Empowering Anganwadi workers in oral healthcare.


Oral health is often neglected mostly in the low socioeconomic strata, until it causes pain or discomfort. Educating Anganwadi workers (preprimary teachers) appointed by the government in oral health will help prevent oral diseases.


This study shows that the knowledge and practice of the Anganwadi workers can be improved if educated properly.

Author Comments

Sunu Alice Cherian
Sunu Alice Cherian
Pushpagiri College of Dental Sciences
Thiruvalla, Kerala | India
This article has been an eye opener for me as I had a chance to interact with a lot of Anganwadi workers and their importance in Kerala, India. Being at the grass-root level, they interact with children up to the age of five years and pregnant mother. As they are one among the society, they live in, it is easier for them to interact with the women and children there and educate them in oral health care.Sunu Alice Cherian

empowerment of anganwadi workers in oral healthcare: a kerala experience

International journal of clinical pediatric dentistry

August 2019
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