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Psoriasis is associated with fissured tongue but not geographic tongue: a prospective, cross-sectional, case-control study.

J Dtsch Dermatol Ges 2021 Jun 10. Epub 2021 Jun 10.

Department of Dermatology, Venereology and Allergology, Teaching Hospital of the Medical University Vienna, Vienna, Austria.

Background And Objectives: It has been postulated that psoriasis is associated with tongue lesions and geographic tongue might be "oral psoriasis". However, reports are inconclusive, prevalence rates vary and data for Europe are sparse. In this prospective case-control study we investigated the point-prevalence of tongue conditions in an Austrian cohort. Read More

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Recurrent facial palsy and fissured tongue.

Eur J Intern Med 2021 May 18. Epub 2021 May 18.

Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore, and Division of Neurology, National University Hospital, Singapore. Electronic address:

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Salivary pH and oral health of Brazilian para-athletes: Saliva and oral health of para-athletes.

Spec Care Dentist 2021 Mar 22. Epub 2021 Mar 22.

School of Dentistry, Fluminense Federal University, Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Aims: This study aimed to investigate the association of the salivary pH and parameters of oral health in Brazilian para-athletes.

Methods And Results: The sample was composed of 271 Brazilian para-athletes (147 athletics, 61 powerlifting, and 63 swimming); mean age was 31.2 ± 11. Read More

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Myasthenia gravis masquerading as acute stroke: a case report.

Pan Afr Med J 2020 2;37:305. Epub 2020 Dec 2.

Department of Neurology, Sree Narayana Institute of Medical Sciences (SNIMS), Kunnukara, India.

Among non-iatrogenic neuromuscular disorders, myasthenia gravis remains the most prevalent. Diagnosing this disorder may become challenging in certain cases such as in patients with coexisting comorbid illnesses and non-specific clinical symptoms. This is a case of atypical myasthenia gravis in a middle-aged hypertensive male, who initially presented symptoms suggestive of an acute ischemic stroke. Read More

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[Recurrent peripheral facial nerve palsy].

Rev Alerg Mex 2020 Oct-Dec;67(4):421-424

Hospital Universitario de Cabueñes, Servicio de Pediatría, Gijón, España.

Background: Melkersson-Rosenthal syndrome is a rare disorder that is characterized, in its full form, by recurrent facial nerve palsy, fissured tongue, and orofacial edema. Most cases present as oligosymptomatic or monosymptomatic forms. Its etiology is still unknown and its course is chronic and it may be progressive. Read More

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February 2021

Orofacial Granulomatosis and Crohn Disease: Coincidence or Pattern? A Systematic Review.

Dermatology 2021 Feb 12:1-6. Epub 2021 Feb 12.

Department of General Pathology, Dental School, University of São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil.

Background: To systematically review all cases of orofacial granulomatosis (OFG) and evaluate the association between OFG and Crohn disease (CD).

Summary: This review was conducted according to PRISMA guidelines and a search of the PubMed, MEDLINE, and Embase databases, and the Cochrane Library in March 2020, using keywords and MeSH terms associated with "orofacial granulomatosis," "Crohn disease," and their variants, with no language restrictions and across all age groups. All relevant articles were accessed in full text. Read More

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February 2021

Clinical Profile of Melkersson-Rosenthal Syndrome/Orofacial Granulomatosis: A Review of 51 Patients.

J Cutan Med Surg 2021 Feb 11:1203475421995132. Epub 2021 Feb 11.

Department of Dermatology, Medical School, Av. Dr. Eneas de Carvalho Aguiar 255, Brazil.

Background: Melkersson-Rosenthal syndrome (MRS) is a rare disease characterized by the triad of granulomatous cheilitis, fissured tongue, and facial paralysis. Publications concerning large series are rare in the literature.

Objectives: To describe the clinical and histopathological characteristics of patients with complete and oligosymptomatic forms of MRS. Read More

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February 2021

Presentation of Bilateral Facial Paralysis in Melkersson-Rosenthal Syndrome.

Case Rep Neurol Med 2021 6;2021:6646115. Epub 2021 Jan 6.

Duke University, Durham, NC, USA.

. Melkersson-Rosenthal syndrome (MRS) is a neuromucocutaneous disorder characterized by the following classic symptom triad: peripheral facial paralysis, orofacial edema, and scrotal or fissured tongue. It is rare, and since most of the patients are oligo- or monosymptomatic, it makes it difficult to diagnose. Read More

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January 2021

An Intriguing Case of Ectopic Benign Migratory Glossitis Resembling Secondary Syphilis: A Case Report.

