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    Standardization of SI units in the BJU.

    Br J Urol 1998 Dec;82(6):933

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    National bias in citations in urology journals: parochialism or availability?
    BJU Int 1999 Oct;84(6):601-3
    BJU International, London, UK.
    Objective: To determine any bias by authors of different nationalities in their citation rate of selected urological journals in papers published in the British Journal of Urology and the Journal of Urology.

    Methods: Using a simple computer program and text files of accepted reports in the BJU, or those available on CD-ROM from J Urol, 212 recent papers in the BJU and 111 from J Urol were analysed to determine the number of citations to four major urological journals (BJU, J Urol, Eur Urol and Urology). The frequencies of citations to these journals were then compared with the national origin of the author(s), grouped as UK, Europe, North America and Other. Read More