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Review of drug treatment for Down's syndrome persons.

J B Share

Am J Ment Defic 1976 Jan;80(4):388-93

A review of drug treatment for Down's syndrome individuals was presented. Drugs used to modify behavior, as well as drugs used with the goal of affecting cognitive processes, were discussed. Some observations were offered as to the effectiveness of past and current drugs on Down's syndrome and some methodological problems relating to drug studies presented. Read More

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January 1976

Oxygenation of frog gastric mucosa in vitro.

Am J Physiol 1975 Dec;229(6):1510-3

We have recently shown that 5% CO2/95% O2 in the serosal bathing solution, with 100% O2 in the mucosal solution, results in CO2-diffusion limitation of acid secretion in bullfrog gastric mucosa. Changing to 10% CO2/90% 02 on both surfaces doubles the acid secretory rate. We calculate that, were the rate of oxygen consumption to increase significantly as a result of secretory stimulation, the tissue would now be oxygen limited. Read More

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December 1975
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