide have for almost a century been used as an adjuvant treatment in patients with Graves' disease planned for thyroidectomy. Iodide has been shown to decrease thyroid hormone levels and reduce blood flow within the thyroid gland. An escape phenomenon has been feared as the iodide effect has been claimed to only be temporary. Read More

    15-Year old girl with APS type IIIc, 12 months post-thymectomy remission of myasthenia.
    Pediatr Endocrinol Diabetes Metab 2017 ;23(1):49-55
    Department of Pediatrics, Endocrinology and Diabetes with a Cardiology Unit, Medical University in Bialystok, Poland.
    Polyglandular autoimmune syndromes (PAS) is a group of heterogenous conditions characterized by the association of at least two organ-specific autoimmune disorders, concerning both endocrine and non-endocrine organs. Type III is defined as the combination of autoimmune thyroid disease and other autoimmune condition (other than Addison's disease) and is divided into four subtypes. We describe a teenage female patient - with the family history of autoimmune diseases, who has simultaneously developed the symptoms of autoimmune thyroid disease with the clinical picture of hyperthyroidism and myasthenia gravis at the age of fifteen. Read More

    Total Thyroidectomy for Thyroid Cancer Followed by Thyroid Storm due to Thyrotropin Receptor Antibody Stimulation of Metastatic Thyroid Tissue.
    Eur Thyroid J 2017 Sep 3;6(5):276-280. Epub 2017 Aug 3.
    Department of Endocrinology, Odense University Hospital, Odense, Denmark.
    Background: Graves disease (GD) is an autoimmune condition characterized by the presence of antibodies against the thyrotropin receptor (TRAB), which stimulate the thyroid gland to produce excess thyroid hormone. Theoretically, TRAB could stimulate highly differentiated thyroid cancer tissue and/or metastases to produce thyroid hormone.

    Case: A 68-year-old male, with weight loss and palpitations, was diagnosed with thyrotoxicosis. Read More

    The Effect of Daily versus Weekly Levothyroxine Replacement on Thyroid Function Test in Hypothyroid Patients at a Tertiary Care Centre in Haryana.
    Eur Thyroid J 2017 Sep 3;6(5):250-254. Epub 2017 Aug 3.
    Department of Endocrinology and Medicine Unit V, Pt. B.D. Sharma Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences, Rohtak, India.
    Objective: We compare the effect of daily versus weekly levothyroxine (LT4) replacement on thyroid function test (TFT) in hypothyroid patients at a tertiary care centre in Haryana.

    Materials And Methods: This was a randomised crossover study in which 100 hypothyroid patients on a stable LT4 dose were divided into 2 groups of 50 each. In group I, patients were given daily therapy for 6 weeks and then shifted to weekly therapy for the next 6 weeks. Read More

    Investigating the relationship between 25-hydroxyvitamin D and thyroid function in second-trimester pregnant women.
    Gynecol Endocrinol 2017 Oct 26:1-4. Epub 2017 Oct 26.
    c Biomechanics and Medical Information Institute , University of Technology , Beijing , China.
    This study aims to explore the correlation between serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D and thyroid hormones during the second trimester. In total, 277 pregnant women at 13-28 weeks of gestation were enrolled. According to the level of thyrotropic-stimulating hormone, they were divided into a reduced TSH group, a normal TSH group and an elevated TSH group. Read More

    Radiation-related thyroid autoimmunity and dysfunction.
    J Radiat Res 2017 Oct 24:1-10. Epub 2017 Oct 24.
    Department of Molecular Medicine, Atomic Bomb Disease Institute, Nagasaki University, 1-12-4 Sakamoto, Nagasaki 852-8523, Japan.
    The thyroid gland is vulnerable not only to external radiation but also to internal radiation, because the thyroid cells can incorporate radioactive iodine when synthesizing thyroid hormones. Since radiation-induction of thyroid neoplasia, including thyroid cancer, is well recognized, the data on radiation-related thyroid autoimmunity and dysfunction are summarized and reviewed. High-dose irradiation, irrespective of being external or internal, is strongly associated with a risk of hypothyroidism (with the prevalence ranging from 2. Read More

    A study of serum IgG4 levels in the clinical metamorphosis of autoimmune thyroid disease.
    J Clin Transl Endocrinol 2017 Jun 6;8:35-40. Epub 2017 May 6.
    Diabetes and Thyroid Center, Theptarin Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand.
    Background: Measurement of serum IgG4 had been suggested to distinguish the unique subtypes of autoimmune thyroid disease (AITD) which demonstrated patterns of fluctuating between hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. However, the clinical utility of serum IgG4 measurement is inconclusive due to few studies having addressed these unusual patients compared with the specificity of serum IgG4 in healthy patients.

