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    Human Papillomavirus Status and the Risk of Cerebrovascular Events Following Radiation Therapy for Head and Neck Cancer.
    J Am Heart Assoc 2017 Aug 30;6(9). Epub 2017 Aug 30.
    Cardiac MR PET CT Program, Department of Radiology, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA
    Background: Radiation therapy (RT) is a standard treatment for head and neck cancer; however, it is associated with inflammation, accelerated atherosclerosis, and cerebrovascular events (CVEs; stroke or transient ischemic attack). Human papillomavirus (HPV) is found in nearly half of head and neck cancers and is associated with inflammation and atherosclerosis. Whether HPV confers an increased risk of CVEs after RT is unknown. Read More

    Physical performance and movement-evoked pain profiles in community-dwelling individuals at risk for knee osteoarthritis.
    Exp Gerontol 2017 Aug 24;98:186-191. Epub 2017 Aug 24.
    Pain Research & Intervention Center of Excellence, University of Florida, USA; Institute on Aging, University of Florida, USA; Department of Community Dentistry and Behavioral Science, College of Dentistry, University of Florida, USA.
    Background: Knee pain associated with osteoarthritis is a significant contributor to decreased physical function. Recent evidence supports the inter-individual heterogeneity associated with knee pain presentation, but whether there is similar heterogeneity in physical performance among these individuals has not been previously examined. The aim of the present study was to characterize the variability in physical performance profiles and the pain evoked by their performance (i. Read More

    Clinical relevance of the modified physical performance test versus the short physical performance battery for detecting mobility impairments in older men with peripheral arterial disease.
    Disabil Rehabil 2017 Aug 23:1-5. Epub 2017 Aug 23.
    a Department of Veterans Affairs and Veterans Affairs Medical Center Baltimore, Geriatric Research , Education and Clinical Center (GRECC) , Baltimore , MD , USA.
    Purpose: The study is to compare the Modified Physical Performance Test (MPPT) and Short Physical Performance Battery (SPPB) as metrics of mobility and function in older men with peripheral arterial disease (PAD).

    Materials And Methods: A total of 51 men (55-87 years) with PAD underwent functional testing including the SPPB, MPPT, Walking Impairment Questionnaire (WIQ), stair ascent, and 6-min walk distance. Individuals were grouped according to SPPB and MPPT scores as not limited on either, limited only on the MPPT, or limited on both. Read More

    Natural history of autoimmune primary ovarian insufficiency in patients with Addison's disease: from normal ovarian function to overt ovarian dysfunction.
    Eur J Endocrinol 2017 Oct 21;177(4):329-337. Epub 2017 Jul 21.
    Diabetes UnitDepartment of Medical, Surgical, Neurological, Metabolic Sciences and Aging, University of Campania 'L. Vanvitelli', Naples, Italy.
    Context: Women with autoimmune Addison's disease with normal ovulatory cycles but positive for steroid cell antibodies (StCA) have been considered at risk of premature ovarian insufficiency (POI).

    Design: Thirty-three women younger than 40 years, with subclinical-clinical autoimmune Addison's disease but with normally ovulatory menses, were followed up for 10 years to evaluate the long-term time-related variations of StCA, ovarian function and follicular reserve. All patients and 27 control women were investigated at the start and every year for the presence and titre of StCA (by indirect immunofluorescence), serum concentrations of anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH) and ovarian function at four consecutive menses every year. Read More

    Addison's Disease Caused by Tuberculosis with Atypical Hyperpigmentation and Active Pulmonary Tuberculosis.
    Intern Med 2017 15;56(14):1843-1847. Epub 2017 Jul 15.
    Department of Medical Education and General Practice, Osaka City University, Graduate School of Medicine, Japan.
    We herein report a case of Addison's disease caused by tuberculosis characterized by atypical hyperpigmentation, noted as exacerbation of the pigmentation of freckles and the occurrence of new freckles, that was diagnosed in the presence of active pulmonary tuberculosis. The clinical condition of the patient was markedly ameliorated by the administration of hydrocortisone and anti-tuberculosis agents. When exacerbation of the pigmentation of the freckles and/or the occurrence of new freckles are noted, Addison's disease should be considered as part of the differential diagnosis. Read More

    Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound Reveals Exercise-Induced Perfusion Deficits in Claudicants.
    J Vasc Endovasc Surg 2017 6;2(1). Epub 2017 Mar 6.
    Department of Surgery, Division of Vascular Surgery, Baltimore VA Medical Center, University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore, USA.
    Background: Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasonography (CEUS) is an imaging modality allowing perfusion quantification in targeted regions of interest of the lower extremity that has not been possible with color-flow imaging or with measurement of ankle brachial indices. We developed a protocol to quantify lower extremity muscle perfusion impairment in PAD patients in response to exercise.

