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A Novel Construct to Treat Destructive Osteomyelitis of the Lumbar Spine in a Patient With Pre-existing Paraplegia.

Cureus 2022 May 20;14(5):e25162. Epub 2022 May 20.

Neurological Surgery, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, Miami, USA.

Treatment for vertebral osteomyelitis varies depending on the extent of pathology and includes both medical and surgical approaches. Pathogen-directed antibiotic therapy is often the first-line treatment, however, refractory cases or those with sepsis, segmental instability, or epidural abscess may be candidates for surgical treatment. Patients with extensive bony destruction often require a corpectomy with the placement of a cage for anterior column reconstruction. Read More

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Near Field 3-D Millimeter-Wave SAR Image Enhancement and Detection with Application of Antenna Pattern Compensation.

Sensors (Basel) 2022 Jun 14;22(12). Epub 2022 Jun 14.

College of Electronic Science and Technology, National University of Defense Technology, Changsha 410073, China.

In this paper, a novel near-field high-resolution image focusing technique is proposed. With the emergence of Millimeter-wave (mmWave) devices, near-field synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imaging is widely used in automotive-mounted SAR imaging, UAV imaging, concealed threat detection, etc. Current research is mainly confined to the laboratory environment, thus ignoring the adverse effects of the non-ideal experimental environment on imaging and subsequent detection in real scenarios. Read More

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Origin and Global Expansion of Complex Lineage 3.

Genes (Basel) 2022 May 31;13(6). Epub 2022 May 31.

Division of Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine, University Hospital, LMU Munich, 80802 Munich, Germany.

complex (MTBC) Lineage 3 (L3) strains are abundant in world regions with the highest tuberculosis burden. To investigate the population structure and the global diversity of this major lineage, we analyzed a dataset comprising 2682 L3 strains from 38 countries over 5 continents, by employing 24-loci mycobacterial interspersed repetitive unit-variable number of tandem repeats genotyping (MIRU-VNTR) and drug susceptibility testing. We further combined whole-genome sequencing (WGS) and phylogeographic analysis for 373 strains representing the global L3 genetic diversity. Read More

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Biodegradable and Biocompatible Adhesives for the Effective Stabilisation, Repair and Regeneration of Bone.

Bioengineering (Basel) 2022 Jun 10;9(6). Epub 2022 Jun 10.

School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, Dublin City University, D09 NA55 Dublin, Ireland.

Bone defects and complex fractures present significant challenges for orthopaedic surgeons. Current surgical procedures involve the reconstruction and mechanical stabilisation of complex fractures using metal hardware (i.e. Read More

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Tissue engineering application combining epoxidized natural rubber blend and mesenchymal stem cells in response.

J Biomater Appl 2022 Jun 22:8853282221110476. Epub 2022 Jun 22.

Laboratório de Embriologia e Diferenciação Celular - Centro de Pesquisa Experimental, 37895Hospital de Clínicas de Porto Alegre, Porto Alegre, Brazil.

This study aimed to investigate biocompatibility, integration, and tissue host response of the Poly (Lactic-co-Glycolic acid) (PLGA)/Poly (isoprene) (PI) epoxidized (PLGA/PIepox) innovative scaffold combined with adipose derived mesenchymal stem cells (ADSC). We implanted the scaffold subcutaneously on the back of 18 female rats and monitored them for up to 14 days. When compared to controls, PLGA/PIepox + ADSC demonstrated an earlier vascularization, a tendency of inflammation reduction, an adequate tissue integration, higher cell proliferation, and a tendency of expression of collagen decreasing. Read More

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Vowel sound production and its association with cephalometric characteristics in skeletal Class III subjects.

Eur J Orthod 2022 Jun 22. Epub 2022 Jun 22.

Department of Maxillofacial Orthognathics, Division of Maxillofacial and Neck Reconstruction, Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences, Tokyo Medical and Dental University (TMDU), Japan.

Background: This study aimed to evaluate differences in vowel production using acoustic analysis in skeletal Class III and Class I Japanese participants and to identify the correlation between vowel sounds and cephalometric variables in skeletal Class III subjects.

Materials And Methods: Japanese males with skeletal Class III (ANB < 0°) and Class I skeletal anatomy (0.62° < ANB < 5. Read More

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Use of the O-Z Flap to Repair Scalp Defects After Cancer Tumor Resection.

J Craniofac Surg 2022 May 26;33(3):892-894. Epub 2021 Oct 26.

