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    3+4 = 6? Implications of the stratification of localised Gleason 7 prostate cancer by number and percentage of positive biopsy cores in selecting patients for active surveillance.
    Actas Urol Esp 2017 Sep 14. Epub 2017 Sep 14.
    Servicio de Urología, Hospital Universitari i Politècnic La Fe, Valencia, España.
    Objective: To determine whether the number and percentage of positive biopsy cores identify a Gleason 3+4 prostate cancer (PC) subgroup of similar biologic behaviour to Gleason 3+3.

    Material And Method: An observational post-radical prostatectomy study was conducted of a cohort of 799 patients with localised low-risk (n=582, Gleason 6, PSA <10ng/ml and cT1c-2a) and favourable intermediate PC (n=217, Gleason 3+4, PSA ≤10 ng/ml and pT2abc). The Gleason 3+4 tumours were stratified by number (≤3 vs. Read More

    Pelvic exenteration for gynecologic malignancies: Postoperative complications and oncologic outcomes.
    Actas Urol Esp 2017 Sep 11. Epub 2017 Sep 11.
    Servicio de Urología, Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    Introduction And Objective: To evaluate complications, morbidity and oncologic outcomes of pelvic exenteration as treatment for gynecologic malignancies.

    Materials And Methods: Between 2008 and 2015, a total of 35 patients underwent pelvic exenteration, due to recurrence of gynecological cancer. Surgical outcomes, early and late postoperative complications, and recurrence/survival outcomes were assessed. Read More

    Minilaparoscopy in urology: Systematic review.
    Actas Urol Esp 2017 Aug 30. Epub 2017 Aug 30.
    Servicio de Urología. Hospital Universitario Puerta del Mar, Cádiz, España.
    Context: There has been a boom in recent years in urological procedures using minilaparoscopy (ML).

    Objective: To conduct a systematic review of the published evidence on ML and its current role in urology.

    Acquisition Of Evidence: We performed a search on MedLine spanning October 1983 to December 2016 according to PRISMA criteria. Read More

    Endoscopic treatment of urethrodeferential reflux in children.
    Actas Urol Esp 2017 Aug 23. Epub 2017 Aug 23.
    Departamento de Urología Pediátrica, Hospital General Universitario Gregorio Marañón, Madrid, España.
    Introduction: Urethrodeferential reflux is an underdiagnosed condition, and there is no consensus on its treatment. Our objective is to show our experience in the minimally invasive treatment of this disease using endoscopy.

    Material And Methods: We present 8 patients with recurrent suppurative orchitis due to urethrodeferential reflux treated endoscopically during the period 2008-2013. Read More

    Cryotherapy versus high-intensity focused ultrasound for treating prostate cancer: Oncological and functional results.
    Actas Urol Esp 2017 Aug 14. Epub 2017 Aug 14.
    Departamento de Urología, Hospital Ramón y Cajal, Madrid, España.
    Context And Objective: The increasingly early diagnosis of prostate cancer requires a search for therapeutic alternatives with good oncological results that in turn facilitate a good long-term quality of life. This review analyses 2 minimally invasive therapies for treating localised prostate cancer in terms of oncological and functional results, as well as the complications resulting from the therapies.

    Acquisition Of Evidence: A systematic literature review was conducted of the treatment of localised prostate cancer with 2 ablative techniques as the primary therapy: cryosurgery or cryotherapy and high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU). Read More

    Validation of the prostate health index in a predictive model of prostate cancer.
    Actas Urol Esp 2017 Aug 12. Epub 2017 Aug 12.
    Departamento de Urología, Hospital Universitario Príncipe de Asturias, Alcalá de Henares (Madrid), España; Departamento de Biología de Sistemas, Facultad de Medicina, Universidad de Alcalá de Henares, Alcalá de Henares (Madrid), España.
    Objectives: To validate and analyse the clinical usefulness of a predictive model of prostate cancer that incorporates the biomarker «[-2] pro prostate-specific antigen» using the prostate health index (PHI) in decision making for performing prostate biopsies.

    Material And Methods: We isolated serum from 197 men with an indication for prostate biopsy to determine the total prostate-specific antigen (tPSA), the free PSA fraction (fPSA) and the [-2] proPSA (p2PSA). The PHI was calculated as p2PSA/fPSA×√tPSA. Read More

    Systematic review of kidney transplantation functional predictors.
    Actas Urol Esp 2017 Aug 10. Epub 2017 Aug 10.
    Servicio de Urología, Hospital de la Vall d'Hebron, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, Barcelona, España.
    Context: Kidney transplantation from donors with expanded criteria has increased the pool of kidneys at the cost of a higher risk of short and long-term graft dysfunction. The main issue lies in determining which kidneys will offer acceptable function and survival compared with the risk represented by surgery and subsequent immunosuppression.

