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Manual dexterity is the ability to make coordinated hand and finger movements to grasp and manipulate objects. It includes muscular, skeletal, and neurological functions to produce small, precise movements. In dentistry, dentists need this tool very effectively as need frequent hand movements to carry out various dental procedures.


This paper is very important for dental practitioners as well as the general people to know how they can use their hands comfortably and keep their hands strong for a long time. Hands are the prime tool of a physique. Hence, it should be taken care of to keep them workable until the last moment of life.


Manual Dexterity: An Important Tool for Dentists

Manual Dexterity: An Important Tool for Dentists


Syeda Zerin Imam. “Manual Dexterity: An Important Tool for Dentists”. EC Dental Science 18.7 (2019): 1409-1419.

AbstractDentistry is the branch of medicine which deals with the study of oral and maxillofacial knowledge, diagnosis of the respective area, identifying the disorders and the relative conditions of the oral cavity, prevention and treatment of the oral diseases and taking good care of the dentition and oral mucosa. So being a dentist is being a combination of different skills both psychologically and physically. It is a profession that demands spanking oral communication, keen attention to detail, graciousness to the patient, clear conception to solve the problems and most importantly excellent manual dexterity. If someone wants a topnotch footing in the dental profession, he or she must have these qualities at the top order. In this paper, the author has described some easy and spontaneous way to build up a good control over the hand of a dentist to avoid any kind of mistreatment or accident during carrying out the dental procedure, as they need to work in a small confined area using very sharp and powerful instruments. In this consideration, excellent manual dexterity is the basic element that a dentist need. By acknowledging these procedures, a dentist can become more skilful for the patients and also can have good control over the nervous system. And this control is good for not only the profession it is also helpful for fighting some neurological disorders of the practitioners. Here we have found some simple day to day hobbies or practices that can give us the frequent opportunity to improve the manual dexterity of the dentists.Keywords: Manual Dexterity; Dentists; Dentistrya
June 2019
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