Untying the Tongue Tie: A case report


Ankyloglossia or tongue tie is a congenital condition that results when the inferior lingual frenulum is too short and is attached to the tip of the tongue, limiting its normal movements. Ankyloglossia can lead to a range of problems such as difficulties in breast feeding, speech impediments, poor oral hygiene, malocclusion, inability in deglutition, thus being an undesired problem in normal life activity. Various techniques like scalpel, laser and electro-surgery have been performed in treating tongue tie.


Tongue-tie may lead to various functional abnormalities that include abnormal speech, mal-occlusion and inability to swallow the food which could entail difficulty in normal life activity of an individual. Choice of management for ankyloglossia includes timely and appropriate surgical intervention, followed by speech therapy which delivers pleasing results, often in a less time than expected. Surgical techniques for ankyloglossia can be classified into three procedures: (i) Simple cutting of the frenulum i.e. Frenotomy (ii) Complete excision of the whole frenulum i.e. frenectomy (iii) Frenuloplasty involves various methods to release the ankyloglossia and correct the anatomic situation. Surgical intervention for treating ankyloglossia includes conventional technique with scalpel, electrocautery and LASER. Without post-operative exercise for tongue, there will be no convincing improvement in speech. It improves ability for sensation of parts of tongue (kinaesthesia) and rapid alternating movements of tongue (diadochokinesis). In our case, frenectomy using scalpel was planned, since surgical excision of the muscle fibres thus relieving the frenulum was simple, easier as well as less time consuming. The most expedient factor of electing scalpel over the other techniques was because of the fact that the complete excision of the lingual frenulum muscle fibres could be achieved. But caution should be taken while preferring scalpel in order to minimize the trauma to the adjacent vital structures.

Author Comments

Tongue tie limits the functional ability and social embarrassment due to speech problem of the individual. Due to this condition, correction like combined surgical intervention and speech therapy is needed at the earliest.madhusudhan kempaiah siddaiah


Untying the Tongue Tie: A case report
Untying the Tongue Tie: A case report
Untying the Tongue Tie: A case report

Untying the Tongue Tie: A case report

Journal of International Medicine and Dentistry

December 2017
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