An alternative method of Inter Maxillary Fixation - A Case Report


Mandibular fracture is relatively less common in children compared to adults. Management of mandibular fracture in children is a very complex issue and requires accurate and early treatment. Intermaxillary fixation is an integral part for the management of facial bone fractures. Conventional methods have drawbacks such as the risk of transmission of blood-borne diseases, stressful procedure and damage to teeth and periodontium. Orthodontic bracket fixation is an effective alternative method for Intermaxillary fixation in the management of fracture of facial bones as it overcomes every drawback of conventional Intermaxillary fixation method and gives a very stable occlusal and functional outcome. This case report describe a conservative way of management of moderately displaced mandibular condylar fracture with the help of closed reduction achieved using intermaxillary fixation (IMF) with the help of elastics using orthodontic brackets.


The mandible is most commonly involved bone in maxillofacial trauma in pediatric patients. Although the pattern and clinical features are similar, treatment modalities are different when compared to adult mandibular fracture. The pediatric fracture has the advantage of better healing capacity, remodeling potential, the high recovery rate of tissues, and better vascularization. Disadvantages include the presence of developing tooth buds, transitional dentition, and developing skeletal structures. Therefore, the treatment protocol for pediatric fracture should utilize the advantages and minimize the disadvantages.

Author Comments

Intermaxillary fixation using orthodontic brackets and intermaxillary elastics is an effective alternative method that nullifies all the drawbacks of Intermaxillary fixation with arch bar and wire. We strongly recommend the use of orthodontic brackets in Intermaxillary fixation (IMF) as management some pediatric mandibular condylar fractures.madhusudhan kempaiah siddaiah


Orthodontic Brackets As Intermaxillary Fixation: A Case Report

Orthodontic Brackets As Intermaxillary Fixation: A Case Report.

J Ped Oral Health Res 2017;1(1):16-19.

November 2017
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