Diabetes and fasting in Ramadan


Glycemic variation is not an uncommon observation in patients with diabetes who fast during Ramadan. Hyperglycemia appeared to be more a common presentation


This paper raises the awareness of a particularly important issue in relation to the management of diabetes during Ramadan and the need for developing a comprehensive plan at national level that should include educating the health care provider and providing infrastructure for the Ramadan focused management.

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Dr Khalid Shaikh, MBBS,PGDip Endocrine,MSc Diabetes
Dr Khalid Shaikh, MBBS,PGDip Endocrine,MSc Diabetes
Royal Oman Police Hospital
Endocrine and Diabetes
Muscat , Muscat | Oman
This small, single center audit gives an insight that glycemic variation is not an uncommon observation in patients with diabetes who fast during RamadanDr Khalid Shaikh, MBBS,PGDip Endocrine,MSc Diabetes



Glycemic Variation Amongst Patients with Diabetes Fasting During Ramadan

Khalid Shaikh

Journal of Medical Sciences & Clinical Research

JOMSCR 2019 1.1

ObjectiveThis observational study was done to assess the glycemic variations among patients with diabetes who follow fasting during the month of Ramadan, and try to understand the reason for these variations, and real world application of guidelines in our clinical practice.Methods For 52 patients, who gave informed consent, the demographic data, along with their fasting glycemic values were recorded; prior (non-Ramadan) HbA1c including other biochemical data were collected from hospital database.ResultsThe mean fasting blood glucose levels were 11.00±5.34 mmol/L. Though hypoglycemia was expected, we found hyperglycemia as a more common occurrence in the study. The mean prior (non-Ramadan) HbA1c available for 41 patients was 8.7±2.3%. Pre-Ramadan assessment or previous 3 months HbA1c was not conducted in any of the patients.ConclusionThis study although restricted to a single hospital, highlights the gap between guidelines, recommendations and its implementation in real world management of patients with diabetes during Ramadan fasting.https://medisciencejournal.com/2019/07/29/glycemic-variation-amongst-patients-with-diabetes-fasting-during-ramadan/
August 2019
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