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    Organ transplantation from marginal and non-standard risk donors: ethical requisites for consent from recipients.
    Ann Ist Super Sanita 2017 Oct-Dec;53(4):350-353
    Unità di Bioetica, Presidenza, Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Rome, Italy.
    In order to close the gap between available organs and patients needing transplants, the selection criteria for donors have gradually become more relaxed and many countries have defined expanded criteria for donor variables. However, the use of organs from marginal and non-standard risk donors poses considerable ethical issues. The acceptability of the risk/benefit ratio depends primarily on a clinical assessment, and information given to the recipient and his/her eventual consent are crucial. Read More

    A comparison between the costs of dialysis treatments in Marche Region, Italy: Macerata and Tolentino hospitals.
    Ann Ist Super Sanita 2017 Oct-Dec;53(4):344-349
    Struttura Complessa di Nefrologia e Dialisi, Ospedale di Macerata e Tolentino, Macerata, Italy.
    Backgrounds: The main aim of this study was to estimate the costs of different dialysis modalities through the analysis of administrative databases in the Macerata and Tolentino hospitals, in Italy.

    Methods: We retrospectively analyzed two main categories: medical direct costs (all the monetary costs whose consumption is wholly referable to dialysis treatment) and non-medical direct costs (all the costs that make treatment possible but that are outside the medical care sector), related to 2013. Attention was focused on the analysis of the extracorporeal dialysis methods (HD, HDF/AFB, HDF/MID/HFR) and the peritoneal dialysis (APD, CAPD). Read More

    Using health care audit to improve quality of clinical records: the preliminary experience of an Italian Cancer Institute.
    Ann Ist Super Sanita 2017 Oct-Dec;53(4):337-343
    Direzione Sanitaria, Ospedale San Giovanni Calibita Fatebenefratelli, Rome, Italy.
    Introduction: Audit and feedback are recognized as part of a strategy for improving performance and supporting quality and safety in European health care systems. These considerations led the Clinical Management Staff of the "Regina Elena" Italian Cancer Institute to start a project of self-assessment of the quality of clinical records and organizational appropriateness through a retrospective review.

    Materials And Methods: The evaluation about appropriateness and congruity concerned both clinical records of 2013 and of 2015. Read More

    Medical tattooing, the new frontiers: a case of nail bed treatment.
    Ann Ist Super Sanita 2017 Oct-Dec;53(4):334-336
    Dipartimento Cure Primarie, ULSS9, Treviso, Italy.
    The primary objective of medical tattooing is to restore part of a patient's physical integrity. Moreover, the procedure seeks to assist in psychological recovery from the physical and/or psychological consequences of disease, surgery or trauma. The method described in this brief note marks a step forward in the field of such tattooing. Read More

    Cooperating to improve healthcare in Arab countries.
    Ann Ist Super Sanita 2017 Oct-Dec;53(4):330-333
    Fondazione Policlinico Universitario A. Gemelli, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Rome, Italy.
    This brief note presents a few examples of successful health collaboration to improve healthcare in Arab countries. Considerable growth has been noticed in the past years in the health sector of the Middle East and North Africa region countries due to the need to address health service capacity gaps and improve the quality of health infrastructure. The rising population coupled with the aging demographic is expected to drive healthcare demand in the Arab region, augmenting its demand. Read More

    Estimate of the prevalence of subjects with gambling-related problems requiring treatment: a study in Northern Italy.
    Ann Ist Super Sanita 2017 Oct-Dec;53(4):322-329
    Dipartimento Salute Mentale e Dipendenze, Azienda USL Bologna, Bologna, Italy.
    This study analyzes the data related to subjects who for the first time turned to a hospital or to a Public Treatment Service Dedicated to Drug Addicts or to a Community Mental Health Center for problems related to pathological gambling in the metropolitan area of Bologna (Northern Italy) in the period 2000/2015. The aims were to describe characteristics and problems of pathological gamblers (PGs), and to estimate the prevalence of PGs using the capture-recapture method. Four hundred and ninety-five residents were identified, with an estimate of 1570 PGs and a prevalence of 1. Read More

