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    Rare case of infective endocarditis involving mitral annular calcification leading to hemopericardium and sudden cardiac death: a case report.
    Cardiovasc Pathol 2017 Dec 5;33:16-18. Epub 2017 Dec 5.
    McMaster University, McMaster University Medical Centre, 1200 Main St. West, Hamilton, ON, L8Z 3N5, Canada; Hamilton Health Sciences, Hamilton General Hospital, 237 Barton St. East, Hamilton, ON, L8L 2X2, Canada.
    We present a unique case of a 76-year-old female who had sudden cardiac death due to hemopericardium. Post mortem examination revealed infective endocarditis(IE) superimposing on mitral annulus calcification(MAC) leading to abscess formation, epicardial fistulation and hemopericardium. MAC is currently considered a relatively benign condition of the elderly [1], however evidence suggests there are severe consequences when these patients develop IE. Read More

    TUG1 knockdown ameliorates atherosclerosis via up-regulating the expression of miR-133a target gene FGF1.
    Cardiovasc Pathol 2017 Dec 2;33:6-15. Epub 2017 Dec 2.
    Department of Cardiology, Huaihe Hospital of Henan University, Kaifeng, 475000, China. Electronic address:
    Background: Long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) have been revealed to participate in the pathological events associated with atherosclerosis. However, the exact role of lncRNA taurine-up-regulated gene 1 (TUG1) and its possible molecular mechanism in atherosclerosis remain unidentified.

    Methods: High-fat diet (HFD)-treated ApoE-/- mice were used as an in vivo model of atherosclerosis. Read More

    Cardiac sarcoidosis presenting as arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy/dysplasia with ventricular aneurysms: a case report.
    Cardiovasc Pathol 2017 Nov 10;33:1-5. Epub 2017 Nov 10.
    Center for Advanced Heart Failure, The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston/Memorial Hermann Hospital - Texas Medical Center, 6400 Fannin St, Suite 2350, Houston, TX 77030. Electronic address:
    A 70-year old Caucasian man with recurrent ventricular tachycardia and progressive biventricular failure attributed to arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy/dysplasia was evaluated for heart transplantation. Cardiac ventriculography revealed an abnormal left ventricle with five saccular aneurysms. Heart transplantation was performed. Read More

    Betaglycan (TGFBR3) up-regulation correlates with increased TGF-β signaling in Marfan patient fibroblasts in vitro.
    Cardiovasc Pathol 2018 Jan - Feb;32:44-49. Epub 2017 Nov 4.
    Department of Vascular Surgery, Amsterdam Cardiovascular Sciences, VU University Medical Center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Department of Physiology, Amsterdam Cardiovascular Sciences, VU University Medical Center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Electronic address:
    Background: Marfan syndrome (MFS), a congenital connective tissue disorder leading to aortic aneurysm development, is caused by fibrillin-1 (FBN1) gene mutations. Transforming growth factor beta (TGF-β) might play a role in the pathogenesis. It is still a matter of discussion if and how TGF-β up-regulates the intracellular downstream pathway, although TGF-β receptor 3 (TGFBR3 or Betaglycan) is thought to be involved. Read More

    Changes in neurofilament 200 and tyrosine hydroxylase expression in the cardiac innervation of diabetic rats during aging.
    Cardiovasc Pathol 2018 Jan - Feb;32:38-43. Epub 2017 Nov 16.
    Laboratory for Neurocardiology, Department of Anatomy, Histology and Embryology, University of Split School of Medicine, Soltanska 2, 21000 Split, Croatia; Laboratory for Early Human Development, Department of Anatomy, Histology and Embryology, University of Split School of Medicine, Soltanska 2, 21000 Split, Croatia; Laboratory for Microscopy, Department of Anatomy, Histology and Embryology, University of Split School of Medicine, Soltanska 2, 21000 Split, Croatia. Electronic address:
    Changes in sensory and sympathetic innervation during diabetes mellitus (DM) can be a predictor of arrhythmias, silent myocardial ischemia, and chronic heart failure, but knowledge about these changes is still unsatisfactory. We analyzed whether prolonged DM induces changes in density of sensory and sympathetic nerve terminals of rat's heart and whether it contributes to cardiomyopathy during aging. DM was induced by i/p injecting 55 mg/kg streptozotocin to male Sprague-Dawley rats, while a control group received a citrate buffer. Read More

    Comorbidities in relation to fatality of first myocardial infarction.
    Cardiovasc Pathol 2018 Jan - Feb;32:32-37. Epub 2017 Nov 14.
    Unit of Cardiovascular Epidemiology, Institute of Environmental Medicine, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden.
    Introduction: Present knowledge concerning potential associations between comorbidities and the fatality of a first myocardial infarction (MI) is limited.

