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Think Twice before Interpreting the Skin Prick Test as Age, Body Mass Index, and Atopy Affect Reaction Time and Size.

Int Arch Allergy Immunol 2021 May 4:1-9. Epub 2021 May 4.

Department of Pediatric Allergy and Immunology, Trakya University School of Medicine, Edirne, Turkey.

Introduction: The skin prick test (SPT) is a reliable method to confirm sensitization in IgE-mediated allergic diseases; however, it has been reported to be affected by several personal and environmental factors. Our objective was to determine the factors affecting the skin reactivity to histamine and allergens and investigate whether it differs according to age in terms of reading time.

Methods: A total of 500 patients, aged 4 months-18 years, were enrolled in the study. Read More

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Research Progress on the SERPINE1 Protein and Chronic Inflammatory Diseases of the Upper Respiratory Tract: A Literature Review.

Int Arch Allergy Immunol 2021 May 4:1-6. Epub 2021 May 4.

Department of Otolaryngology, The First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, Guangzhou, China.

SERPINE1 protein is one important member of the serine proteinase inhibitor E superfamily that plays a crucial role in the fibrinolytic system. It has been identified which is related to chronic inflammatory lung diseases like allergic asthma and lung fibrosis. Recently, researchers have focused on the impact of SERPINE1 and its genetic polymorphisms on inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract. Read More

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Blood mRNA levels of T cells and IgE receptors are novel non-invasive biomarkers for eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE).

Clin Immunol 2021 May 1:108752. Epub 2021 May 1.

John W. Deming Department of Medicine, Section of Pulmonary Diseases, Tulane Eosinophilic Disorder Center (TEDC), Tulane University School of Medicine, New Orleans, LA, USA. Electronic address:

Eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE) is often misdiagnosed as GERD; therefore, the goal of the current study is to establish a non-invasive diagnostic and monitoring biomarker that differentiated GERD from EoE. Reports indicates that IL-15 responsive iNKT cells and tissue specific IgE have a critical in EoE pathogenesis, not in GERD. Therefore, we tested the hypothesized that the panel of IL-15-responsive T cell and IgE receptors may be novel non-invasive biomarkers for EoE. Read More

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Long-Term Trigeminal Nerve Stimulation as a Treatment for Ocular Pain.

Neuromodulation 2021 May 4. Epub 2021 May 4.

Surgical and Research Services, Miami Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Miami, Florida, USA.

Objectives: Ocular pain symptoms (e.g., hypersensitivity to light and wind, "burning" sensations) can be debilitating and difficult to treat. Read More

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Tranglutaminase 2 contributes to the asthmatic inflammation by modulating activation of alveolar macrophages.

Immun Inflamm Dis 2021 May 4. Epub 2021 May 4.

Institute of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, Seoul National University Medical Research Center, Seoul, Korea.

Background: Transglutaminase 2 (TG2), a multifunctional calcium-dependent acyltransferase, is upregulated in asthmatic airways and reported to play a role in the pathogenesis of allergic asthma. However, the underlying mechanism is not fully understood.

Objective: To investigate the role of TG2 in alternative activation of alveolar macrophages by using murine asthma model. Read More

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Relationship of SARS-CoV-2-specific CD4 response to COVID-19 severity and impact of HIV-1 and Tuberculosis co-infection.

J Clin Invest 2021 May 4. Epub 2021 May 4.

Department of Medicine, University of Cape Town, Cape Town, South Africa.

T cells are involved in control of COVID-19, but limited knowledge is available on the relationship between antigen-specific T cell response and disease severity. Here, we assessed the magnitude, function and phenotype of SARS-CoV-2-specific CD4 T cells in 95 hospitalized COVID-19 patients (38 of them being HIV-1 and/or tuberculosis (TB) co-infected) and 38 non-COVID-19 patients, using flow cytometry. We showed that SARS-CoV-2-specific CD4 T cell attributes, rather than magnitude, associates with disease severity, with severe disease being characterized by poor polyfunctional potential, reduced proliferation capacity and enhanced HLA-DR expression. Read More

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Immune Dysfunction in Inborn Errors of Immunity Causing Malignancies.