    EURADOS intercomparison exercise on Monte Carlo modelling of a medical linear accelerator.
    Ann Ist Super Sanita 2017 Oct-Dec;53(4):314-321
    CEA, LIST, Laboratoire National Henri Becquerel (LNE-LNHB), CEA-Saclay 91191 Gif-sur-Yvette Cedex, France.
    Background: In radiotherapy, Monte Carlo (MC) methods are considered a gold standard to calculate accurate dose distributions, particularly in heterogeneous tissues. EURADOS organized an international comparison with six participants applying different MC models to a real medical linear accelerator and to one homogeneous and four heterogeneous dosimetric phantoms.

    Aims: The aim of this exercise was to identify, by comparison of different MC models with a complete experimental dataset, critical aspects useful for MC users to build and calibrate a simulation and perform a dosimetric analysis. Read More

    Italian external quality assessment program for cystic fibrosis sweat chloride test: a 2015 and 2016 results comparison.
    Ann Ist Super Sanita 2017 Oct-Dec;53(4):305-313
    Centro Nazionale Malattie Rare, Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Rome, Italy
    Background: Diagnostic testing in cystic fibrosis (CF) is based on the sweat chloride test (SCT) in the context of appropriate signs and symptoms of disease and results of the gene mutation analysis. In 2014 the Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS) established a pilot Italian external quality assessment program for CF sweat chloride test (Italian EQA-SCT). In 2015 this activity was recognized as a third party service carried out by the ISS. Read More

    Trends in thyroid cancer incidence and mortality in Central Serbia, 1999-2014.
    Ann Ist Super Sanita 2017 Oct-Dec;53(4):299-304
    Specialised Hospital for Rehabilitation of Vrdnik, Vrdnik, Serbia.
    Introduction: Thyroid cancer (TC) is the most common malignant disease of the endocrine system. The incidence of the TC has been increasing worldwide, especially in female population. However, mortality from TC is low in both males and females. Read More

    Capturing the chance for pneumococcal vaccination in the hospital setting.
    Ann Ist Super Sanita 2017 Oct-Dec;53(4):291-298
    Istituto di Sanità Pubblica, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Roma, Rome, Italy.
    Introduction: Because of the relevant burden of pneumococcal diseases, newborns, people at risk and elderly are recommended vaccination but coverage is still low for problems in catching them. This study evaluates the proportion of eligible patients seen at hospital level in the view of assessing its potential role in vaccination campaigns.

    Methods: This is a retrospective analysis of discharge data of all patients over 49 years of age admitted between 2011 and 2013 to "A. Read More

    Trends in adolescent overweight prevalence in Italy according to socioeconomic position.
    Ann Ist Super Sanita 2017 Oct-Dec;53(4):283-290
    Dipartimento di Scienze della Sanità Pubblica e Pediatriche, Università degli Studi di Torino, Turin, Italy.
    Background: The aim of this research is to update the trend in overweight (including obesity) prevalence among Italian adolescents, evaluating possible differences by age and gender, and analyzing their relationships with socioeconomic status, between 2002 and 2014.

    Methods: The present study is based on data from the Italian HBSC study at four time points (2002, 2006, 2010 and 2014), which involved 15 035 adolescents, aged 11-13-15 (7540 boys and 7495 girls).

    Results: Gender and age were associated with the occurrence of overweight. Read More

    Silicosis mortality in Italy: temporal trends 1990-2012 and spatial patterns 2000-2012.
    Ann Ist Super Sanita 2017 Oct-Dec;53(4):275-282
    Dipartimento Ambiente e Salute, Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Rome, Italy.
    Introduction: The objective of this contribution is to describe, for the first time, occurrence, temporal trends and spatial patterns of mortality from silicosis in Italy in recent decades.

