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Cardiovascular and mortality risk with intravitreal vascular endothelial growth factor inhibitor in patients with diabetic retinopathy.

Ophthalmol Retina 2022 Jun 28. Epub 2022 Jun 28.

Division of Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacoeconomics, Department of Medicine, Brigham & Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, United States. Electronic address:

Objective: To investigate the cardiovascular (CV) safety associated with intravitreal anti-VEGF injections (IAVI) in patients with diabetic retinopathy (DR).

Research Design: Population-based cohort study using Medicare and 2 commercial insurance claims data in the US from 1/2009 to 12/2017.

Subjects: Patients aged ≥18 years with DR initiating treatment with (1) IVAI or (2) laser procedure or intravitreal steroid injections. Read More

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SARS-CoV-2 Exposures of Healthcare Workers from Primary Care, Long-Term Care Facilities and Hospitals: A Nationwide Matched Case-Control Study.

Clin Microbiol Infect 2022 Jun 28. Epub 2022 Jun 28.

Université de Paris, INSERM, IAME, Paris, France; Equipe de Prévention du Risque Infectieux (EPRI), AP-HP, Hôpital Bichat, Paris, France.

Objectives: This study assessed the roles of various exposures and personal protective equipment (PPE) use on healthcare workers'risk (HCWs) of COVID-19 working in primary care, long-term-care facilities or hospitals.

Methods: We conducted a matched case-control (1:1) study (10 April-9 July 2021). Cases (HCWs with confirmed COVID-19) and controls (HCWs without any COVID-19-positive test or symptoms) were invited by email to complete an online questionnaire on their exposures and PPE use over the 10-day period preceding inclusion. Read More

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Preclinical study of a new matrix to help the ocular surface in dry eye disease.

Exp Eye Res 2022 Jun 28:109168. Epub 2022 Jun 28.

Research, Preclinical Development and Patents, SIFI S.p.A., Lavinaio-Aci S. Antonio, 95025, Catania, Italy.

Dry eye disease (DED), a multifactorial disease of the tears and ocular system, causes loss of tear film homeostasis with damage to the ocular surface. This study aimed to assess whether a peculiar matrix based on sodium hyaluronate (HA), xanthan gum (XNT), glycine (GLY) and betaine (BET) as osmoprotectants, could be involved in biological responses. Wound healing assay on human corneal epithelial (HCE) cells in monolayer showed a synergistic effect of the combination of HA + XNT (**p ≤ 0. Read More

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The mounted alloimmunity of the iris-ciliary body devotes a hotbed of immune cells for corneal transplantation rejection.

Exp Eye Res 2022 Jun 28:109167. Epub 2022 Jun 28.

Eye Institute of Shandong First Medical University, Eye Hospital of Shandong First Medical University (Shandong Eye Hospital), China; State Key Laboratory Cultivation Base, Shandong Provincial Key Laboratory of Ophthalmology, Eye Institute of Shandong First Medical University, China; School of Ophthalmology, Shandong First Medical University, China. Electronic address:

Graft rejection is still the major obstacle causing corneal transplantation failure. However, the underlying pathogenesis remains largely unclear. The iris-ciliary body (I-C) is enriched with blood vessels and various immune cell populations, presumably predisposed to be involved in corneal transplantation rejection. Read More

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Unilateral cerebral ischemia induces morphological changes in the layer V projection neurons of the contralateral hemisphere.

Neurosci Res 2022 Jun 28. Epub 2022 Jun 28.

School of Ophthalmology and Optometry, Eye Hospital, Wenzhou Medical University, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, P.R. China; State Key Laboratory of Ophthalmology, Optometry and Vision Science, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, P.R. China. Electronic address:

Decreased blood flow to the brain causes stroke and damage to neuronal networks. Neuronal damage occurs not only in the infarct core but also in areas away from the infarcts. This study was aimed to assess alterations of the cortical projection neurons that were distantly connected with the infarcts. Read More

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Stopping by looking: A driver-pedestrian interaction study in a coupled simulator using head-mounted displays with eye-tracking.

Appl Ergon 2022 Jun 28;105:103825. Epub 2022 Jun 28.

