LASER, it is one of the newest technologies in the sphere of health care.


A brief description of the variety of LASERs.


The health practitioners use LASER in treatments. Therefore, it is very important to know the source and activation procedure and acknowledge their variety to improve the practitioner's confidence.


LASER: One Step Towards Future

LASER: One Step towards Future


Syeda Zerin Imam. “LASER: One Step towards Future”. EC Dental Science 19.3 (2020): 01-05

LASER: One Step Towards Future


LASER treatment is one of the most advanced equipments of health care activities. To make a fearless health service environment now a days LASER is an unavoidable opportunity for the practitioners. To make dental care more comfortable for the patients; LASER is the first choice for the treatment. In the different stages of dental procedure use of LASER is the most convenient. Therefore, dentists and health practitioners should have a little understanding of LASER activity. The purpose of this paper is to describe briefly the different varieties of LASER along with their mechanism. LASER can be classified depending on the site of application and wavelength. We already know the efficiency of the LASER treatment and it is necessary to acknowledge the generation procedure to have a better implication towards the treatment.

February 2020
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