Photoluminescent metal nanoclusters of Au, Ag, and Cu


This article is about the synthesis of photoluminescent metal nanoclusters of Au, Ag, and Cu via a physical route.


This Au, Ag, and Cu nanoclusters could potentially be used for bioimaging, biosensing, and biotherapy.

Author Comments

Dr. Ryan D Corpuz, Ph.D.
Dr. Ryan D Corpuz, Ph.D.
Nanolabs LRC Co. Ltd.
photoluminescent noble metal nanoclusters, rechargeable battery, nanoscience, materials science and engineering
Quezon City, NCR | Philippines
I wish that this research could reach other researchers and funding institutions for it to become useful in the biomedical field.Dr. Ryan D Corpuz, Ph.D.


Synthesis of Cationically Charged Photoluminescent Coinage Metal Nanoclusters by Sputtering over Liquid Polymer Matrix!divAbstract

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