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    Tuberculosis treatment outcome and predictors in northern Ethiopian prisons: a five-year retrospective analysis.
    BMC Pulm Med 2018 Feb 20;18(1):37. Epub 2018 Feb 20.
    Department of Family Medicine, Maastricht University/CAPHRI School for Public Health and Primary Care, PO Box 616, Maastricht, the Netherlands.
    Background: The prison situations are notorious for causing interruptions of tuberculosis (TB) treatment and occurrence of unfavorable outcomes. In Ethiopian prisons, though TB treatment programs exist, treatment outcome results and factors contributing to unsuccessful outcome are not well documented. In this study, we assessed the treatment outcome of TB cases and identified risk factors for unsuccessful outcome in northern Ethiopian prisons. Read More

    Implementation of a successful eradication protocol for Burkholderia Cepacia complex in cystic fibrosis patients.
    BMC Pulm Med 2018 Feb 14;18(1):35. Epub 2018 Feb 14.
    Department of Medicine, Division of Allergy, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, 1900 University Blvd, THT 422, Birmingham, AL, 35294, USA.
    Background: Infection with Burkholderia cepacia complex (Bcc) results in a heterogeneous clinical course ranging from asymptomatic colonization of the airways to fulminant respiratory failure in patients with cystic fibrosis (CF). Early eradication of Pseudomonas aeruginosa improves clinical outcomes. The efficacy and clinical outcomes following implementation of an eradication protocol for Bcc are less well understood. Read More

    Patterns of pleural pressure amplitude and respiratory rate changes during therapeutic thoracentesis.
    BMC Pulm Med 2018 Feb 14;18(1):36. Epub 2018 Feb 14.
    Department of Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Diseases & Allergy, Medical University of Warsaw, Banacha 1a, 02-097, Warsaw, Poland.
    Background: Although the impact of therapeutic thoracentesis on lung function and blood gases has been evaluated in several studies, some physiological aspects of pleural fluid withdrawal remain unknown. The aim of the study was to assess the changes in pleural pressure amplitude (Ppl) during the respiratory cycle and respiratory rate (RR) in patients undergoing pleural fluid withdrawal.

    Methods: The study included 23 patients with symptomatic pleural effusion. Read More

    Automated chart review utilizing natural language processing algorithm for asthma predictive index.
    BMC Pulm Med 2018 Feb 13;18(1):34. Epub 2018 Feb 13.
    Department of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine, Mayo Clinic, 200 1st Street SW, Rochester, MN, 55905, USA.
    Background: Thus far, no algorithms have been developed to automatically extract patients who meet Asthma Predictive Index (API) criteria from the Electronic health records (EHR) yet. Our objective is to develop and validate a natural language processing (NLP) algorithm to identify patients that meet API criteria.

    Methods: This is a cross-sectional study nested in a birth cohort study in Olmsted County, MN. Read More

    Predictors of inappropriate and excessive use of reliever medications in asthma: a 16-year population-based study.
    BMC Pulm Med 2018 Feb 12;18(1):33. Epub 2018 Feb 12.
    Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of British Columbia, 2405 Wesbrook Mall, Vancouver, BC, V6T 1Z3, Canada.
    Background: Understanding factors associated with the inappropriate or excessive use of short-acting beta agonists (SABA) can help develop better policies.

    Methods: We used British Columbian (BC)'s administrative health data (1997-2014) to create a retrospective cohort of asthma patients aged between 14 and 55 years. The primary and secondary outcomes were, respectively, inappropriate and excessive use of SABA based on a previously validated definition. Read More

    Test-retest repeatability of child's respiratory symptoms and perceived indoor air quality - comparing self- and parent-administered questionnaires.
    BMC Pulm Med 2018 Feb 9;18(1):32. Epub 2018 Feb 9.
    Department of Health Security, Environmental Health, National Institute for Health and Welfare, P.O. Box 95, FI-70701, Kuopio, Finland.
    Background: Questionnaires can be used to assess perceived indoor air quality and symptoms in schools. Questionnaires for primary school aged children have traditionally been parent-administered, but self-administered questionnaires would be easier to administer and may yield as good, if not better, information. Our aim was to compare the repeatability of self- and parent-administered indoor air questionnaires designed for primary school aged pupils. Read More

