Stable Boron Complexes with Resins


This granted Australian patent demonstrates that boron complexes can be incorporated in large amounts with phenolic resins, for example, without compromising the shelf life of the resin.


This is the first demonstration of incorporating a large amount of boron compound into resins, and still remaining stable. This approach allows for the incorporation of boron in LVL as an example, that is suitable for treating wood products against fungal, microbial, and termite damage. Furthermore, the approach also paves for the use of boron compounds in other polymers where stability in shelf life is of major concern.

Author Comments

Jaworski Capricho, BSc
Jaworski Capricho, BSc
Swinburne University of Technology
PhD Candidate
Hawthorn, VIC | Australia
This is for me, a really interesting work, not only, being my first granted patent in Australia, but also as a patent application in many jurisdictions (United States, European Union, China, Brazil, Japan, and The Philippines). The approach has never been demonstrated before especially in the scale where boron is incorporated, that can replace the traditional use of chromate-based treatment. Jaworski Capricho, BSc


Incorporation Of Boron Complex Into Resin

Incorporation of boron complex into resin

October 2017
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