    Aim: To identify comorbidities in 45-70-year-old individuals who suffered a first MI and died within 7 days in Stockholm County from 1992-1994. In addition, to assess how each of the comorbidities identified, as well as the number of hospitalizations during the 10-year period prior to the MI, was associated with MI fatality. Read More

    Malignant lymphoma arising in cardiac myxoma, presenting with peripheral arterial emboli.
    Cardiovasc Pathol 2018 Jan - Feb;32:26-29. Epub 2017 Oct 14.
    Department of Pathology, Severance hospital, Yonsei University College of Medicine, Seoul, Republic of Korea. Electronic address:
    Composite tumors of cardiac myxoma and malignant lymphoma are extremely rare, with 11 of such cases reported in the literature. A 44-year-old man presented to us with abrupt right lower leg pain. A computed tomography angiogram revealed segmental obstruction of the right common femoral artery, and embolectomy was performed. Read More

    Clearance of plasmin-PN-1 complexes by vascular smooth muscle cells in human aneurysm of the ascending aorta.
    Cardiovasc Pathol 2018 Jan - Feb;32:15-25. Epub 2017 Oct 24.
    UMR 1148, Laboratory for Vascular Translational Science, Inserm; Paris7 Denis Diderot University. Electronic address:
    Plasminogen is a circulating zymogen which enters the arterial wall by radial, transmural hydraulic conductance, where it is converted to plasmin by tissue plasminogen activator t-PA on an activation platform involving S100A4 on the vascular smooth muscle cell (vSMC) membrane. Plasmin is involved in the progression of human thoracic aneurysm of the ascending aorta (TAA). vSMCs protect the TAA wall from plasmin-induced proteolytic injury by expressing high levels of antiproteases. Read More

    Adventitial tertiary lymphoid organ classification in human atherosclerosis.
    Cardiovasc Pathol 2018 Jan - Feb;32:8-14. Epub 2017 Sep 7.
    Department of Cardiology, University of Heidelberg, Germany; DZHK (German Centre for Cardiovascular Research), partner site Heidelberg, Mannheim, Germany. Electronic address:
    Background: Atherosclerosis is a chronic inflammatory disease of the arterial wall. Adjacent to lamina intima lesion progression, a cellular compound develops in the lamina adventitia, defined as tertiary lymphoid organs (TLO) in mice. But in human system, it remains unknown whether these adventitial cellular accumulations represent these highly organized immunological structures. Read More

    Globular chitosan treatment of bovine jugular veins: evidence of anticalcification efficacy in the subcutaneous rat model.
    Cardiovasc Pathol 2018 Jan - Feb;32:1-7. Epub 2017 Sep 14.
    «E. Meshalkin National Medical Research Center» of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, 15 Rechkunovskaya Str., 630055 Novosibirsk, Russian Federation.
    Vascular xenografts are widely used in cardiovascular surgery as an alternative to autologous vessels and vascular allografts. Calcification is one of the main drawbacks of vascular grafts, especially among young patients and children. Among different anticalcification approaches, chitosan emerges as a highly promising candidate due to its versatility, natural origin, and biocompatibility. Read More

    Kaempferol alleviates ox-LDL-induced apoptosis by up-regulation of autophagy via inhibiting PI3K/Akt/mTOR pathway in human endothelial cells.
    Cardiovasc Pathol 2017 Nov - Dec;31:57-62. Epub 2017 Aug 10.
    Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Huaihe Hospital of Henan University, Kaifeng, 475000, China. Electronic address:
    Oxidized low-density lipoprotein (ox-LDL) has been reported to induce apoptosis of endothelial cells (ECs) and contribute to the progression of atherosclerosis. Kaempferol has been shown to possess antiatherosclerotic effect. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the effect of kaempferol on ox-LDL-induced apoptosis of human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVECs) and its possible molecular basis. Read More