    Methods: Mortality data on pneumoconiosis due to silica or silicates (ICD-9 code 502, ICD-10 code J62) were extracted from the Italian National Mortality Database. Temporal trends were analysed in the period 1990-2012; standardized rates per 100 000, spatial distribution, including cluster analysis, were computed for eleven years, i. Read More

    Long-term services for the care and rehabilitation of people with severe acquired brain injury: a multicentre, cross-sectional study of 536 Italian families.
    Ann Ist Super Sanita 2017 Jul-Sep;53(3):253-265
    IRCCS Santa Maria Nascente, Fondazione Don Gnocchi Onlus, Milan, Italy.
    Background: People with severe acquired brain injuries (ABIs) require complex, long-term multidisciplinary healthcare, and social welfare programmes, and their families experience social and emotional consequences that profoundly condition their quality of life.

    Objective: To investigate whether the possibility of gaining access to local rehabilitation and other services positively influences not only the quality of life of the patients but also the quality of life of their families.

    Methods: The sample consisted of 536 families of patients with severe ABIs. Read More

    Survey of health and social-health services for people with dementia: methodology of the Italian national project.
    Ann Ist Super Sanita 2017 Jul-Sep;53(3):246-252
    Centro Nazionale Prevenzione delle Malattie e Promozione della Salute, Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Rome, Italy.
    People with dementia have special assistance needs. Worldwide problem is to ensure access to quality health services. Our study supported by the Italian Ministry of Health reports methodology features of a large survey project conducted to identify and to collect information on health and social health services for people with dementia in Italy. Read More

    Immigrants and cancer in Italy: a literature review.
    Ann Ist Super Sanita 2017 Jul-Sep;53(3):238-245
    Registro Tumori della Romagna, Istituto Scientifico Romagnolo per lo Studio e la Cura dei Tumori (IRST) IRCCS, Meldola (FC), Italy - Centro di Prevenzione Oncologica, Ospedale Morgagni-Pierantoni, AUSL della Romagna, Forlì, Italy.
    Immigration is a growing flow in Italy. Also specific health needs could be imported. We focused on cancer. Read More

    Infant immunization coverage in Italy (2000-2016).
    Ann Ist Super Sanita 2017 Jul-Sep;53(3):231-237
    Direzione Generale della Prevenzione Sanitaria, Ministero della Salute, Rome, Italy.
    Background: In Italy, national-level immunization polices are included in the National Immunization Prevention Plan (PNPV), whose latest edition - 2017-2019 PNPV - was finally approved in February 2017. Coverage rates are a key measure of immunization system performance; it can inform and support national and regional polices' implementation monitoring, as well as measure the impact of interventions aimed at increasing vaccine uptake.

    Methods: We collected, analysed and critically interpreted 2000-2016 Italian national infant immunization coverage trends, by different vaccine, target population, and by Region. Read More

    Local health rules and building regulations: a survey on local hygiene and building regulations in Italian municipalities.
    Ann Ist Super Sanita 2017 Jul-Sep;53(3):223-230
    Dipartimento di Architettura, Ingegneria delle Costruzioni e Ambiente Costruito (ABC), Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy.
    Introduction: WHO has highlighted the need to strengthen the relationship between health and built environment factors, such as inappropriate housing conditions. Local Health Rules (LHRs) and Building Regulations (BRs) are tools which provide safety and building hygiene in construction practices. Currently the Italian Government is considering to establish a National Building Regulation and, related to the following purpose, this paper presents a survey on the status of adoption and updating of LHRs and BRs in Italian municipalities. Read More

    Surveillance of childhood overweight: comparison of "OKkio alla SALUTE" survey and general paediatrics data in the Province of Trento.
    Ann Ist Super Sanita 2017 Jul-Sep;53(3):218-222
    U.O. Igiene Pubblica, Dipartimento di Prevenzione, Azienda Provinciale per i Servizi Sanitari, Trento, Italy.
    Estimates of childhood overweight and obesity for the Province of Trento provided by the 2014 "OKkio alla SALUTE" survey (Italian national surveillance system for weight and nutrition in children) were compared with estimates provided by paediatric health forms. The Province of Trento is the only region that makes use of the information gathered through these forms, which are completed by primary care paediatricians as part of the 6-year health evaluation. OKkio alla SALUTE data for children, obtained from students enrolled in the third year of primary school in 2014 (845 children aged 8-9 years), were compared with data collected at the age of 6 for cohorts born in 2006, evaluated in 2012-2013 (3101 subjects). Read More

