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PubFacts is your resource for finding scientific publications and the top experts in any field. With your own PubFacts membership, you can showcase your work, promote articles, and learn how people are interacting with your research.
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With PubFacts you can create a professional profile page, by listing all of your affiliation information, experience, and up-to-date publications in one place. Pages are simple to set-up and update, and fully optimized for Google search results. PubFacts also makes it easy by alerting you of new publications and citations related to your work.
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After claiming and updating their profiles, PubFacts members typically begin to see their profiles appearing higher in Google search results. On average, users with fully complete profiles will see their pages appear in the top 5 search results for their name.

PubFacts profiles are built with Search Engine Optimization in mind, with your profile page ranking as a top Google search results being our top priority.

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Upon signing up, you will receive 20 PubFacts points that allow you to gain more readers and increase your exposure. Easily earn more points by contributing content, commenting on articles, and sharing other member’s research.
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With your PubFacts membership, you’ll have access to in-depth metrics not offered by other providers. Your live dashboard includes social media and news mentions, alt-metrics, heat-maps of activity within your articles, and geographic and search information to help you understand how readers are finding and interacting with your work.
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