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    A new operative method to treat high teat stenoses in dairy cows.

    Br J Urol 1998 Dec;82(6):906-9
    Clinic of Urology, Kantonsspital Winterthur, Zürich, Switzerland.
    Objective: To evaluate in a pilot study an alternative technique using theloscopic surgery in the management of proximal teat stenoses of dairy cows.

    Materials And Methods: The study included three lactating dairy cows (mean age 3.5 years) with a stenotic fibrous lesion in the proximal region of a teat. The lesions were suspected to be of traumatic origin and the diagnoses were confirmed by ultrasonography. For surgery, the cows were sedated and the base of the teat anaesthetized. The resectoscope was introduced through an incision in the teat cistern. The surgical area was continuously irrigated with saline solution and the stenotic lesions electroresected. Haemorrhage was controlled whenever possible by electrocoagulation.

    Results: In two cows, the procedure was successful and resulted in normal milk flow. One of the two cows was slaughtered soon after the operation for reasons unrelated to udder health. The other cow could be milked normally at a follow-up examination 4 months later and on ultrasonography, there was no recurrence of the stenotic lesions. In both cows, there was no evidence of concurrent intramammary infection. In the third cow, the procedure had to be discontinued because of severe intraoperative haemorrhage.

    Conclusions: Video-assisted theloscopic electroresection of fibrotic teats is a promising, novel and minimally invasive technique for the surgical correction of the glandular part of the cistern. It should be considered as an alternative to conventional surgical methods in valuable dairy cows.

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