Department of Cognitive Robotics, Delft University of Technology, Delft, the Netherlands. Electronic address:

Automated vehicles (AVs) can perform low-level control tasks but are not always capable of proper decision-making. This paper presents a concept of eye-based maneuver control for AV-pedestrian interaction. Previously, it was unknown whether the AV should conduct a stopping maneuver when the driver looks at the pedestrian or looks away from the pedestrian. Read More

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Adaptive Cross Entropy for ultrasmall object detection in Computed Tomography with noisy labels.

Comput Biol Med 2022 Jun 22;147:105763. Epub 2022 Jun 22.

ENT Institute and Otorhinolaryngology, Department of Affiliated Eye and ENT Hospital, State Key Laboratory of Medical Neurobiology, Fudan University, Shanghai, 200031, China. Electronic address:

Conventional size object detection has been extensively studied, whereas researches concerning ultrasmall object detection are rare due to lack of dataset. Here, considering that the stapes in the ear is the smallest bone in our body, we have collected the largest stapedial otosclerosis detection dataset from 633 stapedial otosclerosis patients and 269 normal cases to promote this direction. Nevertheless, noisy classification labels in our dataset are inevitable due to various subjective and objective factors, and this situation prevails in various fields. Read More

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The prevalence and causes of pediatric uncorrected refractive error: Pooled data from population studies for Global Burden of Disease (GBD) sub-regions.

PLoS One 2022 1;17(7):e0268800. Epub 2022 Jul 1.

Pingshan District People's Hospital of Shenzhen, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, People's Republic of China.

Background: There are limited systematic reviews on the prevalence of uncorrected refractive errors in children. We aimed to summarize the prevalence and causes of pediatric uncorrected refractive error (URE) from studies in the Global Burden of Disease (GBD) sub-regions.

Methods: The pooled analysis used the individual participant data (ages less than 20 years old) from population-based studies around the world by regions. Read More

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Gonioscopy Assisted Transluminal Trabeculotomy:A Boon to Developing Nations-A Systematic Review.

Semin Ophthalmol 2022 Jul 1:1-5. Epub 2022 Jul 1.

Glaucoma Services, L V Prasad Eye Institute, Visakhapatnam, India.

Purpose: To systematically review surgical procedure, safety and efficacy of Gonioscopy-Assisted Transluminal Trabeculotomy (GATT).

Methods: A review of literature was done to analyze all suitable articles from two different databases.

Results: GATT is effective in reducing intraocular pressure and mean number of medications from baseline. Read More

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Recent developments in the intraocular lens formulae: An update.

Semin Ophthalmol 2022 Jul 1:1-8. Epub 2022 Jul 1.

Cataract & Refractive Surgery Services, L V Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad, India.

Background: The precision of refractive outcomes after uneventful cataract surgery largely depends on the biometry and intraocular lens (IOL) formula used for selecting the IOL. To improve the accuracy of post-op refractive outcomes, several new IOL power calculation formulae have come up. This review would aim to summarise the differences among the new formulae in their performance among normal and variable ocular biometry conditions like short and long axial lengths. Read More

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Protocol for electron microscopy of Drosophila photoreceptor cells.

STAR Protoc 2022 Jun 22;3(3):101496. Epub 2022 Jun 22.

School of Life Science and Technology, the Key Laboratory of Developmental Genes and Human Disease, Southeast University, Nanjing 210096, China; Co-innovation Center of Neuroregeneration, Nantong University, Nantong, Jiangsu 226001, China. Electronic address:

In Drosophila, mutations in genes that prevent normal Ca influx after light stimulation usually cause light-dependent retinal degeneration or neurodegeneration, detectable by defects in eye morphology. Here, we present a protocol based on electron microscopy (EM) to observe the morphological structure of photoreceptor cells in Drosophila. We detail how to fix, dehydrate, embed, and polymerize compound eye samples, followed by sectioning, post-staining, and image acquisition, to assess the eye morphology at the ultrastructural level. Read More

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High-speed and high-power germanium photodetector based on a trapezoidal absorber.