    Effects of a partially supervised conditioning programme in cystic fibrosis: an international multi-centre randomised controlled trial (ACTIVATE-CF): study protocol.
    BMC Pulm Med 2018 Feb 8;18(1):31. Epub 2018 Feb 8.
    Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Prevention Institute, University of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland.
    Background: Physical activity (PA) and exercise have become an accepted and valued component of cystic fibrosis (CF) care. Regular PA and exercise can positively impact pulmonary function, improve physical fitness, and enhance health-related quality of life (HRQoL). However, motivating people to be more active is challenging. Read More

    N-acetylcysteine exposure is associated with improved survival in anti-nuclear antibody seropositive patients with usual interstitial pneumonia.
    BMC Pulm Med 2018 Feb 8;18(1):30. Epub 2018 Feb 8.
    Department of Medicine; Section of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, The University of Chicago, Chicago, USA.
    Background: Mortality is similarly high among individuals with usual interstitial pneumonia (UIP) due to idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) and interstitial pneumonia with autoimmune features (IPAF). Circulating anti-nuclear antibodies (ANA) are commonly found in this patient population, suggesting possible aberrant immune activation. Because an environment of oxidative stress can result from immunologic activation, we hypothesized that ANA positive patients with UIP would have improved outcome when exposed to the antioxidant N-acetylcysteine (NAC) compared to ANA negative patients. Read More

    Nerve ablation after bronchial thermoplasty and sustained improvement in severe asthma.
    BMC Pulm Med 2018 Feb 8;18(1):29. Epub 2018 Feb 8.
    Pulmonary Rehabilitation, S. Sebastiano Hospital, Correggio (RE), Azienda USL di Reggio Emilia, Reggio Emilia, Italy.
    Background: Bronchial thermoplasty (BT) is a non-pharmacological intervention for severe asthma whose mechanism of action is not completely explained by a reduction of airway smooth muscle (ASM). In this study we analyzed the effect of BT on nerve fibers and inflammatory components in the bronchial mucosa at 1 year.

    Methods: Endobronchial biopsies were obtained from 12 subjects (mean age 47 ± 11. Read More

    The relationship between high-dose corticosteroid treatment and mortality in acute respiratory distress syndrome: a retrospective and observational study using a nationwide administrative database in Japan.
    BMC Pulm Med 2018 Feb 7;18(1):28. Epub 2018 Feb 7.
    Department of Respiratory Medicine, University of Occupational and Environmental Health, 1-1 Iseigaoka, Yahatanishi-ku, Kitakyushu, Japan.
    Background: In the 1980s, randomized-controlled trials showed that high-dose corticosteroid treatment did not improve the mortality of acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). However, while the diagnostic criteria for ARDS have since changed, and supportive therapies have been improved, no randomized-controlled trials have revisited this issue since 1987; thus, the effect of high-dose corticosteroid treatment may be different in this era. We evaluated the effect of high-dose corticosteroid treatment in patients with ARDS using a nationwide administrative database in Japan in a retrospective and observational study. Read More

    Heterogeneous pattern of differences in respiratory parameters between elderly with either good or poor FEV.
    BMC Pulm Med 2018 Feb 6;18(1):27. Epub 2018 Feb 6.
    Institute of Epidemiology I, Helmholtz Zentrum München - German Research Center for Environmental Health, Ingolstaedter Landstrasse 1, D-85764, Neuherberg, Germany.
    Background: The relationship of spirometric values to other respiratory and functional parameters in advanced age is not well studied. We assessed this relationship in elderly subjects with either good or poor spirometric parameters to reveal whether different domains of lung function show comparable differences between the two groups.

    Methods: Among subjects of the population-based KORA-Age cohort (n = 935, 65-90y; 51% male) two groups were selected from either the lower (LED; n = 51) or the upper (UED; n = 72) end of the FEVdistribution. Read More

    A model for predicting bacteremia in patients with community-acquired pneumococcal pneumonia: a retrospective observational study.
    BMC Pulm Med 2018 Jan 30;18(1):24. Epub 2018 Jan 30.
    Department of Respiratory Medicine, Ohara Memorial Kurashiki Healthcare Foundation, Kurashiki Central Hospital, 1-1-1 miwa, Kurashiki, Okayama, 710-8602, Japan.
    Background: Pneumococcal pneumonia causes high morbidity and mortality among adults. This study aimed to identify risk factors for bacteremic pneumococcal pneumonia, and to construct a prediction model for the development of bacteremia in patients with community-acquired pneumococcal pneumonia.