    Methods And Findings: Thirteen patients with Rutherford Class I-III Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) and no prior revascularization procedures were recruited from the Baltimore Veterans Affairs Medical Center and compared with eight control patients without PAD. Read More

    Adrenal crisis in metastatic breast cancer.
    BMJ Case Rep 2017 Jul 6;2017. Epub 2017 Jul 6.
    Interne I: Internistische Onkologie, Hämatologie u. Gastroenterologie, Ordensklinikum Linz Krankenhaus d. Barmherzigen Schwestern Linz Betriebs GmbH, Linz, Austria.
    A female patient with oestrogen receptor-positive and human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2)-positive invasive lobular breast cancer presented with progressive disease on CT scan. Some days after initiation of antineoplastic chemotherapy and anti-HER2 targeted antibody therapy, the patient presented with profuse diarrhoea, neutropaenia, nausea and weakness. Although Clostridium difficile was rapidly tackled as a causative agent of gastrointestinal complaints, clinical situation did not markedly improve despite proper antimicrobial treatment. Read More

    Factors Affecting Dietary Practices in a Mississippi African American Community.
    Int J Environ Res Public Health 2017 Jul 3;14(7). Epub 2017 Jul 3.
    Center of Excellence in Minority Health and Health Disparities, School of Public Health, Jackson State University, 350 West Woodrow Wilson Drive, Suite, 2900B, Jackson, MS 39213, USA.
    This study examined the practices, personal motivation, and barriers of African American communities in Mississippi regarding their dietary practices. We selected the Metro Jackson Area comprised of Hinds, Madison and Rankin Counties because it is a combination of urban and rural communities. The sample consisted of 70 participants from seven sites. Read More

    The Serological and Biochemical Markers of Adrenal Cortex and Endocrine Pancreas Dysfunction in Patients with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis: A Hospital-based Pilot Study.
    Indian J Endocrinol Metab 2017 Jul-Aug;21(4):540-544
    Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism, Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research, Puducherry, India.
    Background: The prevalence of both islet cell and adrenal autoimmunity among Asian Indian hypothyroidism patients with Hashimoto's thyroiditis (HT) is lacking in literature.

    Objectives: The objective of this study was to assess the proportion of Addison's disease (AD) and type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM) in patients with HT.

    Materials And Methods: The patients with hypothyroidism due to HT were included in this study over 2 years. Read More

    The Key to Adrenal Insufficiency Education: Repetition, Repetition, Repetition.
    Pediatr Endocrinol Rev 2017 Jun;14(Suppl 2):448-453
    Organic Acid Research Section (OARS) of the Medical Genomics and Metabolic Genetics Branch (MGMGB) National Human Genome Research Institute, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD 20892, USA.
    Described more than 150 years ago by Thomas Addison, adrenal gland dysfunction, while treatable, remains a clinically significant and potentially fatal disease. Vague and non-specific symptomatology can delay diagnosis of adrenal insufficiency and lead to adrenal crisis. Affected individuals may delay self-management due to knowledge deficits or lack of required therapies. Read More

    Sex differences in vascular stiffness and relationship to the risk of renal functional decline in patients with type 2 diabetes.
    Diab Vasc Dis Res 2017 Jul 9;14(4):304-309. Epub 2017 Mar 9.
    3 Population Health Research Institute, St George's, University of London, London, UK.
    Background: Recent data suggest that the higher risk of end-stage renal disease in women compared with men is associated with waist circumference. We investigated whether vascular stiffness which is linked to visceral fat accumulation is gender specific and associated with a loss in renal function.

