COVID-19: Notes for Cardiologist.


The emerging novel coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) highlits several interesting notes for cardiologist


This work point attention on the heart/covid-19 link

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Dr. Salvatore Patanè, MD
Dr. Salvatore Patanè, MD
Cardiologia Ospedale San Vincenzo Taormina (Me) Azienda Sanitaria Provinciale di Messina, Contrada Sirina, 98039 Taormina (Messina), Italia ✉ mail Department ♥ ♥ ♥ Cardiology ♥ ♥ ♥
Cardiologo. Cardiology First Level Medical Dirigent Taormina Hospital ASP Messina, Italy
Taormina (Me) , Sicilia | Italy
I hope that this article open new pathways to prevent heart disease studying Covid-19 heart involvementDr. Salvatore Patanè, MD


COVID-19: Notes for Cardiologist.

Journal of Cardiology and Therapy 2020; 7(1): 907-908 Available from: URL:

Available from: URL:
April 2020
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