Case Rep Dermatol 2020 Sep-Dec;12(3):262-265. Epub 2020 Nov 26.

Department of Stomatology, Oral Medicine Clinic, School of Dentistry, University of São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil.

Oral mucosal lesions presenting as erythematous patches usually pose difficulties for a clinical diagnosis. They elicit an array of differential diagnosis that mainly includes oral candidosis, contact mucosal reaction, oral lichenoid lesion, oral psoriasiform, autoimmune disease, and, not to forget, secondary syphilis. In this present case, all those above-mentioned possibilities were ruled out, while secondary syphilis stood as the main diagnosis. Read More

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November 2020

Melkersson-Rosenthal syndrome misdiagnosed as recurrent Bell's palsy: a case report and review of literature.

Allergy Asthma Clin Immunol 2021 Jan 9;17(1). Epub 2021 Jan 9.

Department of Neurology, School of Medicine, College of Health Sciences, Addis Ababa University, P.O. Box 41690, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Background: Melkersson-Rosenthal syndrome (MRS) is a rare neuro-mucocutaneous disorder of unknown cause, clinically characterized by a triad of recurrent facial palsy, orofacial swelling, and fissured tongue. It is frequently seen in females in their second and third decades of life. MRS is diagnosed based on clinical features and it is rarely possible to observe all the classical triad symptoms at the same time. Read More

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January 2021

Melkersson-Rosenthal Syndrome: a Case Report of the Classic Triad.

J Dent (Shiraz) 2020 Dec;21(4):335-337

Resident, Dept. of Oral Medicine, School of Dentistry, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran.

Melkersson-Rosenthal syndrome (MRS) is a rare neurological condition that includes a triad of symptoms including recurring facial paralysis, orofacial swelling, and fissured tongue. The diagnosis and treatment of this syndrome is difficult since the classic triad is rarely possible to see in its complete form. The etiology of MRS is unknown, but it is thought to be caused by various factors such as infections, genetic predisposition, immune deficiency, food intolerance, and stress. Read More

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December 2020

Prevalence of oral mucosal normal variations and lesions in a middle-aged population: a Northern Finland Birth Cohort 1966 study.

BMC Oral Health 2020 12 9;20(1):357. Epub 2020 Dec 9.

Cancer and Translational Medicine Research Unit, Faculty of Medicine, University of Oulu, P.O. Box 5281, 90014, Oulu, Finland.

Background: In this cross-sectional study we investigated the oral mucosal changes in a middle-aged Finnish population. We analyzed the prevalence of potentially malignant disorders and the influence of smoking, snuff and alcohol use on the mucosal changes.

Methods: Of the 12,068 members of the NFBC 1966, a total of 1961 participants (16. Read More

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December 2020

A case of Melkersson-Rosenthal syndrome with endocrine disorders: Extraordinary efficiency of hydroxychloroquine and mechanism hypothesis.

Eur J Neurol 2021 Mar 14;28(3):928-933. Epub 2020 Dec 14.

State Key Laboratory of Oral Diseases, Department of Oral Medicine, West China Hospital of Stomatology, National Clinical Research Center for Oral Diseases, Sichuan University, Chengdu, China.

Background And Purpose: Melkersson-Rosenthal syndrome (MRS) is a rare neuro-mucocutaneous disease. In addition to the traditional clinical triad, there is also a diversity of clinical signs, and it may be related to other systemic diseases.

Methods: In the present study, we report a case of MRS with endocrine disorders that exhibits extraordinary therapeutic efficiency by using hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), explore whether there is an internal connection between MRS and endocrine disorders, and discuss the mechanism of the therapeutic efficiency of using HCQ. Read More

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Uncommon Coronary Abnormalities in a Patient with Discoid Lupus Erythematosus.

Int J Angiol 2020 Dec 12;29(4):260-262. Epub 2019 Sep 12.

Department of Internal Medicine, Kettering Medical Center, Kettering, Ohio.

A 43-year-old male presented with shortness of breath and palpitations. Physical examination was significant for skin lichenification, an erythematous maculopapular rash with annular plaques, a fissured tongue, and digital clubbing. Electrocardiogram captured a supraventricular tachycardia and right bundle branch block. Read More

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December 2020

Oral mucosal lesions in psoriatic patients based on disease severity and treatment approach.

J Oral Pathol Med 2020 Sep 1;49(8):822-828. Epub 2020 Sep 1.

