Children and Adolescents with Epilepsy. A Clinical, Psychometric and Social Investigation within Uppsala county, Swedwen

SSRN Electronic Journal abstract=3400613

This article was published 1969 in Swedish. Now translated in English.

The investigation was carried out within the county of Uppsala and comprised 195 children and adolescents below the age of 21 years of age who fulfilled given criteria for epilepsy on 1 November 1964.

The following questions of especial importance were considered:

1.       How many persons below the age of 21 years have epilepsy?

2.       Do children and adolescents with epilepsy receive adequate medical attention?

3.       Are they adequately adapted to their social environment?

4.       What factors have an influence on their capacity for social adaptation?


Patients with epilepsy should be investigated, at an early stage, with regard to intellectual and neurological functions, and their social situation should be followed up with great care.

When evaluating the school education, vocational training and the choice of vocation, the epilepsy should not be given decisive importance, but the evaluation should be made on the basis of the patient´s intellectual, emotional and neurological status.                                          


December 2019
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