    Objective: The objective of our article is to review the current evidence on the tools for predicting the functionality of kidney transplantation from cadaveric donors with expanded criteria and determining the validity for their use in standard practice. Read More

    Laparoscopic partial nephrectomy with prior superselective embolisation as treatment for giant renal angiomyolipoma.
    Actas Urol Esp 2017 Aug 10. Epub 2017 Aug 10.
    Servicio de Urología, Hospital Universitario Infanta Elena/Hospital Universitario Fundación Jiménez Díaz, Madrid, España.
    Objective: Cases of giant renal angiomyolipoma (>9cm) are a therapeutic challenge due to their low frequency and large size. The treatment objective for patients with renal angiomyolipoma should be complete tumour extirpation, with a nephron-sparing surgical technique, without complications and using a minimally invasive approach.

    Material And Methods: We present 3 cases of giant angiomyolipoma (10 12 and 14cm) treated with a combined approach: superselective embolisation and subsequent laparoscopic partial nephrectomy, in 3 separate hospitals. Read More

    Radiation therapy for oligorecurrence in prostate cancer. Preliminary results of our centre.
    Actas Urol Esp 2017 Jul 21. Epub 2017 Jul 21.
    Servicio de Urología, Fundación Instituto Valenciano de Oncología, (FIVO), Valencia, España.
    Introduction And Objective: There is growing interest in the use of more aggressive therapeutic modalities for treating metastatic prostate cancer. In this study, we examine the use of stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) for patients with oligorecurrent prostate cancer. We analysed the biochemical response and toxicity of patients who underwent this therapy at our centre. Read More

    Developments in urologic oncology «OncoForum»: The best of 2016.
    Actas Urol Esp 2017 Jul 19. Epub 2017 Jul 19.
    Servicio de Urología, Complejo Hospitalario Universitario de Granada, Granada, España.
    Objective: To put forth new findings of urologic oncology with impact on clinical practice presented during 2016 in the main annual meetings.

    Acquisition Of Evidence: This document reviews abstracts on prostate, kidney and bladder cancer presented at the congresses of 2016 (EAU, AUA, ASCO, ESMO and ASTRO) and publications with the highest impact in this period valued with the highest scores by the OncoForum committee.

    Synthesis Of Evidence: In High-Risk Renal-Cell carcinoma after nephrectomy, disease-free survival was significantly greater for sunitinib than placebo group, with adverse events more frequents. Read More

    The personal and professional face of the Basque urologist José Julián Guimón Rezola (1898-1980).
    Actas Urol Esp 2017 Jul 15. Epub 2017 Jul 15.
    Departamento Clínico, Facultad de Ciencias Biomédicas, Universidad Europea de Madrid, Laureate Universities, Madrid, España. Electronic address:
    Objective: To understand certain outstanding aspects of the life of the Basque surgeon and urologist Julián Guimón Rezola. His personal and bibliographic documentary legacy helps reconstruct his works and personal character.

    Material And Methods: We analysed the written works of Julián Guimón Rezola and a collection of documents, letters, photographs, illustrations and objects from his personal and professional life, accessed through his family. Read More

    Radium-223 in the therapeutic sequence of metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer.
    Actas Urol Esp 2017 Jul 12. Epub 2017 Jul 12.
    Complejo Hospitalario Universitario de Granada, Madrid, Granada, España.
    Context: Radium-223 is an □ -particle transmitter with specific action on bone metastases. The Alpharadin in Symptomatic Prostate Cancer Patients (ALSYMPCA) study showed that radium-223 extended overall survival and delayed the onset of bone events in patients with symptomatic castration-resistant prostate cancer with bone metastases (mCRPC) and without visceral metastases, with a good safety profile.

