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Effectiveness of emergency surgery for five common acute conditions: an instrumental variable analysis of a national routine database.

Anaesthesia 2022 May 19. Epub 2022 May 19.

Department of Health Services Research and Policy, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, London, UK.

The effectiveness of emergency surgery vs. non-emergency surgery strategies for emergency admissions with acute appendicitis, gallstone disease, diverticular disease, abdominal wall hernia or intestinal obstruction is unknown. Data on emergency admissions for adult patients from 2010 to 2019 at 175 acute National Health Service hospitals in England were extracted from the Hospital Episode Statistics database. Read More

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An international multi-institutional analysis of operative morbidity in patients undergoing elective diverticulitis surgery.

Rev Assoc Med Bras (1992) 2022 May;68(5):591-598

Massachusetts General Hospital, Colorectal Surgery Center, Department of Surgery - Boston (MA), United States.

Objective: We investigated surgical complications of elective surgery for diverticulitis in international multi-institution to identify a prediction model for potential opportunities of quality improvement.

Methods: We identified 1225 patients who underwent elective surgery for diverticulitis between January 2010 and January 2018. The data were obtained from the National Surgical Quality Improvement Program and the Turkish Diverticulitis Study Group Collaborative, retrospectively. Read More

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Role of protective stoma after primary anastomosis for generalized peritonitis due to perforated diverticulitis-DIVERTI 2 (a prospective multicenter randomized trial): rationale and design (nct04604730).

BMC Surg 2022 May 16;22(1):191. Epub 2022 May 16.

Department of Digestive Surgery, Rouen University Hospital, Rouen, France.

Background: Traditionally, patients with peritonitis Hinchey III and IV due to perforated diverticulitis were treated with Hartmann's procedure. In the past decade, resection and primary anastomosis have gained popularity over Hartmann's procedure and recent guidelines recommend Hartmann's procedure in two situations only: critically ill patients and in selected patients with multiple comorbidity (at high risk of complications). The protective stoma (PS) is recommended after resection with primary anastomosis, however its interest has never been studied. Read More

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Congenital true oesophageal diverticulum: a report and review of the literature.

BMJ Case Rep 2022 May 16;15(5). Epub 2022 May 16.

Department of Paediatric Surgery, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, Delhi, India.

Oesophageal diverticulum occurring secondary to motility disorders or gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is common in adults but true congenital oesophageal diverticula are rare in infants and children. We present a case of a toddler boy who presented with dysphagia and vomiting after feeds after weaning was attempted starting at 6 months of age. Barium esophagogram revealed a diverticulum in the upper one-third of the oesophagus within the thoracic cavity. Read More

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The Aortic Ductus Diverticulum-Innocent Bystander or Potential Source of Thromboembolic Stroke?

J Comput Assist Tomogr 2022 May-Jun 01;46(3):392-396

From the Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology, University of Cologne, Faculty of Medicine and University Hospital Cologne, Cologne.

Objective: Due to reversal blood flow in the diastolic phase, outpouchings at the aortic isthmus may carry the risk of thrombus formation and subsequent thromboembolism. The objective was to evaluate the association between aortic ductus diverticula (ADDs) and ischemic brain alterations in cerebral magnetic resonance imaging.

Methods: A retrospective analysis of 218 patients who received both a dedicated computed tomography angiography of the thoracic aorta and a brain magnetic resonance imaging was performed. Read More

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Could "Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery" be Used as an Efficient Technique in the Treatment of Calyceal Diverticula Stones.

J Coll Physicians Surg Pak 2022 May;32(5):623-626

Department of Urology, Trakya University Medical Faculty, Edirne, Turkey.

Objective: To evaluate the efficacy of retrograde intrarenal surgery (RIRS) and holmium laser lithotripsy in the treatment of symptomatic renal calyceal diverticular (CD) stones.

Study Design: A case series.

Place And Duration Of Study: Department of Urology, Hisar Intercontinental Hospital, from 2008 and 2019. Read More

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A Rare Presentation of Recurrent Diverticulitis in a Patient with Ulcerative Colitis.

Eur J Case Rep Intern Med 2022 5;9(4):003271. Epub 2022 Apr 5.

RWJ Barnabas Health/Trinitas Regional Medical Center, Elizabeth, NJ, USA.