Opt Lett 2022 Jul;47(13):3263-3266

A compact high-power germanium photodetector (Ge PD) is experimentally demonstrated by re-engineering light distribution in the absorber. Compared with a conventional Ge PD, the proposed structure shows a DC saturation photocurrent improved by 28.9% and 3 dB bandwidth as high as 49. Read More

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Joined at the hip: The role of light chain complementarity determining region 2 in antibody self-association.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2022 Jul 1;119(28):e2208330119. Epub 2022 Jul 1.

Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD 21218.

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Relationship Between Automated Pupillometry Measurements and Ventricular Volume in Patients With Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage.

J Neurosci Nurs 2022 Aug 21;54(4):166-170. Epub 2022 Jun 21.

Abstract: INTRODUCTION: Pupillometry allows for a standardized assessment of the pupillary light reflex. Acute hydrocephalus (HCP) is a common complication in patients with aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage (aSAH). HCP may affect the pupillary light reflex because of increased intracranial pressure or dilation of the rostral aqueduct. Read More

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SMILE after DALK to reduce residual refraction: two-year results.

Int Ophthalmol 2022 Jul 1. Epub 2022 Jul 1.

Noor Ophthalmology Research Center, Noor Eye Hospital, No. 96 Esfandiar Blvd., Vali'asr Ave., Tehran, Iran.

Purpose: To determine the two-year results of small incision lenticule extraction (SMILE) for correcting post-keratoplasty myopia and myopic astigmatism.

Methods: In this case-series study, 10 eyes of 10 patients with a 6- to 10-year history of successful deep lamellar keratoplasty (DALK) underwent SMILE using the VisuMax laser platform. Ophthalmologic examinations and visual acuity and refraction measurement were taken pre- and 1, 3, 6, 12, and 24 months postoperatively. Read More

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Evaluation of the efficiency and complications of the consecutive proning in COVID-19 ICU: a retrospective study.

Ir J Med Sci 2022 Jul 1. Epub 2022 Jul 1.

Anesthesiology and Reanimation Department, Ankara Ataturk Sanatoryum Training and Research Hospital, Ankara, Turkey.

Purpose: We aimed to evaluate and compare the efficacy and complications of three consecutive prone positions (PP) in COVID-19 ICU.

Materials And Method: Patients with ARDS and placed in PP for 3 times (PP1, PP2, PP3) consecutively were included. Arterial blood gases (ABG), partial pressure of arterial oxygen/fraction of inspired oxygen (PaO/FiO) ratios, partial pressure of carbondioxide (PaCO), PEEP, and FiO were recorded before (bPP), during (dPP), and after (aPP) every prone positioning. Read More

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Intraocular lens power calculation in patients with irregular astigmatism.

Graefes Arch Clin Exp Ophthalmol 2022 Jul 1. Epub 2022 Jul 1.

Bristol Eye Hospital, University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust, Lower Maudlin St, Bristol, BS1 2LX, UK.

Purpose: Accurate intraocular lens (IOL) calculation in subjects with irregular astigmatism is challenging. This study evaluated the accuracy of using Scheimpflug-derived central 2-mm equivalent keratometry reading (EKR) values for IOL calculation in irregular astigmatism.

Methods: This retrospective study included subjects (31 eyes of 30 patients) who underwent cataract surgery and IOL calculation using the 2-mm central EKR methods. Read More

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Meridional ocular magnification after cataract surgery with toric and non-toric intraocular lenses.

Graefes Arch Clin Exp Ophthalmol 2022 Jul 1. Epub 2022 Jul 1.

Dr. Rolf M. Schwiete Center for Limbal Stem Cell and Aniridia Research, Saarland University, Homburg, Saar, Germany.

Background: Overall ocular magnification (OOM) and meridional ocular magnification (MOM) with consequent image distortions have been widely ignored in modern cataract surgery. The purpose of this study was to investigate OOM and MOM in a general situation with an astigmatic refracting surface.

Methods: From a large dataset containing biometric measurements (IOLMaster 700) of both eyes of 9734 patients prior to cataract surgery, the equivalent (Peq) and cylindric power (Pcyl) were derived for the HofferQ, Haigis, and Castrop formulae for emmetropia. Read More

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The Effect of Standardized Ileal Digestible Isoleucine:Lysine in Diets Containing 20% Dried Distillers Grains with Solubles on Finishing Pig Performance and Carcass Characteristics.

