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A Meta-Analysis on the Effect and Safety of LCZ696 in the Treatment of Hypertension.

Cardiol Res Pract 2021 20;2021:8867578. Epub 2021 Mar 20.

Department of Pharmacy, China Aerospace Science & Industry Corporation 731 Hospital, Beijing 100074, China.

Objectives: To systematically evaluate the differences in effect and safety of LCZ696 and angiotensin receptor blockers (ARBs) in the treatment of hypertension.

Methods: We searched PubMed, Cochrane, Web of Science, and Ovid, collected randomized controlled trials (RCTs) about the effect and safety of LCZ696 and ARBs in hypertensive patients, extracted relevant data and evaluated the quality of the included literature according to the RCT quality evaluation standard recommended by Cochrane Reviewer's Handbook, using RevMan 5.3, and performed meta-analysis. Read More

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Impact of corticosteroids in hospitalised COVID-19 patients.

BMJ Open Respir Res 2021 04;8(1)

Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York, New York, USA.

Background: Corticosteroids are a potential therapeutic agent for patients with COVID-19 pneumonia. The RECOVERY (Randomised Trials in COVID-19 Therapy) trial provided data on the mortality benefits of corticosteroids. The study aimed to determine the association between corticosteroid use on mortality and infection rates and to define subgroups who may benefit from corticosteroids in a real-world setting. Read More

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Efficacy of second-line treatments for patients with advanced human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 positive breast cancer after trastuzumab-based treatment: a systematic review and bayesian network analysis.

J Cancer 2021 18;12(6):1687-1697. Epub 2021 Jan 18.

Cancer Center, the First Hospital of Jilin University, Changchun, China.

Different second-line treatments of patients with trastuzumab-resistant human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2) positive breast cancer were examined in randomized controlled trials (RCTs). A network meta-analysis is helpful to evaluate the comparative survival benefits of different options. We performed a bayesian network meta-analysis using R-4. Read More

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January 2021

Using Automated Machine Learning to Predict the Mortality of Patients With COVID-19: Prediction Model Development Study.

J Med Internet Res 2021 02 26;23(2):e23458. Epub 2021 Feb 26.

Department of Pathology, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Montefiore Medical Center, The Bronx, NY, United States.

Background: During a pandemic, it is important for clinicians to stratify patients and decide who receives limited medical resources. Machine learning models have been proposed to accurately predict COVID-19 disease severity. Previous studies have typically tested only one machine learning algorithm and limited performance evaluation to area under the curve analysis. Read More

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February 2021

Incidence and disease burden of herpes zoster in the population aged ≥50 years in China: Data from an integrated health care network.

J Infect 2021 02 6;82(2):253-260. Epub 2021 Jan 6.

Department of Epidemiology, School of Public Health, Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, No. 548, Binwen Rd, Hangzhou 310053, China. Electronic address:

Background: Herpes zoster (HZ) mainly affects elderly and immunocompromised individuals and is characterized by a painful vesicular rash. Data on the epidemiology of HZ, particularly in unvaccinated individuals aged ≥50 years, are still limited in China. Thus, this study aimed to evaluate the epidemiological features, disease burden, and associated risk factors of HZ in the population aged ≥50 years in China. Read More

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February 2021

[The pharmacogenetics of hypoglycemia and the glycemic variability at the patients ith type 2 diabetes mellitus].

Ter Arkh 2020 Nov 24;92(10):54-62. Epub 2020 Nov 24.

Russian Medical Academy of Continuous Professional Education.

Aim: To investigate the link between the hypoglycemia (registrated accurately by the professional Continuous Glucose Monitoring CGM; severe hypoglycemia at home) and the hetero-/homozygote carriage of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) of cytochrome systems geneCYP2C9(rs1799853CYP2C9*2 иrs1057910CYP2C9*3) at the patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM) used sulphonylurea (SU).

Materials And Methods: In Study Case-Control 120 T2DM-SU-patients genotyped by SNPs of geneCYP2C9(using PCR-RT) had been done the professional CGM (System iPro2, Medtronic) recorded Time in Range of Hypoglycemia (TIR-HYPO), level of Minimal CGM-hypoglycemia (MinGl) and standard CGM-parameters of Glycemic Variability. Severe hypoglycemia at home was recorded from visit to visit. Read More

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November 2020

Increased inflammatory markers correlate with liver damage and predict severe COVID-19: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

Gastroenterol Hepatol Bed Bench 2020 ;13(4):282-291

Gastroenterology and Liver Diseases Research Center, Research Institute for Gastroenterology and Liver Diseases, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran.