    Primary cardiac diffuse large B-cell lymphoma with concurrent high MYC and BCL2 expression in an immunocompetent Chinese elderly woman.
    Cardiovasc Pathol 2017 Nov - Dec;31:54-56. Epub 2017 Aug 4.
    İzmir International Biomedicine and Genome Institute (iBG-izmir), Dokuz Eylul University, İzmir, Turkey; Department of Medical Biology, Faculty of Medicine, Dokuz Eylul University, İzmir, Turkey.
    Primary cardiac lymphoma is a rare type of extranodal lymphoma that involves only heart and/or pericardium. It is usually observed in immunodeficient people. However, immunocompetent patients may also suffer from this disease. Read More

    Tanshinone IIA ameliorated endothelial dysfunction in rats with chronic intermittent hypoxia.
    Cardiovasc Pathol 2017 Nov - Dec;31:47-53. Epub 2017 Jun 30.
    Department of Physiology, Hebei University of Chinese Medicine, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, People's Republic of China. Electronic address:
    Chronic intermittent hypoxia (CIH) during repetitive airflow cessations may cause endothelial dysfunction. Tanshinone IIA (Tan IIA) has been used to treat various circulatory disturbance-related diseases because of its pharmacological actions, including vasodilation. However, the mechanism of the effect of its vasodilation is not well established. Read More

    Aortic fibromuscular dysplasia complicated by dissection: a case report and review of literature.
    Cardiovasc Pathol 2017 Nov - Dec;31:41-46. Epub 2017 Aug 9.
    Department of Pathology, Kagoshima University Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences, Kagoshima, Japan. Electronic address:
    Fibromuscular dysplasia (FMD) is an idiopathic, segmental, nonatherosclerotic, non-inflammatory vascular disease, which is often complicated by the occurrence of dissection. Although it is known to occur in all arteries, aortic involvement is relatively rare. To date, 33 cases of aortic FMD have been reported in available English literature, among which only three cases have been complicated by the occurrence of dissection. Read More

    Four new cases of pediatric thoracic aortic aneurysm (TAA) with review of the molecular genetic basis, utilizing the newly published consensus nomenclature.
    Cardiovasc Pathol 2017 Nov - Dec;31:34-40. Epub 2017 Jul 27.
    Emory University School of Medicine, Department of Pediatric Pathology, Atlanta, GA, USA. Electronic address:
    The majority of thoracic aortic aneurysms (TAA) in the pediatric population are due to post repair etiology (iatrogenic). Although rare, underlying inheritable disease and congenital cardiac anomalies represent the most common non-iatrogenic cause of TAA among patients in this age group (1-21 years of age). Herein, we present a case series of 9aortic aneurysms with varying underlying etiology. Read More

    Reduced activin receptor-like kinase 1 activity promotes cardiac fibrosis in heart failure.
    Cardiovasc Pathol 2017 Nov - Dec;31:26-33. Epub 2017 Jul 18.
    Molecular Cardiology Research Institute and Division of Cardiology, Department of Medicine, Tufts Medical Center, 800 Washington Street, Boston, MA, 02111, USA. Electronic address:
    Introduction: Activin receptor-like kinase 1 (ALK1) mediates signaling via the transforming growth factor beta-1 (TGFβ1), a pro-fibrogenic cytokine. No studies have defined a role for ALK1 in heart failure.

    Hypothesis: We tested the hypothesis that reduced ALK1 expression promotes maladaptive cardiac remodeling in heart failure. Read More

    Hereditary multiple exostoses as a novel cause of bilateral popliteal artery aneurysms in the elderly.
    Cardiovasc Pathol 2017 Nov - Dec;31:20-25. Epub 2017 Jul 8.
    Department of Pathology, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, USA. Electronic address:
    Hereditary multiple exostoses (HME) is a genetic condition characterized by the development of multiple osteochondromas during childhood and adolescence. On rare occasions, these bony tumors can be associated with vascular injury, most commonly involving the popliteal artery. Such patients typically present with vascular complications in adolescence and young adulthood. Read More