    Methods: We studied 166 patients with type 2 diabetes at high risk of progressive renal disease. Read More

    Histopathologic Findings of Cutaneous Hyperpigmentation in Addison Disease and Immunostain of the Melanocytic Population.
    Am J Dermatopathol 2017 May 31. Epub 2017 May 31.
    *Department of Cellular Pathology, CellCOM-SB Group, Servicio de Anatomía Patologica, Hospital El Bierzo, Cellular Pathology, Ponferrada, Spain; †Department of CellCOM-SB Group, Biomedical Investigation Institute of A Coruña, CellCOM-SB Group, A Coruña, Spain; ‡Department of Cellular Pathology, Hospital de la Reina, Cellular Pathology, Ponferrada, Spain; and §Department of Dermatology, Los Angeles Medical Center (LAMC), Southern California Kaiser Permanente, Los Angeles, CA.
    The histopathological features of cutaneous hyperpigmentation in Addison disease have very occasionally been reported, and they include acanthosis, hyperkeratosis, focal parakeratosis, spongiosis, superficial perivascular lymphocytic infiltrate, basal melanin hyperpigmentation, and superficial dermal melanophages. We present a study on 2 biopsies from the arm and the thigh in a 77-year-old woman with a long clinical history of Addison disease as well as senile purpura and alopecia of female pattern. The patient presented diffuse hyperpigmentation of the skin, more pronounced on her face, and left upper forehead. Read More

    Efficacy and Safety of Degludec versus Glargine in Type 2 Diabetes.
    N Engl J Med 2017 08 12;377(8):723-732. Epub 2017 Jun 12.
    From the Research Medical Center, Kansas City, MO (S.P.M.); University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas (D.K.M.); Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute, Mount Sinai Hospital, University of Toronto, Toronto (B.Z.); Imperial Clinical Trials Unit, Imperial College London, London (N.R.P.); University of Washington, Seattle (S.S.E.); Medical University of Graz, Graz, Austria (T.R.P.); Florida Hospital Translational Research Institute for Metabolism and Diabetes and Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute, Orlando (R.E.P.); Novo Nordisk, Søborg, Denmark (P.-M.H., M.L., K.B.-F., A.M., S.S., K.K.); and University of North Carolina School of Medicine, Chapel Hill (J.B.B.).
    Background: Degludec is an ultralong-acting, once-daily basal insulin that is approved for use in adults, adolescents, and children with diabetes. Previous open-label studies have shown lower day-to-day variability in the glucose-lowering effect and lower rates of hypoglycemia among patients who received degludec than among those who received basal insulin glargine. However, data are lacking on the cardiovascular safety of degludec. Read More

    Amyloidosis Cutis Dyschromica, a Rare Cause of Hyperpigmentation: A New Case and Literature Review.
    Pediatrics 2017 May;139(5)
    Department of General Pediatrics and Division of Pediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes, University Children's Hospital Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany; and.
    Amyloidosis cutis dyschromica is a rare form of primary cutaneous amyloidosis without systemic involvement and characterized by asymptomatic, progressive hyper- and hypopigmentation. We present the first case of a patient with amyloidosis cutis dyschromica diagnosed previously elsewhere as having Addison disease with generalized hyperpigmentation of the skin. This case suggests that in patients presenting with asymptomatic cutaneous dyschromia a skin biopsy for histopathological examination should be considered. Read More

    Genetic defects in pediatric-onset adrenal insufficiency in Japan.
    Eur J Endocrinol 2017 Aug 25;177(2):187-194. Epub 2017 May 25.
    Department of PediatricsKeio University School of Medicine, Tokyo, Japan
    Context: Most patients with pediatric-onset primary adrenal insufficiency (PAI), such as 21-hydroxylase deficiency, can be diagnosed by measuring the urine or serum levels of steroid metabolites. However, the etiology is often difficult to determine in a subset of patients lacking characteristic biochemical findings.

    Objective: To assess the frequency of genetic defects in Japanese children with biochemically uncharacterized PAI and characterize the phenotypes of mutation-carrying patients. Read More

    Evolution of the "fourth stage" of epidemiologic transition in people aged 80 years and over: population-based cohort study using electronic health records.
    Popul Health Metr 2017 May 12;15(1):18. Epub 2017 May 12.
    Department of Primary Care and Public Health Sciences, King's College London, 3rd Floor Addison House, Guy's Campus, London, SE1 1UL, UK.
    Background: In the "fourth stage" of epidemiological transition, the distribution of non-communicable diseases is expected to shift to more advanced ages, but age-specific changes beyond 80 years of age have not been reported.