    Methods: We retrospectively analyzed data from patients hospitalized with community-acquired pneumococcal pneumonia between April 2007 and August 2015. Read More

    Emphysematous change with scleroderma-associated interstitial lung disease: the potential contribution of vasculopathy?
    BMC Pulm Med 2018 Jan 30;18(1):25. Epub 2018 Jan 30.
    Department of Respiratory Medicine, Kanagawa Cardiovascular and Respiratory Center, 6-16-1 Tomioka-higashi, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama, 236-0051, Japan.
    Background: Pulmonary emphysema combined with systemic sclerosis (SSc)-associated interstitial lung disease (ILD) occurs more often in smokers but also in never-smokers. This study aimed to describe a new finding characterized by peculiar emphysematous change with SSc-associated ILD (SSc-ILD).

    Methods: We conducted a retrospective review of 21 consecutive patients with SSc-ILD diagnosed by surgical lung biopsy and focused on the radio-pathological correlation of the emphysematous change. Read More

    Prevalence and characteristics of COPD among pneumoconiosis patients at an occupational disease prevention institute: a cross-sectional study.
    BMC Pulm Med 2018 Jan 29;18(1):22. Epub 2018 Jan 29.
    Department of Respiratory Medicine, The Second Xiangya Hospital, Central South University, Changsha, Hunan, 410011, China.
    Background: Pneumoconiosis may play an important role in the development of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and the complication of COPD may impose a heavy burden of illness.

    Methods: The study was conducted in Hunan Province in China from December 1, 2015, to December 1, 2016. Consecutive underground male pneumoconiosis patients employed for at least 1 year were recruited from the Hunan Occupational Disease Prevention Institute. Read More

    High incidence and early onset of nivolumab-induced pneumonitis: four case reports and literature review.
    BMC Pulm Med 2018 Jan 30;18(1):23. Epub 2018 Jan 30.
    Department of Thoracic Surgery, Tokyo Medical University Hachioji Medical Center, Tokyo, Japan.
    Background: Nivolumab, an anti-programmed cell death-1 (PD-1) monoclonal antibody used as an immune checkpoint inhibitor, is commonly employed for its anti-tumor effects against various types of malignant tumors. However, its administration is complicated by immune-related adverse events (irAEs), including pneumonitis.

    Case Presentation: We present a case series of four patients with malignant melanoma, non-small cell lung cancer, and hypopharyngeal carcinoma who demonstrated pneumonitis induced by nivolumab, and further review clinicopathological characteristics of these patients in comparison with those of previously reported patients with nivolumab-induced pneumonitis. Read More

    Chyloptysis with chylopericardium, a rare case and mini-review.
    BMC Pulm Med 2018 Jan 29;18(1):21. Epub 2018 Jan 29.
    Department of Respiratory Medicine, PutuoHospital, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shanghai, No.164, LanXi Road, Shanghai, 200062, China.
    Background: Chyloptysis is reflux of chyle into the lungs and is a rare manifestation of primary chylous disorders.

    Case Presentation: Over 29 months, on the basis of x-rays, a 33-year-old female was repeatedly misdiagnosed with recurrent right-sided pneumonia; her symptoms included a recurrent cough, the appearance of cheese-like sputum, and diffuse pulmonary exudates. There was a history that abundant fluid in the pericardium was confirmed with echocardiography to have been present and asymptomatic for 4 years. Read More

    Predictors of one-year mortality after hospitalization for an exacerbation of COPD.
    BMC Pulm Med 2018 Jan 25;18(1):18. Epub 2018 Jan 25.
    Pulmonary Service and Research Institute, Doce de Octubre University Hospital, Madrid, Spain.
    Background: Hospitalization for a severe exacerbation of COPD (eCOPD) is an important event in the natural history of COPD. Identifying factors related to mortality 1 year after hospitalization could help determine interventions to reduce mortality.