    Molecular characterization of Neisseria gonorrhoeae on non-cultured specimens from multiple anatomic sites.
    Ann Ist Super Sanita 2017 Jul-Sep;53(3):213-217
    Dipartimento Malattie Infettive, Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Rome, Italy.
    Introduction: The aim of this study was to molecularly characterize Neisseria gonorrhoeae on non-cultured specimens collected from multiple anatomic sites. N. gonorrhoeae multiantigen sequence typing (NG-MAST) together with the gene sequence analysis of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) target genes were used. Read More

    Assessment of Health Literacy and validation of single-item literacy screener (SILS) in a sample of Italian people.
    Ann Ist Super Sanita 2017 Jul-Sep;53(3):205-212
    Dipartimento di Scienze della Salute, Università degli Studi di Firenze, Florence, Italy.
    Background: Health literacy (HL) is a complex concept with multiple components; it involves the ability to effectively use and interpret texts, documents, and numbers.

    The Aims Of Our Study Were: to measure HL levels among a sample of adult Italian patients; to develop and validate the Italian version of the single-item literacy screener (SILS); to assess the diagnostic accuracy of the SILS as an indicator of limited reading ability regarding health documents, compared to the newest vital sign (NVS).

    Methods: The subjects were enrolled in emergency departments, primary care settings, and specialist departments. Read More

    Eating episode frequency and fruit and vegetable consumption among Italian university students.
    Ann Ist Super Sanita 2017 Jul-Sep;53(3):199-204
    Istituto di Sanità Pubblica, Sezione di Igiene, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Rome, Italy.
    Objective: To analyze breakfast consumption, regularity of meals, fruit and vegetable consumption in the Italian university student population on a national level.

    Design: Descriptive analysis evaluating data taken from the Sportello Salute Giovani (SSG) questionnaire.

    Participants: 12 000 university students who self-administered a confidential survey. Read More

    Illicit drugs consumption evaluation by wastewater-based epidemiology in the urban area of Palermo city (Italy).
    Ann Ist Super Sanita 2017 Jul-Sep;53(3):192-198
    Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile, Ambientale, Aerospaziale, dei Materiali, Università degli Studi di Palermo, Palermo, Italy.
    Introduction: A wastewater-based epidemiology approach was performed to estimate the drug consumption in Palermo city, the fifth largest city of Italy with a population of 671 696 inhabitants, and to investigate the monthly variability of drug loads in wastewater from different areas of the city. A seven-months detection campaign was conducted at the two wastewater treatment plants of the city.

    Methods: Following a pre-treatment, 32 samples of wastewater were analyzed by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry. Read More

    P4 Medicine versus Hippocrates.
    Ann Ist Super Sanita 2017 Jul-Sep;53(3):185-191
    Centro Nazionale Malattie Rare, Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Rome, Italy.
    Hippocrates was the first to raise awareness of medicine as a science. He asserted the body being a unified whole and emphasized the importance of preventive and predictive medicine, spurring physicians to foster patient collaboration. Recent achievements today have permitted a new approach "P4 medicine" - Predictive, Preventive, Personalized and Participatory - with the aim of depicting an individual's health history and molecular profile in determining the best medical intervention in maintaining or restoring wellbeing. Read More

    Clinical ethics and the role of clinical ethics committees: proposals for a revival. Commentary.
    Ann Ist Super Sanita 2017 Jul-Sep;53(3):183-184
    President, Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Rome, Italy.
    The issue addressed in the paper published by the Italian National Bioethics Committee (NBC) entitled "Clinical ethics committees", is highly significant for many reasons. One of these is the fact that the ethics committees charged with assessing clinical trials have so much responsibility and such a heavy work-load that they have little time available for other tasks such as engaging directly with patients "at the bedside", as a result of which the role of committees responsible for assessing clinical cases is especially important. According to the NBC, the opinions of clinical ethics committees should be formulated jointly and are non-binding. Read More

    Sustainable public health systems for rare diseases.
    Ann Ist Super Sanita 2017 Apr-Jun;53(2):170-175
    Centro Nazionale Malattie Rare, Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Rome, Italy.
    Introduction: In the framework of the Joint Action for Rare Diseases (RD-ACTION), a specific task was defined to identify mechanisms influencing sustainability, equity and resilience of health systems for rare diseases (RDs).

