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Biological and biochemical characterization of venom from the broad-banded copperhead (): isolation of two new dimeric disintegrins.

Anim Biol Leiden Neth 2016 ;66(2):173-187

National Natural Toxins Research Center (NNTRC), Texas A&M University-Kingsville, MSC 158, 975 West Avenue B, Kingsville, TX 78363, USA.

Disintegrins represent a family of effective cell-cell and cell-matrix inhibitors by binding to integrin receptors. Integrins are heterodimeric, transmembrane receptors that are the bridges for these cell interactions. Disintegrins have been shown to have many therapeutic implications for the treatment of strokes, heart attacks, and cancer. Read More

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January 2016

Tinbergen's fourth question, ontogeny: sexual and individual differentiation.

Anim Biol Leiden Neth 2005 ;55(4):343-370

Based on Tinbergen's view of the study of behavioural development we describe some recent advances and their importance in this field. We argue that the study of behavioural development should combine both proximate and ultimate approaches, and can help to understand how early subtle environmental factors shape consistent individual variation both between and within sexes. This is illustrated by reviewing the profound effects of incubation temperature on the development of brain and social behaviour in the leopard gecko, a species with temperature-dependent sex determination, and the effects of early exposure to steroid hormones on social behaviour in rodents and especially birds. Read More

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January 2005
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