Aim: This study aimed to determine whether patients with elevated CRP, TNFα, and IL-6 levels may be at increased risk for severe infection and liver damage of COVID-19.

Background: The COVID-19 outbreak is a serious health problem to human beings. The evidence suggests that inflammatory markers related to liver damage increase in severe forms of COVID-19 compared to mild cases. Read More

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January 2020

Cardiovascular Changes in Patients With COVID-19 From Wuhan, China.

Front Cardiovasc Med 2020 2;7:150. Epub 2020 Sep 2.

Department of Anesthesiology, Tongji Medical College, Union Hospital, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China.

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is rapidly spreading and resulting in a significant loss of life around the world. However, specific information characterizing cardiovascular changes in COVID-19 is limited. In this single-centered, observational study, we enrolled 38 adult patients with COVID-19 from February 10 to March 13, 2020. Read More

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September 2020

Longitudinal Isolation of Potent Near-Germline SARS-CoV-2-Neutralizing Antibodies from COVID-19 Patients.

Cell 2020 08 13;182(4):843-854.e12. Epub 2020 Jul 13.

Laboratory of Experimental Immunology, Institute of Virology, Faculty of Medicine and University Hospital Cologne, University of Cologne, 50931 Cologne, Germany; German Center for Infection Research, Partner Site Bonn-Cologne, 50931 Cologne, Germany; Center for Molecular Medicine Cologne (CMMC), University of Cologne, 50931 Cologne, Germany. Electronic address:

The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has unprecedented implications for public health, social life, and the world economy. Because approved drugs and vaccines are limited or not available, new options for COVID-19 treatment and prevention are in high demand. To identify SARS-CoV-2-neutralizing antibodies, we analyzed the antibody response of 12 COVID-19 patients from 8 to 69 days after diagnosis. Read More

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Cost-effectiveness of balloon kyphoplasty and vertebroplasty versus conservative medical management in the USA.

Osteoporos Int 2020 Dec 12;31(12):2461-2471. Epub 2020 Jul 12.

Medtronic Pain Therapies Health Economics & Reimbursement, Fridley, MN, USA.

The cost-effectiveness of surgical versus conservative medical management of vertebral compression fractures in the US was analyzed in the context of inpatient versus outpatient treatment. Surgical intervention (balloon kyphoplasty and vertebroplasty) was found to be cost-effective relative to conservative medical management at a US willingness-to-pay threshold.

Introduction: To date, only one published study has evaluated the cost-effectiveness (C/E) of balloon kyphoplasty (BKP) or vertebroplasty (VP) in US Medicare patients with osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures. Read More

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December 2020

Mitochondrial and Nuclear Mitochondrial Variants in Allergic Diseases.

Allergy Asthma Immunol Res 2020 Sep;12(5):877-884

Department of Pediatrics, Severance Hospital, Yonsei University College of Medicine, Seoul, Korea.

The mitochondrial genome encodes core catalytic peptides that affect major metabolic processes within a cell. Here, we investigated the association between mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) variants and allergic diseases, including atopic dermatitis (AD) and asthma, alongside heteroplasmy within the mtDNA in subjects with allergic sensitization. We collected genotype data from 973 subjects with allergic sensitization, consisting of 632 children with AD, 498 children with asthma, and 481 healthy controls by extracting DNA from their blood samples. Read More

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September 2020

Cost-Effectiveness of Coronary and Peripheral Artery Disease Antithrombotic Treatments in Finland.

Adv Ther 2020 07 9;37(7):3348-3369. Epub 2020 Jun 9.

Creativ-Ceutical, Paris, France.