Diverticulitis and ulcerative colitis (UC) are two separate colonic pathologies with different underlying mechanisms. Diverticulosis involves herniation of mucosal and submucosal tissue through muscular tissue in response to increased intraluminal pressure. In contrast, it is believed that the muscular tone in patients with UC is reduced due to chronic inflammatory changes. Read More

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Associations of sedentary time and physical activity with adverse health conditions: Outcome-wide analyses using isotemporal substitution model.

EClinicalMedicine 2022 Jun 28;48:101424. Epub 2022 Apr 28.

School of Public Health, Tianjin Medical University, Tianjin, China.

Background: As one of the most common lifestyles today, sedentary behaviour is a risk factor for many health conditions. To inform potential behavioural guideline development, we aimed to estimate the theoretical effects of replacing sedentary behaviour with different intensity of physical activity on risks of 45 common non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

Methods: A total of 360,047 participants (aged 37-73 years) in the UK Biobank free of the 45 common non-communicable diseases (NCDs) were included. Read More

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Association of frailty with outcomes after elective colon resection for diverticular disease.

Surgery 2022 May 2. Epub 2022 May 2.

Cardiovascular Outcomes Research Laboratories, Department of Surgery, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, Los Angeles, CA. Electronic address:

Background: Frailty has been associated with greater postoperative morbidity and mortality but its impact has not been investigated in patients with diverticulitis undergoing elective colon resection. Therefore, the present study examined the association of frailty with perioperative outcomes following elective colectomy for diverticular disease.

Methods: The 2017-2019 American College of Surgeons-National Surgical Quality Improvement Program data registry was queried to identify patients (aged ≥18 years) undergoing elective colon resection for diverticular disease. Read More

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Right-sided diverticulitis in a Western population.

Int J Colorectal Dis 2022 May 4. Epub 2022 May 4.

Department of General Surgery A, Meir Medical Center, Kfar Sava, Israel.

Background: While left-sided colonic diverticular disease is common in Western Caucasian populations, right-sided colonic disease (RCD) is rare. The present study aimed to determine the rate of RCD and to identify the symptoms, clinical features, treatment, and outcomes in a single medical center in Israel.

Methods: Data for this descriptive retrospective analysis were collected from the electronic medical records of all patients diagnosed with colonic diverticulitis from January 2014 to June 2019. Read More

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Venous thromboembolism in chronic gastrointestinal disorders.

Expert Rev Gastroenterol Hepatol 2022 May 3:1-12. Epub 2022 May 3.

Department of Internal Medicine, IRCCS Fondazione Policlinico San Matteo, University of Pavia, Pavia, Italy.

Introduction: Chronic gastrointestinal disorders (including autoimmune gastritis, celiac disease, inflammatory bowel disease, and diverticular disease) are highly prevalent disorders, that may be associated with unpredictable, life-threatening complications, such as thromboembolic events. Venous thromboembolism (VTE) is one of the major causes of morbidity and mortality worldwide. Several conditions, including cancer, major trauma, surgery, prolonged immobilization, are well-established risk factors for VTE. Read More

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Aberrant Right Subclavian Artery with Kommerell's Diverticulum and Patent Ductus Arteriosus: Unusual Combination of Congenital Heart Anomalies and Clinical Manifestations in A Neonate.

Heart Surg Forum 2022 Mar 24;25(2):E229-E231. Epub 2022 Mar 24.

Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, West China Hospital, Sichuan University, Guoxuexiang 37th, 610041 Chengdu, Sichuan, P.R. China.

Background: A one-month-old neonate presented to the hospital with dyspnea and bloody stool, which happened suddenly and progressed over two days.

Case Presentation: Computed tomography and three-dimensional reconstruction of the trachea and heart was done, demonstrating significant trachea stenosis, aberrant right subclavian artery arising from Kommerell's diverticulum, and patent ductus arteriosus. Reconstruction of the aberrant subclavian artery, resection of the diverticulum, and ligation of ductus arteriosus was performed. Read More

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[Urethral diverticulum in a patient with two stones after combined treatment of prostate cancer with metastasis to the left cavernous body of the penis].

Urologiia 2022 May(2):77-83

N.A. Lopatkin Research Institute of Urology and Interventional Radiology - branch of the National Medical Research Radiological Center, Moscow, Russia.

Urethral diverticula are sac-like dilatations of the urethra that communicate with its lumen. They may be congenital or acquired. In males, urethral diverticula are rare and classified as congenital (true) and acquired, which are associated with trauma, abscess, strictures, surgical procedures, in particular in patients with hypospadias. Read More

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Rare cecum pathologies as a cause of acute abdomen in children.