    Methods: In a prospective, observational, multicentre study, we evaluated data from two cohorts: the Spanish audit of hospital COPD exacerbation care (our derivation sample) and the Spanish cohort of the European audit of COPD exacerbation care (our validation sample). Read More

    Exacerbations and healthcare resource utilization among COPD patients in a Swedish registry-based nation-wide study.
    BMC Pulm Med 2018 Jan 25;18(1):17. Epub 2018 Jan 25.
    EPID Research, Metsänneidonkuja 12, FI-02130, Espoo, Finland.
    Background: Exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) are an important measure of disease severity in terms of impaired disease progression, increased recovery time, healthcare resource utilization, overall morbidity and mortality. We aimed to quantify exacerbation and healthcare resource utilization rates among COPD patients in Sweden with respect to baseline treatments, exacerbation history, and comorbidities.

    Methods: Patients with a COPD or chronic bronchitis (CB) diagnosis in secondary care at age of ≥40 years on 1. Read More

    Successful eradication of newly acquired MRSA in six of seven patients with cystic fibrosis applying a short-term local and systemic antibiotic scheme.
    BMC Pulm Med 2018 Jan 25;18(1):20. Epub 2018 Jan 25.
    Department of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, Clinic for Cystic Fibrosis, Universitätsklinikum Erlangen, Loschgestraße 15, 91054, Erlangen, Germany.
    Background: In individuals with cystic fibrosis (CF), colonization with methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) was reported to be associated with a deterioration of pulmonary disease as reflected by an accelerated decline in lung function. Thus, an early eradication of MRSA could be beneficial in these patients. Here, we report on an intensified MRSA eradication protocol. Read More

    Disease progression in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis with mild physiological impairment: analysis from the Australian IPF registry.
    BMC Pulm Med 2018 Jan 25;18(1):19. Epub 2018 Jan 25.
    Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Missenden Road, Camperdown, NSW, 2050, Australia.
    Background: Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) is a progressive and fatal fibrosing lung disease of unknown cause. The advent of anti-fibrotic medications known to slow disease progression has revolutionised IPF management in recent years. However, little is known about the natural history of IPF patients with mild physiological impairment. Read More

    Secondary pulmonary alveolar proteinosis: a single-center retrospective study (a case series and literature review).
    BMC Pulm Med 2018 Jan 25;18(1):15. Epub 2018 Jan 25.
    Department of Respiratory Medicine, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences & Peking Union Medical College, Beijing, China.
    Background: Secondary pulmonary alveolar proteinosis (sPAP) is an extremely rare disease. The clinical features of sPAP patients remain to be summarizeds.

    Methods: Patients pathologically diagnosed with PAP and with negative results for anti-granulocyte macrophage colony stimulating factor (GM-CSF) autoantibodies from Peking Union Medical College Hospital between January 2000 and July 2016 were retrospectively studied. Read More

    Burden of asthma and COPD overlap (ACO) in Taiwan: a nationwide population-based study.
    BMC Pulm Med 2018 Jan 25;18(1):16. Epub 2018 Jan 25.
    Health Data Research Center, National Taiwan University, No.33, Linsen South Road, Suite 526, Taipei, 10051, Taiwan.
    Background: Patients with symptoms of both asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) may be classified with the term asthma-COPD overlap (ACO). ACO is of considerable interest as it is currently poorly characterised and has been associated with worse health outcomes and higher healthcare costs compared with COPD or asthma alone. Patients with ACO in Asia remain poorly described, and there is limited information regarding their resource utilisation compared with patients with asthma or COPD only. Read More

    Effectiveness of nasal highflow in hypercapnic COPD patients is flow and leakage dependent.
    BMC Pulm Med 2018 Jan 24;18(1):14. Epub 2018 Jan 24.
    Department of Respiratory Medicine, University of Leipzig, Liebigstrasse 20, 04103, Leipzig, Germany.
    Background: Nasal Highflow (NHF) delivers a humidified and heated airflow via nasal prongs. Current data provide evidence for efficacy of NHF in patients with hypoxemic respiratory failure. Preliminary data suggest that NHF may decrease hypercapnia in hypercapnic respiratory failure. Read More

    Long-term progression-free survival in an advanced lung adenocarcinoma patient harboring EZR-ROS1 rearrangement: a case report.
    BMC Pulm Med 2018 Jan 23;18(1):13. Epub 2018 Jan 23.
    Department of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, Huashan Hospital, Fudan University, #12, Urumqi middle Road, Shanghai, 200040, China.
    Background: Crizotinib is recommended as first-line therapy in ROS1-driven lung adenocarcinoma. However, the optimal first-line therapy for this subgroup of lung cancer is controversial according to the available clinical data.

