Analytical strategy for sample preparation in trace metal analysis


Use of cloud point extraction procedure offers a unique technique for separation and recovery of Ni(II) from aqueous solution which includes low cost, safety, preconcentration with high recoveries and very good extraction efficiency. The process was optimized for operational variables. The characteristic features including detection limit and tolerance level are evaluated. The proposed method is applied for preconcentration prior to the determination of Ni(II) in spiked and real samples. The process avoids use of toxic organic solvent as in conventional liquid-liquid extraction and is therefore a clean technique.


Extraction of solute using two phase aqueous micellar system at some specified temperature, known as cloud point extraction (CPE), is proved to be an important operation in the field of separation following enrichment/preconcentration together with recovery of the analyte. The process is simple and environment friendly. The performance of the operation can be optimized and controlled varying solution conditions. CPE of metals for preconcentration/separation generally is achieved via formation of the hydrophobic complexes using suitable chelating ligands

Author Comments

Dr. Dhiman Santra, Ph.D.
Dr. Dhiman Santra, Ph.D.
University of Calcutta
Department of Chemistry
Analytical Chemistry
Kolkata, West Bengal | India
This process is applied for extraction and preconcentration of Ni(II) from alloy, water and soil sample.Dr. Dhiman Santra, Ph.D.



Analytical strategy for sample preparation in trace metal analysis

Journal of the Indian Chemical Society

July 2016
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