Amounts of Heavy Metals in Some Dry Yam and Yam Powder Products that are Sold at two popular Ibadan City Market, Ibadan, Nigeria


This study was designed to carry out a comparative assessment of some heavy metals concentrations in the dry tubers and powders of some tissue culture hardened yam tubers (D. rotundata and D. alata) with their respective market samples


This study is very important because it gives an insight into some of the unknown detrimental constituents of the food we purchase and consume.

Author Comments

Dr Afolayan A, PhD
Dr Afolayan A, PhD
National Center for Genetic Resources and Biotechnology (NACGRAB)
Ecology and Environmental Biology
Ibadan, oyo | Nigeria
Carrying out this study along with my student has been a very important team work that I ever embark on considering that even we the researcher are not exempted when the consequences of this kind of ignorance begins. Dr Afolayan A, PhD

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