Introduction: Currently, 15-20% of individuals with coronary artery disease (chronic coronary syndrome [CCS]) or peripheral artery disease (PAD) receiving routine treatment experience cardiovascular events (CVEs) within 3-4 years. Using PICOSTEPS (Patients-Intervention-Comparators-Outcomes-Setting-Time-Effects-Perspective-Sensitivity analysis) reporting, we evaluated the cost-effectiveness of recently approved rivaroxaban 2.5 mg twice daily in combination with acetylsalicylic acid 100 mg daily (RIV + ASA) for the prevention of CVEs among Finns with CCS or symptomatic PAD. Read More

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Effect of smoking on treatment outcome among tuberculosis patients in Malaysia; a multicenter study.

BMC Public Health 2020 Jun 4;20(1):854. Epub 2020 Jun 4.

Ministry of Health, Islamabad, Pakistan.

Background: Smoking plays a key role in the development of tuberculosis (TB) infection and is also a predictor of poor TB treatment prognosis and outcomes. The current study was conducted to determine the prevalence of smoking and to assess the effects of smoking on treatment outcomes among TB patients.

Methods: A multi-center retrospective study design was used to collect data from TB patients in four different states of Malaysia, namely Penang, Sabah, Sarawak, and Selangor. Read More

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Comorbidities and Outcome of Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Liver Cirrhosis in Taiwan: A Population-Based Study.

Int J Environ Res Public Health 2020 04 20;17(8). Epub 2020 Apr 20.

Department of Internal Medicine, China Medical University Hospital, Taichung 404, Taiwan.

The prognosis of different etiologies of liver cirrhosis (LC) is not well understood. Previous studies performed on alcoholic LC-dominated cohorts have demonstrated a few conflicting results. We aimed to compare the outcome and the effect of comorbidities on survival between alcoholic and non-alcoholic LC in a viral hepatitis-dominated LC cohort. Read More

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Association between Aldose Reductase Gene C(-106)T Polymorphism and Diabetic Retinopathy: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.

Ophthalmic Res 2020 21;63(3):224-233. Epub 2020 Jan 21.

Shenzhen Xenotransplantation Medical Engineering Research and Development Center, Institute of Translational Medicine, Shenzhen Second People's Hospital, Shenzhen University School of Medicine, First Affiliated Hospital of Shenzhen University, Shenzhen, China,

Controversial results regarding the associations between aldose reductase (AR) genetic polymorphisms and diabetic retinopathy (DR) have been reported for many years. The present meta-analysis was performed to clarify the effects of the AR gene C(-106)T polymorphism on DR risk. The PubMed, Web of Sciences, Cochrane library, EMBASE, Chinese National Knowledge Infrastructure, and Wan Fang databases were extensively searched in Chinese to select relevant studies with an updated date of April 25, 2018. Read More

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Subcapsular orchiectomy versus total orchiectomy and LHRH analogue in the treatment of hormone-sensitive metastatic prostate cancer: a different perspective in evaluation of the psychosocial effects.

Support Care Cancer 2020 Sep 7;28(9):4313-4326. Epub 2020 Jan 7.

Department of Urology, Health Science University Dr. Abdurrahman Yurtaslan Ankara Oncology Training and Research Hospital, Ankara, Turkey.

Purpose: We aimed to compare total orchiectomy, subcapsular orchiectomy, and luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone (LHRH) analogue treatment in patients with hormone-sensitive metastatic prostate cancer in terms of efficacy of androgen deprivation treatment (ADT), patient satisfaction, health-related quality of life (HRQoL), development of phantom testis syndrome (PTS), and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Method: Among 272 patients treated between July 2015 and January 2019, 189 patients were enrolled in this prospective, cohort study and the patients were divided into three groups: group I, bilateral total orchiectomy (n 66); group II, bilateral subcapsular orchiectomy (n 63); and group III, LHRH analogue treatment (n 60). The adequacy of ADT was routinely monitored every 3 months and clinical parameters were evaluated. Read More

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September 2020

Estimated Association Between Organ Availability and Presumed Consent in Solid Organ Transplant.

JAMA Netw Open 2019 10 2;2(10):e1912431. Epub 2019 Oct 2.

Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

Importance: Presumed consent, or an opt-out organ transplant policy, has been adopted by many countries worldwide to increase organ donation. The implication of such a policy for transplants in the United States is uncertain, however.

Objective: To simulate the potential implications of a presumed consent policy in the United States. Read More

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October 2019

Circulating microRNA as diagnostic biomarkers for haematological cancers: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

Cancer Manag Res 2019 10;11:4313-4326. Epub 2019 May 10.