    Complete step section microscopic study of a Swan-Ganz catheter-related pulmonary artery rupture: a frequently lethal complication that to our knowledge has not had a comprehensive microscopic examination: case report and literature review.
    Cardiovasc Pathol 2017 Nov - Dec;31:17-19. Epub 2017 Jul 4.
    Department of Pathology, University of Texas Medical Branch, 301 University Blvd., Galveston, TX 77555.
    Background: Introduced in 1970, the Swan-Ganz catheter (SGC) soon became widely used because of its unique usefulness in managing intensive care patients. Unfortunately, SGC usage was complicated by pulmonary artery rupture (PAR) with a 50% mortality rate that led to a near banning of the SCG in the late 1980s. Increasing knowledge and decreasing incidence of SGC-related PARs (SGPARs) led to the current feeling that the present SGPAR incidence is now low enough to tolerate given the lives saved by SGC usage. Read More

    Cardiac arrest due to ventricular fibrillation in a 23-year-old woman with broken heart syndrome.
    Cardiovasc Pathol 2017 Sep - Oct;30:78-81. Epub 2017 Jun 30.
    VCU Pauley Heart Center, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA, USA. Electronic address:
    Broken heart syndrome, also known as takotsubo cardiomyopathy, is a syndrome characterized by a transient regional systolic dysfunction of the left ventricle associated to a psychological stress. We herein describe a case of a 23-year-old female habitual marijuana user who was resuscitated after cardiac arrest and then diagnosed with midventricular stress cardiomyopathy complicated by subendocardial hemorrhage. We discuss this unique pathological finding, the incidence of arrhythmias in this syndrome, and the possible relation with chronic cannabis and tobacco use. Read More

    Increased β-catenin accumulation and nuclear translocation are associated with concentric hypertrophy in cardiomyocytes.
    Cardiovasc Pathol 2017 Nov - Dec;31:9-16. Epub 2017 Jul 12.
    Graduate Institute of Basic Medical Science, China Medical University, Taichung 40402, Taiwan; Graduate Institute of Chinese Medical Science, China Medical University, Taichung 40402, Taiwan; Department of Health and Nutrition Biotechnology, Asia University, Taichung 41354, Taiwan; Faculty of Applied Sciences, Ton Duc Thang University, Tan Phong Ward, District 7, 700000 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Electronic address:
    Defective Wnt/β-Catenin signaling, activated under various pathological conditions, can result in cardiac and vascular abnormalities. In the present study, the possible role of β-catenin over expression during cardiac hypertrophy was investigated. Ten samples from hearts of human patients with acute infarction, and granulation tissue from 20 patients and 10 from normal ones were collected in order to investigate roles of β-catenin in cardiac hypertrophy. Read More

    Intimal sarcoma of the pulmonary trunk showing broad intimal extension and focal chondrosarcomatous differentiation: an autopsy case.
    Cardiovasc Pathol 2017 Nov - Dec;31:5-8. Epub 2017 Jul 8.
    Department of Pathology, Japan Self-Defense Forces Central Hospital, Tokyo, Japan; Health Care Center, Japan Self-Defense Forces Central Hospital, Tokyo, Japan.
    We report an autopsy case of intimal sarcoma arising in the pulmonary artery with focal chondrosarcomatous differentiation. A 77-year-old woman presented with a thrombosis-like mass in the pulmonary trunk and underwent endarterectomy. Macroscopically, solid and myxomatous tumor expanded to the pulmonary valve and bilateral main pulmonary arteries. Read More

    Extranodal Rosai-Dorfman disease arising in the heart: clinical course and review of literature.
    Cardiovasc Pathol 2017 Nov - Dec;31:1-4. Epub 2017 Jul 4.
    Department of Pathology, Downstate Medical Center, State University of New York, Brooklyn, NY 11203; Department of Cell Biology, Downstate Medical Center, State University of New York, Brooklyn, NY 11203. Electronic address:
    Rosai-Dorfman disease (RDD), also known as sinus histiocytosis with massive lymphadenopathy, is a nonmalignant disease of unknown etiology. It may present as bilateral, massive, painless cervical lymphadenopathy; however, one third of the cases have extranodal involvement. Extranodal sites include soft tissue, skin, upper respiratory and gastrointestinal tracts, and central nervous system, with head and neck being the most common. Read More

    Opacification patterns of cardiac masses using low-mechanical index contrast echocardiography: comparison with histopathological findings.
    Cardiovasc Pathol 2017 Sep - Oct;30:72-77. Epub 2017 Jun 30.
    Department of Cardiac, Thoracic and Vascular Sciences, Padua, Italy.
    Background: Two-dimensional echocardiography is the main noninvasive imaging tool to identify cardiac masses but is unable to provide detailed tissue characterization.

