A Novel Matrix Sputtering Technique to Synthesis Photoluminescent Metal Nanoclusters


This is a perspective of the current development of Photoluminescent Metal Nanoclusters covering both chemical and physical routes highlighting our pioneered physical approach in producing Photoluminescent Au, Ag, Cu, and bimetallic Au-Ag.


This perspective will enlighten the reader about the fundamental principles of synthesizing a photoluminescent metal nanocluster.

Author Comments

Dr. Ryan D Corpuz, Ph.D.
Dr. Ryan D Corpuz, Ph.D.
Nanolabs LRC Co. Ltd.
photoluminescent noble metal nanoclusters, rechargeable battery, nanoscience, materials science and engineering
Quezon City, NCR | Philippines
We wish that our insights could spark interest among researchers.Dr. Ryan D Corpuz, Ph.D.


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