    Aim: To investigate whether elevated serum IgG4 levels could be used as a marker to identify fluctuating AITD patients. Read More

    Benign thyroid disease in pregnancy: A state of the art review.
    J Clin Transl Endocrinol 2016 Dec 23;6:37-49. Epub 2016 Nov 23.
    Endocrinology and Diabetes, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, Salford, Greater Manchester, UK.
    Thyroid dysfunction is the commonest endocrine disorder in pregnancy apart from diabetes. Thyroid hormones are essential for fetal brain development in the embryonic phase. Maternal thyroid dysfunction during pregnancy may have significant adverse maternal and fetal outcomes such as preterm delivery, preeclampsia, miscarriage and low birth weight. Read More

    Mean Platelet Volume in Graves' disease: A Sign of Hypermetabolism Rather than Autoimmunity?
    Pak J Med Sci 2017 Jul-Aug;33(4):871-875
    Melek Eda Ertorer, Professor of Endocrinology, Baskent University Faculty of Medicine, Division of Endocrinology Adana, Turkey.
    Objective: To evaluate the impact of mean platelet volume (MPV) on predicting disease course among patients with Graves' disease (GD).

    Methods: This retrospective study was performed between 2013-2016 at the Outpatient Endocrinology Clinic of Baskent University Faculty of Medicine, Adana hospital on 65 patients with GD. Among participants, 30 cases experienced thyrotoxicosis again during the first six months after discontinuing anti-thyroid drug (ATD) sessions that had been carried out for at least 12 months prior to stopping (Relapse group). Read More

    Hypothalamic-pituitary-thyroid (HPT) axis functioning in anxiety disorders. A systematic review.
    Depress Anxiety 2017 Oct 24. Epub 2017 Oct 24.
    Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, Institute of Psychology, University of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland.
    Depression has repeatedly been linked to subclinical hypothyroidism, and thyroid hormones have successfully been used to augment antidepressant treatment. By contrast, the extent of thyroid dysfunction in anxiety disorders remains less clear. This is surprising, given that anxiety-related symptoms (e. Read More

    Persistent hyperthyroidism and de novo Graves' ophthalmopathy after total thyroidectomy.
    Endocrinol Diabetes Metab Case Rep 2017 13;2017. Epub 2017 Oct 13.
    Department of Endocrinology, Singapore General Hospital, Singapore, Singapore.
    We report a patient with Graves' disease who remained persistently hyperthyroid after a total thyroidectomy and also developed de novo Graves' ophthalmopathy 5 months after surgery. She was subsequently found to have a mature cystic teratoma containing struma ovarii after undergoing a total hysterectomy and salpingo-oophorectomy for an incidental ovarian lesion.

    Learning Points: It is important to investigate for other causes of primary hyperthyroidism when thyrotoxicosis persists after total thyroidectomy. Read More

    Thyroid Function Within the Normal Range, Subclinical Hypothyroidism and the Risk of Atrial Fibrillation.
    Circulation 2017 Oct 23. Epub 2017 Oct 23.
    Department of General Internal Medicine, Inselspital, Bern University Hospital, University of Bern, Bern, Switzerland & Institute of Primary Health Care (BIHAM), University of Bern, Bern, Switzerland
    Background -Atrial fibrillation (AF) is a highly prevalent disorder leading to heart failure, stroke, and death. Enhanced understanding of modifiable risk factors may yield opportunities for prevention. The risk of AF is increased in subclinical hyperthyroidism, but it is uncertain whether variations in thyroid function within the normal range or subclinical hypothyroidism are also associated with AF. Read More

    Sclerostin and bone metabolism markers in hyperthyroidism before treatment and interrelations between them.
    Acta Biochim Pol 2017 Oct 25. Epub 2017 Oct 25.
    Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Faculty of Medicine, Bülent Ecevit University, 67630 Zonguldak, Turkey.
    Sclerostin, which is a glycoprotein produced by osteocytes, reduces the formation of bones by inhibiting the Wnt signal pathway. Thyroid hormones are related with Wnt signal pathway and it has been reported that increased thyroid hormones in hyperthyroidism fasten epiphysis maturation in childhood, and increase the risk of bone fractures by stimulating the bone loss in adults. The aim of this study was to examine the sclerostin serum levels, the relation between sclerostin and thyroid hormones as well as the biochemical markers of the bone metabolism in patients with hyperthyroidism (including multinodular goiter and Graves' disease), whose treatments have not started yet. Read More

    Serum Fructosamine Concentration in Uncontrolled Hyperthyroid Diabetic Cats Is within the Population Reference Interval.
    Vet Sci 2017 Mar 15;4(1). Epub 2017 Mar 15.
    Microbiology, Immunology & Pathology Dept., Colorado State University, 1682 Campus Delivery, Fort Collins, CO 80523, USA.
    Diabetes mellitus is a common endocrinopathy of cats that is characterized by persistent fasting hyperglycemia. However, stress induces substantial hyperglycemia in cats that poses a challenge to the veterinarian who may wrongly interpret the high serum concentration of blood glucose as evidence of diabetes mellitus. Fructosamine is a glycated serum protein that serves as an index of glycemic control in cats and is useful because it is not affected by stress hyperglycemia. Read More

    Does Treatment of Either Hypothyroidy or Hyperthyroidy Affect Diurnal Blood Pressure.
    Arch Iran Med 2017 Sep;20(9):572-580
    Department of Internal Medicine, Kafkas University, Kars, Turkey.
    Objective: Thyroid hormone has well recognized effects on the cardiovascular system. The purpose of this study was to define the influence of treatment of either hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism on the values and circadial variations of arterial blood pressure measured by ambulatory blood pressure monitoring.

