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Circannual variation of mortality rate following a single injection of hydrocortisone in newborn rats.

S Itoh R Hirota

Endocrinol Jpn 1979 Dec;26(6):745-7

Under constant experimental conditions of room temperature and illumination, a highly significant seasonal difference was observed in the mortality rate of rats which received hydrocortisone on the first day of life. The rate was high in winter and low in summer. Inborn circannual variation of the susceptibility to exogenous corticosteroid was shown to exist in newborn rats. Read More

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December 1979

Development of a special electrode for continuous subcutaneous pH measurement in the infant scalp.

Am J Obstet Gynecol 1976 Jan;124(2):193-5

Using a combined special glass electrode it is possible to monitor pH ratios and pH variation in the subcutaneous tissue of the infant scalp continuously. Tests on a normal sample of newborn babies immediately after birth showed a significant correlation between tissue pH and capillary blood pH, with the trend of pH variation being broadly similar in both measurement media. Read More

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January 1976
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