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[80th anniversary of the Slovak Medical Society in Bratislava (1920-2000), and its significance in the development of medicine in Slovakia].

Bratisl Lek Listy 2001 ;102(5):260-2

Department of Cardiology, Slovak Institute of Heart and Cardiovascular Diseases, Bratislava, Slovakia.

The establishment of the Slovak Medical Society (SMS) in Bratislava on 13th June 1920 (until 1939, the society was included into the Czechoslovak Medical Society) represents one of the most important milestones in the modern history of Slovak medicine. It was founded in direct consequence of the establishment of the first faculty of the Comenius University, namely the Medical Faculty. SMS began to issue its own journal Bratislavské lekárske listy (Bratislava Medical Journal) which was the first medical journal published in Slovakia after the origin of the Czechoslovak Republic. Read More

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December 2001
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