Using AAS and GIS Tools in the Assessment of Distribution of Pb, Cd, Cr and Mn Concentrations Within Top-Soil of A Mechanic Workshop Within UCH Hospital, Ibadan, Nigeria


This publication examines the level of some heavy metals in mechanic workshops in Ibadan with the aim of using the ArcGIS tool to plot their distribution and thus provide a useful information to the policymakers for effective environmental monitoring and regulation.


This publication is important as an information tool for all levels of users especially as it will serve to guide the policymakers with their decisions with reference to pollution that results from mechanic workshops.

Author Comments

Dr Afolayan A, PhD
Dr Afolayan A, PhD
National Center for Genetic Resources and Biotechnology (NACGRAB)
Ecology and Environmental Biology
Ibadan, oyo | Nigeria
This study was based on the research idea of my coauthor: Mr. Caleb Sholla Popoola and the article is about the study of the level of contribution (s) of mechanic workshops to environmental pollution. It investigated the level of some heavy metals that were in the top-soil of some selected mechanic workshops in Ibadan, Nigeria. We were so amazed to find some of these metals in high concentrations and detrimental amount ...Dr Afolayan A, PhD


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