    Methods: This study aimed to evaluate demographic and health transitions in a population aged 80 years and over in the United Kingdom from 1990 to 2014, using primary care electronic health records. Epidemiological analysis of chronic morbidities and age-related impairments included a cohort of 299,495 participants, with stratified sampling by five-year age group up to 100 years and over. Read More

    Eruptive melanocytic nevi during azathioprine therapy for antisynthetase syndrome.
    Cutis 2017 Apr;99(4):268-270
    Department of Dermatology, University of Maryland Medical Center, Baltimore, USA.
    Eruptive melanocytic nevi (EMN) are rare multiple benign melanocytic nevi that develop within a few months. The phenomenon has been associated with a variety of dermatologic and systemic conditions, including Stevens-Johnson syndrome, toxic epidermal necrolysis, epidermolysis bullosa, Addison disease, human immunodeficiency virus infection, and internal malignancy, among others. It also is commonly attributed to medications, particularly immunosuppressive and chemotherapeutic agents. Read More

    Impact of Coronary Calcification on Clinical Management in Patients With Acute Chest Pain.
    Circ Cardiovasc Imaging 2017 May;10(5)
    From the Cardiac MR PET CT Program (D.O.B., T.M., F.B., T.R.H., S.J., D.A., M.T.L., U.H., M.F.), Department of Radiology (D.O.B., T.M., T.R.H., S.J., D.A., M.T.L., U.H., M.F.), and Department of Emergency Medicine (J.T.N.), Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston; Department of Cardiology, University Hospital Erlangen, Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU), Germany (D.O.B.); School of Business Studies, Stralsund University of Applied Sciences, Germany (T.M.); Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology, University of Tuebingen, Germany (F.B.); Division of Cardiology and the CardioVascular Center, Tufts Medical Center, Boston, MA (J.E.U.); Department of Radiology, Weill Cornell Medicine, New York City (Q.A.T.); Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology, Washington University School of Medicine, St Louis, MO (P.K.W.); Sidney Kimmel Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA (J.E.H., A.M.C.); Department of Emergency Medicine, Wake Forest School of Medicine, Winston-Salem, NC (C.M.); Penn State Heart and Vascular Institute, Hershey, PA (H.S.); Perelman School of Medicine of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia (H.L.); and Knight Cardiovascular Institute, Oregon Health and Science University, Portland (M.F.).
    Background: Coronary artery calcification (CAC) may impair diagnostic assessment of coronary computed tomography angiography (CTA). We determined whether CAC affects efficiency of coronary CTA in patients with suspected acute coronary syndrome (ACS).

    Methods And Results: This is a pooled analysis of ACRIN-PA (American College of Radiology Imaging Network-Pennsylvania) 4005 and the ROMICAT-II trial (Rule Out Myocardial Infarction/Ischemia Using Computer Assisted Tomography) comparing an initial coronary CTA strategy to standard of care in acute chest pain patients. Read More

    MECHANISMS IN ENDOCRINOLOGY: Update on pathogenesis of primary adrenal insufficiency: beyond steroid enzyme deficiency and autoimmune adrenal destruction.
    Eur J Endocrinol 2017 Sep 27;177(3):R99-R111. Epub 2017 Apr 27.
    Departments of Pediatrics and Clinical ResearchBern University Children's Hospital Inselspital, University of Bern, Bern, Switzerland
    Primary adrenal insufficiency (PAI) is potentially life threatening, but rare. In children, genetic defects prevail whereas adults suffer more often from acquired forms of PAI. The spectrum of genetic defects has increased in recent years with the use of next-generation sequencing methods and now has reached far beyond genetic defects in all known enzymes of adrenal steroidogenesis. Read More

    A Case of Autoimmune Polyglandular Syndrome .ype 2 Associated with Atypical Form of Scleromyxedema.
    Ethiop J Health Sci 2016 Sep;26(5):503-507
    Department of Clinical Immunology, Allergology and Endocrinology, Donetsk National Medical University, Ukraine.
    Background: Autoimmune polyglandular syndrome type 2 represents an uncommon endocrine disorder composed by Addison's disease with autoimmune thyroid disease (Schmidt's syndrome) and/or type 1 diabetes mellitus. Scleromyxedema is a rare progressive cutaneous mucinosis usually associated with systemic involvement and paraproteinemia. To the best of our knowledge, there is no case report of Schmidt's syndrome associated with scleromyxedema. Read More

    Endocrine Comorbidities in Patients with Psoriatic Arthritis: A Population-based Case-controlled Study.
    J Rheumatol 2017 Jun 15;44(6):786-790. Epub 2017 Apr 15.
    From the Department of Rheumatology, and the Department of Internal Medicine, and the Department of Community Medicine and Epidemiology, Carmel Medical Center; Bruce and Ruth Rappaport Faculty of Medicine Technion, Haifa; Chief Physician's Office, Central Headquarters, Clalit Health Services, Tel Aviv; Siaal Research Center for Family Medicine and Primary Care, Faculty of Health Sciences, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beer-Sheba, Israel.
    Objective: To investigate endocrine comorbidities in patients with psoriatic arthritis (PsA).