J Anim Sci 2022 Jul 1. Epub 2022 Jul 1.

Christensen Farms, Sleepy Eye, MN 56085, United States.

In order to determine the standardized ileal digestible (SID) Ile:Lys requirement in finishing diets containing 20% DDGS, a 56-d study was conducted utilizing 2,268 pigs (DNA 600 x Topigs Norsvin 70, initially 82.3 kg). A total of 6 dietary treatments were fed, including a standard corn-soybean meal (SBM) diet and 5 diets containing 20% DDGS with SID Ile:Lys ratios of 55, 60, 65, 70, and 75%. Read More

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Developmental genome-wide occupancy analysis of bZIP transcription factor NRL uncovers the role of c-Jun in early differentiation of rod photoreceptors in the mammalian retina.

Hum Mol Genet 2022 Jul 1. Epub 2022 Jul 1.

Neurobiology, Neurodegeneration and Repair Laboratory, National Eye Institute, National Institutes of Health, 6 Center Drive, MSC0610, Bethesda, MD 20892, USA.

The basic motif-leucine zipper (bZIP) transcription factor NRL determines rod photoreceptor cell fate during retinal development, and its loss leads to cone-only retina in mice. NRL works synergistically with homeodomain protein CRX and other regulatory factors to control the transcription of most genes associated with rod morphogenesis and functional maturation, which span over a period of several weeks in the mammalian retina. We predicted that NRL gradually establishes rod cell identity and function by temporal and dynamic regulation of stage-specific transcriptional targets. Read More

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Effects of repeated oral intake of a quercetin-containing supplement on allergic reaction: a randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind parallel-group study.

Eur Rev Med Pharmacol Sci 2022 Jun;26(12):4331-4345

Center for Pharma-Food Research, Division of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Graduate School of Integrative Pharmaceutical and Nutritional Sciences, University of Shizuoka, Shizuoka, Japan.

Objective: The present study aimed to investigate the effects of a 4-week repeated oral intake of a quercetin-containing supplement on allergen-induced reactions and relative subjective symptoms in Japanese adults who complained of discomfort in the eyes and nose.

Subjects And Methods: A randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind parallel-group study was conducted on 66 subjects (22-78 years old) with allergic symptoms of pollinosis. The subjects were given the test product (200 mg quercetin) or the control product (vehicle) daily for 4 weeks. Read More

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Graphene Nanobeacons with High-Affinity Pockets for Combined, Selective, and Effective Decontamination and Reagentless Detection of Heavy Metals.

Small 2022 Jul 1:e2201003. Epub 2022 Jul 1.

Regional Centre of Advanced Technologies and Materials, Czech Advanced Technology and Research Institute (CATRIN), Palacký University Olomouc, Šlechtitelů 241/27, Olomouc, 783 71, Czech Republic.

Access to clean water for drinking, sanitation, and irrigation is a major sustainable development goal of the United Nations. Thus, technologies for cleaning water and quality-monitoring must become widely accessible and of low-cost, while being effective, selective, sustainable, and eco-friendly. To meet this challenge, hetero-bifunctional nanographene fluorescent beacons with high-affinity pockets for heavy metals are developed, offering top-rated and selective adsorption for cadmium and lead, reaching 870 and 450 mg g , respectively. Read More

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Persistent Coronavirus Disease 2019 Headache Relieved with Sphenopalatine Ganglion Block.

Turk J Anaesthesiol Reanim 2022 Jun;50(Supp1):S68-S70

Department of Anaesthesia, St. Elizabeth's Medical Center, Brighton, Boston, USA.

According to the World Health Organization, as of September 2021, there have been over 226.8 million people diagnosed with coronavirus disease 2019 and over 4.6 million deaths from this disease. Read More

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Determination of a reliable assessment for occupational eye lens dose in nuclear medicine.

J Appl Clin Med Phys 2022 Jul 1:e13713. Epub 2022 Jul 1.

Department of Nuclear Medicine, Cancer Institute Hospital of Japanese Foundation for Cancer Research, Tokyo, Japan.