Ulus Travma Acil Cerrahi Derg 2022 Mar;28(3):249-253

Department of Pediatric Surgery, Harran University Faculty of Medicine, Şanlıurfa-Turkey.

Background: We aimed to present cecum pathologies which are the cause of acute abdomen.

Methods: Between January 2015 and June 2019, patients that were operated with the diagnosis of acute abdomen and patients with the primary cecum pathologies were evaluated retrospectively.

Results: There were eight patients, five males and three females. Read More

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Analysis of the Relationship Between Periampullary Diverticulum and Recurrent Bile Duct Stones After Endoscopy on Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Magnetic Nanoparticles.

J Biomed Nanotechnol 2022 Feb;18(2):607-615

Department of Hepatobiliary Pancreatic Surgery and Liver Transplantation Center, The First Hospital of Shanxi Medical University, Taiyuan, 030000, China.

The objective of this work was to investigate the effect of magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography (MRCP) based on super-paramagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPIONs) on the recurrence diagnosis of periampullary diverticulum (PAD) and bile duct stone (BDS), so as to provide a scientific research basis for the recidivation factors of bile duct stones in clinic. Patients with PAD diagnosed in hospital from July 2019 to March 2021 (who had undergone endoscopic gallstone surgery) were selected for study in this work. They were rolled into two groups, the parapapillary group (123 cases) and the cholangiopancreatic duct directly opening in the diverticulum group (97 cases), according to the clinical classification. Read More

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February 2022

Nationwide Analysis of Hospital admissions Prior to Hartmann's Procedure for Acute Diverticulitis.

Am Surg 2022 Apr 28:31348221087378. Epub 2022 Apr 28.

Department of Surgery, Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL, USA.

Introduction: Diverticular disease is one of the most common gastrointestinal diseases that require hospital admission. This study aims to identify trends in prior hospital admissions for patients that ultimately require a Hartmann's procedure for complicated diverticulitis.

Methods: The Nationwide Readmissions Database for 2010-2014 was queried for all patients aged 18 years or older admitted with an ICD-9 code for colonic diverticulitis and end colostomy creation. Read More

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Non-Meckel Small Intestine Diverticular Disease-Current Perspective.

J Gastrointest Surg 2022 Apr 27. Epub 2022 Apr 27.

Department of General Surgery, Rambam Health Care Campus, Haifa, Israel.

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[Esophageal squamous cell carcinoma localized in pharyngeal-esophageal diverticulum].

Khirurgiia (Mosk) 2022 (4):105-109

National Medical Research Center of Oncology, Rostov-on-Don, Russia.

Squamous cell carcinoma in Zenker's diverticulum was first described in 1933. No large studies have yet been conducted due to rarity of this disease. There are a lot of unresolved issues regarding diagnosis and treatment of this pathology. Read More

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Appendiceal Diverticulitis Presenting as Acute Appendicitis and Diagnosed After Appendectomy.

Cureus 2022 Mar 10;14(3):e23050. Epub 2022 Mar 10.

General Surgery, Marmara University School of Medicine, Istanbul, TUR.

Introduction Diverticular disease of the appendix (DDA) is a rare appendiceal pathology. It is usually present similar to acute appendicitis. Because of its rarity, the DDA is poorly comprehended. Read More

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Zenker-diverticulum miatt végzett 47 flexibilis endoszkópos beavatkozás jellemzői és kimenetele.

Orv Hetil 2022 Apr 24;163(17):677-687. Epub 2022 Apr 24.

1 Magyar Honvédség Egészségügyi Központ, Honvédkórház, Gasztroenterológiai Osztály Budapest, Róbert Károly krt. 44., 1134 Magyarország.

Összefoglaló. Bevezetés: A musculus cricopharyngeus flexibilis endoszkópos myotomiája a tüneteket okozó Zenker-diverticulum hatékony, biztonságos kezelési módszere. Célkitűzés és módszer: Retrospektíven elemeztük a hagyományos flexibilis endoszkópos myotomia eljárással szerzett tapasztalatainkat. Read More

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The role of MRI in the diagnosis and management of tracheal diverticulum.

BMC Med Imaging 2022 04 22;22(1):74. Epub 2022 Apr 22.

Department of Radiology, Wuhan Third Hospital (Tongren Hospital of Wuhan University), Wuhan, 430000, China.

