Recent Advances in Advanced Sarcoma Therapy: Medical Oncologist's perspective

SM Journal of Orthopedics

Rastogi S, Sankhala KK and Chawla SP. Recent Advances in

Sarcomas are extremely heterogenous and exceedingly rare group of malignancies. Broadly, the term ‘sarcoma’ encompasses both Soft Tissue Sarcoma (STS) including GIST (Gastro Intestinal Stromal Tumors) and bone sarcomas, though there might be some overlap between the two entities. For the years together, the standard treatment for advanced/ metastatic STS was ifosfamide and / or doxorubicin based chemotherapy. Treatment for STS in yesteryears depended largely upon general sensitivity for chemotherapy and not for individual histological subtypes or translocation studies. However, in last few years, with the advent of new agents like imatinib, trabectidin, pazopanib and eribulin, a lot of things have changed. The success in bone sarcomas during this timeframe has not been as tangible as STS but newer therapies like denosumab and Rexin G have some potential activity in selected subsets. In this review, we will try to highlight the latest advances in both advanced/ metastatic STS and bone sarcomas
June 2016
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