    Method: Literature narrative review on health systems sustainability and resilience for RDs. Years: 2000-2015. Read More

    A case of fulminant subacute sclerosing panencephalitis presenting with acute myoclonic-astatic epilepsy.
    Ann Ist Super Sanita 2017 Apr-Jun;53(2):167-169
    Laboratorio Nazionale di Riferimento per il Morbillo e la Rosolia, Dipartimento di Malattie Infettive, Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Rome, Italy.
    The neurologic sequelae post-measles are less common than other complications measles-related and can lead to severe disability or death: primary measles encephalitis (PME), acute post-infectious measles encephalomyelitis (APME), measles inclusion body encephalitis (MIBE), and subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE). SSPE syndrome can affect people years from the acute measles virus infection, as result of the persistence of defective viral particles in brain cells. Clinical onset typically manifests with progressive intellectual deterioration, behavioral changes, and myoclonic jerks. Read More

    The professional quality criteria of Italian breast screening radiologists: results from a national survey comparing the programmes started in 2000-2012 versus the ones started in 1990-1999.
    Ann Ist Super Sanita 2017 Apr-Jun;53(2):163-166
    Istituto Scientifico Romagnolo per lo Studio e la Cura dei Tumori (IRST) IRCCS, Meldola, Forlì, Italy.
    Introduction: In Italy, due to increasing healthcare budget and staff shortages, the recently created regional mammography screening programmes were established under worse radiology practice quality criteria than the previously created programmes.

    Methods: Using available data from a national questionnaire survey conducted at the end of 2013 and involving 222 responder radiologists, we compared the main professional quality standards of radiologists working in the screening programmes established during the period 2000-2012 with those working in the screening programmes created from 1990 to 1999.

    Results: The former reported more years of clinical experience in breast imaging and a greater clinical mammogram reading volume than the latter. Read More

    Vaccine hesitancy: parental, professional and public responsibility.
    Ann Ist Super Sanita 2017 Apr-Jun;53(2):157-162
    President, Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Rome, Italy.
    The opposition to vaccinations is a well-known phenomenon that dates back to the Victorian age when it was self-limited by the awareness of the importance to be protected against fearsome infectious diseases. In the XX century, the mass use of vaccination has - instead - consented to eradicate or drastically reduce the burden of diseases such as smallpox and polio. These positive effects of the vaccination campaigns have blurred out, if not erased, the memory of the tragic consequences of the past's widespread diseases, leading people to underestimate the severity of the harm that vaccinations prevent. Read More

    MMR vaccine in the postpartum does not expose seronegative women to untoward effects.
    Ann Ist Super Sanita 2017 Apr-Jun;53(2):152-156
    SOC Pediatria, Ospedale Castelli, Verbania, Italy.
    Background: The aim of this study was to assess whether rubella vaccination immediately after delivery could expose seronegative women to specific untoward effects.

    Methods: 163 rubella-seronegative women received Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR) vaccine in the immediate postpartum period; they were evaluated at one month and at three months thereafter through telephone interviews. As controls, we matched 163 rubella-seropositive women, who might experience similar symptoms for any reason in the same timeframe. Read More

    Health-promotion theories in nutritional interventions for community-dwelling older adults: a systematic review.
    Ann Ist Super Sanita 2017 Apr-Jun;53(2):146-151
    Unità di Ricerca in Scienze Infermieristiche, Facoltà Dipartimentale di Medicina, Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma, Rome, Italy.
    Objective: To identify theories applied in interventions promoting healthy nutrition among community-dwelling older adults and determine the efficacy of theories in changing knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors.