    Objective: To review the new scientific evidence on radium-223 based on prespecified and post-hoc analyses of the ALSYMPCA study and on early-access programs after the publication of the ALSYMPCA study, thereby providing new data on the management of patients with mCRPC. Read More

    Bacterial colonization of penile prosthesis after its withdrawal due to mechanical failure.
    Actas Urol Esp 2017 Jul 12. Epub 2017 Jul 12.
    Unidad de Andrología, Servicio de Urología, Hospital Universitario de Bellvitge, Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona, España.
    Introduction: Prosthetic surgery to treat erectile dysfunction has a risk of infection of up to 3%, but this risk can increase to 18% when the surgery involves replacement. This increased risk of infection is attributed to the bacterial colonization of the prosthesis during the initial surgery.

    Objective: To analyse the presence of germs in the prosthesis that is withdrawn due to mechanical failure (not infection), as well as the surgical results and its progression. Read More

    Efficacy of Botulinum toxin A for the treatment of Bladder pain syndrome: A systematic review.
    Actas Urol Esp 2017 Jul 4. Epub 2017 Jul 4.
    Servicio de Urología, Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colombia.
    Objectives: To determine the efficacy and safety of BTX-A, compared with other interventions for the treatment of BPS to improve quality of life.

    Methods: This systematic review fulfils all the requirements of the Cochrane manual and PRISMA reporting guidelines. The PROSPERO registration number is: CRD42016039480. Read More

    Application of Lean Healthcare methodology in a urology department of a tertiary hospital as a tool for improving efficiency.
    Actas Urol Esp 2017 Jul 1. Epub 2017 Jul 1.
    Centro de Ingeniería Económica, Unidad de Investigación en Economía y Gestión de la Salud, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Valencia, España.
    Objective: To describe the application of the Lean methodology as a method for continuously improving the efficiency of a urology department in a tertiary hospital.

    Material And Methods: The implementation of the Lean Healthcare methodology in a urology department was conducted in 3 phases: 1) team training and improvement of feedback among the practitioners, 2) management by process and superspecialisation and 3) improvement of indicators (continuous improvement). The indicators were obtained from the Hospital's information systems. Read More

    Analysis of historical articles published in Actas Urológicas Españolas.
    Actas Urol Esp 2017 Jun 19. Epub 2017 Jun 19.
    Oficina de Historia de la Asociación Española de Urología, Urólogo, Murcia, España. Electronic address:
    Objective: On the 40th anniversary of the edition of Actas Urológicas Españolas, we assess the articles on history to determine the proportion represented, analysing the study subjects and their relevance, getting to know the authors, the main study centres and the interest that the studies offer for understanding the specialty.

    Material And Methods: We extracted as many subjects of historic content from the journal as were published between January 1976 and December 2016.

    Result: There were 103 historical studies representing 3% of the total number of articles, with a mean of 2. Read More

    The Patient's Comorbidity Burden Correlates with the Erectile Dysfunction Severity.
    Actas Urol Esp 2017 Jun 19. Epub 2017 Jun 19.
    Departamento of Urología, Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, Barcelona, España.
    Objective: To explore the potential relationship between erectile dysfunction (ED), low testosterone levels, and the Charlson Comorbidity Index (CCI).

    Material And Methods: Cross-sectional study on patients referred to the andrology unit in 7 Spanish centers. The ED was diagnosed and graded using the International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF-5) score. Read More

    Antibiotic activity and concentrations in clinical samples from patients with chronic bacterial prostatitis.
    Actas Urol Esp 2017 Jun 19. Epub 2017 Jun 19.
    Laboratorio de Microbiología, Complejo Hospitalario Universitario de Granada (Hospital Virgen de las Nieves)-IBS, Granada, España; Departamento de Microbiología, Universidad de Granada-IBS, Granada, España. Electronic address:
    Objectives: Chronic bacterial prostatitis (CBP) is the most common urological disease in patients younger than 50 years, whose long-standing symptoms could be related to an inappropriate therapeutic regimen. The objective was to analyse the sensitivity of microorganisms isolated from patients with CBP and measure the weekly antibiotic concentrations in serum, semen and urine.

    Material And Methods: For the antibiotic sensitivity study, 60 clinical isolates were included between January 2013 and December 2014 from semen samples from patients with microbiologically confirmed CBP. Read More

    Predictors of urinary and rectal toxicity after external conformed radiation therapy in prostate cancer: Correlation between clinical, tumour and dosimetric parameters and radical and postoperative radiation therapy.
    Actas Urol Esp 2017 Jun 15. Epub 2017 Jun 15.
    Servicio de Oncología Radioterápica, Hospital General Universitario Gregorio Marañón, Madrid, España.
    Objective: To determine rectal and urinary toxicity after external beam radiation therapy (EBRT), assessing the results of patients who undergo radical or postoperative therapy for prostate cancer (pancreatic cancer) and their correlation with potential risk factors.