Ningbo City First Hospital, Ningbo, China.

Background: Large benign and malignant tumors in the scalp cannot be sutured directly after resection. Instead, skin grafting or skin flap repair is the most commonly used techniques. Local tissue depression and lack of hair growth are some of the drawbacks associated with these techniques. Read More

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Use of Serial Flap Transfer Technique in En Bloc Reconstruction of Extensive Soft Tissue Defects in the Head and Neck.

J Craniofac Surg 2022 May 12;33(3):809-813. Epub 2021 Apr 12.

Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Plastic Surgery Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Peking Union Medical College, Shijingshan District, Beijing, china.

Abstract: En bloc reconstruction of extensive head and neck defects is feasible with matched tissue from the medial arm or chest. Nevertheless, the donor site faces significant morbidity following massive cutaneous flap harvesting. The serial flap transfer technique can increase the reconstructive ability of these flaps and minimize the donor site morbidity. Read More

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Latissimus Dorsi Muscle Flap for Scalp Reconstruction and Postoperative Ulceration Management.

J Craniofac Surg 2022 May 22;33(3):e233-e236. Epub 2021 Jul 22.

Department of Plastic and Burn Surgery, West China Hospital, Sichuan University, Chengdu, Sichuan, China.

Abstract: The latissimus dorsi muscle (LDM) flap has been widely accepted as the best choice for subtotal or total scalp reconstruction. Because of the unique anatomic and functional features of scalp, ulcerations formation would occur after reconstructive surgeries. in this study, we are presenting a patient with a large scalp defect successfully reconstructed by a latissimus dorsi muscle free flap. Read More

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Mobility-Maintaining Facet Arthroplasty of the Lumbar Spine With the Second-Generation TOPS System: A Case Series.

Oper Neurosurg (Hagerstown) 2022 Jul 20;23(1):14-21. Epub 2022 Apr 20.

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Freier Wirbelsäulenchirurgen, Vienna, Austria.

Background: Lumbar spinal stenosis results from spinal canal narrowing and can lead to pain and dysfunction. Until recently, surgical treatment for lumbar spinal stenosis requiring an extensive decompression, with or without spondylolisthesis, had to balance pain relief with the long-term risks of spinal instability after decompression and adjacent segment disease (ASD) after spinal fusion. Spinal motion-preserving devices aim to reduce the incidence of ASD after posterolateral fusion and consequent need for revision surgery. Read More

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Comparison of hidden blood loss and clinical efficacy of percutaneous endoscopic transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion and minimally invasive transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion.

Int Orthop 2022 Jun 20. Epub 2022 Jun 20.

Center for Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Department of Orthopedics, Zhejiang Provincial People's Hospital (Affiliated People's Hospital, Hangzhou Medical College), Shangtang Road 158#, Hangzhou, 310014, Zhejiang, China.

Purpose: Hidden blood loss (HBL) is a growing area of interest for spinal surgeons. Simultaneously, spine surgeons' pursuit of minimally invasive spine surgery has never ceased, as evidenced by the increasing number of articles comparing percutaneous endoscopic transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion (Endo-TLIF) and minimally invasive transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion (Mis-TLIF). However, there has been no comparison of HBL between Endo-TLIF and Mis-TLIF. Read More

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Chest wall perforator flap to partially reconstruct central mound of breast tissue - evolution of the technique.

J Surg Case Rep 2022 Jun 16;2022(6):rjac276. Epub 2022 Jun 16.

Department of Breast Surgery, Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Chorley, UK.

We describe the use of chest wall perforator flap (CWPF) to reconstruct the central mound of breast tissue in women presenting with central/retro areolar breast cancer. We describe the results of seven patients (median age, 59 years) with a median follow-up of 9 months. We were able to conserve the breast in all except one woman who was found to have extensive DCIS. Read More

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Free Your Mind, Not Your Flap.

Plast Reconstr Surg Glob Open 2022 Jun 15;10(6):e4384. Epub 2022 Jun 15.

Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Lahey Hospital & Medical Center, Burlington, Mass.

The pedicled flap has been a mainstay of soft tissue reconstruction since the earliest days of plastic surgery. Advances in surgical technology and skill have led to an erosion in the use of pedicled flaps in favor of increasingly popular free tissue transfers. Still, regional flaps without microvascular anastomosis remain a valuable reconstructive tool. Read More

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Effects of contrast enhancement boost postprocessing technique in combination with different reconstruction algorithms on the image quality of abdominal CT angiography.