    Aim: The aim of the study was to assess the ability of low mechanical index (MI) contrast echocardiography to detect presence and amount of tissue vascularization as validated by histopathology study of cardiac masses.

    Methods And Results: Twelve consecutive patients (5 females and 7 males, age range 51-82 years) underwent conventional and contrast two-dimensional echocardiography with low MI. Read More

    Ultrastructural aspects of vacuolar degeneration of cardiomyocytes in human endomyocardial biopsies.
    Cardiovasc Pathol 2017 Sep - Oct;30:64-71. Epub 2017 Jul 4.
    Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, Hyogo Prefectural Amagasaki General Medical Center, Amagasaki, Japan.
    Vacuolar degeneration of cardiomyocytes is a histological finding commonly encountered during routine light microscopic examination of human endomyocardial biopsy specimens. The vacuoles appear as intracellular clear areas lacking myofibers. By itself, this finding has little diagnostic value, but may have important clinical implications when the vacuolar contents are of etiological significance (e. Read More

    Winning the battle, but losing the war: mechanisms and morphology of cancer-therapy-associated cardiovascular toxicity.
    Cardiovasc Pathol 2017 Sep - Oct;30:55-63. Epub 2017 Jun 30.
    Department of Pathology, Brigham and Women's Hospital, 75 Francis Street, Boston, MA 02115. Electronic address:
    In the United States, the lifetime risk of a cancer diagnosis is nearly 40%; in 2016, that represents almost 1.6 million new patients, and despite advances in early diagnosis and treatment, roughly 35% will ultimately die of their malignancy. Fortunately, the number of patients living with a cancer diagnosis also continues to expand, anticipated to be more than 19 million in less than a decade. Read More

    Polymer coating embolism from intravascular medical devices - a clinical literature review.
    Cardiovasc Pathol 2017 Sep - Oct;30:45-54. Epub 2017 Jun 22.
    Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, Section of Neuropathology, 650 Charles Young Drive South, Los Angeles, CA, 90095, USA. Electronic address:
    Over the past three decades, lubricious (hydrophobic and/or hydrophilic) polymer-coated devices have been increasingly adopted by interventional physicians and vascular surgeons to access and treat a wider range of clinical presentations. Recent clinical literature highlights the presence of polymer coating emboli within the anatomy - a result of coating separation from an intravascular device - and associates it with a range of adverse clinical sequelae. The 2015 U. Read More

    Histological topography of the atrioventricular node and its extensions in relation to the cardiothoracic surgical landmarks in normal human hearts.
    Cardiovasc Pathol 2017 Sep - Oct;30:38-44. Epub 2017 Jun 30.
    Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh, 160012.
    Background: Atrioventricular (AV) nodal injury which results in cardiac conduction disorders is one of the potential complications of heart valve surgeries and radiofrequency catheter ablations. Understanding the topography of the AV conduction system in relation to the tricuspid and mitral valves will help in reducing these complications.

    Methods: A tissue block of 3cmx4cm, which contain the AV node, bundle of His and the AV nodal extensions, was excised at the AV septal junction in 20 apparently normal human hearts. Read More

    Left atrial remodeling, hypertrophy, and fibrosis in mouse models of heart failure.
    Cardiovasc Pathol 2017 Sep - Oct;30:27-37. Epub 2017 Jun 21.
    The Wilf Family Cardiovascular Research Institute, Department of Medicine, Division of Cardiology, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY. Electronic address:
    Left ventricular dysfunction increases left atrial pressures and causes atrial remodeling. In human subjects, increased left atrial size is a powerful predictor of mortality and adverse events in a broad range of cardiac pathologic conditions. Moreover, structural remodeling of the atrium plays an important role in the pathogenesis of atrial tachyarrhythmias. Read More

    Phospholamban immunostaining is a highly sensitive and specific method for diagnosing phospholamban p.Arg14del cardiomyopathy.
    Cardiovasc Pathol 2017 Sep - Oct;30:23-26. Epub 2017 May 30.
    University of Groningen, University Medical Center Groningen, Department of Pathology, Groningen, The Netherlands.
    Phospholamban (PLN) p.Arg14del cardiomyopathy is associated with an increased risk of malignant ventricular arrhythmias and severe heart failure and a poor prognosis from late adolescence. It can be diagnosed in whole heart specimens, but rarely in right ventricular biopsy specimens, by PLN immunohistochemistry showing PLN-containing aggregates concentrated in cardiomyocytes in dense perinuclear aggresomes. Read More