    Method: A total of 333 patients were treated with EBRT. Of these, 285 underwent radical therapy and 48 underwent postoperative therapy (39 cases of rescue and 9 of adjuvant therapy). Read More

    Prospective study comparing laparoscopic and open radical cystectomy: Surgical and oncological results.
    Actas Urol Esp 2017 Jun 14. Epub 2017 Jun 14.
    Servicio de Urología, Hospital Universitario de Getafe, Madrid, España; Departamento Clínico, Universidad Europea de Madrid, Laureate Universities, Madrid, España. Electronic address:
    Introduction: Laparoscopic radical cystectomy with lymphadenectomy and urinary diversion is an increasingly widespread operation. Studies are needed to support the oncological effectiveness and safety of this minimally invasive approach.

    Patients And Methods: A nonrandomised, comparative prospective study between open radical cystectomy (ORC) and laparoscopic radical cystectomy (LRC) was conducted in a university hospital. Read More

    Trends in the management of urolithiasis in Latin America, Spain and Portugal: results of a survey in the Confederación Americana de Urología (CAU).
    Actas Urol Esp 2017 Jun 3. Epub 2017 Jun 3.
    Departamento de Urología, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, Wake Forest School of Medicine, Winston-Salem, Carolina del Norte, EE. UU.
    Objective: To describe the trends in the current management of urolithiasis in the Confederación Americana de Urología (CAU) setting to recognise patterns of clinical practice and identify educational needs.

    Material And Method: An online survey was created with 31 multiple-choice questions (Spanish and Portuguese) through www.caunet. Read More

    Postoperative management of radical cystectomy. Review of the evidence on the prevention and treatment of urological complications.
    Actas Urol Esp 2017 Jun 3. Epub 2017 Jun 3.
    Servicio de Urología, Unidad de Urooncología, Fundació Puigvert, Barcelona, España.
    Introduction And Objectives: This review article focuses on the prevention and management of the most common postoperative urological complications of radical cystectomy. We reviewed the current literature and conducted an analysis of frequency, prevention and treatment of complications.

    Acquisition Of Evidence: We conducted a search on Medline to identify original articles, literature reviews and editorials focusing on the urological complications of radical cystectomy during the first 90 days after surgery. Read More

    Prevalence of urinary incontinence and its relation with sedentarism in Spain.
    Actas Urol Esp 2017 Jun 3. Epub 2017 Jun 3.
    Facultad de Ciencias de la Educación y el Deporte, Universidade de Vigo, Pontevedra, España.
    Objectives: To determine the prevalence of urinary incontinence in the elderly Spanish population of both sexes and identify a possible relationship between physical activity habits and the presence of urinary incontinence in the elderly.

    Material And Methods: We used data from 8146 individuals older than 60 years (age range, 60-94 years), from which data from a 15-year cohort were obtained. Of these, 4745 (58. Read More

    The management of the acute ischemic priapism: A state of the art review.
    Actas Urol Esp 2017 May 17. Epub 2017 May 17.
    St. Peter's Andrology and The Institute of Urology, University College of London Hospital (UCLH), Londres, Reino Unido.
    Objective: To review the current literature on early penile prosthesis implantation in patients with refractory ischemic priapism (IP).

    Acquisition Of Evidence: A systematic search for the terms "penile prosthesis", "priapism", "impotence", "fibrosis", "downsized prosthesis cylinders", and "patient satisfaction" has been carried out in PubMed, EMBASE, Cochrane, SCOPUS and Science Citation Index databases.

    Synthesis Of Evidence: Cavernosal tissue damage in IP is time related. Read More

    Visceral and gastrointestinal complications in robotic urologic surgery.
    Actas Urol Esp 2017 May 4. Epub 2017 May 4.
    Departamento de Urología, L'Institut Mutualiste Montsouris, París, Francia.
    Introduction: with the widespread use of minimally invasive techniques, robot-assisted urologic surgery has become widely adopted. Despite their infrequency, visceral and gastrointestinal complications could be life-threatening.