    Material And Methods: The PubMed, PsycINFO, Embase, and ERIC databases were searched for English articles from January 1990 to December 2015. Mono or multicomponent randomized controlled trial studies were included, whereas research on nutritional interventions related to acute or chronic diseases were excluded. Read More

    Pes planus and pes cavus in Southern Italy: a 5 years study.
    Ann Ist Super Sanita 2017 Apr-Jun;53(2):142-145
    ASL Foggia, Foggia, Italy.
    Introduction: Baropodometrical digital techniques map the pressures exerted on the foot plant during both static and dynamic loadings. The study of the distribution of such pressures makes it possible to evaluate the postural and locomotory biomechanics together with its pathological variations.

    Methods: From January 2011 to August 2016 we conducted a cross sectional study in order to diagnose flatfoot and hollowfoot through the baropodometric analysis, and collecting additional information such as gender and the age. Read More

    Trend and variability in open and laparoscopic hysterectomies for patients with benign disease: a retrospective cohort study.
    Ann Ist Super Sanita 2017 Apr-Jun;53(2):135-141
    Laboratorio di Sanità Pubblica, Dipartimento di Medicina Molecolare, Università degli Studi di Padova, Padua, Italy.
    Aim: The aim of the present analysis on a regional hospital database was to ascertain the variability and 5-year trends of hysterectomy rates and the different surgical approaches used.

    Methods: A retrospective cohort study was conducted in Veneto Region (North-East Italy), based on administrative data collected in 6 years, from 2009 to 2014.

    Results: Our study showed an overall decline in the hospitalization rates for hysterectomy from 197. Read More

    Micronized palmitoylethanolamide/trans-polydatin treatment of endometriosis-related pain: a meta-analysis.
    Ann Ist Super Sanita 2017 Apr-Jun;53(2):125-134
    Scuola di Farmacia, Università di Camerino, Camerino, Italy.
    Aim: To demonstrate clinical effectiveness of micronized palmitoylethanolamide-trans-polydatin combination in reducing endometriotic chronic pelvic pain. Other endometriotic-pains were also assessed.

    Methods: Systematic reviews of PubMed, SCIELO, Scopus, and AJOL. Read More

    Do Italian pregnant women use periconceptional folate supplementation?
    Ann Ist Super Sanita 2017 Apr-Jun;53(2):118-124
    Centro Nazionale di Prevenzione delle Malattie e Promozione della Salute, Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Rome, Italy.
    Introduction: Deficiency of folic acid (FA) has been identified as a risk factor for neural tube defects (NTDs) as well as other congenital anomalies. Thus, periconceptional folate supplementation is recommended for all women planning to get pregnant.

    Methods: We conducted a KAP (knowledge, attitude, practice) survey to investigate the use of FA and its appropriateness. Read More

    Mortality of populations residing in geothermal areas of Tuscany during the period 2003-2012.
    Ann Ist Super Sanita 2017 Apr-Jun;53(2):108-117
    Unità di Epidemiologia Ambientale e Registri di Patologia, Istituto di Fisiologia Clinica, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Pisa, Italy.
    Introduction: The limited scientific knowledge on the relationship between exposure and health effects in relation to geothermal activity motivated an epidemiologic investigation of Tuscan geothermal area.

    Aim: This study aims at describing mortality of populations living in Tuscan municipalities in the period 2003-2012.