    Sudden unexpected death in early Parkinson's disease: neurogenic or cardiac death?
    Cardiovasc Pathol 2017 Sep - Oct;30:19-22. Epub 2017 Jun 15.
    Department of Legal Medicine, Graduate School of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Toyama, Toyama, Japan.
    We present two cases of sudden unexpected death (SUD) in elderly individuals in whom autopsy unexpectedly showed Lewy pathology, a hallmark of Parkinson's disease. Both individuals were 68-year-old men who were found dead in their homes without lethal trauma or poisoning. Inquests into their deaths suggested that nonmotor cardiovascular signs of Parkinson's disease might have appeared just before their deaths, although few typical motor signs were present. Read More

    Intraleaflet hemorrhages are a common finding in symptomatic aortic and mitral valves.
    Cardiovasc Pathol 2017 Sep - Oct;30:12-18. Epub 2017 Jun 17.
    Department of Pathology, Academic Medical Center, Meibergdreef 9, 1105 AZ Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Electronic address:
    Introduction: Intraleaflet hemorrhage (ILH) has been reported to occur in calcified degenerated aortic valves. At present, no such information is available for mitral valves or for other types of valvular disease. We examined the prevalence, age, and potential source of ILH in a consecutive series of surgically removed aortic and mitral valves, and related the findings to specific types of heart valve pathology. Read More

    Histopathologic differences partially distinguish syndromic aortic diseases.
    Cardiovasc Pathol 2017 Sep - Oct;30:6-11. Epub 2017 Jun 15.
    Department of Pathology, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, USA. Electronic address:
    A variety of syndromic diseases such as Marfan syndrome, Loeys-Dietz syndrome, and bicuspid aortic valve with aneurysm along with risk factors of smoking and hypertension result in ascending aortic aneurysms and dissections. Historically, a complicated variety of terms have been used to describe a range of histopathologies that are present in resected specimens. As a result, no consistent patterns of histopathology have been reported. Read More

    Primary inferior vena cava smooth muscle tumor with diffuse bizarre giant nuclei and low mitotic rate: a nomenclatural conundrum.
    Cardiovasc Pathol 2017 Sep - Oct;30:1-5. Epub 2017 Jun 4.
    Department of Medical and Clinical Genetics and Genome-Scale Biology Research Program, P.O. Box 63, FIN-00014, University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland.
    A male patient with obstructive jaundice was found to have an incidental nodule within the inferior vena cava (IVC), below the level of the renal vein, on abdominal imaging. At the time of the Whipple's procedure for pancreatic adenocarcinoma, the IVC mass measuring 3.4×2. Read More

    Assessment of atherosclerotic luminal narrowing of coronary arteries based on morphometrically generated visual guides.
    Cardiovasc Pathol 2017 Jul - Aug;29:53-60. Epub 2017 May 30.
    Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, McGovern Medical School, University of Texas, Houston, TX, USA. Electronic address:
    Background And Aims: Determination of the degree of stenosis of atherosclerotic coronary arteries is an important part of postmortem examination of the heart, but, unfortunately, estimation of the degree of luminal narrowing can be imprecise and tends to be approximations. Visual guides can be useful to assess this, but earlier attempts to develop such guides did not employ digital technology. Using this approach, we have developed two computer-generated morphometric guides to estimate the degree of luminal narrowing of atherosclerotic coronary arteries. Read More

    Histopathological and biomechanical properties of the aortic wall in 2 patients with chronic type A aortic dissection.
    Cardiovasc Pathol 2017 Jul - Aug;29:48-52. Epub 2017 May 30.
    Department of Chemical Engineering, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada; Research Center, Montreal Heart Institute, Université de Montréal, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Electronic address:
    Type A aortic dissection is an acute condition that requires urgent surgical intervention. However, in a subset of patients, aortic dissections go undiagnosed and become chronic, thereby allowing the dissected wall to undergo a distinct remodeling process from that of the surrounding intact wall. Here, we observe the biomechanical and histological changes in the aortic wall of two patients with chronic Type A aortic dissection. Read More