    Methods: A retrospective, cross-sectional study was performed with the database of Clalit Health Services, the largest healthcare provider in Israel, between 2002 and 2014. Patients with PsA were identified and matched by age and sex to healthy controls. Read More

    Health-related quality of life of patients with hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis dysregulations: a cohort study.
    Eur J Endocrinol 2017 Jul 12;177(1):1-8. Epub 2017 Apr 12.
    Université Paris DescartesSorbonne Paris Cité, Paris, France
    Objective: Health-related quality of life (HrQoL) is increasingly considered to be an important outcome of care for hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis dysregulation. The objective of this study was to assess the influence of type of HPA axis dysregulation and cortisol status on HrQOL and its evolution with time and treatment.

    Design: Prospective cohort study. Read More

    A Complex Interplay: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Severe Health Anxiety in Addison's Disease to Reduce Emergency Department Admissions.
    Behav Cogn Psychother 2017 Jul 9;45(4):419-426. Epub 2017 Apr 9.
    Department of Psychology,University of Bath,Bath,UK.
    Background: Addison's disease (AD) is a rare chronic illness caused by adrenocortical insufficiency. Due to the pivotal role of the regulating hormone cortisol in AD, there is a common symptom overlap between the presentation of anxiety and adrenal crisis. Previous literature has identified the prevalence of anxiety in endocrinological disorders, however there is a paucity of research examining the complex interplay between AD and anxiety. Read More

    A Naturalistic Study of Driving Behavior in Older Adults and Preclinical Alzheimer Disease.
    J Appl Gerontol 2017 Jan 1:733464817690679. Epub 2017 Jan 1.
    1 Washington University in St. Louis, MO, USA.
    A clinical consequence of symptomatic Alzheimer's disease (AD) is impaired driving performance. However, decline in driving performance may begin in the preclinical stage of AD. We used a naturalistic driving methodology to examine differences in driving behavior over one year in a small sample of cognitively normal older adults with ( n = 10) and without ( n = 10) preclinical AD. Read More

    Comprehensiveness of HIV care provided at global HIV treatment sites in the IeDEA consortium: 2009 and 2014.
    J Int AIDS Soc 2017 Jan;20(1):1-14
    Vanderbilt Institute for Global Health (VIGH), Nashville, TN, USA.
    Introduction: An important determinant of the effectiveness of HIV treatment programs is the capacity of sites to implement recommended services and identify systematic changes needed to ensure that invested resources translate into improved patient outcomes. We conducted a survey in 2014 of HIV care and treatment sites in the seven regions of the International epidemiologic Database to Evaluate AIDS (IeDEA) Consortium to evaluate facility characteristics, HIV prevention, care and treatment services provided, laboratory capacity, and trends in the comprehensiveness of care compared to data obtained in the 2009 baseline survey.

    Methods: Clinical staff from 262 treatment sites in 45 countries in IeDEA completed a site survey from September 2014 to January 2015, including Asia-Pacific with Australia (n = 50), Latin America and the Caribbean (n = 11), North America (n = 45), Central Africa (n = 17), East Africa (n = 36), Southern Africa (n = 87), and West Africa (n = 16). Read More

    Cashew consumption reduces total and LDL cholesterol: a randomized, crossover, controlled-feeding trial.
    Am J Clin Nutr 2017 May 29;105(5):1070-1078. Epub 2017 Mar 29.
    Biofortis Inc., Addison, IL; and
    Background: Cashews are the third most-consumed tree nut in the United States and are abundant with monounsaturated fatty acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are associated with reduced cardiovascular disease risk. Although a qualified Food and Drug Administration health claim exists for nuts and heart health, cashews have been exempt from its use because cashews exceed the disqualifying amount of saturated fatty acids. Approximately one-third of the saturated fat in cashews is stearic acid, which is relatively neutral on blood lipids, thereby suggesting that cashews could have effects that are similar to those of other nuts. Read More

    Subclinical Atherosclerosis, Statin Eligibility, and Outcomes in African American Individuals: The Jackson Heart Study.
    JAMA Cardiol 2017 Jun;2(6):644-652
    Cardiovascular Medicine Division, Department of Medicine, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.
    Importance: Modern prevention guidelines substantially increase the number of individuals who are eligible for treatment with statins. Efforts to refine statin eligibility via coronary calcification have been studied in white populations but not, to our knowledge, in large African American populations.