    Method: Sixteen municipalities were included in the study area: eight in the northern and eight in the southern area. Read More

    A harmonized and efficient clinical research environment would benefit patients and enhance European competitiveness. Commentary.
    Ann Ist Super Sanita 2017 Apr-Jun;53(2):104-107
    Dipartimento di Oncologia Sperimentale, Istituto Europeo di Oncologia, Milan, Italy.
    The forthcoming implementation of the European Clinical Trial Regulation (Regulation (EU) No. 536/2014), which is expected to facilitate the conduct of clinical trials across the European Union, will require National Authorities to create the best conditions for the implementation of the new Regulation through national guidelines, so that sponsors may reconsider Europe as a prime location for planning clinical trials. During a meeting titled "Innovation in Clinical Research", an expert panel discussed potential local advances fostering competitiveness of European clinical research with representatives of the pharmaceutical industry, patient organisations and Italian regulatory agency in view of the forthcoming implementation of (EU) No. Read More

    Pertussis in infants and the resurgence of a vaccine preventable disease: what to do? Commentary.
    Ann Ist Super Sanita 2017 Apr-Jun;53(2):100-103
    Dipartimento di Malattie Infettive, Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Rome, Italy.
    Pertussis or whooping cough remains one of the most poorly controlled vaccine-preventable diseases across the world. Universal vaccination has dramatically reduced its incidence but has failed to bring it completely under control. In the last decades, changes in pertussis epidemiology have been noted, likely related to the introduction of acellular pertussis vaccines. Read More

    The emerging role of the human bone marrow as a privileged developmental niche for the transmission stages of the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum. Commentary.
    Ann Ist Super Sanita 2017 Apr-Jun;53(2):96-99
    Dipartimento di Malattie Infettive, Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Rome, Italy.
    The spread of malaria relies on the ability of the Plasmodium parasites to be transmitted from infected individuals to the Anopheles mosquito vectors. Recent work on the most lethal of the malaria parasites, Plasmodium falciparum, identified the infected human bone marrow as a preferential site for the localization and maturation of the parasite transmission stages, the gametocytes. These findings unveil a complex host parasite interplay and an unsuspected role of the bone marrow microenvironment in the successful transmission of the malaria parasite and have major implications in developing and targeting future interventions to block the transmission of P. Read More

    Patient-physician alliance: from Hippocrates to Post-Genomic Era. Commentary.
    Ann Ist Super Sanita 2017 Apr-Jun;53(2):93-95
    Centro Nazionale Malattie Rare, Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Rome, Italy.
    Patients need clinical competence, appropriate diagnosis and therapies in overcoming their disease. Yet this is insufficient. The illness experience tends to frighten people and the resulting emotional aspects could become relevant factors in coping with a sickness and disability. Read More

    Educational action in the rehabilitation of severe acquired brain injuries: the role of self-awareness.
    Ann Ist Super Sanita 2017 Jan-Mar;53(1):82-85
    IRCCS, Fondazione Santa Lucia, Ospedale di Riabilitazione, Rome, Italy.
    Severe acquired brain injuries (ABI) cause a range of short-or long-term limitations in physical and neuropsychological abilities. The aim of rehabilitation is to promote the harmonious development of the individual through collaboration between medical and educational sciences, involved in the educability of the whole person, in which the aim is not only functional recovery but also social-reintegration. This "functional synergy" permits the development of the person, and establishes an indissoluble link between functions and attitudes, thus allowing the achievement of the greater possible autonomy. Read More

    Association of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and cardiometabolic risk factors with early atherosclerosis in an adult population in Southern Italy.
    Ann Ist Super Sanita 2017 Jan-Mar;53(1):77-81
    Unità di Medicina, Gastroenterologia e Epatologia, Dipartimento di Scienze della Salute, Ospedale San Paolo, Università degli Studi di Milano, Milan, Italy.
    Aim: The prevalence of risk factors for cardiovascular and metabolic diseases was investigated in an adult population of the city of Cittanova, Southern Italy.

    Methods: The study was conducted among 992 randomly selected adults aged 18-75 years, between April 2009 and January 2011.

    Results: Prevalence rates of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), overweight, obesity, and metabolic syndrome (MS) were 24. Read More

    Appropriateness and efficacy of Spa therapy for musculoskeletal disorders. A Delphi method consensus initiative among experts in Italy.
    Ann Ist Super Sanita 2017 Jan-Mar;53(1):70-76
    Dipartimento di Medicina Fisica e Riabilitativa, Sapienza Università di Roma, Rome, Italy.
    Objective: The aim of the study was to identify the main aspects concerning appropriateness and efficacy of Spa therapy for musculoskeletal pathologies.