Background: Multidetector CT is currently the best imaging method for detecting tracheal diverticulum (TD). Compared with CT, MRI is radiation-free and has higher resolution. However, the MRI characteristics of this disease have not been previously reported. Read More

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Arq Gastroenterol 2022 Jan-Mar;59(1):154-156

Hospital Nove de Julho, Serviço de Cirurgia, São Paulo, SP, Brasil.

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[Update Esophageal Diverticula].

Ther Umsch 2022 Apr;79(3-4):141-144

Klinik für Viszeral- und Transplantationschirurgie, Universitätsspital Zürich.

Update Esophageal Diverticula Esophageal diverticula are rare diseases typically associated pathophysiologically with esophageal dysmotility. The most common location (about 80%) is pharyngo-oesophageal. The therapy must be adapted to the location, the size, the symptoms and also the individual perioperative risk of the patient. Read More

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A vastagbél-diverticulosis veszélyei és kezelése.

Orv Hetil 2022 Apr 17;163(16):614-623. Epub 2022 Apr 17.

1 Debreceni Egyetem, Általános Orvostudományi Kar, Klinikai Központ, Gasztroenterológiai Klinika Debrecen, Nagyerdei krt. 98., 4032 Magyarország.

Összefoglaló. A vastagbél-diverticulosis előfordulási gyakorisága világszerte növekszik, aminek hátterében elsősorban diétás és életmódbeli változások állnak. Az esetek jelentős hányadában a vastagbél-diverticulosis semmiféle panaszt nem okoz, véletlenül fedezik fel, így kezelést sem igényel. Read More

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Characterization of urethral diverticula in males.

Can J Urol 2022 04;29(2):11046-11051

Mayo Clinic Arizona, Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

Introduction: Urethral diverticulum in a male is a rare entity and the literature is limited to case reports and small case series. The aim of our study is to characterize this disease in patients from three Mayo Clinic locations.

Materials And Methods: Chart analysis was performed of patients across all three Mayo Clinic sites that had International Classification of Diseases (ICD) codes corresponding to urethral diverticulum or urethral diverticulectomy via CPT code. Read More

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Eine antibiotische Therapie ist bei milder, akuter Divertikulitis nicht notwendig.

Johann Steurer

Praxis (Bern 1994) 2022 04;111(5):312-313

Universitätsspital Zürich, Zürich, Schweiz.

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CNCM I 1572: A Promising Candidate for Management of Colonic Diverticular Disease.

J Clin Med 2022 Mar 30;11(7). Epub 2022 Mar 30.

Gastroenterology and Endoscopy, IRCCS San Raffaele Hospital and Vita-Salute San Raffaele University, 20132 Milan, Italy.

Diverticular disease (DD) is a common gastrointestinal condition. Patients with DD experience a huge variety of chronic nonspecific symptoms, including abdominal pain, bloating, and altered bowel habits. They are also at risk of complications such as acute diverticulitis, abscess formation, hemorrhage, and perforation. Read More

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Segmental Colitis Associated With Diverticulosis Masquerading as Polyploid-Appearing Mucosa in the Rectosigmoid Area on Endoscopy and as Focal Thickening on Imaging.

Cureus 2022 Mar 7;14(3):e22930. Epub 2022 Mar 7.

Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Saint Louis Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Saint Louis, USA.

Segmental colitis associated with diverticulosis (SCAD) is an inflammatory disease affecting segments of the large bowel with diverticular disease. SCAD presents several challenges in diagnoses and treatment because it often mimics a range of disorders including inflammatory bowel disease and malignancy. Here, we present the case of a 72-year-old man with lower abdominal pain and bloody stools whose initial abdominal workup showed nonspecific large bowel thickening and concerns for malignancy. Read More

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Management and long-term outcomes of acute right colonic diverticulitis and risk factors of recurrence.

BMC Surg 2022 Apr 7;22(1):132. Epub 2022 Apr 7.

Department of General Surgery, Tongren Hospital, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, Shanghai, 200336, China.

Background: Acute right-sided colonic diverticulitis (RCD) is a common disease in Asian populations for which the optimal treatment remains controversial. The aim of this study was to investigate management and evaluate long-term outcomes of treatment in patients with acute RCD.

Methods: We retrospectively collected and analyzed clinical data for patients with acute RCD admitted to the Tongren Hospital, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine from December 2015 to December 2020. Read More

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