The most recent statement published by the International Commission on Radiological Protection describes a reduction in the maximum allowable occupational eye lens dose from 150 to 20 mSv/year (averaged over 5-year periods). Exposing the eye lens to radiation is a concern for nuclear medicine staff who handle radionuclide tracers with various levels of photon energy. This study aimed to define the optimal dosimeter and means of measuring the amount of exposure to which the eye lens is exposed during a routine nuclear medicine practice. Read More

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Accommodation lags are higher in myopia than in emmetropia: Measurement methods and metrics matter.

Ophthalmic Physiol Opt 2022 Jul 1. Epub 2022 Jul 1.

Centre for Vision and Eye Research, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Purpose: To determine whether accommodative errors in emmetropes and myopes are systematically different, and the effect of using different instruments and metrics.

Methods: Seventy-six adults aged 18-27 years comprising 24 emmetropes (spherical equivalent refraction of the dominant eye +0.04 ± 0. Read More

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Visual and surgical outcomes of limbal dermoid excision at a tertiary care eye hospital.

Eur J Ophthalmol 2022 Jun 30:11206721221111880. Epub 2022 Jun 30.

Research Department, 46670King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Purpose: To evaluate the presenting complaints, surgical management, surgical outcomes, complications, and postoperative visual acuity following limbal dermoid excision.

Design: Retrospective cohort study.

Methods: Medical records of patients with limbal dermoid presenting between January 2012 and December 2020 were retrieved to extract data regarding demographics, presenting profiles including the best-corrected visual acuity (BCVA), symptoms, anterior segment examination, and refraction. Read More

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Chronic angle closure glaucoma with an atypical iris-pupillary membrane.

Eur J Ophthalmol 2022 Jun 30:11206721221111700. Epub 2022 Jun 30.

14523Wills Eye Hospital, Philadelphia, PA, USA.

Purpose: To report the presentation and management of a 65-year-old female who presented with chronic angle closure glaucoma and an atypical iris membrane.

Case Report: A 65-year-old healthy female with no significant past medical history presented to the emergency room with a 2-day history of headache, blurry vision, and right ocular pain. She denied any such prior episodes, any prior ocular history including ocular trauma, or a family history of glaucoma. Read More

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An autopsy case of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis with striatonigral and pallidoluysian degeneration and cat's-eye-shaped neuronal nuclear inclusions.

Neuropathology 2022 Jun 30. Epub 2022 Jun 30.

Department of Neuropathology, Institute of Brain Science, Hirosaki University Graduate School of Medicine, Hirosaki, Japan.

We report the case of a Japanese woman with sporadic amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) of 28 months' duration who died at the age of 66 years. Postmortem examination revealed moderate loss of neurons and phosphorylated TDP-43 (p-TDP-43)-immunoreactive neuronal and glial cytoplasmic inclusions in the upper and lower motor neurons. Additionally, marked neuronal loss was observed in the neostriatum, globus pallidum, subthalamic nucleus, and substantia nigra. Read More

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Quantitative Assessment of the Choroidal Vessel Diameter during the Recovery of Form-Deprivation Myopia in Guinea Pigs.

Curr Eye Res 2022 Jun 30:1-10. Epub 2022 Jun 30.

Department of Ophthalmology, Shandong Provincial Hospital Affiliated to Shandong First Medical University, Jinan, PR China.

Purpose: The development and recovery (REC) of myopia is associated with changing of choroidal thickness (CT) in the model of guinea pigs. Nitric oxide synthase (NOS) is an enzyme which can affect choroidal vasodilatation. This study wants to investigate the changes of choroidal vessel diameter (CVD) and NOS during the REC of form-deprivation (FD) myopia in guinea pigs. Read More

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Acute-Onset Visual Impairment in Wilson's Disease: A Case Report and Literature Review.

Front Neurol 2022 14;13:911882. Epub 2022 Jun 14.

Department of Neurology and Department of Medical Genetics in Second Affiliated Hospital, Key Laboratory of Medical Neurobiology of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang University School of Medicine, Hangzhou, China.

Objective: We reported the case of a patient with Wilson's disease (WD) with acute-onset visual impairment and summarized previously reported cases to make physicians aware of the complicated clinical expressions of WD and improve diagnosis efficiency.

Methods: The patient was recruited from the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine. Clinical data, including cranial images, laboratory tests, and ophthalmic findings were obtained. Read More

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