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Evidence of disrupted rhombic lip development in the pathogenesis of Dandy-Walker malformation.

Acta Neuropathol 2021 Aug 4. Epub 2021 Aug 4.

Center for Integrative Brain Research, Seattle Children's Research Institute, Seattle, USA.

Dandy-Walker malformation (DWM) and Cerebellar vermis hypoplasia (CVH) are commonly recognized human cerebellar malformations diagnosed following ultrasound and antenatal or postnatal MRI. Specific radiological criteria are used to distinguish them, yet little is known about their differential developmental disease mechanisms. We acquired prenatal cases diagnosed as DWM and CVH and studied cerebellar morphobiometry followed by histological and immunohistochemical analyses. Read More

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Classic Polymorphous Adenocarcinoma: Fine Needle Aspiration Cytopathology of Eight Cases.

Cytopathology 2021 Aug 4. Epub 2021 Aug 4.

Department of Pathology, The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute, Columbus, OH, USA.

Introduction: The cytopathology and diagnostic accuracy of salivary gland (SG) polymorphous adenocarcinoma (PAC) is the subject of a limited number of reports. We undertook a review of our experience with fine needle aspiration (FNA) biopsy and PAC.

Materials And Methods: A search was made of our cytopathology files for PAC cases that also had histopathologic confirmation. Read More

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Solitary congenital lip pit in an infant.

Pediatr Dermatol 2021 Aug 3. Epub 2021 Aug 3.

Department of Dermatology, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA, USA.

Lower lip pits are infrequent, affecting fewer than 1 in 75 000 individuals. While more frequently associated with inherited syndromes, isolated lower lip pits may present sporadically as a solitary congenital anomaly. We describe an otherwise healthy 9-day-old infant who presented with a congenital lower lip lesion with unremarkable family history and testing. Read More

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Adenoid (Acantholytic) Squamous Cell Carcinoma of Mandibular Gingiva.

Case Rep Dent 2021 22;2021:5570092. Epub 2021 Jul 22.

Department of Oral Pathology, College of Dental Surgery, BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, Dharan, Nepal.

Introduction: Adenoid (acantholytic) squamous cell carcinoma (ASCC) is a histological variant of squamous cell carcinoma which occurs mainly in the sun-exposed areas of the head and neck region. It is commonly seen among males which mainly occurs in the sixth and seventh decade of life with lip being predominately affected. Limited scientific literature is documenting the intraoral presentation of ASCC in contrast to its usual extraoral lesions associated with the skin. Read More

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Perforated Meckel's diverticulum in omphalocele in a newborn: A case report of an uncommon presentation from northern Tanzania.

Int J Surg Case Rep 2021 Jul 27;85:106246. Epub 2021 Jul 27.

Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University College, Faculty of Medicine, P O Box 2240, Moshi, Tanzania; Department of Pediatrics, Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre, P O Box 3010, Moshi, Tanzania.

Introduction And Importance: The concurrent existence of Omphalocele and Meckel's diverticulum is not unheard of but is relatively uncommon. A few cases of their coexistence have been reported. Due to the uncommon dual presentation, it is easy to delay or even miss the diagnosis, delaying management. Read More

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FUNDC1 Insufficiency Sensitizes High Fat Diet Intake-Induced Cardiac Remodeling and Contractile Anomaly through ACSL4-Mediated Ferroptosis.

Metabolism 2021 Jul 28:154840. Epub 2021 Jul 28.

Department of Cardiology, Shanghai Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases, Zhongshan Hospital, Fudan University, Shanghai 200032, China; Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology, University of Washington, Seattle, WA98195, USA. Electronic address:

Objective: Ferroptosis is indicated in cardiovascular diseases. Given the prominent role of mitophagy in the governance of ferroptosis and our recent finding for FUN14 domain containing 1 (FUNDC1) in obesity anomalies, this study evaluated the impact of FUNDC1 deficiency in high fat diet (HFD)-induced cardiac anomalies.

Methods And Materials: WT and FUNDC1 mice were fed HFD (45% calorie from fat) or low fat diet (LFD, 10% calorie from fat) for 10 weeks in the presence of the ferroptosis inhibitor liproxstatin-1 (LIP-1, 10 mg/kg, i. Read More

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Assessment of BCOR Internal Tandem Duplications in Pediatric Cancers by Targeted RNA Sequencing.

J Mol Diagn 2021 Jul 26. Epub 2021 Jul 26.

Department of Pathology, Boston Children's Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts, United States. Electronic address:

Alterations in the BCOR gene, including internal tandem duplications (ITDs) of exon 15 have emerged as important oncogenic changes which define several diagnostic entities. In pediatric cancers, BCOR ITDs have recurrently been described in clear cell sarcoma of kidney (CCSK), primitive myxoid mesenchymal tumor of infancy (PMMTI) and CNS high-grade neuroepithelial tumor with BCOR ITD in exon 15 (HGNET-BCOR ITDex15). In adults, BCOR ITDs are also reported in endometrial and other sarcomas. Read More

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Facial Anthropometry Measurements Using Three-Dimensional Stereophotogrammetry Analysis Among Nigerians.