    Objective: To compare the relative accuracy of US Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) and American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association (ACC/AHA) recommendations in identifying African American individuals with subclinical and clinical atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD). Read More

    Long-term safety of once-daily, dual-release hydrocortisone in patients with adrenal insufficiency: a phase 3b, open-label, extension study.
    Eur J Endocrinol 2017 Jun 14;176(6):715-725. Epub 2017 Mar 14.
    Department of EndocrinologySahlgrenska University Hospital and Institute of Medicine, Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg, Sweden
    Objective: To investigate the long-term safety and tolerability of a once-daily, dual-release hydrocortisone (DR-HC) tablet as oral glucocorticoid replacement therapy in patients with primary adrenal insufficiency (AI).

    Design: Prospective, open-label, multicenter, 5-year extension study of DR-HC conducted at five university clinics in Sweden.

    Methods: Seventy-one adult patients diagnosed with primary AI who were receiving stable glucocorticoid replacement therapy were recruited. Read More

    Long-term outcome of patients with X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy: A retrospective cohort study.
    Eur J Paediatr Neurol 2017 Jul 21;21(4):600-609. Epub 2017 Feb 21.
    Division of Clinical and Metabolic Genetics, Department of Pediatrics, University of Toronto, The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Canada; Genetics and Genome Biology, Research Institute, The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Canada.
    Background: X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy (X-ALD) is a peroxisomal disorder associated with leukodystrophy, myeloneuropathy and adrenocortical insufficiency. We performed a retrospective cohort study to evaluate long-term outcome of patients with X-ALD.

    Method: All patients with X-ALD diagnosed between 1989 and 2012 were included. Read More

    Perception of Policy and Environmental Action to Promote Healthy Behaviors in African American Communities.
    Int J Environ Res Public Health 2017 Mar 7;14(3). Epub 2017 Mar 7.
    Center of Excellence in Minority Health and Health Disparities, School of Public Health, Jackson State University, 350 West Woodrow Wilson Drive, Suite, 2280, Jackson, MS 39213, USA.
    The present study aimed to examine the perceptions of African American communities regarding the involvement of political leaders in facilitating policy and environmental change promoting healthy eating and physical activity. We selected the Metro Jackson Area comprised of Hinds, Madison and Rankin Counties because it is a combination of urban and rural communities. The sample consisted of 70 participants from seven sites. Read More

    Video monitoring of oxygen saturation during controlled episodes of acute hypoxia.
    Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc 2016 Aug;2016:4747-4750
    A method for extracting video photoplethysmographic information from an RGB video stream is tested on data acquired during a porcine model of acute hypoxia. Cardiac pulsatile information was extracted from the acquired signals and processed to determine a continuously reported oxygen saturation (SvidO2). A high degree of correlation was found to exist between the video and a reference from a pulse oximeter. Read More

    Combination of dabrafenib plus trametinib for BRAF and MEK inhibitor pretreated patients with advanced BRAF(V600)-mutant melanoma: an open-label, single arm, dual-centre, phase 2 clinical trial.
    Lancet Oncol 2017 Apr 4;18(4):464-472. Epub 2017 Mar 4.
    Department of Medical Oncology, UZ Brussel, Brussels, Belgium. Electronic address:
    Background: Patients with BRAF(V600)-mutant melanoma benefit from treatment with the combination of BRAF and MEK inhibitors, but resistance and disease progression develops in most patients. Preclinical studies and case studies have indicated that acquired resistance to BRAF inhibition can be reversible. We aimed to assess the anti-tumour activity of rechallenge with BRAF plus MEK inhibition in a prospective clinical trial. Read More

    Pharyngeal Residue and Aspiration and the Relationship with Clinical/Nutritional Status of Patients with Oropharyngeal Dysphagia Submitted to Videofluoroscopy.
    J Nutr Health Aging 2017 ;21(3):336-341
    Emilia Addison Machado Moreira, Departamento de Nutrição, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina UFSC. Campus Universitário, Trindade, s/n, Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil. Zip Code: 88.040-970. Phone: +55 48 37219784, Fax: +55 48 37219542, E-mail address:
    Objectives: The aim of this study was to investigate the association between the videofluoroscopic (VFS) signs of impaired efficacy (pharyngeal residue) and safety (aspiration) swallowing and the clinical/nutritional status of patients with suspect of dysphagia.

