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Mathematical conditions for and physical meaning of a maximum of the determinant of [Formula: see text] in the prebuckling regime.

H A Mang X Jia

Adv Eng Softw 2013 Aug;62-63(100):3-8

Institute for Mechanics of Materials and Structures, Vienna University of Technology, Karlsplatz 13/202, 1040 Vienna, Austria ; Tongji University, Siping Road 1239, Shanghai, China.

It is shown that the determinant of the tangent stiffness matrix has a maximum in the prebuckling regime if and only if the determinant of a specific linear combination of the first and the third derivative of this matrix with respect to a dimensionless load factor vanishes. The mathematical tool for this proof is the so-called consistently linearized eigenproblem in the frame of the Finite Element Method. The physical meaning of the mentioned maximum is the one of a minimum of the percentage bending energy of the total strain energy. Read More

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Computational Development of Jacobian Matrices for Complex Spatial Manipulators.

Adv Eng Softw 2012 May;47(1):160-163

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Valparaiso University, Valparaiso, IN USA.

Current methods for developing manipulator Jacobian matrices are based on traditional kinematic descriptions such as Denavit and Hartenberg parameters. The resulting symbolic equations for these matrices become cumbersome and computationally inefficient when dealing with more complex spatial manipulators, such as those seen in the field of biomechanics. This paper develops a modified method for Jacobian development based on generalized kinematic equations that incorporates partial derivatives of matrices with Leibniz's Law (the product rule). Read More

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