    Recurrent pulmonary emboli with characteristic histopathology.
    Cardiovasc Pathol 2017 Jul - Aug;29:45-47. Epub 2017 May 11.
    Depertment of Cardiology, Tokyo Medical and Dental University, 1-5-45 Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0034, Japan.
    We report a unique case of recurrent thromboembolism and its histological findings that were revealed in an autopsy. Although it is well known that repeating thrombosis presents organization and recanalization, we also observed rare findings of thickening of the bronchial artery and fixation of the valve of the lower extremity vein in this case. Read More

    Exercise training ameliorates matrix metalloproteinases 2 and 9 messenger RNA expression and mitigates adverse left ventricular remodeling in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats.
    Cardiovasc Pathol 2017 Jul - Aug;29:37-44. Epub 2017 May 18.
    Department of Physiology, Federal University of Paraná, Curitiba, Brazil.
    Background: The aim was to investigate whether exercise training (ExT) would ameliorate expression of key genes for myocardial morphostructure and mitigate adverse left ventricular (LV) remodeling in experimental type 1 diabetes (T1D).

    Methods And Results: Male Wistar rats were divided into four groups: sedentary control (SC, n=9), trained control (TC, n=13), sedentary diabetic (SD, n=20), and trained diabetic (TD, n=17). T1D was induced by 40 mg/kg streptozotocin (single dose, i. Read More

    Adventitial cystic disease of radial artery. Apropos of a case and review of literature.
    Cardiovasc Pathol 2017 Jul - Aug;29:33-36. Epub 2017 May 11.
    Department of Angiology, Endovascular and Vascular Surgery, Hospital Universitario Dr. Peset, Valencia, Spain.
    Adventitial cystic disease is an uncommon condition that is characterized by the collection of mucinous material that accumulates in the adventitial layer of the artery. Predominantly, this entity affects the popliteal artery, whereas it is extremely rare in the radial artery. We report a 72-year-old female patient that underwent surgical treatment of an adventitial cyst of the right radial artery. Read More

    Clinically isolated aortitis: pitfalls, progress, and possibilities.
    Cardiovasc Pathol 2017 Jul - Aug;29:23-32. Epub 2017 Apr 23.
    Department of Pathology, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, USA. Electronic address:
    Non-infectious aortitis may be caused by several distinct systemic rheumatologic diseases. In some patients, aortitis is identified either pathologically or radiologically in the absence of clinical evidence of a systemic vasculitis. By consensus nomenclature, such cases are referred to as clinically isolated aortitis (CIA). Read More

    Late onset cardiomyopathy as presenting sign of ATTR A45G amyloidosis caused by a novel TTR mutation (p.A65G).
    Cardiovasc Pathol 2017 Jul - Aug;29:19-22. Epub 2017 Apr 18.
    Department of Rheumatology & Clinical Immunology, University of Groningen, University Medical Center Groningen, The Netherlands.
    Objective: The clinical description of a novel TTR gene mutation characterized by a late onset amyloid cardiomyopathy.

    Methods And Results: A 78-year-old man of Dutch origin with recent surgery for bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) was admitted to our hospital because of heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (55%). Cardiac ultrasound showed thickened biventricular walls, and cardiac magnetic resonance imaging also showed late gadolinium enhancement. Read More

    Association of altered collagen content and lysyl oxidase expression in degenerative mitral valve disease.
    Cardiovasc Pathol 2017 Jul - Aug;29:11-18. Epub 2017 Apr 12.
    The Zena and Michael A. Weiner Cardiovascular Institute and the Marie-Josée and Henry R. Kravis Cardiovascular Health Center, Department of Medicine.
    Background: Collagen cross-linking is mediated by lysyl oxidase (LOX) enzyme in the extracellular matrix (ECM) of mitral valve leaflets. Alterations in collagen content and LOX protein expression in the ECM of degenerative mitral valve may enhance leaflet expansion and disease severity.

    Methods: Twenty posterior degenerative mitral valve leaflets from patients with severe mitral regurgitation were obtained at surgery. Read More

    C reactive protein and enzymatically modified LDL cooperatively promote dendritic cell-mediated T cell activation.
    Cardiovasc Pathol 2017 Jul - Aug;29:1-6. Epub 2017 Apr 7.
    Department of Cardiology, Wuhan Clinical Medical College, Southern Medical University, Wuhan, China. Electronic address:
    Background: Enzymatically modified low density lipoprotein (eLDL), C reactive protein (CRP), dendritic cells (DCs), and T cells were shown to be involved in the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis. This study aimed to investigate whether eLDL and CRP could cooperatively promote DC-mediated T cell activation and proliferation.