Expert Rev Clin Immunol 2021 May 4. Epub 2021 May 4.

Marmara University, School of Medicine, Division of Pediatric Allergy and Immunology, Istanbul, Turkey.

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Patients with Chronic Urticaria Remain Largely Undertreated: Results from the DERMLINE Online Survey.

Dermatol Ther (Heidelb) 2021 May 4. Epub 2021 May 4.

Department of Dermatology and Allergy, School of Medicine, Technical University of Munich, Munich, Germany.

Introduction: Chronic urticaria (CU) is an unpredictable disease, with high disease burden and a significant negative impact on quality of life, especially in patients of working age. Many patients are undertreated, and there is poor awareness of strategies to manage patients with CU in the real-world setting. The current study aimed to gain a better understanding of CU from the patients' perspective, including the body areas most affected by wheals and angioedema, the disease burden and current use of the healthcare system. Read More

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Immune-Regulatory and Molecular Effects of Antidepressants on the Inflamed Human Keratinocyte HaCaT Cell Line.

Neurotox Res 2021 May 4. Epub 2021 May 4.

Department of Experimental Neuroendocrinology, Maj Institute of Pharmacology Polish Academy of Sciences, Kraków, Poland.

Allergic contact dermatitis (ACD) is a T cell-mediated type of skin inflammation resulting from contact hypersensitivity (CHS) to antigens. There is strong comorbidity between ACD and major depression. Keratinocytes release immunomodulatory mediators including pro-inflammatory cytokines and chemokines, which modulate skin inflammation and are crucial cell type for the development of CHS. Read More

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A positive feedback loop reinforces the allergic immune response in human peanut allergy.

J Exp Med 2021 Jul 4;218(7). Epub 2021 May 4.

Sean N. Parker Center for Allergy & Asthma Research at Stanford University and Division of Pulmonary, Allergy, and Critical Care Medicine, Stanford, CA.

Food allergies are a leading cause of anaphylaxis, and cellular mechanisms involving antigen presentation likely play key roles in their pathogenesis. However, little is known about the response of specific antigen-presenting cell (APC) subsets to food allergens in the setting of food allergies. Here, we show that in peanut-allergic humans, peanut allergen drives the differentiation of CD209+ monocyte-derived dendritic cells (DCs) and CD23+ (FcєRII) myeloid dendritic cells through the action of allergen-specific CD4+ T cells. Read More

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Sensitivity of prick test with walnut commercial extracts and of prick by prick with raw walnut compared with open food challenge in walnut allergy.

Acta Biomed 2021 Apr 30;92(S1):e2021067. Epub 2021 Apr 30.

Allergy Unit, Pediatrics Area, Department of Woman and Child Health, Policlinico Gemelli Universitary Foundation IRCCS, Catholic University of Sacre Hearth, Rome 00168, Italy. .

Background And Aim: Diagnosis of walnut allergy includes the evaluation of IgE sensitization by skin prick tests (SPT) with standardized commercial extracts. When assuming the loss of relevant allergens due to extract preparation and storage, it is possible to perform SPT with fresh foods, i.e. Read More

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Risk Factors in Severe Anaphylaxis: Which Matters The Most, Food or Cofactors?

J Investig Allergol Clin Immunol 2021 May 3. Epub 2021 May 3.

Allergy Section, Pneumology Department, Hospital Clinic, University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain.

Background And Objective: The prevalence of anaphylactic shock, the most severe manifestation of anaphylaxis, remains unknown. Risk factors and biomarkers have not been fully identified. Objective: To identify risk factors in anaphylactic shock patients. Read More

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Identification of Ribosomal Proteins as Cross-Reactive Allergens in a Case of Mushroom Food Allergy.

