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Redemptive Family Narratives: Olga Lengyel and the Textuality of the Holocaust: In Memoriam Elie Wiesel.

Marius Turda

Arch Mold 2016 ;8:69-82

PhD, Reader in Eastern and Central European Biomedicine, Oxford Brookes University.

Memoirs written by Holocaust survivors and (in some cases) their testimonies retain a salience unmatched by other historical sources. This article discusses one such memoir, Olga Lengyel's Five Chimneys, alongside her 1998 testimony, aiming to engage with broader methodological issues relating to the history of the Holocaust, particularly those about memory, narrative and textuality. Through a detailed discussion of certain moments shaping Olga Lengyel's personal experience, both pre-and post-arrival in Auschwitz, the article captures the tensions and contradictions characterizing the harrowing story of one woman's loss of family in the Holocaust. Read More

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January 2016
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