Chronic Infectious Fibrinous Pleuritis


DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.23318.09280

V.I a 61 years old patient , former smoker . Worked 30 years in a chemical factory No heredocolateral history . Diagnosed at age 40 with pulmonary TB, received counseling and succesfully treated S ince then , constant negative bacteriological results A few hospital admissions in the past for asthma exacerbations. Last month, referred to t he unit of urgent admissions in pneumology , for exertional dyspnea , dry cough , fatigue , physical asthenia and night sweats , and because h e has been experiencing these symptoms for over 7 months without an improvement in health despite many treatments and because imaging was highly suggestive for pulmonary tumor, t his time h e was sent for a second opinion on the thoracic surgery section. Discussions : In november 2016, was initially diagnosed with bronchopulmonary tumor based mainly on X ray + CT scan interpretation and correlated with laboratory results + symptoms . Now , in may 2017, after an exploratory thoracotomy , a biopsy piece from the lesion was harvested . Histopathological outcome was chronic infectious fibrous pleuritis.
July 2017
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