    Case Presentation: Here, we describe a 57-year-old man who was diagnosed with stage IIIB lung adenocarcinoma and EGFR/KRAS/ALK-negative tumors. Read More

    The mortality risk factor of community acquired pneumonia patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a retrospective cohort study.
    BMC Pulm Med 2018 Jan 22;18(1):12. Epub 2018 Jan 22.
    Department of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, Shanghai Pulmonary Hospital, Tongji University School of Medicine, No. 507 Zhengmin Road, Shanghai, 200433, China.
    Background: Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is one of the most common comorbidities in community acquired pneumonia (CAP) patients. We aimed to investigate the characteristics and mortality risk factors of COPD patients hospitalized with CAP.

    Methods: A retrospective cohort study was conducted at Shanghai Pulmonary Hospital and Shanghai Dahua Hospital. Read More

    Chronic airflow obstruction in Tanzania - a cross-sectional study.
    BMC Pulm Med 2018 Jan 19;18(1):11. Epub 2018 Jan 19.
    Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, Basel, Switzerland.
    Background: Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is a global problem and available data from sub-Saharan Africa is very limited.

    Methods: A cross-sectional facility-based pilot study among patients and visitors to an urban and a rural primary healthcare facility was conducted in coastal Tanzania. The primary outcome was the prevalence of chronic airflow obstruction. Read More

    The associations between weight-related anthropometrics during childhood and lung function in late childhood: a retrospective cohort study.
    BMC Pulm Med 2018 Jan 19;18(1):10. Epub 2018 Jan 19.
    Department of Paediatrics, Stavanger University Hospital, POB 8100, N-4068, Stavanger, Norway.
    Background: An association between body weight in childhood and subsequent lung function and asthma has been suggested, but few longitudinal studies exist. Our aim was to explore whether weight-related anthropometric measurements through childhood were associated with lung function in late childhood.

    Methods: From an original nested case-control study, a cohort study was conducted, where lung function was measured in 463 children aged 12. Read More

    Barriers to timely diagnosis of interstitial lung disease in the real world: the INTENSITY survey.
    BMC Pulm Med 2018 Jan 17;18(1). Epub 2018 Jan 17.
    Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation, 230 E. Ohio Street, Suite 500, Chicago, IL, 60611, USA.
    Background: The diagnosis of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) and other interstitial lung diseases (ILD) presents significant clinical challenges. To gain insights regarding the diagnostic experience of patients with ILD and to identify potential barriers to a timely and accurate diagnosis, we developed an online questionnaire and conducted a national survey of adults with a self-reported diagnosis of ILD.

    Methods: A pre-specified total of 600 subjects were recruited to participate in a 40-question online survey. Read More

    Is sweat testing for cystic fibrosis feasible in patients with down syndrome?
    BMC Pulm Med 2018 Jan 16;18(1). Epub 2018 Jan 16.
    Clinic of Neonatology and Pediatric Intensive Care, Bürgerhospital Frankfurt am Main, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
    Background: Recurrent airway infections are common in patients with Down's syndrome (DS). Hence, ruling out Cystic Fibrosis (CF) in these patients is often required. In the past, the value of sweat testing - the gold standard to diagnose CF - has been questioned in DS as false positive results have been reported. Read More

    Risk factors for acute respiratory infections in children under five years attending the Bamenda Regional Hospital in Cameroon.
    BMC Pulm Med 2018 Jan 16;18(1). Epub 2018 Jan 16.
    Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, University of Yaoundé 1, Yaoundé, Cameroon.
    Background: Acute respiratory infections (ARI) are a leading cause of morbidity and mortality in under-five children worldwide. About 6.6 million children less than 5 years of age die every year in the world; 95% of them in low-income countries and one third of the total deaths is due to ARI. Read More