Eur J Radiol 2022 Jun 2;154:110388. Epub 2022 Jun 2.

Department of Radiology, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Peking Union Medical College, Beijing, China.

Objectives: To investigate whether contrast-enhancement-boost (CE-boost) in combination with hybrid iterative reconstruction (Hybrid IR, also named HIR [AIDR 3D, adaptive iterative dose reduction three dimensional]) and model-based iterative reconstruction (MBIR [FIRST, forward projected model-based IR solution]) algorithms can improve the image quality of abdominal CT angiography (CTA).

Methods: This retrospective study included 50 patients who underwent abdominal CTA. Both arterial and portal phases were reconstructed using three different algorithms [filtered-back projection (FBP), AIDR 3D, and FIRST] separately. Read More

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Combined Endoscopy-Assisted Muscle-Sparing Latissimus Dorsi Flap Harvesting with Lipofilling Enhancement as a New Volume Replacement Technique in Breast Reconstruction.

Breast J 2022 31;2022:7740439. Epub 2022 Jan 31.

Surgery Department, Faculty of Medicine, King Khalid University, Abha, Saudi Arabia.

Introduction: This study evaluated the feasibility and patient satisfaction of combined endoscopy-assisted muscle-sparing latissimus dorsi flap harvesting, with lipofilling enhancement for skin-preserving mastectomy.

Methods: This is a prospective study that included 21 female patients with small breasts (cup size A-B), subjected to skin-preserving mastectomy as a management of breast cancer. Combined endoscopy-assisted muscle-sparing latissimus dorsi flap harvesting with lipofilling enhancement was performed for immediate breast reconstruction. Read More

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Effects of delayed breast reconstruction on the thoracolumbar vertebrae in patients undergoing unilateral mastectomy: A retrospective cohort study.

J Plast Reconstr Aesthet Surg 2022 Apr 27. Epub 2022 Apr 27.

Department of Surgical Oncology and General Surgery, Medical Faculty of Ankara University, Ankara, Turkey.

Background: Post-mastectomy changes vertebral column alignment. There is limited data assessing spine curvature after breast reconstruction. In this study, the effects of delayed breast reconstruction on the Cobb angle and quality of life indicator (Oswestry disability index [ODI]) were evaluated in patients undergoing unilateral mastectomy. Read More

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Superior Capsule Reconstruction and Lower Trapezius Transfer for Irreparable Posterior-Superior Rotator Cuff Tear: A Case Report.

JBJS Case Connect 2022 04 8;12(2). Epub 2022 Jun 8.

Rush University Medical Center, Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Chicago, Illinois.

Case: A 49-year-old right-hand-dominant male weightlifter was referred with persistent left shoulder pain, weakness, and range of motion limitations after failed arthroscopic rotator cuff repair and subsequent arthroscopic debridement for a massive posterior-superior supraspinatus and infraspinatus tear. The patient underwent a superior capsular reconstruction (SCR) with lower trapezius (LT) transfer to re-establish rotator cuff function.

Conclusion: LT transfer in addition to SCR may be a promising modality to treat massive, irreparable posterior-superior rotator cuff tears in young adults. Read More

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Comparison of a Deep Learning-Based Reconstruction Algorithm with Filtered Back Projection and Iterative Reconstruction Algorithms for Pediatric Abdominopelvic CT.

Korean J Radiol 2022 May 27. Epub 2022 May 27.

Department of Radiology, Pusan National University Yangsan Hospital, Yangsan, Korea.

Objective: To compare a deep learning-based reconstruction (DLR) algorithm for pediatric abdominopelvic computed tomography (CT) with filtered back projection (FBP) and iterative reconstruction (IR) algorithms.

Materials And Methods: Post-contrast abdominopelvic CT scans obtained from 120 pediatric patients (mean age ± standard deviation, 8.7 ± 5. Read More

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64-Slice Spiral Computerized Tomography under Algebraic Reconstruction Algorithm in the Surgical Treatment of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome Complicated with Gastric Cancer.

Comput Intell Neurosci 2022 3;2022:8548760. Epub 2022 Jun 3.

Department of Science and Education, Changsha Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Changsha 410000, Hunan, China.