Department of Haematology, Zhengzhou University People's Hospital & Henan Provincial People's Hospital Henan, Zhengzhou, People's Republic of China.

Recent studies have validated microRNAs (miRNAs) as a diagnostic biomarker for haematological cancers. This study aimed to estimate the overall diagnostic accuracy of circulating miRNAs in haematological malignancies. Multiple databases (Google Scholar, PubMed, EMBASE, Cochrane Library,) were searched until 19 August 2017. Read More

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Structural exercise-based intervention for health problems in individuals with autism spectrum disorders: a pilot study.

Eur Rev Med Pharmacol Sci 2019 May;23(10):4313-4320

Department of Sport and Health Science, Nanjing Sport Institute, Nanjing, China.

Objective: Exercise-based intervention promises to be more effective in a structured framework for individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). The aim of this study was to observe changes in behavior of individuals with ASD by investigating their physical status after the structured exercise-based intervention.

Patients And Methods: The exercise intervention integrated an 8-week exercise program that included aerobic, resistive, and neuromuscular exercises. Read More

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[Analysis of irregular antibody screening and antibody identification results in 31 858 cases of inpatients].

Xi Bao Yu Fen Zi Mian Yi Xue Za Zhi 2019 Feb;35(2):169-173

Department of Transfusion Medicine, Shaanxi Provincial People's Hospital, Xi'an 710068, China. *Corresponding author, E-mail: 609445783@ qq.com.

Objective To explore clinical significance of transfusion safety by analyzing the results of screening the irregular antibodies and antibody identification. Methods The micro-column gel test cards were used to screen and identify irregular antibodies of 31 858 inpatients. Results Among the 31 858 cases, 31 517 (98. Read More

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February 2019

Suppressor gene GRHL1 is associated with prognosis in patients with oesophageal squamous cell carcinoma.

Oncol Lett 2019 May 25;17(5):4313-4320. Epub 2019 Feb 25.

Department of Clinical Oncology, The First Affiliated Hospital, Zhengzhou University, Zhengzhou, Henan 450000, P.R. China.

Grainyhead like transcription factor 1 (GRHL1) is among the key family genes encoding transcription factors that serve important roles in inhibiting tumor cell clone growth, proliferation and the progression of embedded tumor cells. The present study aimed to investigate the expression and prognostic value of GRHL1 in oesophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC). GRHL1 mRNA and protein levels were detected in ESCC cell lines and clinical ESCC tissues. Read More

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Nighttime intensive care unit discharge and outcomes: A propensity matched retrospective cohort study.

PLoS One 2018 13;13(12):e0207268. Epub 2018 Dec 13.

Dept. of Critical Care Medicine, Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, São Paulo, Brazil.

Background: Nighttime ICU discharge, i.e., discharge from the ICU during the night hours, has been associated with increased readmission rates, hospital length of stay (LOS) and in-hospital mortality. Read More

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Mutations in multiple components of the nuclear pore complex cause nephrotic syndrome.

J Clin Invest 2018 10 4;128(10):4313-4328. Epub 2018 Sep 4.

Department of Medicine, Boston Children's Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Steroid-resistant nephrotic syndrome (SRNS) almost invariably progresses to end-stage renal disease. Although more than 50 monogenic causes of SRNS have been described, a large proportion of SRNS remains unexplained. Recently, it was discovered that mutations of NUP93 and NUP205, encoding 2 proteins of the inner ring subunit of the nuclear pore complex (NPC), cause SRNS. Read More

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October 2018

Sensitivity and specificity of patient-entered red flags for lower back pain.

Spine J 2019 02 26;19(2):293-300. Epub 2018 Jun 26.

Center for Outcomes Research and Evaluation, Neurological Institute, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

Background Context: Red flags are questions typically ascertained by providers to screen for serious underlying spinal pathologies. The utility of patient-reported red flags in guiding clinical decision-making for spine care, however, has not been studied.

Purpose: The aim of this study was to quantify the sensitivity and specificity of patient-reported red flags in predicting the presence of serious spinal pathologies. Read More

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February 2019

Profiling and functional analysis of circular RNAs in acute promyelocytic leukemia and their dynamic regulation during all-trans retinoic acid treatment.