    Miliary tuberculosis with co-existing pulmonary cryptococcosis in non-HIV patient without underlying diseases: a case report.
    BMC Pulm Med 2018 Jan 16;18(1). Epub 2018 Jan 16.
    Second Department of Internal Medicine, Nagasaki University Hospital, 1-7-1 Sakamoto-machi, Nagasaki, Japan.
    Background: Tuberculosis and cryptococcosis co-infection usually occurs in immunosuppressed patients with impaired cell-mediated immunity. However, there are few reports about such co-infection in non-HIV patients without underlying diseases. Here, we report a case of miliary tuberculosis with co-existing pulmonary cryptococcosis in non-HIV patient without underlying diseases. Read More

    Management and attitudes about IPF (Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis) among physicians from Latin America.
    BMC Pulm Med 2018 Jan 10;18(1). Epub 2018 Jan 10.
    Respiralab, Respiralab Research Group, Guayaquil, Ecuador.
    Background: The aim of our study was to assess current practice patterns and attitudes towards diagnosis and management of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) patients in Latin America.

    Methods: A Cross-sectional survey was developed and up to 455 physicians were enrolled. We used a rigorous method of validation using the translated version of the AIR Survey. Read More

    Risk factors of postoperative pulmonary complications in patients with asthma and COPD.
    BMC Pulm Med 2018 Jan 9;18(1). Epub 2018 Jan 9.
    Division of Respiratory Diseases, Department of Internal Medicine, Jikei University School of Medicine, 3-25-8, Nishi-Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan.
    Background: Postoperative pulmonary complications (PPC) in patients with pulmonary diseases remain to be resolved clinical issue. However, most evidence regarding PPC has been established more than 10 years ago. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate perioperative management using new inhalant drugs in patients with obstructive pulmonary diseases. Read More

    The use of an alternate side lying positioning strategy during inhalation therapy does not prolong nebulisation time in adults with Cystic Fibrosis: a randomised crossover trial.
    BMC Pulm Med 2018 Jan 8;18(1). Epub 2018 Jan 8.
    Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia.
    Background: Inhalation of nebulised medications is performed in upright sitting to maximise lung volumes. The pattern of deposition is poor for inhaled medications in people with Cystic Fibrosis. The pattern tends to be non-uniform and typically the upper lobes receive a reduced dose compared to the rest of the lung. Read More

    Thin-section computed tomography-determined usual interstitial pneumonia pattern affects the decision-making process for resection in newly diagnosed lung cancer patients: a retrospective study.
    BMC Pulm Med 2018 Jan 5;18(1). Epub 2018 Jan 5.
    Department of Respiratory Medicine, Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine, 65 Tsurumai-cho, Showa-ku, Nagoya, 466-8550, Japan.
    Background: There is only limited information on the impact of thin-section computed tomography (TSCT)-determined usual interstitial pneumonia (UIP) pattern in the decision-making for resection in newly diagnosed lung cancer patients.

    Methods: In this retrospective analysis, data were reviewed from 499 newly diagnosed lung cancer patients who received bronchoscopy between 2010 and 2014. The clinical impact of TSCT-determined UIP pattern on the decision-making process for resection in this cohort was evaluated. Read More

    Annexin A1 in plasma from patients with bronchial asthma: its association with lung function.
    BMC Pulm Med 2018 Jan 4;18(1). Epub 2018 Jan 4.
    Division of Respiratory and Allergy, Department of Internal Medicine, Soonchunhyang University Bucheon Hospital, 170 Jomaru-ro, Wonmi-gu, Bucheon, Gyeonggi-do, 14584, Republic of Korea.
    Background: Annexin-A1 (ANXA1) is a glucocorticoid-induced protein with multiple actions in the regulation of inflammatory cell activation. The anti-inflammatory protein ANXA1 and its N-formyl peptide receptor 2 (FPR2) have protective effects on organ fibrosis. However, the exact role of ANXA1 in asthma remains to be determined. Read More

    Adjunctive corticosteroid therapy for inpatients with Mycoplasma pneumoniae pneumonia.
    BMC Pulm Med 2017 Dec 29;17(1):219. Epub 2017 Dec 29.
    Department of Infectious Diseases, Nagasaki University Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, 1-7-1 Sakamoto, Nagasaki, 852-8501, Japan.
    Background: There is conflicting evidence regarding the benefit of adjunctive corticosteroid therapy in patients with Mycoplasma pneumoniae pneumonia. We hypothesised that corticosteroid therapy could reduce mortality and length of stay (LOS) in such patients.

