Experience of a tertiary-level urology center in the clinical urological events of rare and very rare incidence. IV. Urological surprises: 2. Clinically visible giant hydronephrosis in adults: Is there a significant function?


This article studied the cases of clinically visible giant hydronephrosis which is the extreme form of kidney obstruction and enlargement. It evaluated the outcome of initial placement of a percutaneous nephrostomy tube versus doing initial nephrectomy. The title is composed of three parts: Name of the whole multi-division project, Name of the division (sequenced in Roman Numerals) which contains similar topics including the current one, and Name of the topic of the current study (sequenced in Arabic Numerals).


Significant function of these kidney could be masked by the apparent loss of parenchymal thickness which is distributed over a wide surface area. Initial placement of nephrostomy tube may unmask this concealed function which could be very precious in certain situations such as the bilateral hydronephrosis and hydronephrosis in young patients.

Author Comments

Dr. Rabea A Gadelkareem, MD
Dr. Rabea A Gadelkareem, MD
Assiut Urology and Nephrology Hospital, Faculty of Medicine, Assiut University
Lecturer of Urology
Kidney Transplantation
Assiut, Outside U.S./Canada | Egypt
Rare and very rare events represent a challenge in the urological practice. They are usually difficult to be prospectively studied. Owing to the unusual clinical presentation, they may result in misleading diagnoses and delay to reach a direct diagnosis with prompt treatment. I have been privileged to work with my co-authors on this project which may help to pave the way to make these difficult-to-manage urological events familial to the urologists and other physicians and propose the correct way of management. Dr. Rabea A Gadelkareem, MD


Bilateral Giant Hydronephrosis with Normal Serum Creatinine Level in an Elderly Female
Bilateral Clinically Visible Giant Hydronephrosis Mimicking Severe Ascites

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