In order to deeply analyze the application of CT images based on artificial intelligence algorithm in clinical treatment of AIDS patients with gastric cancer, and to provide reference for intervention of AIDS patients with gastric cancer, a total of 100 AIDS patients with gastric cancer were included as the research objects. The patients with CD4+ T lymphocyte count less than 200 cells/L were in the control group (50 cases), whereas those higher than 200 cells/L were in the experimental group (50 cases). All the patients underwent 64-slice spiral CT scanning. Read More

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Stable Consciousness? The "Hard Problem" Historically Reconstructed and in Perspective of Neurophenomenological Research on Meditation.

Stephan Schleim

Front Psychol 2022 26;13:914322. Epub 2022 May 26.

Theory and History of Psychology, Heymans Institute for Psychological Research, Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences, University of Groningen, Groningen, Netherlands.

Finding a scientific, third-person explanation of subjective experience or phenomenal content is commonly called the "hard problem" of consciousness. There has recently been a surge in neuropsychological research on meditation in general and long-term meditators in particular. These experimental subjects are allegedly capable of generating a stable state of consciousness over a prolonged period of time, which makes experimentation with them an interesting paradigm for consciousness research. Read More

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Arthroscopically Assisted Stabilization of Chronic Acromioclavicular Joint Instability.

JBJS Essent Surg Tech 2021 Oct-Dec;11(4). Epub 2021 Nov 8.

Department of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery, Schulthess Clinic, Zurich, Switzerland.

This video article demonstrates biological and synthetic acromioclavicular (AC) and coracoclavicular stabilization with use of a hamstring tendon graft and a low-profile TightRope implant (Arthrex). The low-profile TightRope reduces soft-tissue irritation due to knot stacks. The tendon graft is wrapped around the clavicle and the coracoid to avoid weakening of the osseous structures as a result of clavicular and coracoidal tunnel placement. Read More

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November 2021

Computer-assisted in vitro Reconstitution of Purine Degradation Pathway to Lower the Purine Content in Food.

J Sci Food Agric 2022 Jun 11. Epub 2022 Jun 11.

College of Light Industry and Food Engineering, Guangxi University, Nanning, 530004, People's Republic of China.

Background: With the increasing prevalence of gout and its etiological hyperuricemia, dietary control on gout based on low-purine food according to patients' eating habits is becoming a better choice compared to the existing drug treatment like allopurinol with notorious side effects. Reconstructing the purine metabolic pathway in vitro to degrade purine substances in food into natural functional allantoin seems an innovative method to prepare nutritious and healthy low purine food. This study reported a computer-assisted in vitro reconstruction of four purinolytic enzymes metabolizing adenosine into allantoin to reduce purine content in food for personalized dietary control on hyperuricemia and gout. Read More

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Artificial Intelligence Algorithm-Based High-Resolution Computed Tomography Image in the Treatment of Children with Bronchiolitis Obliterans by Traditional Chinese Medicine Method of Resolving Phlegm and Removing Blood Stasis.

Contrast Media Mol Imaging 2022 27;2022:8952791. Epub 2022 May 27.

Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology, Zhuzhou 331 Hospital, Zhuzhou, Hunan 412000, China.

This research was aimed to explore the application of high-resolution computed tomography (HRCT) based on intelligent iterative reconstruction technique in the early diagnosis and treatment of bronchiolitis obliterans (BO) in children and to explore the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in resolving phlegm and removing blood stasis. Sixty pediatric patients with BO were selected as the study subjects and diagnosed by HRCT scanning, and the scanned images were processed by iterative reconstruction technique. The patients were treated with TCM therapy of resolving phlegm and removing blood stasis alone (group A), HRCT-guided TCM therapy of resolving phlegm and removing blood stasis (group B), and iterative reconstruction HRCT-guided TCM therapy of resolving phlegm and removing blood stasis (group C). Read More

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Coronary Artery Magnetic Resonance Angiography Combined with Computed Tomography Angiography in Diagnosis of Coronary Heart Disease by Reconstruction Algorithm.

Contrast Media Mol Imaging 2022 23;2022:8628668. Epub 2022 Mar 23.

Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Ruijin Hospital, Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, Shanghai 200025, China.

This research aimed at discussing the diagnosis effect of coronary artery magnetic resonance angiography (MRA) combined with computed tomography (CT) angiography (CTA) based on the back-projection filter reconstruction (BPFR) algorithm in coronary heart disease (CHD), and its role in the diagnosis of coronary artery disease (CAD). Sixty patients with CHD were selected and randomly rolled into group A (undergone MRA examination), group B (undergone CTA examination), and group C (undergone MRA + CTA), with 20 cases in each group. Taking the diagnostic results of coronary angiography as the gold standard, the MRA and CTA images were reconstructed using a BPFR algorithm, and a filter function was added to solve the problem of image sharpness. Read More

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Computed Tomography Imaging under Artificial Intelligence Reconstruction Algorithm Used in Recovery of Sports Injury of the Knee Anterior Cruciate Ligament.