    Methods: Adult patients with M. Read More

    Association of physical activity with lung function in lung-healthy German adults: results from the KORA FF4 study.
    BMC Pulm Med 2017 Dec 28;17(1):215. Epub 2017 Dec 28.
    Institute of Epidemiology I, Helmholtz Zentrum München - German Research Center for Environmental Health, Ingolstädter Landstr. 1, 85764, Neuherberg, Germany.
    Background: In lung disease, physical activity (PA) yields beneficial health effects, but its association with the function of healthy lungs has rarely been studied. We investigated the association of accelerometer-based PA with spirometric indices, maximal inspiratory mouth pressure (PI) and lung diffusion capacity in lung-healthy adults.

    Methods: In total, 341 apparently lung-healthy participants from the population-based KORA (Cooperative Health Research in the Region of Augsburg) FF4 cohort study (45% male, aged 48-68 years, 47% never smokers) completed lung function testing and wore ActiGraph accelerometers over a one week period at the hip. Read More

    Overexpression of EMMPRIN is associated with lymph node metastasis and advanced stage of non-small cell lung cancer: a retrospective study.
    BMC Pulm Med 2017 Dec 28;17(1):214. Epub 2017 Dec 28.
    Department of Respiratory Medicine, Jining NO.1 People's Hospital, Jiankang Road, Jining City, Shandong Province, 272000, People's Republic of China.
    Background: Previous studies show that overexpression of EMMPRIN involved in the malignant biological behavior of tumors. This investigation was to disclose the expression status of EMMPRIN in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and its clinical value for the diagnosis of NSCLC.

    Methods: The expression of EMMPRIN was examined using immunohistochemistry and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. Read More

    Case report: atypical presentation of vancomycin induced DRESS syndrome: a case report and review of the literature.
    BMC Pulm Med 2017 Dec 28;17(1):217. Epub 2017 Dec 28.
    Nephrology, Sparrow Medical Group, Lansing, MI, USA.
    Background: Drug reaction with eosinophilia and systemic symptoms (DRESS) is a severe hypersensitivity drug reaction involving the skin and multiple internal organ systems. The symptoms typically present with fever and skin rash, and rapidly progress to multiple organ failures. Vancomycin is a rare drug to cause DRESS syndrome with 23 cases reported to date. Read More

    Plasma levels of alarmin HNPs 1-3 associate with lung dysfunction after cardiac surgery in children.
    BMC Pulm Med 2017 Dec 28;17(1):218. Epub 2017 Dec 28.
    Department of Thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgery, Children's Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine and Zhejiang Key Laboratory for Diagnosis and Therapy of Neonatal Diseases, 3333 Binsheng Road, Hangzhou, 310003, China.
    Background: Early onset of lung injury is considerable common after cardiac surgery and is associated with increasing in morbidity and mortality, but current clinical predictors for the occurrence of this complication always have limited positive warning value. This study aimed to evaluate whether elevated plasma levels of human neutrophil peptides (HNPs) 1-3 herald impaired lung function in infants and young children after cardiac surgery necessitating cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB).

    Methods: Consecutive children younger than 3 years old who underwent cardiac surgery were prospectively enrolled. Read More

    Riociguat in patients with chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension: results from an early access study.
    BMC Pulm Med 2017 Dec 28;17(1):216. Epub 2017 Dec 28.
    Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Foundation "IRCCS Policlinico San Matteo", University of Pavia School of Medicine, Pavia, Italy.
    Background: Following positive results from the Phase III CHEST-1 study in patients with inoperable or persistent/recurrent chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension (CTEPH), the Phase IIIb CTEPH early access study (EAS) was designed to assess the safety and tolerability of riociguat in real-world clinical practice, as well as to provide patients with early access to riociguat before launch. Riociguat is approved for the treatment of inoperable and persistent/recurrent CTEPH.