    Objectives: To identify the main gastrointestinal injuries that occur in a robot-assisted urologic surgery. Read More

    Usefulness of GATA-3 as a marker of seminal epithelium in prostate biopsies.
    Actas Urol Esp 2017 Apr 28. Epub 2017 Apr 28.
    Grupo de Investigación en Biología Molecular e IHQ en Cáncer, Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria Galicia Sur SERGAS-UVIGO, Vigo, España; Servicio de Anatomía Patológica, Complexo Hospitalario Universitario de Vigo, Vigo, España.
    Objectives: The incidental presence of seminal vesicle epithelium in prostate needle biopsies is generally recognisable through routine microscopy. However, the biopsy can sometimes be erroneously interpreted as malignant due to its architectural and cytological characteristics, and immunohistochemistry can be useful for correctly identifying the biopsy. Our objective was to analyse the potential usefulness of GATA-3 as a marker of seminal epithelium. Read More

    Risk models for patients with localised renal cell carcinoma.
    Actas Urol Esp 2017 Apr 28. Epub 2017 Apr 28.
    Departamento de Urología, Clínica Universidad de Navarra, Pamplona, España.
    Introduction: We conducted a retrospective analysis of our series to assess the factors that influenced disease-free survival (DFS) and cancer-specific survival (CSS) for patients with localised renal cell carcinoma (RCC). We also created our own risk groups.

    Material And Methods: Between January 1990 and December 2012, 596 patients underwent surgery for localised RCC (clear cell, papillary or chromophobe). Read More

    Ultrasound-guided percutaneous radiofrequency ablation for treating small renal masses.
    Actas Urol Esp 2017 Apr 28. Epub 2017 Apr 28.
    Servicio de Urología, Hospital Universitari Vall d'Hebron, Universitat Autònoma, Barcelona, España.
    Introduction: The objective of this study was to analyse and assess the experience with radiofrequency ablation of small renal masses using a contrast-enhanced, ultrasound-guided percutaneous approach for patients who are not suitable for surgical resection and/or who refused surveillance or observation.

    Material And Method: From January 2007 to August 2015, 164 treatments were performed on a total of 148 patients. We present the patients' clinical-radiological characteristics, oncological and functional results in the short and medium term. Read More

    Adjuvant intravesical treatment for nonmuscle invasive bladder cancer: The importance of the strain and maintenance.
    Actas Urol Esp 2017 Apr 27. Epub 2017 Apr 27.
    Servicio de Urología, Hospital Universitario 12 de Octubre, Madrid, España.
    Background And Objective: Intravesical Bacille Calmette-Guérin (BCG) is essential for preventing the recurrence and progression of superficial bladder tumours. The aim of our study was to compare the efficacy and toxicity of the Connaught and Tice strains, as well as the importance of the maintenance regimen.

    Material And Methods: We retrospectively reviewed 110 patients with superficial bladder tumours who underwent adjuvant endovesical treatment. Read More

    Is there room for luminal-basal urothelial cell population quantification?
    Actas Urol Esp 2017 Apr 18. Epub 2017 Apr 18.
    Urologic Oncology Department, Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas PUC-Campinas, São Paulo, Brasil. Electronic address:
    Purpose: Three cell layers compose the urothelium: basal, intermediate and luminal ("umbrella cells") and different diseases might arise from different cell populations. The aim of this study is to analyze the quantification ability of such cell populations by using four different protocols.

    Methods: Twenty male rats (Wistar) were randomized in four groups of five animals: scraping, enzymatic 30, 45 and 60minutes. Read More

    A systematic review of the diagnosis and treatment of patients with neurogenic hyperactivity of the detrusor muscle.
    Actas Urol Esp 2017 Apr 13. Epub 2017 Apr 13.
    Servicio de Urología, Hospital Clínico San Carlos, Madrid, España.
    Background: Neurogenic detrusor hyperactivity (NDH) is a urodynamic observation characterised by involuntary detrusor contractions during the filling phase that are caused by an underlying neurological disease. The common and severe complications that can result from NDH warrant the preparation of healthcare protocols for the proper management of patients with NDH.

    Objective: The aim of this study is to standardise the criteria for the decision-making process in the management of patients with diagnosed or suspected NDH, providing personalised medical care. Read More

    Shockwave lithotripsy with music: Less painful and more satisfactory treatment.
    Actas Urol Esp 2017 Apr 12. Epub 2017 Apr 12.
    Unidad de Litotricia y Endourología, Servicio de Urología, Hospital Universitario y Politécnico La Fe, Valencia, España.
    Introduction: The objective of this study was to determine whether listening to music during a session of extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy (ESWL) improves patients' pain.