J Investig Allergol Clin Immunol 2021 May 3. Epub 2021 May 3.

Department of Dermatology, Faculty of Medicine, Shimane University, Izumo, Japan.

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Ascites as a Rare Presentation of Eosinophilic Enteritis in a Pollinic Patient.

J Investig Allergol Clin Immunol 2021 May 3. Epub 2021 May 3.

Allergy Department, Hospital Clínico Universitario Virgen de la Arrixaca, Murcia, Spain.

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COVID-19 vaccination: Recommendations for management of patients with allergy or immune-based diseases.

J Peter

S Afr Med J 2021 Feb 8;111(4):291-294. Epub 2021 Feb 8.

Division of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, Department of Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Cape Town, South Africa; Allergy and Immunology Unit, University of Cape Town Lung Institute, South Africa.

As South Africa continues to battle the second wave of SARS-CoV-2 infections, the imminent arrival of vaccines against COVID-19 offers hope. Vaccine roll-out has been accompanied by heightened media coverage that has created both excitement and anxiety, reporting on the shortened timeline of vaccine trials and approvals, as well as the recent series of anaphylaxis cases associated with the two approved mRNA COVID-19 vaccines. Patients with allergic and other immune-based diseases are subgroups especially concerned about vaccine safety and efficacy. Read More

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February 2021

Exosomes provide unappreciated carrier effects that assist transfers of their miRNAs to targeted cells; I. They are 'The Elephant in the Room'.

RNA Biol 2021 May 4:1-16. Epub 2021 May 4.

Section of Rheumatology, Allergy and Clinical Immunology Department of Internal Medicine, Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, CT, USA.

Extracellular vesicles (EV), such as exosomes, are emerging biologic entities that mediate important newly recognized functional effects. Exosomes are intracellular endosome-originating, cell-secreted, small nano-size EV. They can transfer cargo molecules like miRNAs to act intracellularly in targeted acceptor cells, to then mediate epigenetic functional alterations. Read More

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Comparative safety review of current pharmacological treatments for interstitial cystitis/ bladder pain syndrome.

Expert Opin Drug Saf 2021 May 4. Epub 2021 May 4.

Department of Urology, Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Chang Gung University College of Medicine, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Introduction: Interstitial cystitis (IC)/bladder pain syndrome (BPS) is a frustrating disease of chronic bladder pain associated with lower urinary tract symptoms. Although there are many proposed treatment algorithms, the uncertainty as to their etiology has a negative impact on the therapeutic outcome. Oftentimes combination therapy of drugs with different mechanisms of action will be utilized to relieve the symptoms. Read More

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In Vivo Molecular K-Edge Imaging of Atherosclerotic Plaque Using Photon-counting CT.

Radiology 2021 May 4:203968. Epub 2021 May 4.

From the University of Lyon, National Institute of Applied Sciences of Lyon, University Claude Bernard Lyon 1, Jean Monnet University-Saint Etienne, French National Centre for Scientific Research, Institut national de la santé et de la recherche médicale, Centre de Recherche en Acquisition et Traitement de l'Image pour la Santé Unité mixte de recherche 5220, U1206, F-69621, Lyon, France (S.A.S.M., M.S., V.T.L., R.D., L.B., P.C.D.); Departments of Radiology (S.A.S.M., T.G., L.B., P.C.D.) and Pathology (L.C.), Hospices Civils de Lyon, Lyon, France; Department of Radiology, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa (J.C.H., P.C.N., D.P.C.); Department of Radiology, Faculty of Medicine, Zagazig University, Egypt (R.D.); and Department of Rheumatology, Allergy, and Immunology, Yale University, New Haven, Conn (M.C.).