J Craniofac Surg 2021 Jul 23. Epub 2021 Jul 23.

Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Idi-Araba, Lagos Department of Archeology and Anthropology, University of Ibadan, Ibadan Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, College of Medicine, University of Lagos, Idi-Araba, Lagos, Nigeria Department of Oral Pathology, Radiology and Medicine, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA Department of Orthodontics, University of Dundee, Dundee, UK Center for Craniofacial and Dental Genetics, Department of Oral Biology and Human Genetics, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA.

Abstract: This study aimed to determine the normative facial anthropometry measurement among Nigerians using three-dimensional stereophotogrammetry analysis.This study was carried out in Lagos, Nigeria over a period of 3 years. The sample population was Nigerians of diverse ethnic groups, age 16 and above with no history of congenital or acquired craniofacial deformities. Read More

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Histologic Aspect of the Curved Vomerine Mucosa in Cleft Lip and Palate.

Cleft Palate Craniofac J 2021 Jul 22:10556656211031419. Epub 2021 Jul 22.

Department of Oral and Craniomaxillofacial Surgery, University Hospital Basel and University of Basel, Switzerland.

Background: Common surgical techniques aim to turn the entire vomerine mucosa with vomer flaps either to the oral side or to the nasal side. The latter approach is widely performed due to the similarity in color to the nasal mucosa. However, we lack a histologic description of the curved vomerine mucosa in cleft lip and palate malformations. Read More

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Juvenile Xanthogranuloma on the Upper Lip.

Plast Reconstr Surg Glob Open 2021 Jul 19;9(7):e3712. Epub 2021 Jul 19.

Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Kawasaki Medical School, Okayama, Japan.

We treated a patient with juvenile xanthogranuloma on the upper lip. A yellow, elastic, hard tumor on the upper lip was evident from birth, which gradually increased in size. The patient was examined at our department at the age of 7 months, at which time the mass extended from the upper lip to the nasal cavity and measured approximately 1 cm. Read More

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Polyautoimmunity in systemic lupus erythematosus: secondary Sjogren syndrome.

Z Rheumatol 2021 Jul 21. Epub 2021 Jul 21.

Rheumatology Department, Complejo Asistencial Universitario de León, Calle Altos de nava, s/n, 24001, León, Spain.

Background: Sjogren's syndrome (SS) is a chronic autoimmune disease characterized by lymphocytic infiltration of the exocrine glands. It can be associated with other connective tissue diseases, including systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE).

Objective: This study aimed to determine the incidence of secondary SS (sSS) in patients diagnosed with SLE (SLE-SS) and compare the clinical and serological features of SLE-SS to SLE only. Read More

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Canalicular adenoma of the tongue: report of a unique case.

Pan Afr Med J 2021 7;38:337. Epub 2021 Apr 7.

Goa Dental College and Hospital, Goa, India.

Canalicular adenoma (CA) is a rare, unique benign salivary gland neoplasm, which usually involves the minor salivary glands of the upper lip, buccal mucosa and palate. It is usually seen in middle-aged or older individuals, has a female predilection, and commonly presents as a painless, slow-growing, non-ulcerated nodule or swelling. Its treatment involves surgical excision or enucleation. Read More

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Human Papillomavirus (HPV) oral lesions surgical management with Nd:YAG laser versus blade and QMR scalpel: a single center experience in 251 cases.

J Biol Regul Homeost Agents 2021 Mar-Apr;35(2 Suppl. 1):351-356

Oral Medicine and Oral Surgery Laser Unit, University Center of Dentistry, Department of Medicine and Surgery, University of Parma, Italy.

HPVs are a large and varied group of viruses capable of infecting both animals and humans. They have evolved together with their respective hosts and are isolable in different and numerous species of birds, reptiles, marsupials and mammals. The present study aims to analyze and compare the epidemiological aspects of 251 HPV-associated benign lesions treated with three different surgical approaches. Read More

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Do anatomical variations of the mandibular canal pose an increased risk of inferior alveolar nerve injury after third molar removal?

Clin Oral Investig 2021 Jul 19. Epub 2021 Jul 19.

OMFS-IMPATH Research Group, , Department of Imaging and Pathology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Leuven, and Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, University Hospitals Leuven, Kapucijnenvoer 7 blok a, 3000, Leuven, Belgium.

Objectives: The present study aimed to assess whether anatomical variations of the mandibular canal are associated with neurosensory disturbances of the inferior alveolar nerve (IAN) following mandibular third molar removal.