    Method: Low density lipoprotein was isolated from healthy human plasma and treated with proteases and cholesterol esterase. Read More

    Syndecan-4 deficiency accelerates the transition from compensated hypertrophy to heart failure following pressure overload.
    Cardiovasc Pathol 2017 May - Jun;28:74-79. Epub 2017 Mar 30.
    Department of Cardiology, Affiliated Drum Tower Hospital, Nanjing University Medical School, Nanjing, China. Electronic address:
    Increasing evidence suggests that a mismatch between angiogenesis and myocardial growth contributes to the transition from adaptive cardiac hypertrophy to heart failure following pressure overload. Syndecan-4 is a transmembrane proteoglycan that binds to growth factors and extracellular matrix proteins and is critical in focal adhesion formation. However, its effects on coronary angiogenesis during pressure overload-induced heart failure have not been studied. Read More

    Corynebacterium propinquum endocarditis: a confounding presentation of a rare entity.
    Cardiovasc Pathol 2017 May - Jun;28:71-73. Epub 2017 Mar 22.
    Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, USA.
    Infective endocarditis is rarely caused by Corynebacterium species. We report a unique case of Corynebacterium propinquum endocarditis in an otherwise healthy individual, and it is the first example of this organism causing culture-negative endocarditis. Conflicting clinical and microbiological data led to the use of sequencing to confirm the causative organism. Read More

    Calcifying giant cell cardiomyopathy: a possible new entity: Images in Cardiovascular Pathology.
    Cardiovasc Pathol 2017 May - Jun;28:68-70. Epub 2017 Mar 12.
    Department of Pathology, Field of Oncology, Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences, Kagoshima University, Kagoshima 890-8544, Japan. Electronic address:
    We demonstrated an extremely unusual case of an 83-year-old male's sudden death secondary to characteristic myocardial necrosis and fibrosis with calcification and multinucleated giant cells infiltration, possibly due to sepsis and Stage IV pulmonary pleomorphic carcinoma-induced cachexia after postmortem study. We propose that this calcifying giant cell cardiomyopathy (CGC) would be a new entity especially from the pathological viewpoints and should be considered in the classification of noninfectious myocarditis. Further prospective studies are needed to validate the presence and significance of CGC and the association with any triggers of somewhat microvascular dysfunction and/or toxic agents, after collecting and investigating a larger number of CGC cases examined. Read More

    Intramyocardial bronchogenic cyst: histological appearance and a review of the literature.
    Cardiovasc Pathol 2017 May - Jun;28:64-67. Epub 2017 Mar 12.
    Department of Pathology, Kouseiren Takaoka Hospital, Takaoka, Toyama, Japan.
    We report histological appearance of a bronchogenic cyst that was incidentally found in a 78-year-old man who died from drowning related to a traumatic accident. The cyst was found in the posterior edge of the interventricular septum and was monolocular with a 5-mm diameter. The cystic wall was not associated with cartilage or the smooth muscle layer, and was lined by ciliated respiratory epithelium. Read More

    Lymphocyte-rich capillary-cavernous hemangioma of the mitral valve: a case report and review of the literature.
    Cardiovasc Pathol 2017 May - Jun;28:59-63. Epub 2017 Mar 10.
    Cardiovascular Surgey Service, Marqués de Valdecilla University Hospital, Medical faculty, University of Cantabria and IDIVAL, Santander, Spain.
    Valvular hemangioma incidence is extremely low. In this report, we describe a 62-year-old man who presented with mild edema of the lower limbs. An echocardiogram revealed an incidental 1. Read More

    Molecular mechanisms in the pathogenesis of arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy.
    Cardiovasc Pathol 2017 May - Jun;28:51-58. Epub 2017 Feb 27.
    Department of Pathology, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, USA. Electronic address:
    The article is based on work presented in the Distinguished Achievement Award lecture at the Society for Cardiovascular Pathology meeting in Seattle, WA, in March 2016. It reviews our current understanding of mechanisms responsible for a highly arrhythmogenic, nonischemic cardiomyopathy. It highlights the armamentarium of powerful methods available to the experimental pathologist in efforts to define how complex cardiovascular diseases work. Read More

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