Background Macrophage burden is a major factor in the risk of atherosclerotic plaque rupture, and its evaluation remains challenging with molecular noninvasive imaging approaches. Photon-counting CT (PCCT) with k-edge imaging aims to allow for the specific detection of macrophages using gold nanoparticles. Purpose To perform k-edge imaging in combination with gold nanoparticles to detect and quantify the macrophage burden within the atherosclerotic aortas of rabbits. Read More

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Key elements in hypersensitivity reactions to chemotherapy: experience with rapid drug desensitization in gynaecological cancer in a tertiary hospital.

Eur Ann Allergy Clin Immunol 2021 May 4. Epub 2021 May 4.

Department of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, Centro Hospitalar e Universitário de Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal.

Summary: Rapid drug desensitization (RDD) is a procedure performed when no alternative drug is considered equally effective. The aim of our study is to describe the experience with RDD to cytostatics in patients being treated for gynaecological cancer in a tertiary hospital, over a period of 5 years. In this paper, we review 22 cases and 107 episodes of RDD; 86. Read More

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Covid-19: less bronchial airways, more lung alveolar space and blood ways.

E Roca C Lombardi

Eur Ann Allergy Clin Immunol 2021 May 4. Epub 2021 May 4.

Departmental Unit of Pulmonary and Allergic Respiratory Diseases, Poliambulanza Foundation Hospital, Brescia, Italy.

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Acute urticaria in children: from pediatric emergency department to allergology consultation at a central hospital.

Eur Ann Allergy Clin Immunol 2021 May 4. Epub 2021 May 4.

Medical doctor, Allergy Department, Centro Hospitalar Vila Nova de Gaia/Espinho, EPE, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal.

Summary: Acute urticaria is a common condition in the pediatric emergency department (ED) and no data is available in Portugal. We aimed to characterize the prevalence, etiology and management of acute urticaria in children presenting at an ED of a portuguese central hospital and report the follow-up investigation when drug or food allergy was suspected. Retrospective study of clinical records from children admitted to the ED with acute urticaria during one year period. Read More

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Successful desensitization with chemotherapeutic drugs: a Tertiary Care Center Experience.

Eur Ann Allergy Clin Immunol 2021 May 4. Epub 2021 May 4.

Department of Chest Diseases, Division of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, Hacettepe University School of Medicine, Ankara, Turkey.

Summary: Hypersensitivity reactions to chemotherapeutic drugs are increasing all over the world, and desensitization to them has become the standard treatment approach. This study aimed to evaluate the characteristics of chemotherapeutic drug hypersensitivity reactions and the outcome of desensitization procedures. Between January 2017 and 2019, patients who have been desensitized to chemotherapeutic drugs were included retrospectively. Read More

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Emerging role of interleukin-13 in cardiovascular diseases: A ray of hope.

J Cell Mol Med 2021 May 4. Epub 2021 May 4.

Department of Cardiology, The Second Affiliated Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine, Hangzhou, China.

Despite the great progress made in the treatment for cardiovascular diseases (CVDs), the morbidity and mortality of CVDs remains high due to the lack of effective treatment strategy. Inflammation is a central pathophysiological feature of the heart in response to both acute and chronic injury, while the molecular basis and underlying mechanisms remains obscure. Interleukin (IL)-13, a pro-inflammatory cytokine, has been known as a critical mediator in allergy and asthma. Read More

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Conventional Dorsal Root Ganglion Stimulation in an Experimental Model of Painful Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy: A Quantitative Immunocytochemical Analysis of Intracellular γ-Aminobutyric Acid in Dorsal Root Ganglion Neurons.

Neuromodulation 2021 May 4. Epub 2021 May 4.

Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Management, Maastricht University Medical Centre (MUMC+), Maastricht, The Netherlands.

Background And Objective: The sensory cell somata in the DRG contain all equipment necessary for extensive GABAergic signaling and are able to release GABA upon depolarization. With this study, we hypothesize that pain relief induced by conventional dorsal root ganglion stimulation (Con-DRGS) in animals with experimental painful diabetic peripheral neuropathy is related to the release of GABA from DRG neurons. With use of quantitative immunocytochemistry, we hypothesize DRGS to result in a decreased intensity of intracellular GABA-immunostaining in DRG somata. Read More

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Allergic contact dermatitis due to a preoperative antiseptic solution.