    Methods: A committee of 8 experts from Italian universities, public hospitals, territorial services, research institutes and patient associations was set up. Clinicians from Italian medical centers specialized in rheumatology, rehabilitation and thermal medicine took part in a Delphi process aimed at obtaining consensus statements among the participants. Read More

    The Italian reference sites of the European innovation partnership on active and healthy ageing: Progetto Mattone Internazionale as an enabling factor.
    Ann Ist Super Sanita 2017 Jan-Mar;53(1):60-69
    Dipartimento di Epidemiologia del Servizio Sanitario Regionale, Regione Lazio, Rome, Italy.
    Background: Ageing population implies an increasing demand for health care services and resources, unsustainable according to current previsions. The European Commission is tackling this challenge throughout initiatives such as the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP-AHA), where all the efforts are aligned to the common goal of adding two active and healthy years to the life of European Union (EU) citizens.

    Method: We presented the collaborative efforts of Italian Reference Site Collaborative Network 2012-2015. Read More

    Association between serum vitamin D and metabolic syndrome in middle-aged and older adults and role of supplementation therapy with vitamin D.
    Ann Ist Super Sanita 2017 Jan-Mar;53(1):54-59
    Dipartimento di Scienze Cardiovascolari, Respiratorie, Nefrologiche, Anestesiologiche e Geriatriche, Sapienza Università di Roma, Rome, Italy.
    Objectives: To evaluate i) the correlation between vitamin D (vit. D) serum concentrations and metabolic syndrome (MetS); ii) the efficacy of 6 months supplementation therapy with vit. D. Read More

    Hospital efficiency: how to spend less maintaining quality?
    Ann Ist Super Sanita 2017 Jan-Mar;53(1):46-53
    President, Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Rome, Italy.
    Introduction: The recent global economic crisis is pushing governments worldwide to obtain a more explicit and urgent rationing of resources. The purpose of this study is to provide, through Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA), a methodological framework useful for investigating technical efficiency of hospital care.

    Methods: To validate such framework, we compared 50 Italian public hospital trusts (AOs) to identify relative efficient using inputs and outputs from national databases. Read More

    Risk adjusted mortality after hip replacement surgery: a retrospective study.
    Ann Ist Super Sanita 2017 Jan-Mar;53(1):40-45
    Dipartimento di Medicina Molecolare e dello Sviluppo, Università degli Studi di Siena, Siena, Italy.
    Introduction: Hip replacement (HR) operations are increasing. Short term mortality is an indicator of quality; few studies include risk adjustment models to predict HR outcomes. We evaluated in-hospital and 30-day mortality in hospitalized patients for HR and compared the performance of two risk adjustment algorithms. Read More

    Illicit drugs in Emergency Department patients injured in road traffic accidents.
    Ann Ist Super Sanita 2017 Jan-Mar;53(1):35-39
    Laboratorio di Tossicologia Analitica,Fondazione IRCCS Policlinico San Matteo, Pavia, Italy.
    Urine and blood samples from 1730 drivers involved in road accidents (July 2012 - December 2015) were analyzed for the evaluation of driving under influence of drug of abuse according to the Lombardia Region guideline. The 22.5% (95% CI 20. Read More

    Molecular characterization of Babesia and Theileria species in ticks collected in the outskirt of Monte Romano, Lazio Region, Central Italy.
    Ann Ist Super Sanita 2017 Jan-Mar;53(1):30-34
    Dipartimento di Malattie Infettive, Parassitarie ed Immunomediate, Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Rome, Italy.
    Background: In 2012-2013, an investigation was carried out in the Viterbo province, Lazio region, on ticks and tick-borne Apicomplexan protozoa of the Babesia and Theileria genera. This followed the reporting of high density of ticks by soldiers operating in a military shooting range, and the signaling by owners and local veterinary authorities of several cases of babesiosis among cattle.

    Methods: A total of 422 ticks were collected from 35 heads, whereas 96 ticks were collected by dragging. Read More

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