Alahdal explains the molecular functions of FSTL1 in the osteoarthritis


This review introduces a deep discussion of FSTL1′s molecular functions in the OA pathophysiology, which will contribute to the deep understanding of FSTL1 molecular activity in the OA pathogenesis.ined the relation between FSTL-1 and chondrogenesis


FSTL-1 could be a new target in the treatment of OA

Author Comments

Dr. Murad Alahdal, PhD
Dr. Murad Alahdal, PhD
The First Affiliated Hospital of Shenzhen University
Postdoctoral Researcher
Microbiological and Biochemical Pharmacy
Shenzhen , Guangdong | China
Design and wrote the manuscript, draw figures and explained the most important point in the article Dr. Murad Alahdal, PhD

Molecular functions of FSTL1 in the osteoarthritis

International Immunopharmacology

July 2020
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