Knowledge and attitude of HPV among Chinese and African undergraduate medical students studying in China

Journal of Education Research and Behavioral Sciences

The study aimed at exploring knowledge and attitudeof HPV among undergraduate medical students at Dalian Medical University. A descriptive cross-sectional study was conducted at the Dalian Medical University involving undergraduate medical students aged less than 30 years. A self-administered questionnaire was given to each of the 200 undergraduate medical students which were divided into two groups; Chinese and Africans. The response ratewas 90% (n=180). Just over half of both groups knew about HPV {Chinese 61.2% vs African 58.5%, p>0.05}. Prevention of cervical cancer by delayed sexual debut was poorly chosen by the Chinese group(Chinese 3.1% vs African 40.2%, p<0.05). HPV transmission was mainly believed to be transmitted sexually by vaginal intercourse (Chinese 82.7 % vs African 56.1%, p<0.05) while the skin contact was poorly chosen by both groups (Chinese 13.3% vs African 11%, p>0.05). More effort is needed to educate medical students as their mean score on HPV and cervical cancer screening and vaccination was either low or moderate. They expressed the need for an increase effort in educating matters pertaining to HPV and cervical cancer. Media can be used at the universities to educate these young people as it has an influence on their sexual behaviour. Key words: HIV, HPV, medical students, reproductive health, STIs.
May 2013
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