    Design: A cross-sectional study was conducted with patients submitted to videofluoroscopy.

    Setting And Participants: Data of 76 patients were analyzed between March 2011 and December 2014. Read More

    Glucocorticoid-deficient hypoadrenocorticism secondary to intravascular lymphoma in the adrenal glands of a dog.
    Aust Vet J 2017 Mar;95(3):64-67
    Department of Pathobiology, School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, USA.
    Case Report: A 2-year-old neutered male German Shepherd dog was presented with weakness, poor appetite and weight loss. Glucocorticoid-deficient hypoadrenocorticism was diagnosed with undetectable pre- and post-ACTH cortisol concentrations but normal sodium and potassium concentrations. Despite appropriate supplementation with glucocorticoids, the patient's weakness progressed and neurological deficits developed. Read More

    Optimistic Bias, Risk Factors, and Development of High Blood Pressure and Obesity among African American Adolescents in Mississippi (USA).
    Int J Environ Res Public Health 2017 Feb 20;14(2). Epub 2017 Feb 20.
    Center of Excellence in Minority Health and Health Disparities, School of Public Health, Jackson State University, Jackson, MS 39213, USA.
    Childhood obesity has reached epidemic proportions and is linked to hypertension among African American youth. Optimistic bias influences behavior of youth causing them to underestimate their susceptibility to negative health outcomes. This study explored adolescent behaviors and prevalence of high blood pressure and obesity in a school district. Read More

    Primary adrenal insufficiency is associated with impaired natural killer cell function: a potential link to increased mortality.
    Eur J Endocrinol 2017 Apr;176(4):471-480
    Institute of Metabolism and Systems ResearchUniversity of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK
    Objective: Mortality in patients with primary adrenal insufficiency (PAI) is significantly increased, with respiratory infections as a major cause of death. Moreover, patients with PAI report an increased rate of non-fatal infections. Neutrophils and natural killer (NK) cells are innate immune cells that provide frontline protection against invading pathogens. Read More

    Radiology of the adrenal incidentalomas. Review of the literature.
    Endocr Regul 2017 Jan;51(1):35-51
    The term "adrenal incidentaloma" is a radiological term. Adrenal incidentalomas are adrenal tumors discovered in an imaging study that has been obtained for indications exclusive to adrenal conditions (Udelsman 2001; Linos 2003; Bulow et al. 2006; Anagnostis et al. Read More

    Connecting the Dots: A Comparative Global Multi-Institutional Study of Prohibitive Factors Affecting Cancer Pain Management.
    Pain Med 2017 02;18(2):363-373
    Department of Anesthesiology & Critical Care Medicine, Division of Pain Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland, USA.
    Objective: The goal of this study was to elucidate the attitudes, beliefs, and barriers interfering with cancer pain management, the degree of barrier interference with trainees’ care of patients, and the relationships among prohibitive factors to pain management for physicians in a low–middle-income countries (LMICs) vs high-income countries (HICs).

    Design And Setting: A multi-institutional cross-sectional survey of physicians in specialties with a focus in pain management training was performed. All surveys were completed anonymously from July 1, 2015, to November 30, 2015. Read More

    A case of adrenoleukodystrophy presenting with manic symptoms in a patient on steroids for Addison's disease.
    Indian J Psychiatry 2016 Oct-Dec;58(4):467-470
    Department of Psychiatry, Government Medical College, Thrissur, Kerala, India.
    Adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD) is an X-linked disorder with diverse clinical presentations. A 30-year-old male, previously diagnosed with Addison's disease, on steroid supplementation for 18 years, presented to us with manic symptoms for 4 years. He was found to have white matter hypodensities in computed tomography head and had white matter signal changes in magnetic resonance imaging, and therefore a diagnosis of ALD was made. Read More

    Clinical implications for biochemical diagnostic thresholds of adrenal sufficiency using a highly specific cortisol immunoassay.
    Clin Biochem 2017 Jun 10;50(9):475-480. Epub 2017 Feb 10.
    Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, University of Calgary, Calgary Laboratory Services, Canada.
    Objectives: Recent guidelines recommend a diagnosis of adrenal insufficiency when a stimulated peak cortisol level falls below 500nmol/L. This may not be valid using a highly specific cortisol immunoassay or liquid chromatography-mass spectroscopy (LCMS/MS). We sought to determine the diagnostic threshold for adrenal insufficiency using a new and widely available, highly specific cortisol immunoassay. Read More