Methods: Two observers compared the detection of third molar root-nerve relations and bifurcations of the mandibular canal on panoramic radiographs and CBCT images of 201 patients undergoing removal of 357 mandibular third molars. Potential neurosensory disturbances of the IAN were surveyed ten days after surgery. Read More

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Late recurrence of Burkitt's lymphoma in the jaw: numb chin syndrome as the only symptom.

Autops Case Rep 2021 8;11:e2020218. Epub 2020 Dec 8.

Hospital Sírio-Libanês, Serviço de Medicina Bucal, São Paulo, SP, Brasil.

The Numb Chin Syndrome (NCS) is defined as facial and oral numbness restricted to the mental nerve's distribution involving the lower lip, skin of the chin, or gingiva of the lower anterior teeth. Hypoesthesia can occur unilaterally or bilaterally. Although this syndrome is rare, its importance is related to the fact that it represents the clinical manifestations of malignant diseases. Read More

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December 2020

Rare upper lip pleomorphic adenoma presents as cutaneous skin lesion: Case report.

Int J Surg Case Rep 2021 Jun 29;85:106142. Epub 2021 Jun 29.

Department of Surgery, King Khalid University Hospital, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia.

Introduction: Pleomorphic adenoma of the minor salivary gland is not uncommon. Although malignant lesion is the most common in the minor salivary glands, benign lesion has been also reported. Many ectopic sites for minor salivary gland including the lip have been reported mainly intra-orally. Read More

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Speech Outcome and Self-Reported Communicative Ability in Young Adults Born With Unilateral Cleft Lip and Palate: Comparing Long-Term Results After 2 Different Surgical Methods for Palatal Repair.

Cleft Palate Craniofac J 2021 Jul 15:10556656211025926. Epub 2021 Jul 15.

Division of Speech and Language Pathology, Department of Clinical Intervention and Technology, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden.

Objective: To compare speech outcome and self-reported speech and communicative ability (SOK) in young adults treated with one-stage (OS) or two-stage (TS) palatal repair. Furthermore, to compare with normative data on individuals without cleft lip and palate and to study the relationship between patients' and experts' judgments.

Design: A cross-sectional group comparison study with long-term follow-up. Read More

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Tongue and Lip Comparisons between Healthy and Nondysphagic Poststroke Individuals.

Folia Phoniatr Logop 2021 Jul 14:1-8. Epub 2021 Jul 14.

Speech Pathology and Audiology, University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine, Reno, Nevada, USA.

Background: The lips and tongue play a substantial role in efficient clearance of food from the mouth and pharynx into the esophagus. No study has compared oral pressures between healthy individuals and poststoke individuals who report functional swallow abilities.

Aim: The current study aimed to investigate the presence of differences in oral pressures between healthy individuals and poststroke individuals who report functional swallowing abilities. Read More

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Greater Palatal Cleft Width Predicts an Increased Risk for Unfavorable Outcomes in Cleft Palate Repair.

Cleft Palate Craniofac J 2021 Jul 14:10556656211029537. Epub 2021 Jul 14.

Department of Surgical Sciences, Plastic Surgery, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden.

Objective: To investigate the impact of cleft width and cleft type on the need for secondary surgery and velopharyngeal competence from a longitudinal perspective.

Design: Retrospective, longitudinal study.

Setting: A single multidisciplinary craniofacial team at a university hospital. Read More

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Two Distinct Clinical Phenotypes of Bulbar Motor Impairment in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.

Front Neurol 2021 16;12:664713. Epub 2021 Jun 16.

Speech and Feeding Disorders Lab, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders, MGH Institute of Health Professions, Boston, MA, United States.

Understanding clinical variants of motor neuron diseases such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is critical for discovering disease mechanisms and across-patient differences in therapeutic response. The current work describes two clinical subgroups of patients with ALS that, despite similar levels of bulbar motor involvement, have disparate clinical and functional speech presentations. Participants included 47 healthy control speakers and 126 speakers with ALS. Read More

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Allogeneic Bone Application in Association with Platelet-Rich Plasma for Alveolar Bone Grafting of Cleft Palate Defects.

Contemp Clin Dent 2021 Apr-Jun;12(2):143-149. Epub 2021 Jun 14.

Private Practice, Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil.

Aim: The aim of this study is to compare allogeneic bone grafts associated with platelet-rich plasma (ALBGs-PRP) to autogenous bone grafts (ATBGs) for alveolar reconstructions in patients with cleft lip and palate (CLP).

Materials And Methods: The Maxillofacial Surgery Service of the Comprehensive Care Center for CLP (CCCLP) in Curitiba (Paraná, Brazil).