    Material And Methods: The study was carried out on 30 hypothyroidic and 30 hyperthyroidic patients without hypertension and 46 healthy participants. Read More

    Endocr Pract 2017 Oct;23(10):1223-1231
    Objective: To describe the evolution of thyroid dysfunction in a series of patients with cancer treated with the immune checkpoint inhibitor anti-programmed cell death protein-1 (PD-1) monoclonal antibody, nivolumab.

    Methods: Cases of thyroid dysfunction after initiation of checkpoint inhibitor treatment were identified from the Division of Endocrinology clinical practice at Mount Sinai Hospital, New York from April 2016 to February 2017. Charts were reviewed to identify patients treated with nivolumab with new onset of thyroid dysfunction. Read More

    Prognostic factor analysis in 325 patients with Graves' disease treated with radioiodine therapy.
    Nucl Med Commun 2017 Oct 16. Epub 2017 Oct 16.
    aSchool of Public Health, Xi'an Jiaotong University Health Science Center bDepartment of Nuclear Medicine, The First Affiliated Hospital of Xi'an Jiaotong University, Xi'an, Shaanxi, People's Republic of China.
    Introduction: I therapy is a choice for Graves' hyperthyroidism. Several factors that affect the success of I treatment in Graves' disease (GD) patients have been put forward. The aim of this retrospective study was to evaluate the factors influencing the success of I therapy and the occurrence of hypothyroidism after I therapy. Read More

    Assessment of thyroid hormone levels and thyroid disorders: A case study from Gujranwala, Pakistan.
    Pak J Pharm Sci 2017 Jul;30(4):1245-1249
    Department of Chemistry, Lahore College for Women University, Lahore, Pakistan.
    This case study is conducted to investigate the thyroid hormone levels and relevant disorders including evaluation of dietary conditions in the rural area of Gujranwala and its surrounding districts. Thyroid disorders are clinically prevalent and their manifestation differs considerably with geographical variations. A randomized study of 177 subjects was carried out, with a questionnaire about their dietary habits/life style and acquisition of blood samples for thyroid hormone level assessment using radioimmunoassay technique. Read More

    Transoral endoscopic thyroidectomy via a vestibular approach: why and how?
    Endocrine 2017 Oct 16. Epub 2017 Oct 16.
    Department of Surgery, Korea University College of Medicine, Seoul, Korea, Anam Hospital, Seoul, Korea.
    The transoral endoscopic thyroidectomy vestibular approach (TOETVA) is a novel, scar-free surgical procedure that does not require visible incisions. Indications for TOETVA are as follows: predicted gland width on diagnostic imaging ≤10 cm; a thyroid volume outline of <45 mL or dominant nodule dimension of ≤50 mm; three or four Bethesda lesions; a primary papillary microcarcinoma without local or distant metastasis; and patient request for optimal esthetic results. Contraindications are as follows: patients unfit for general anesthesia; precedent radiation in the head, neck, upper mediastinum; antecedent neck surgery; recurrent goiter; a gland volume of >45 mL or main nodule diameter of >50 mm; and documentation of lymph node or distant metastases, tracheal/esophageal infiltration, preoperative laryngeal nerve palsy, hyperthyroidism, mediastinal goiter, or an oral abscess. Read More

    [What's new in the 2016 American Thyroid Association guidelines for diagnosis and management of hyperthyroidism and other causes of thyrotoxicosis].
    Zhonghua Nei Ke Za Zhi 2017 Oct;56(10):785-788
    Department of Endocrinology, the First Hospital of China Medical University, Shenyang 110001, China.
    The 2016 American Thyroid Association guidelines for diagnosis and management of hyperthyroidism and other causes of thyrotoxicosis has been officially published in October of 2016, five years after the publication of the previous version. Revised contents in the new guideline are summarized in this review. Read More

    The Emergence of a New Conceptual Framework for Alzheimer's Disease.
    J Alzheimers Dis 2017 Oct 7. Epub 2017 Oct 7.
    Centre des Maladies Cognitives etComportementales (IM2A), Institut du Cerveau et de la Moelleépinière (ICM), UMR-S975, AP-HP, SalpêtrièreHospital, Pierre et Marie Curie University, Paris, France.
    The New Criteria for the diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease (AD), published by a group of experts in 2007, have resulted in a revolution in the comprehension of the disease. Before 2007, the diagnosis of AD dementia was done through a process of exclusion: it was considered in the case of patients with a dementia syndrome without identified etiologies. This traditional algorithm had three major limitations that penalize the disease: 1) a low accuracy of the performance which may share responsibility for negative results in clinical trials; 2) a late identification of the patients only when they reach the threshold of dementia which may delay the activation of optimal care; and last but not least, 3) an absence of clear recognition of AD as a disease because of the lack of specific arguments for its identification. Read More

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