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Some people use testosterone pills for medical reasons as they have a prescription from a licensed medical practitioner. Whatever the case, there are several things that consumers should know before they buy testosterone online or at local pharmacies.

What is testosterone supplement?
Here is a naturally-occurring sex hormone found in large quantities in men and low volumes in women. Production of this steroid hormone takes place in the testicles and starts at around puberty when boys reach puberty. The hormone usually causes several changes, including; growth of muscles, production of sperms, increased bone density, increased aggression, mood swings, acne breakouts, hair growth in the groin and underarms, increased size of the penis and improved endurance among other things. The hormone also increases the libido and sexual stamina of teenage boys, which means that they will both be interested in sex and able to reproduce. At the age of around 18 to 24 years, testosterone production usually peaks, but at the age of about 30 years, testosterone production usually declines. As a result, men may experience several changes including; increased body fat, reduced muscle mass, low libido, erectile dysfunction, reduced sexual stamina, hair loss and growth of man boobs among other unwanted changes.
Finding testosterone
When you experience some of these changes, and you fall within the age group, the first point you require to do is visit your doctor and explain what the problem is. Your doctor will most likely recommend a blood test to check your current testosterone level and prescribe testosterone stack if they find that your t-levels are much lower than the recommended levels. With your prescription, you can purchase testosterone from several places, including online pharmacies and local pharmacies. The product you will get from these outlets is high-quality.
Using testosterone
Apart from pills, testosterone also comes in the form of tablets, injections, creams, and patches. If you are scared of the needle, you can buy testosterone creams, patches, pills, or tablets. That said, you should be careful not to exceed the recommended dose. If using testosterone for bodybuilding, be sure to use it in cycles to minimize the severity of the side effects. Stacking is also a strategy you can use to both maximize the gains and mitigate the side effects. Another strategy you can use is to go into post-cycle therapy.
Side Effects of testosterone
There are some testosterone side effects you should know about before you buy this steroid product. For one, it may suppress natural testosterone production. That means that you will have to depend on the steroid throughout your life. Another side effect changes in your cholesterol levels. When lousy cholesterol increases, you may develop heart disease.

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