Patients: Thirty out of 46 patients with 8-12 years of age and pre- or trans-foramen unilateral clefts were operated by the same surgeon. Read More

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Favorable Lip and Oral Cancer Mortality-to-Incidence Ratios in Countries with High Human Development Index and Expenditures on Health.

Int J Environ Res Public Health 2021 06 3;18(11). Epub 2021 Jun 3.

School of Medicine, Chung Shan Medical University, Taichung 40201, Taiwan.

Background: The incidence rates of lip and oral cancer have continued to increase, and prognosis is associated with a country's socioeconomic status. The mortality-to-incidence ratio (MIR) is a reasonable indicator of disparities in cancer screening and treatment. In this study, we aimed to understand the association between economic status and cancer prognosis. Read More

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Fretting and corrosion of metal liners from modular dual mobility constructs : a retrieval analysis.

Bone Joint J 2021 Jul;103-B(7):1238-1246

Department of Biomechanics, Hospital for Special Surgery, New York, New York, USA.

Aims: Dual mobility implants in total hip arthroplasty are designed to increase the functional head size, thus decreasing the potential for dislocation. Modular dual mobility (MDM) implants incorporate a metal liner (e.g. Read More

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Surgical outcomes in oral cancer involving the central arch of the mandible in elderly patients: An institutional experience.

Natl J Maxillofac Surg 2021 Jan-Apr;12(1):72-77. Epub 2021 Mar 16.

Department of Anesthesiology, Era's Lucknow Medical College and Hospital, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Backgrounds: Oral squamous cell cancer (SCC) is one of the most common cancers. The most common age of presentation is fifth to sixth decade. Management of this disease is dictated by stage, age, and related comorbidities. Read More

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Prevalence of human papillomavirus (HPV) in oral mucosal lesions in Iran: A systematic review and meta-analysis.

J Med Virol 2021 Jun 28. Epub 2021 Jun 28.

Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology, Faculty of Dentistry, Birjand University of Medical Sciences, Birjand, Iran.

The role of human papillomavirus (HPV) in the development of oral lesions is controversial. There has been no comprehensive study about HPV prevalence in Iran. This systematic review and meta-analysis were aimed at finding HPV prevalence of oral lesions and normal oral mucosa in Iran. Read More

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Analysis of THREE-year prevalence of oral cavity, neck and head tumors - a retrospective single-centre study.

Acta Clin Croat 2020 Sep;59(3):445-454

1Prishtina Faculty of Medicine, Prishtina, Kosovo; 2Osijek Faculty of Medicine, Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek, Osijek, Croatia; 3In-Medico, Department of Research and Development, Metlika, Slovenia.

The purpose of the study was to retrospectively analyze the prevalence of oral cavity, neck and head tumors recorded at our department over a period of 3 years. Retrospective analysis included archival data on cancer patients treated at our department during the 2015-2017 period. A total of 1005 patients with proven carcinomas were selected for final analysis. Read More

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September 2020

The COVID-19 Pandemic and the Need for an Integrated and Equitable Approach: An International Expert Consensus Paper.

Thromb Haemost 2021 Aug 24;121(8):992-1007. Epub 2021 Jun 24.

Division of Blood and Vascular Biology, Department of Life Sciences, School of Life Sciences, Central University of Tamil Nadu, Thiruvarur, India.

Background:  One year after the declaration of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) and despite the implementation of mandatory physical barriers and social distancing, humanity remains challenged by a long-lasting and devastating public health crisis.

Management:  Non-pharmacological interventions (NPIs) are efficient mitigation strategies. The success of these NPIs is dependent on the approval and commitment of the population. Read More

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Accuracy of minor salivary gland biopsy in the diagnosis of Sjögren syndrome.

Bratisl Lek Listy 2021 ;122(7):454-460

Objectives: The aim of this study was to find out the correlation and evaluate the accuracy of labial minor salivary gland biopsy as a diagnostic tool in the multidisciplinary management of patients with Sjögren syndrome.

Materials And Methods: Patients, referred to our outpatient office between January 2014 and December 2018 from a rheumatologist for biopsy examination, as part of the complex diagnostic plan for suspected Sjögren syndrome, were included in the current study. Each specimen was examined histomorphometrically by the pathologist to calculate the focus score describing the degree of salivary gland inflammatory infiltration. Read More

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A rare case of Hidradenoma of the lower lip.

Am J Otolaryngol 2021 Jun 15;42(6):103108. Epub 2021 Jun 15.

Division of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, George Washington University School of Medicine & Health Sciences, Washington, DC, United States of America.

Hidradenoma are rare benign tumors with eccrine or apocrine differentiation that most often presents as a small, firm, solitary dermal nodule. At times, hidradenoma shows striking cytologic and histologic similarity to other neoplasms, including its malignant counterpart, hidradenocarcinoma. We present the first reported case of benign hidradenoma of the lower lip. Read More

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