Contact Dermatitis 2021 May 4. Epub 2021 May 4.

Department of Medical Sciences, Section of Dermatology, University of Ferrara, Ferrara, Italy.

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Fondaparinux Pre-, Peri-, and/or Postpartum for the Prophylaxis/Treatment of Venous Thromboembolism (FondaPPP).

Clin Appl Thromb Hemost 2021 Jan-Dec;27:10760296211014575

Aspen Pharma, München, Germany.

We analyzed data for women who received fondaparinux for ≥7 days during pregnancy. The study retrospectively included women who received fondaparinux pre-, peri- and/or postpartum for ≥7 days for prophylaxis/venous thromboembolism (VTE) treatment at German specialist centers (2004-2010). Data on pregnancy, VTE risk factors, anticoagulant treatment, pregnancy outcome and adverse events were extracted from medical records. Read More

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Adverse Reactions Following the First Dose of ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 Vaccine and BNT162b2 Vaccine for Healthcare Workers in South Korea.

J Korean Med Sci 2021 May 3;36(17):e115. Epub 2021 May 3.

Department of Infectious Diseases, Asan Medical Center, University of Ulsan College of Medicine, Seoul, Korea.

Background: We performed a prospective survey on the adverse reactions following the first dose of two types of vaccines against coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in healthcare workers (HCWs) in South Korea.

Methods: HCWs at a tertiary referral hospital in Seoul, South Korea, received a chimpanzee adenovirus-vectored vaccine (ChAdOx1 nCoV-19) or an mRNA-based vaccine (BNT162b2) between March 5 and March 26, 2021. The HCWs were asked to report adverse reactions through a mobile self-report questionnaire for three days after vaccination. Read More

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Short and dysfunctional telomeres protect from allergen-induced airway inflammation.

Aging Cell 2021 May 4:e13352. Epub 2021 May 4.

Telomeres and Telomerase Group, Molecular Oncology Program, Spanish National Cancer Centre (CNIO), Madrid, Spain.

Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease affecting 300 million people worldwide. As telomere shortening is a well-established hallmark of aging and that asthma incidence decreases with age, here we aimed to study the role of short telomeres in asthma pathobiology. To this end, wild-type and telomerase-deficient mice with short telomeres (third-generation (G3 Tert mice)) were challenged with intranasal house dust mite (HDM) extract. Read More

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Smell impairment in patients with chronic rhinosinusitis: a real-life study.

Eur Arch Otorhinolaryngol 2021 May 3. Epub 2021 May 3.

Allergy Office, Casa Di Cura Villa Montallegro, Genoa, Italy.

Objective: Chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyps (CRSwNP) is a frequently occurring condition involving type 2 inflammation. It has a global prevalence of approximately 4% and has a major effect on the quality of life of those affected by it. CRSwNP is a complex condition for otorhinolaryngologists to manage, since its precise pathogenic basis has not been established, treatment is challenging and the condition often recurs. Read More

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A human-airway-on-a-chip for the rapid identification of candidate antiviral therapeutics and prophylactics.

Nat Biomed Eng 2021 May 3. Epub 2021 May 3.

Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, Harvard University, Boston, MA, USA.

The rapid repurposing of antivirals is particularly pressing during pandemics. However, rapid assays for assessing candidate drugs typically involve in vitro screens and cell lines that do not recapitulate human physiology at the tissue and organ levels. Here we show that a microfluidic bronchial-airway-on-a-chip lined by highly differentiated human bronchial-airway epithelium and pulmonary endothelium can model viral infection, strain-dependent virulence, cytokine production and the recruitment of circulating immune cells. Read More

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