Contrast Media Mol Imaging 2022 28;2022:1199841. Epub 2022 May 28.

College of Artificial Intelligence, Southwest University, Chongqing 400715, China.

This study aimed to analyze the influence of artificial intelligence (AI) reconstruction algorithm on computed tomography (CT) images and the application of CT image analysis in the recovery of knee anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) sports injuries. A total of 90 patients with knee trauma were selected for enhanced CT scanning and randomly divided into three groups. Group A used the filtered back projection (FBP) reconstruction algorithm, and the tube voltage was set to 120 kV during CT scanning. Read More

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Implant-Based Breast Reconstruction after Mastectomy, from the Subpectoral to the Prepectoral Approach: An Evidence-Based Change of Mind?

J Clin Med 2022 May 30;11(11). Epub 2022 May 30.

Department of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, Ospedale Regionale di Lugano, Ente Ospedaliero Cantonale (EOC), 6900 Lugano, Switzerland.

Over the last years, prepectoral implant-based breast reconstruction has undergone a renaissance due to several technical advancements regarding mastectomy techniques and surgical approaches for the placement and soft tissue coverage of silicone implants. Initially abandoned due to the high incidence of complications, such as capsular contraction, implant extrusion, and poor aesthetic outcome, the effective prevention of these types of complications led to the prepectoral technique coming back in style for the ease of implant placement and the conservation of the pectoralis muscle function. Additional advantages such as a decrease of postoperative pain, animation deformity, and operative time contribute to the steady gain in popularity. Read More

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A new generative adversarial network for medical images super resolution.

Sci Rep 2022 Jun 9;12(1):9533. Epub 2022 Jun 9.

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, COMSATS University Islamabad, Abbottabad Campus, Abbottabad, Pakistan.

For medical image analysis, there is always an immense need for rich details in an image. Typically, the diagnosis will be served best if the fine details in the image are retained and the image is available in high resolution. In medical imaging, acquiring high-resolution images is challenging and costly as it requires sophisticated and expensive instruments, trained human resources, and often causes operation delays. Read More

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Ultralow-dose CT of the petrous bone using iterative reconstruction technique, tin filter and high resolution detectors allows an adequate assessment of the petrous bone structures.

Radiologia (Engl Ed) 2022 May-Jun;64(3):206-213

Servicio de Radiodiagnóstico, Hospital Povisa, Vigo, Pontevedra, Spain.

Objectives: To assess image quality and radiation dose in computed tomography (CT) studies of the petrous bone done with a scanner using a tin filter, high-resolution detectors, and iterative reconstruction, and to compare versus in studies done with another scanner without a tin filter using filtered back projection reconstruction.

Material And Methods: Thirty two patients (group 1) were acquired with an ultra-low dose CT (32-MDCT, 130kV, tin filter and iterative reconstruction). Images and radiation doses were compared to 36 patients (group 2) acquired in a 16-MDCT (120kV and filtered back-projection). Read More

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Multivendor Comparison of Quantification Accuracy of Iodine Concentration and Attenuation Measurements by Dual-Energy CT: A Phantom Study.

AJR Am J Roentgenol 2022 Jun 8. Epub 2022 Jun 8.

Department of Radiology, Ruijin Hospital, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, Shanghai, China.

Studies comparing accuracy of quantification by dual-energy CT (DECT) scanners have been limited by small numbers of scanners evaluated and narrow ranges of scanning conditions. To compare DECT scanners of varying vendors, technologies, and generations in terms of the accuracy of iodine concentration and attenuation measurements. A DECT quality-control phantom was designed to contain 7 inserts of varying iodine concentrations as well as soft-tissue and fat inserts. Read More

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Early venous congestion after diep flap breast reconstruction: case report of a successful management.

Acta Biomed 2022 Jun 7;93(S1):e2022180. Epub 2022 Jun 7.


Background And Aim: More than 250 000 women estimated to be diagnosed with breast cancer in the USA every year. Mastectomy is primary treatment for more than a third of those with early-stage disease. Most of the patients undergoing mastectomy receive breast reconstruction. Read More

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