Cell Death Dis 2018 05 29;9(6):651. Epub 2018 May 29.

State Key Laboratory of Medical Genomics, Ruijin Hospital, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, Shanghai, 200025, China.

Circular RNAs (circRNAs) are a novel class of powerful regulators in gene expression and participate in the pathogenesis of many diseases, including cancer. However, little is known about the roles of circRNAs in the development and treatment of acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL). Here we report the expression profiling and function of circRNAs in APL, including their dynamic regulation during all-trans retinoic acid (ATRA)-induced differentiation. Read More

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[Italian Cystic Fibrosis Registry. Report 2011-2014].

Epidemiol Prev 2018 Jan-Feb;42(1S1):1-32

Centro nazionale malattie rare, Istituto superiore di sanità, Roma.

Introduction: The Italian Cystic Fibrosis Registry (ICFR) is based on a new agreement about the data flow towards the Registry signed on October, 4th 2016 by the Centre for Rare Diseases of the Italian National Institute of Health (NIH), the clinicians of the Italian National Referral and Support Centres for Cystic Fibrosis, the Paediatric Hospital "Bambino Gesù" (Rome), the Italian Cystic Fibrosis Society, and the Italian League for Cystic Fibrosis.

Objectives: The aim of the present Report is to improve the knowledge on cystic fibrosis (CF) through the epidemiological description of Italian patients. The members of the Scientific and Technical Committee have to write a report on data collected by ICFR, in order to contribute to achieve the aims of ICFR itself, i. Read More

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November 2018

Oral Microbiome: A New Biomarker Reservoir for Oral and Oropharyngeal Cancers.

Theranostics 2017 26;7(17):4313-4321. Epub 2017 Sep 26.

The School of Biomedical Sciences, Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovations, Queensland University of Technology, 60 Musk Avenue, Kelvin Grove, Brisbane, QLD 4059, Australia.

Current biomarkers (DNA, RNA and protein) for oral cavity and oropharyngeal cancers demonstrate biological variations between individuals, rendering them impractical for clinical translation. Whilst these biomarkers originate from the host, there is not much information in the literature about the influence of oral microbiota on cancer pathogenesis, especially in oral cancers. Oral microbiotas are known to participate in disease initiation and progression not only limited to the oral cavity, but also at other distant sites. Read More

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The concept of 'Semi-clean colon' using the pit pattern classification system has the potential to be acceptable in combination with a <3-year surveillance colonoscopy.

Oncol Lett 2017 Sep 29;14(3):2735-2742. Epub 2017 Jun 29.

Digestive Disease Center, Showa University Northern Yokohama Hospital, Yokohama, Kanagawa 224-8503, Japan.

Histological features of colorectal lesions are currently evaluated via a magnifying chromoendoscopy [pit pattern (PIT) classification]. Advanced histological features are rarely observed in diminutive (≤5 mm) adenomatous polyps (DAPs). The Japanese guidelines indicate that diminutive neoplastic lesions without carcinomatous findings may be left untreated and followed up. Read More

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September 2017

Association between spinal immobilization and survival at discharge for on-scene blunt traumatic cardiac arrest: A nationwide retrospective cohort study.

Injury 2018 Jan 6;49(1):124-129. Epub 2017 Sep 6.

Department of Healthcare Epidemiology, Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine and Public Health, Yoshida-Konoe-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8501, Japan.

Introduction: Spinal immobilization has been indicated for all blunt trauma patients suspected of having cervical spine injury. However, for traumatic cardiac arrest (TCA) patients, rapid transportation without compromising potentially reversible causes is necessary. Our objective was to investigate the temporal trend of spinal immobilization for TCA patients and to examine the association between spinal immobilization and survival. Read More

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January 2018

Association between pulmonary function and renal function: findings from China and Australia.

BMC Nephrol 2017 May 1;18(1):143. Epub 2017 May 1.

Western Sydney University, Locked Bag 1797, Campbelltown, Sydney, NSW 2751, Australia.

Background: The relationship between obstructive lung function and impaired renal function is unclear. This study investigated the dose-response relationship between obstructive lung function and impaired renal function.

Methods: Two independent cross-sectional studies with representative sampling were applied. Read More

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