    Paternal low protein diet programs preimplantation embryo gene expression, fetal growth and skeletal development in mice.
    Biochim Biophys Acta 2017 Jun 9;1863(6):1371-1381. Epub 2017 Feb 9.
    Aston Institute of Materials Research, School of Engineering and Applies Science and Aston Research Centre for Healthy Ageing, Aston University, Birmingham, B4 7ET, United Kingdom.
    Defining the mechanisms underlying the programming of early life growth is fundamental for improving adult health and wellbeing. While the association between maternal diet, offspring growth and adult disease risk is well-established, the effect of father's diet on offspring development is largely unknown. Therefore, we fed male mice an imbalanced low protein diet (LPD) to determine the impact on post-fertilisation development and fetal growth. Read More

    Topical treatments for blepharokeratoconjunctivitis in children.
    Cochrane Database Syst Rev 2017 02 7;2:CD011965. Epub 2017 Feb 7.
    NIHR Biomedical Research Centre at Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and UCL Institute of Ophthalmology, 162 City Road, London, UK, EC1V 2PD.
    Background: Blepharokeratoconjunctivitis (BKC) is a type of inflammation of the surface of the eye and eyelids that involves changes of the eyelids, dysfunction of the meibomian glands, and inflammation of the conjunctiva and cornea. Chronic inflammation of the cornea can lead to scarring, vascularisation and opacity. BKC in children can cause significant symptoms including irritation, watering, photophobia and loss of vision from corneal opacity, refractive error or amblyopia. Read More

    Pernicious anemia: Fundamental and practical aspects in diagnosis.
    Cardiovasc Hematol Agents Med Chem 2017 Feb 3. Epub 2017 Feb 3.
    The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center - Thrombosis & Benign Hematology Houston, TX,. United States.
    Pernicious anemia (PA), the most common cause of cobalamin deficiency anemia worldwide, is an autoimmune disease of multifactorial etiologies involving complex environmental and immunological factors. Although it was first reported by Addison in 1849 with subsequent advances in understanding of pathogenesis and molecular biology, diagnosis of pernicious anemia is still challenging for clinicians because of its complexity and diverse clinical presentations. Herein, we provide an overview of PA, mainly focusing on its scientific and practical aspects in diagnosis. Read More

    Cardiac Manifestations of Adrenal Insufficiency.
    Rev Cardiovasc Med 2016 ;17(3-4):131-136
    Division of Cardiovascular Diseases, Carilion Clinic and Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine, Roanoke, VA.
    It is estimated that the prevalence of primary adrenal insufficiency (Addison disease) is 1 in 10,000 people. There are multiple case reports and several studies that suggest a correlation between Addison disease and abnormalities of cardiac function. The pathophysiology of cardiac abnormalities in this condition is incompletely understood. Read More

    An Addison disease revealed with a serious hyponatremia.
    Ann Biol Clin (Paris) 2017 Feb;75(1):87-91
    We present the case of an Addison's disease revealed by a serious hyponatremia. The serum concentration of ACTH and 21-hydroxylase antibodies were increased and lead to the diagnosis. The cortisol blood level was lowered but required to take into account the stress induced by the hospitalisation of the patient. Read More

    Clinical features and practice patterns of treatment for adrenal crisis: a nationwide cross-sectional study in Japan.
    Eur J Endocrinol 2017 Mar;176(3):329-337
    Department of General MedicineNational Defense Medical College, Tokorozawa, Saitama, Japan.
    Context: Adrenal crisis is an endocrine emergency that requires prompt diagnosis and treatment. However, the clinical features and practice patterns of treatment for adrenal crisis are not completely understood.

    Objective: To investigate patient characteristics, comorbidities and treatments of adrenal crisis. Read More

    Measuring cortisol in serum, urine and saliva - are our assays good enough?
    Ann Clin Biochem 2017 May 16;54(3):308-322. Epub 2017 Mar 16.
    3 Department of Medical Biochemistry and Immunology, University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff, UK.
    Cortisol is a steroid hormone produced in response to stress. It is essential for maintaining health and wellbeing and leads to significant morbidity when deficient or present in excess. It is lipophilic and is transported bound to cortisol-binding globulin (CBG) and albumin; a small fraction (∼10%) of total serum cortisol is unbound and biologically active. Read More

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