Effect of different exercise intensities on CD34+ stem cells and physiological variables parameters

Life Science Journal

Life Sci J 2017;14(1):104-110

: Aerobic exercise draws energy mainly from biochemical processes requiring oxygen, whereas anaerobic exercise draws energy from processes that do not require oxygen. Twenty healthy male athletes aged (18-24 yrs.) were recruited for this study. Healthy, low active males and BMI matched participants (n=10) aged 20-22 yrs. were recruited as controls. Aerobic and anaerobic exercises were performed on a cycle ergometer. The testing was a modification of the A Strand Rhyming protocol for Vo2max. Pulse rate estimation, RBCs, WBCs HB and hematocrit were estimated using a coulter counter. Lactate by accusport, CD34+ stem cells were determined by flow cytometry. Results indicated: Vo2 max was higher during aerobic compared to anaerobic exercise. Lactate concentration decreased in aerobic compared to anaerobic exercise bouts. H, RBCs, WBCs, and hematocrit increased after both types of exercise bouts. The increase in CD34+ stem cells during anaerobic exercise bouts was greater than it was during aerobic exercise bouts. It is concluded that these findings deserve further study.
July 2017
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