    Methods: We performed an open-label, uncontrolled, single-arm, early access study in which 300 adult patients with inoperable or persistent/recurrent CTEPH received riociguat adjusted from 1 mg three times daily (tid) to a maximum of 2. Read More

    Implication of species change of Nontuberculous Mycobacteria during or after treatment.
    BMC Pulm Med 2017 Dec 20;17(1):213. Epub 2017 Dec 20.
    Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine, Seoul National University College of Medicine, 101, Daehak-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, 03080, Republic of Korea.
    Background: Co-existence or subsequent isolation of multiple nontuberculous mycobacteria (NTM) species in same patient has been reported. However, clinical significance of these observations is unclear. The aim of this study was to determine clinical implications of changes of NTM species during or after treatment in patients with NTM lung disease. Read More

    Lung ultrasonography to diagnose community-acquired pneumonia in children.
    BMC Pulm Med 2017 Dec 19;17(1):212. Epub 2017 Dec 19.
    Paediatric Clinic, Department of Surgical and Biomedical Sciences, Università degli Studi di Perugia, Piazza Menghini 1, 06129, Perugia, Italy.
    Background: Early diagnosis of community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) is essential to reduce the total burden of this disease. Traditionally, chest radiography (CR) is used to identify true CAP. However, CR is not a perfect diagnostic test for CAP. Read More

    Effect of oral glycine on the clinical, spirometric and inflammatory status in subjects with cystic fibrosis: a pilot randomized trial.
    BMC Pulm Med 2017 Dec 15;17(1):206. Epub 2017 Dec 15.
    Departamento de Neumología, Hospital de Pediatría, Centro Médico Nacional Siglo XXI, Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social, Mexico City, Mexico.
    Background: Patients with cystic fibrosis (CF) have airway inflammation that contributes to symptoms and to pulmonary function derangement. Current drugs used to diminish airway inflammation improve the clinical and spirometric status of patients with CF, but their use is limited due to their undesired side effects, for example, glucose intolerance, growth retardation, and cataracts with corticosteroids, gastrointestinal toxicity with ibuprofen, and macrolide resistance with azythromycin. Glycine is known to decrease activation of inflammatory cells, including alveolar macrophages and neutrophils, and is relatively inexpensive, palatable, and virtually devoid of untoward effects. Read More

    Association analysis of ILVBL gene polymorphisms with aspirin-exacerbated respiratory disease in asthma.
    BMC Pulm Med 2017 Dec 16;17(1):210. Epub 2017 Dec 16.
    Division of Allergy and Respiratory Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine, Soonchunhyang University Bucheon Hospital, 1174, Jung-Dong, Wonmi-Ku, Bucheon, Gyeonggi-Do, 420-021, Republic of Korea.
    Background: We previously reported that the ILVBL gene on chromosome 19p13.1 was associated with the risk for aspirin-exacerbated respiratory disease (AERD) and the percent decline of forced expired volume in one second (FEV1) after an oral aspirin challenge test. In this study, we confirmed the association between polymorphisms and haplotypes of the ILVBL gene and the risk for AERD and its phenotype. Read More

    Association between ATM gene polymorphisms, lung cancer susceptibility and radiation-induced pneumonitis: a meta-analysis.
    BMC Pulm Med 2017 Dec 15;17(1):205. Epub 2017 Dec 15.
    Department of Respiratory Medicine and Critical Care Medicine, West China Hospital/West China School of Medicine, Sichuan University, Guoxuexiang 37, Chengdu, 610041, China.
    Background: Previous studies have suggested that DNA double-strand break (DSB) repair is an important protective pathway after damage. The ataxia telangiectasia mutated (ATM) gene plays an important role in the DNA DSB repair pathway. DNA damage is a major cytotoxic effect that can be caused by radiation, and the ability to repair DNA after damage varies among different tissues. Read More

    A cluster analysis of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in dusty areas cohort identified three subgroups.
    BMC Pulm Med 2017 Dec 16;17(1):209. Epub 2017 Dec 16.
    Department of Internal Medicine and Environmental Health Center, Kangwon National University, Chuncheon, Korea.
    Background: Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a heterogeneous disease with variable clinical manifestations, structural changes, and treatment responses. In a cohort study, we performed a baseline cluster analysis to identify the subgroups of COPD and to assess the clinical outcomes of each subgroup during a 1-year follow-up.

    Methods: We analyzed dusty areas cohort comprising 272 patients with COPD. Read More

    Rates and risk factors associated with hospitalization for pneumonia with ICU admission among adults.
    BMC Pulm Med 2017 Dec 16;17(1):208. Epub 2017 Dec 16.
    Influenza Division, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1600 Clifton Rd NE, Mailstop A32, Atlanta, GA, 30333, USA.
    Background: Pneumonia poses a significant burden to the U.S. health-care system. Read More

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