Quality in HIV and AIDS SERVICES


current questions on HIV and AIDS is not about roll out,expansion or access,its now about are we providing quality services tailored to the needs of clients and patients.


If you want to provide quality services especially in testing ,this book is what you need.

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Joseph Mwangi
Joseph Mwangi
Kenya Medical Research Institute
Nairobi, Nairobi | Kenya
We have policies on HIV and AIDS globally,Its time to answer the question of implementation and delivery.This book addresses quality aspects and key indicators to measure quality of services.It an easy user guide for management of HIV and AIDS Joseph Mwangi



Quality Management systems in HIV and AIDS: A Handbook for HTC Programs in Developing Countries



This manual is designed as a quick reference and user guide for providers of HIV Testing and Counseling services (HTC). The manual provides theoretical background information on quality management to enlighten the users on the various principles of quality management including concepts of Quality assurance and Quality improvement. Recognition is made that health facilities are the epicenters of HIV and AIDS testing and counseling and the need to improve on the various HTC services provided. Thus, step by step guide on implementintation of opportunity for quality improvement is also provided. The manual also identifies the various standards applicable in HTC settings, Various SOPS, Tools and assessment forms and the various protocols including those for counseling, testing and supervision. The need for proper report writing is highlighted and the role of operational research in improvement of services described. This hand book is also a valuable reference material for trainers and policy makers in capacity building as well in streamlining quality in service provision.

November 2020
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