The collection, identification and grouping of contaminanting micro-organisms within the plant cultures in a Tissue Culture Laboratory within Ibadan


With increased knowledge on how to combat hunger and make disease-free planting materials abundantly available, comes an unwanted challenge of in vitro competitors called "micro-organisms". These microbial invaders are not only competing for the nutrient that have been supplied to plant cultures, but also usually kills the primary aim of micro-propagation itself, which is the vegetatively growing cultured explant. Thus, there arise an increased need to first understand these minute enemies so as to know how to effectively overcome them.


The study is highly important to know the different types of microbes that usually contaminates cultures within a plant tissue culture environment.

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Dr Afolayan A, PhD
Dr Afolayan A, PhD
National Center for Genetic Resources and Biotechnology (NACGRAB)
Ecology and Environmental Biology
Ibadan, oyo | Nigeria
This publication is a very remarkable study that illuminates the darkness of not knowing the organisms that usually contaminates the plant cultures and as such have been limiting the output of the different research scientists in the studied tissue culture laboratory.Dr Afolayan A, PhD

Isolation, Identification and Classification of Contaminating Microbes at an Ibadan-Based Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory

International Journal of Research and Innovation in Applied Science (IJRIAS)

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January 2020
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