Investigating a paralytic shellfish poisoning in Gando Village, Wete District, Tanzania, July 2015

Pan African Medical Journal

The Pan African Medical Journal. 2018;30 (Supp 1):7. doi:10.11604/pamj.supp.2018.30.1.15265

The investigation of foodborne outbreaks requires a multi-disciplinary set of skills. Frequently, foodborne-related outbreaks are poorly investigated due to lack of all required skills on the part of the investigators. This case study, based on a shellfish poisoning outbreak investigation conducted in Wete, Zanzibar in July 2015 by the Tanzania Field Epidemiology Training Program (TFETP), seeks to reinforce principles and skills in foodborne outbreak investigation. It is primarily intended for training public health practitioners in a classroom setting. Facilitating this case study should take approximately 3 hours.
May 2018
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