Department of Gerodontology and Oral Pathology, Poznan University of Medical Sciences, Poznan, Poland.

Background: This observational case-control study was designed to investigate the frequency of oral lesions in psoriatic patients and to identify an association between mucosal involvement, the severity of the disease, and a form of treatment.

Methods: One hundred twenty-seven patients diagnosed with psoriasis were enrolled in this study from November 2018 to September 2019. The oral mucosa evaluation was based on the clinical appearance, location, and morphology of the lesions. Read More

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September 2020

Oral manifestations of COVID-19 disease: A review article.

Dermatol Ther 2021 Jan 13;34(1):e14578. Epub 2020 Dec 13.

Leishmaniasis Research Center, Afzalipour Hospital, Kerman University of Medical Sciences, Kerman, Iran.

Dysgeusia is the first recognized oral symptom of novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19). In this review article, we described oral lesions of COVID-19 patients. We searched PubMed library and Google Scholar for published literature since December 2019 until September 2020. Read More

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January 2021

PPP1R21-related syndromic intellectual disability: Report of an adult patient and review.

Am J Med Genet A 2020 12 27;182(12):3014-3022. Epub 2020 Sep 27.

Scientific Directorate, Bambino Gesù Pediatric Hospital, IRCCS, Rome, Italy.

Variants in PPP1R21 were recently found to be associated with an autosomal recessive intellectual disability syndrome in 9 individuals. Our patient, the oldest among the known subjects affected by PPP1R21-related syndrome, manifested intellectual disability, short stature, congenital ataxia with cerebellar vermis hypoplasia, generalized hypertrichosis, ulcerative keratitis, muscle weakness, progressive coarse appearance, macroglossia with fissured tongue, and deep palmar and plantar creases. We provide an overview of the clinical spectrum and natural history of this newly recognized disorder, arguing the emerging notion that PPP1R21 gene mutations could result in endolysosomal functional defects. Read More

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December 2020

Think Melkersson-Rosenthal Syndrome: A Fissured Tongue With Facial Paralysis.

Cureus 2020 Jul 30;12(7):e9480. Epub 2020 Jul 30.

Neurology, University of Jordan, Amman, JOR.

Melkersson-Rosenthal syndrome (MRS) was first described and named after E. Melkersson in 1928 and C. Rosenthal in 1931. Read More

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Melkersson-Rosenthal Syndrome Induced by COVID-19.

Am J Emerg Med 2021 Mar 15;41:262.e5-262.e7. Epub 2020 Aug 15.

Department of Dermatology, Bezmialem Vakif University School of Medicine, Istanbul, Turkey.

Melkersson-Rosenthal syndrome is a rare condition characterized by a triad of orofacial edema, facial paralysis, and fissured tongue. Histopathological examination of the disease has demonstrated areas of inflammation involving mast cells. Activated mast cells also play a part in the pathogenesis of COVID-19 infection, as they release cytokines in the lungs. Read More

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Kawasaki disease with a concomitant primary Epstein - Barr virus infection.

Pediatr Rheumatol Online J 2020 Aug 12;18(1):65. Epub 2020 Aug 12.

Department of Paediatrics, Edith Wolfson Medical Center, Halochamim 62, Holon, Israel.

Background: Kwasaki disease (KD) is the leading cause of acquired heart disease in children in most developed countries. The cause of KD remains unknown. The presumed theory is that KD occurs due to one or more infectious agents who evoke an abnormal immunological response in susceptible individuals. Read More

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Clinical Orodental Anomalies in Taiwanese Children under Age Six: a Study Based on the 1995-1997 National Dental Survey.

Biomed Res Int 2020 19;2020:2056340. Epub 2020 Jul 19.

Department of Pediatric Dentistry, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Linkou, Taiwan.

There are few published studies that report the prevalence of intraoral anomalies for young children. The purpose of this study was to investigate the prevalence and distribution of several congenital oral and paraoral anomalies in Taiwanese children under age six. Twenty-five cities and townships were randomly sampled in different areas of Taiwan using the stratified method. Read More

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The histopathological spectrum of Melkersson-Rosenthal syndrome: Analysis of 47 cases.

J Cutan Pathol 2020 Nov 6;47(11):1010-1017. Epub 2020 Aug 6.

Department of Pathology, Dental School, University of São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil.

Background: Melkersson-Rosenthal syndrome (MRS) is a rare disease characterized by the triad of recurrent orofacial edema, relapsing facial paralysis and plicated tongue. Histopathological features of MRS have not been extensively analyzed.