    Material And Method: A simple, blind randomisation was undertaken of patients with kidney and ureter stones attending an ESWL session of 7,000 waves for the first time, between September and December 2014. One group was given music and the other was not. Read More

    Small-calibre percutaneous nephrolithotomy (SC-PCNL). Therapeutic decision algorithm.
    Actas Urol Esp 2017 Apr 6. Epub 2017 Apr 6.
    Department of Urology, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center , Winston Salem, North Carolina, EE. UU.
    Introduction: The progressive reduction in the calibre of the tract in percutaneous kidney surgery to the point of miniaturisation has expanded its use to smaller stones that until now have been treated with extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) and retrograde intrarenal surgery (RIRS).

    Objective: To provide an update on the various techniques of small-calibre nephrolithotomy (SC-PCNL) analyse their efficacy, safety and indications and determine their degree of implantation at this time.

    Material And Methods: We performed a review in PubMed of Spanish and English medical literature on the various techniques of SC-PCNL. Read More

    Prevalence of metabolic syndrome and its association with lower urinary tract symptoms and sexual function.
    Actas Urol Esp 2017 Apr 5. Epub 2017 Apr 5.
    Departamento de Urología, Hospital Universitario de la Fundación Santa Fe de Bogotá, Bogotá D.C., Colombia; Facultad de Medicina de la Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá D.C., Colombia.
    Objectives: To estimate the frequency of metabolic syndrome (MetS) in a daily urology practice and to determine its association with lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) and erectile dysfunction (ED).

    Material And Methods: A retrospective study was conducted. Data from all male patients aged ≥40 years who attended our outpatient urology clinic from 2010 to 2011 was collected. Read More

    Retrograde intrarenal surgery and micro-percutaneous nephrolithotomy for renal lithiasis smaller than 2 CM.
    Actas Urol Esp 2017 Apr 4. Epub 2017 Apr 4.
    Servicio de Urología, Hospital Universitario Río Hortega, Valladolid, España.
    Introduction: Microperc is the upgraded form of percutaneous nephrolithotomy miniaturization. The aim of this study is to compare prospectively microperc and retrograde intrarenal surgery for the treatment of renal stones smaller than 2 cm.

    Material And Methods: A comparative prospective study of both techniques was carried out between January 2014 and June 2015. Read More

    Role of PET-CT with (18)F-fluorocholine in biochemical recurrence after treatment of prostate cancer with curative intent.
    Actas Urol Esp 2017 Sep 25;41(7):437-444. Epub 2017 Apr 25.
    UGC Medicina Nuclear, Complejo Hospitalario Universitario de Granada, Granada, Spain.
    Objectives: To analyse the ability of the PET-CT with (18)F-fluorocholine ((18)F-FCH) to detect disease on biochemical recurrence after treatment with curative intent. To determine the clinical variables that would be able to optimise the test's diagnostic yield.

    Material And Methods: A retrospective study of PET-CTs with (18)F-fluorocholine performed on 61 patients with prostate cancer who had undergone treatment with curative intent and met the criteria for biochemical recurrence. Read More

    Diagnostic yield of lumbosacral magnetic resonance imaging requested by paediatric urology consultations.
    Actas Urol Esp 2017 Mar 30. Epub 2017 Mar 30.
    Urología Pediátrica, Servicio de Cirugía Pediátrica, Hospital Clínico Universitario Virgen de la Arrixaca, Murcia, España.
    Objectives: In the historical series, the diagnostic yield of lumbosacral magnetic resonance imaging to rule out occult spinal dysraphism (or occult myelodysplasia), requested by paediatric urology, ranged from 2% to 15%. The aim of this study was to define our cost-effectiveness in children with urinary symptoms and to define endpoints that increase the possibility of finding occult spinal dysraphism.

    Patients And Methods: A screening was conducted on patients with urinary dysfunction for whom an magnetic resonance imaging was requested by the paediatric urology clinic, for persistent symptoms after treatment, voiding dysfunction or other clinical or urodynamic findings. Read More

    New technique for nephron-sparing surgery in polar tumours. A modification of the Kim technique.
    Actas Urol Esp 2017 Mar 28. Epub 2017 Mar 28.
    Servicio de Urología, Hospital Alemán, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    Introduction And Objectives: Nephron-sparing surgery (NSS) is the indication, provided it is feasible and meets the international treatment guidelines. One of the objectives of performing NSS is to reduce the ischemia time as much as possible. We propose a surgical technique for treating polar renal tumours and those larger than 4cm based on the principle of the technique described by Kim in 1964. Read More

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