Introduction to Design of Optical Systems


This textbook is devoted to the fundamentals of optical system design and analysis. It is part of series on applied optics covering the math and theory of the Optical phenomena.

The book starts with short overview of the wave optics and transitions to the theory of geometric optics and its limitations. Only basic Fourier optics is covered that relate to the applications and design of optical and imaging systems. The third chapter covers concepts of simple imaging systems. The last fourth chapter, discusses the theory of third order aberrations.

The text is more appropriate for researchers, grad students, undergrad students, with interests in the realm of Optics. The content is presented in language that is accessible for large audience, however, calculus is highly recommended as it goes in depth discussing the topics.

The book does not cover the use of specific raytracing software for optimization.

Length: 201 pages 80 figures in color

March 2018
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