Methods: This study investigated the histopathological aspects of oral lesions from 47 MRS patients. Read More

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November 2020

Panuveitis revealing Melkersson Rosenthal syndrome: a case report.

Tunis Med 2020 Jan;98(1):90-92

Aim: To describe a case of panuveitis revealing Melkersson Rosenthal syndrome (MRS).

Case Report:   A 35-year-old female with a history of bilateral chronic idiopathic panuveitis was referred for work up. On examination, her visual acuity was 3/10 in the right eye and limited to hand motion in the left eye. Read More

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January 2020

Management Strategies of Melkersson-Rosenthal Syndrome: A Review.

Int J Gen Med 2020 26;13:61-65. Epub 2020 Feb 26.

Pediatric Neurology Unit, Department of Pediatrics, Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh 160012, India.

Melkerrson-Rosenthal syndrome is a rare disorder of unknown aetiology and characterized by the triad of oro-facial edema, facial nerve palsy, and furrowing of the tongue. Two or more of the above are essential for making a clinical diagnosis. The mainstay of treatment is corticosteroids. Read More

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February 2020

Comparing the Frequency of Some Oral Lesions in Prediabetic and Healthy Individuals: Is There Any Difference?

Int J Prev Med 2019 9;10:177. Epub 2019 Oct 9.

Diabetes Research Center, Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences, Yazd, Iran.

Background: Diagnosis of prediabetic stage is very important for prevention of diabetes and complications. This stage may be associated with some oral lesions. Only a few studies are available on the oral status of prediabetic patients and incidence of oral lesions in this population. Read More

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October 2019

A Rare Case of Extensive Pemphigus Vegetans.

Indian Dermatol Online J 2020 Jan-Feb;11(1):87-90. Epub 2019 Sep 26.

Department of Pathology, Indira Gandhi Medical College, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India.

Pemphigus vegetans is a rare variant of pemphigus vulgaris characterized by pustules and/or papillomatous vegetations, preferentially affecting intertriginous and periorificial areas. It has two subtypes: Hallopeau variant and Neumann variant. Cerebriform tongue, a morphology with typical pattern of sulci and gyri over dorsum of the tongue, is a well-known sign in pemphigus vegetans. Read More

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September 2019

Temporomandibular Disorders and Oral Features in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Patients: An Observational Study of Symptoms and Signs.

Int J Med Sci 2020 1;17(2):153-160. Epub 2020 Jan 1.

Department of Basic Medical Sciences, Neurosciences and Sensory Organs, "Aldo Moro" University of Bari, Italy.

: Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) is a connective tissue disease characterized by a wide range of pleomorphic pictures, including mucocutaneous, renal, musculoskeletal and neurological symptoms. It involves oral tissues, with hyposalivation, tooth decay, gingivitis, angular cheilitis, ulcers and glossitis. Temporomandibular disorders represent a heterogeneous group of inflammatory or degenerative diseases of the stomatognatic system, with algic and/or dysfunctional clinical features involving temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and related masticatory muscles. Read More

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September 2020

Oral manifestation in leprosy: A cross-sectional study of 100 cases with literature review.

J Family Med Prim Care 2019 Nov 15;8(11):3689-3694. Epub 2019 Nov 15.

Department of OMFS, Maharaja Ganga Singh Dental College and Research Centre, 11 L.N.P, Hanumangarh Rd, Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan, India.

Background: Leprosy is a chronic granulomatous disease of the peripheral nerve and muscle of upper respiratory tract. Consequence to the neighboring primary site, oral lesions have been seen in 20--60% of patient with leprosy mainly lepromatous leprosy. The lepromatous nodules may be infective and may lead to the spread of disease and hence require proper diagnosis. Read More

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November 2019

Fissured tongue.

Cleve Clin J Med 2019 Nov;86(11):714

Department of ENT and Head & Neck Surgery, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Mangalagiri, India

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November 2019

Goldenhar Syndrome in a Young Girl.

J Coll Physicians Surg Pak 2019 Nov;29(11):1108-1110

Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology, D Y Patil University, School of Dentistry, Nerul, Navi Mumbai, India.

Goldenhar or oculo-auriculo-vertebral (OAV) syndrome is a congenital disorder that is usually apparent at birth. Sometimes, its diagnosis can be delayed and it is first diagnosed in adolescents or adults. We present a case of an 18-year girl who presented with chief complaint of multiple carious teeth and was found to have abnormal facies. Read More

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November 2019